Mart 22, 2021

My Boyfriend’s Dad…And Me Ch. 02

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The continuing story of Kath’s affair with her boyfriend Cliff’s dad Jack. She also gets to met Dan, Cliff’s older brother!


Part 5

It had been a couple of days since Jack had mentioned wanting to fuck my ass, but I knew that he was not going to let it go.

It was a Thursday afternoon, and I had hurried home from college, wanting to have a nice relaxing bath before Jack turned up. I heard him arrive and slip into the shower; we both liked to be clean and fresh for each other. He still managed to beat me to ‘our room’. I noticed that there were a pile of thick towels and a tube of something on the bedside unit.

“What’s all that for? I asked him curiously.

He smiled, “Don’t worry about that at the moment babe, come here and let me look at you.”

I walked over and stood in front of him.

“Oh you look so good babe; I can’t stop thinking about you, how good you look as I slid my cock in and out of you. I am hard all the time now, even at work. You are like a drug; I think that I am addicted to you.”

“I know what you mean,” I replied, I think about you all the time too, especially when Cliff and I are together, I can’t help wishing that it is you fucking me instead of him.”

“Oh god Kath, I hate hearing you two together, oh fuck I am going to have you right now!” he said.

With that he pulled me down onto the bed with him and hungrily began to kiss me, his mouth soon worked its was nipping and sucking down my neck to my breasts. He teased each of my nipples with his teeth before sucking on them hard. I moaned and reached down, finding his cock already hard, I stroked it a few times, before he moved away and we settled into a sixty nine position with me on top of him. My mouth found his cock and I began to lick it, as his tongue and fingers parted my pussy lips and he began to suck. I had a good position for giving him head and I settled down to the task, trying not to let his talented tongue and fingers distract me too much. It did not take long for either of us to come, I had taken Jack’s cock as deep as I could into my throat and was making swallowing movements around it when he came, shooting his first load of cum down my throat. Soon after that I came when Jack finger fucked me with three fingers and sucked on my clit. I felt myself tighten around his fingers and I gushed as I came hard. It took us both several long minutes to get our breath back.

Then as he held me in his arms, caressing me gently he asked me, “Kath let me fuck your arse…please Kath, I’ll be gentle, I’ll make it good for you, I promise.”

The way he looked at me. How could I say no to him, I couldn’t? So I nodded.

“Ok,” I agreed, “But please be gentle.”

Jack drew me into his arms and kissed me, “I promise it will be good.” Jack then spent a long time kissing and relaxing me. He then moved and put the soft towels on top of the bed for me to lie on, and brought the tube of lubricant near.

“I want to look in your eyes when I enter you for the first time.” Jack told me.

I must have looked terrified, “Ssssh,” Jack said, stroking my thigh softly. “This will be good. Trust me.”

I just nodded; Jack grabbed a pillow and placed it under my ass, then reached for the lube and squirted loads over his fingers. I watched him with fascination.

“Open your legs for me babe…wide,” Jack asked. “I’m going to stretch this little hole of yours. Make you ready for me. I want you to just relax for me…that’s all, just relax and let me in.”

I lay back, and Jack took up position between my open thighs. He let his fingers play around my ass, teasing the hole, and then slowly slid one of them, just a little way in. I took a deep breath.

“Babe try and relax,” Jack said softly. I did try my best; I really wanted to please Jack. I made conscious effort to relax and Jack slid the finger all the way in and then slowly slid it out again, and then in, back and forth. It felt good, and I felt myself relaxing and opening up, wanting more. Jack continued the easy thrusting for a few minutes and then inserted a second finger. I tensed slightly and it took me a few moments to get used to the extra width, but then I found myself relaxed again. Jack grinned at me. “See…this feels good doesn’t it?” he said. “You should see what I see…I love the way you’re opening up to me…” He paused for a moment and then I tensed again as I felt three fingers slide inside him. Fuck this was harder, I felt so full, so stretched.

“It’s alright babe,” Jack said again, leaning forwards to kiss me on the lips, all the time pushing those three fingers deeper and deeper into my ass.

Jack moved back and smiled down at me. “I’m going to fuck you in a moment,” he said. “I’m going to slide into your little hole and fuck you. I’m going to put my hard cock inside you and take your anal cherry.”

I was still scared, but fuck I needed this.

“Do you trust me?” Jack asked me again.

I nodded, ”Of course I do.”

