Nisan 10, 2021

My Boss’ Wife Ch. 02

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I woke up the next morning a few minutes before Alice. I quietly called in to work and told them I would be a few hours late getting into the office. Alice woke up not long after I hung up. She looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back.

“I called in to work,” I said. “I’m going in a bit late today.”

She smiled again.

“You want some breakfast,” she asked.


“Let me go freshen up,” she said.

She climbed out of the bed and slipped into a robe.

“You know,” I said, watching her, “I already saw every inch of your body. There’s no need to cover up.”

She smiled back at me and let the robe fall to the floor, and walked to the bathroom naked.


After breakfast, I went into the office, but my concentration was not there. I could think of only two things: Alice and how bad things would be if Todd ever found out.

I knew Alice wanted to see me again. We’d already made plans to get together Wednesday night. I had a feeling getting through Tuesday was going to be difficult when she was pendik escort constantly on my mind. I had told her I felt I should at least wine and dine her, but she said there would be plenty of time for that in the future. Right now, she wanted simply to get laid as much as possible while her husband was out of town.

“Why not Tuesday night, then, instead of waiting until Wednesday,” I had asked her over breakfast.

“Because,” she had said. “I have a book club meeting, and if it ever comes out to Todd that my schedule was out of the ordinary, he might get suspicious.”

I was growing to despise Todd more and more. I’d never liked him as a boss, and I could tell he paid no attention to his wife. Perhaps I should have been grateful to him, because his inattention to her had sent her to me.


Wednesday night came and I arrived at Alice’s house around 9:30 again. She wasted even less time this time around, answering the door wearing a red lace bra and black silk thong panties. She led me up to her room again and unbuttoned maltepe escort my shirt, sliding it off my body. She pulled my pants and briefs down in one motion, pulling my socks and shoes off as well.

She sat me onto the edge of the bed, and pushed me backwards. My back was lying on the bed, my legs hanging off the edge. She knelt down on the floor of the bedroom and without hesitation, slid my cock into her mouth, alternating between licking, sucking and stroking with her hands. I held her head to my crotch as I laid there enjoying every second of it.

After she had been blowing me for nearly ten minutes, she stood up, took off her bra and panties and pushed me further back on the bed. She sat on top of me, sliding herself up and down on top of my shaft, screaming in exquisite pleasure. I felt her pussy contract around my throbbing cock as she continued bouncing and sliding up and down, up and down.

She seemed insatiable and couldn’t seem to decide if she wanted to fuck me or suck me. She slid herself back off of me and began kartal escort sucking again, stroking my cock as she deep-throated. Her tongue flicked against my balls as she sucked.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” she said as if it were the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Her gratified noises at the taste continued the entire time she was sucking.

Finally, an explosion of cum flowed out and into her mouth. She didn’t hesitate. She swallowed every single drop.

She laid down next to me on the bed. I was exhausted and I’d barely even done any work for the night. She had done everything. But she wasn’t out of energy yet. She took my hand in hers and set it on her pussy. My hand in hers, she guided mine in a rubbing motion, moaning as the pleasure built up inside of her. I felt a small squirt of cum squirt out of her and onto my hand.

We both laid back on the bed, breathing heavily.

“I hope that aggressiveness wasn’t a problem for you,” she said between deep satisfied breaths.

“Not at all,” I said. “Surprising, but very enjoyable.”

“I promise next time I’ll let you do some more work, but tonight…something inside of me just took over.”

“I’m not complaining,” I said, smiling at her.

She laid back on the bed again, facing the ceiling, completely satisfied.

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