Jack drew back, removed his fingers, and reached for the lube once more. I watched him squeeze lots more antalya escort lube onto his thick, hard, cock, and then he positioned himself between my legs again. He took hold of my ass cheeks and parted them gently.

“Just relax Kath, let me have you…let me have all of you,” Jack whispered to me, I could feel his cock pressing against my asshole. Jack pushed against me, just a little, getting me used to the feel of him, and then he took hold of me more forcefully, and pushed the tip of his cock into my opening. I gasped. This felt nothing at all like his fingers!

“Relax – it’ll sting at first, while I get inside you…but after that you’ll get used to it,” Jack told me, and I tried my best to relax, but it was so hard.

“See…this little hole will stretch to take me…” Jack told me, as he sliding in another fraction.

I cried out, “Oh fuck…I can’t it hurts!” I gripped at the towels on the bed.

“Shhh,take it, Kath…just a little more,” Jack said, inching his way in, and then he was buried up to the hilt in my ass. Fuck it hurt, I felt so stretched, so full, but then something amazing happened. As Jack stayed still inside me, not moving, and I found myself becoming accustomed to the sensation of his cock inside my ass, and I felt my body relaxing around his cock and then it didn’t hurt so much any more. I just felt full.

“Oh god…you feel so…amazing…so tight…so warm…” Jack told me, his voice seemed strained. “I’m going to move now,” he warned and I moaned out loud, as he shifted his position, sending spasms through my body. “I’m going to fuck you now,” Jack promised, looking down at me. “I’m going to fuck this tight little arse of yours until you scream and beg and I’m not going to stop until I shoot my seed deep inside you.”

Then he moved his hips back and I felt that warm fullness disappear, and then Jack thrust back in again and I moaned out loud, every single nerve ending in my body vibrating. Jack soon got into a rhythm, thrusting in and out, in and out, faster and faster, one of his hands moving to my pussy and seeking out my clit, which was swollen and hard. I could not believe how good Jack’s cock felt so good inside my body, and then Jack adjusted his position and I cried out loud, as he hit some spot deep inside me. He thrust again and again, each time hitting that spot and working my clit with his finger. Then I came, I almost blacked out as all my sensations went into overload. My body jerked and I felt my ass biting down around Jack’s cock, he growled in my ear and his thrusts became erratic as he too came, shooting his seed deep inside my ass.

We both lay there getting our breaths back, for a long time, Jack’s cock still buried in my ass. Then he slowly pulled out and drew me into his arms.

”Are you alright?” he asked me in a concerned voice. ”I didn’t hurt you too much did I?”

I smiled up at him, feeling tired, but content. “That was just amazing Jack, I have never felt like that before, sure it hurt like hell to begin with, but you were right, it was so worth it.” I pulled him down to me and kissed him. “I am glad that it was you that had me there for the first time,”

We kissed long slow kisses, before we both headed off to clean up. Eileen and Cliff were due home from work soon, it seemed like the time Jack and I had together was just not long enough. And little did we know our time together was going to be made even shorter by an unforeseen member of the family.

Part 6

We were in the middle of having tea, when the phone call came; it was Dan, Cliff’s older brother. He went to University in Leeds and needed to be out of his student digs for the summer holidays and he wanted to come home. Eileen of course was thrilled with the idea of having her oldest son back home for a couple of months, and told him that he could have his old room (the spare room) back for as long as he needed it. I caught Jack’s eye; we both knew that this was not good for us, we had just lost ‘our room’ and now there was going to be even less privacy for us to have together. Dan was going to be arriving back home at the end of the week, which was only two days away!

Later that night, when Cliff and Eileen were their beds sleeping, Jack and I slipped downstairs for one of our late night fucks.

“I want you to play with yourself,” Jack asked. “I want to watch you make yourself wet and watch you cum.”

I shivered at his words, a few weeks ago I would have died at the thought of playing with myself in front of anyone, but now it gave me such a thrill. So I slipped out of my nightshirt and half lay on the sofa. I spread my legs wide, giving Jack a good view.

“Describe what you are thinking,” Jack whispered as he watched my hands travel over my breasts.

“I am imagining that you are kissing me, and that your hands are moving all over my body, making their way down to my breasts,” I began, as my fingers made my nipples hard and aroused. “You squeeze them, then take on into your mouth and suck on them.”

My breathing began to fasten as I squeezed and played with lara escort my breasts, toying with my nipples, rolling them between my fingers.

“Then your fingers work their way down to my pussy.” I let my own fingers travel down to my pubic hair, I spread my legs wider as I part my pussy lips, opening myself so that Jack could see how wet I was. My eyes were closed as I ran a finger up and down my wet slit, seeking out my clit, which was swollen and hard.

I heard a moan and I opened my eyes and saw Jack sitting watching me, desire in his eyes, his hand stroking his long thick and very hard cock.

“Oh babe, you look so hot playing with yourself,” he moaned.

“I can feel your tongue flicking over my clit, making me even wetter,” I told him. Fuck this was such a turn on!

Then I pushed two fingers into my pussy, letting them slip in and out, I moaned, “I feel your cock in me now, fucking me.” I added a third finger and my thumb pressed down on my clit. I threw my head backwards, abandoning myself to the pleasure I was feeling. The squelching sounds of my fingers moving in and out of my wet pussy filled the room. I thrust them in deeper and faster.

“Oh god, Jack, I’m so close…I’m going to come.” I panted.

Suddenly Jack was between my legs, he brushed my fingers away and quickly replaced them with his own, “That’s it babe, come for me.”

I silently cried out, coming with a shudder as he fucked my cunt with his fingers fast and hard. He kept his fingers inside me as my orgasm subsided.

“Oh shit, I have to have you now! Jack said, and he pushed himself into my still quivering pussy. At first his moved slowly back and forth, withdrawing so that just the head of his cock was till in me, then running it through my wetness and over my clit, before slamming back in again.

“Fuck Kath, I love the way you feel, your so tight, so wet… ohhh.” He moved my legs so that they were over his shoulder, and then began to thrust faster, his cock now even deeper in my cunt.

“Oh Jack, fuck me, fuck me please now, I’m going to come again…oh god Jack harder.” I felt myself beginning to shake again; I knew I was going to come again, and soon.

With a groan, Jack began to thrust erratically, a finger slid down to my clit, pressing down on it as he slammed harder in and out, with a cry I came again, I felt myself clamp down around Jack’s cock and a couple of thrust later he groaned and came , filling me with his seed.

As we lay holding each other, Jack said “We are going to have to be even more careful now with Dan living here. I have a feeling that we won’t get much time together.

And he was right!

I had not had the chance to meet Dan before, as he went to University in Leeds, but the pictures that were around the house of him did not do him any justice. He was nothing like Cliff who was short, with mousey brown hair. Dan was a younger version of his Dad Jack. He was tall, well built, with short spiky black hair and brown eyes and he had a great sense of humor and we hit it off straight away.

Jack and I found it impossible to have any time together at all over the next couple of weeks; Dan always seemed to be around. He stayed up late watching TV, so our late night fucks went out of the window. I had hoped that on the afternoons that Jack and I usually spent together that Dan would be out, but no he was always at home. It was getting very frustrating, both Jack and myself were getting hornier and more desperate to be together with each passing day.

Then after two weeks, we finally got the break we were hoping for. Dan said that he was going to be out for the day, and possible away over night, and it just happened to be Thursday; the day we both had the afternoon off. Jack and I exchanged looks, knowing that we could finally have time for a long needed fuck.

The afternoon could not come quick enough for me; I hurried home and quickly showered, and waited for Jack to come home. Normally Jack would shower too, but after two weeks of no sex, we were both absolutely desperate. Jack quickly pulled off his clothes and pulled me to him, kissing me with a desperation. I was already wet with need as I leant over the arm of the sofa and he sank into me from behind.

We both moaned and he slid back and forth.

“Oh Kath, it’s been too long,” Jack moaned as he thrust.

“Mmm I know,” I agreed, “I so need this, I needed to feel you inside me again.”

Jack’s hands travel around to my breasts and his squeezed my nipples with his fingers, I moaned louder.

“Shit, Kath, I ain’t going to last long,” Jack moaned in my ear as he kissed along my neck.

Suddenly I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye; I turned to see what it was, just as a voice spoke.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here,”

Jack froze mid thrust and we both turned to the doorway that led to the hall, there standing in it watching us was Jack’s son and Cliff’s older brother Dan!

Oh fuck!

Part 7 Oh god, Dan, it’s not what it looks lik…” I began, but stopped mid side escort sentence.

Damn, it was exactly what it looked like. He had caught us red handed fucking like animals in heat. I tried to grab something to cover myself, but our clothes were out of reach, scattered all over the floor. I pulled away from Jack, and tried to run passed Dan, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he demanded, and roughly pushed me to my knees in front of him. He pulled out his cock which was hard and weeping and gestured to it.

“Come on you little slut, suck my cock, I know you want to.”

I tried to protest, but he held me firmly in place. Why wasn’t Jack doing something to help me? I turned to find him sitting on the sofa, smiling and stroking his cock.

“Jack, what the hells going on? I don’t understand. Help me please!” I pleaded.

“No can do babe,” he replied, “Go on, show Dan what a talented mouth you’ve got, I want to watch you swallow his cock, and then if you are lucky he will fuck you hard, whilst you suck me…come on babe, you know you want him as well, I’ve seen the way you look at him, the looks he gives you when he teases you. Don’t deny it, you want Dan to fuck you.”

“Nnno…no, I don’t,” I protested feebly.

“Oh Yes you do. Admit it, Cliff doesn’t do it for you anymore, but I do, and I know that Dan will too. He’ll fuck you good and hard just the way you like it.” Jack countered. Then he reached between my legs, to my horror I was dripping wet, and as Dan pushed his cock into my mouth, Jack thrust two fingers into my cunt, and fingered me hard and fast. Dan held my head still and began to fuck my mouth, pushing his cock down my throat.

I whimpered.

“You’re such a naughty girl aren’t you? And want us to use you, to make you ours. You belong to us now. You belong to me and Dad now, not to Cliff. You are our little pet slut!”

I shivered at these words and felt my body begin to betray me; I knew that I was going to come. Oh god what was wrong with me…Why were his words were turning me on so much?

“That’s it slut, come for us, come for Jack and Dan.”

I let Dan’s cock fall from my mouth as I started to come.

“Tell me slut, tell me what you want me to do? Dan teased.

“Oh god, fuck me Dan!” I begged as I convulsed.

“Kath, Kath, are you alright,”

It was Cliff; I sat bolt upright, shaking covered in sweat. It took me a moment or two to realize that it was dark and I was in bed.

“Shhh, it’s alright, you were having a bad dream, it’s alright.” Cliff put his arms around and held me close, trying to reassure me.

Oh thank god, it wasn’t real, it was just a dream.

“Did I call out? What did I say?” I asked Cliff anxiously, I hoped that he had not heard me say anything about his Dad or Dan.

“Nothing, you were just mumbling, I could not make it out, are you ok do you want to talk about it?”

“No, I’ll be fine, I’ll just got to the bathroom and freshen myself up, don’t worry, go back to sleep.” I headed off to the bathroom, where I ran the cold tap and splashed cold water on my face. I really did not want to think about Dan in that way. Messing around with his dad was bad enough. When I slipped back into bed, Cliff had already gone off back to sleep, and unfortunately it took me a long while to drift off again.

As normal Cliff woke me up with a cup of tea before heading off to work and he had some news. “Mum says that Dan brought a girl home with him last night, so don’t worry if you see a strange girl wandering around. Dad was up when they came home and reckons she’s hot looking.” Cliff added.

However I did not see Dan or his girl until lunchtime, I had left something I needed for work in my room, so I popped home in my lunch break to get it. As I was passing Dan’s room I heard soft moaning, the door was slightly ajar, so out of curiosity I peeked in. There standing near the bed was Dan, he was stark naked, and kneeling in front of him giving him a blowjob was a blond haired girl (Blondie). I should have left them to it, and given them their privacy, but I just could not bring myself to look away.

Obviously I had not seen Dan naked before (and the dream scene did not count), but wow he did have a great body, and definitely took after his Dad in the size department! Begrudgingly I have to admit that Blondie was fairly pretty, and seemed to be giving her all to the blowjob.

I was surprised to find myself getting rather turned on and aroused, and as I watched I slipped one of my hands into my knickers and began to caress and rub my pussy and clit. As quietly as I could I moved closer to the door, to get a better look, and I could hear Dan’s words of encouragement to Blondie as she slurped her way up and down his long hard shaft.

Mmmm, that’s it…oh yesss, take it all the way in.”

I parted my legs a little wider and pushed two fingers into my wetness, slowly moving them in and out. Then as I moved my foot again, there was a creak from a floorboard. Blondie did not seem to hear it, but Dan did! His eyes darted over to the door and met mine. I did not move, frozen to the spot hardly daring to breath, I waited for him to say or do something. But he did nothing. Although I know that when he spoke, he made sure that I could hear every word.

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