Mayıs 11, 2021

My Best Friend’s Brother Ch. 02

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I want to thank everyone who enjoyed the first installment of My Best Friend’s Brother. Here’s chapter 2.

Blessing and enjoy,


I waited for Antoine to come down from upstairs. When he emerged we kept silent both keeping our thoughts from one another. We quietly left the house and walked back to the block his house was on. When we got to his apartment building, I saw my friend Janelle chatting it up with Rell, the guy she left off with. They seemed like they were old friends instead of new acquaintances. Before we reached his building I spoke up because the deafening silence was killing me.

“Antoine, what’s up? Penny for your thoughts? You haven’t said anything since we left is somthin’ wrong?”

“Naa girl. I’m just thinking ok, you good” he replied.

“You sure? If it’s about the whole unprotected sex thing, I told you I’m not draggin you to do something you don’t wanna do, so just let that shit fall from your head and act cool” I replied catching a attitude. Here I was in my mind with worry but full of sexual bliss and he sitting over there ruining my mood with his abrasiveness. Like he’s the only one who’s worried. I got to figure out what I’m going to say to my mom if I am pregnant and think about the cost of ending it. But I wasn’t going to sit around and act like my life came to an end because it definitely moves on and I will be making necessary moves and adjustments when the time came to be.

We reached the porch and I walked over to my friend. Looking at her she could tell something was amiss with her brother and I, but I told her with my eyes it would be a later conversation where I could explain everything.

“Sooo, you two enjoy yourselves” Janelle said.

Antoine and I looked at each other and smiled, me slightly blushing I replied “Yeah, but I really don’t think you want to know.”

Antoine walked off with Rell to the corner store to get something to drink, and to leave me and Janelle to have a private conversation. Once he was out of ear shot she began ranting.

“Ewww, I don’t want to hear about you fucking my brother. I just wanted to know if you enjoyed yourself, but I can see from that smile on your face you did just that and more. Any who, me and Rell was just talking about how cute yall looked together and how weird it would be if yall started dating seeing that yall just met and shit.”

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself girl. This is reality your brother could put it down no lie, as for me being with him I don’t think that’s happening” I said.

“Why what’s wrong?” she asked.

“We went bareback. I can’t believe I let my guard down like that, not only that but he came inside me and is scared that I could be pregnant. The nucca ain’t even let a whole day pass and he’s acting like I’m gonna be like one of these thirsty chicks callin him baby daddy. I saw it as a fuck and that’s how im treating it. Yes I wish it coulda been more but it’s not gonna happen and at this point I really don’t want it to.” I answered.

“I could tell something was wrong wit yall when you two walked up like yall was strangers. Even when I asked if yall had fun yall looked like I forced you to say it was good. I haven’t seen bad acting like that since we watched Obessed with Beyonce’s forced acting” she laughed.

“God that movie was terrible” I laughed. Coming down from our laughter, Janelle got serious and began asking the questions I already had answers to in my mind.

“Well what are you going to do if you are? I’m against abortion but I’ll support you no matter what.”

“Well you already know I’m gonna terminate it because of the simple fact that A. we don’t know each other this was a one-time thing, B. I don’t have the means to support a child and I refuse to bring an innocent child in the world and not be able to provide for it, and C. I don’t want kids until I’m married and I have a secure and steady job behind me” I answered.

“I’m sorry things didn’t turn out better for you.” She said looking at me with concern as I tried to not feel like shit about everything that transpired between her brother and I.

“Well shit happens, and it stinks no matter what people try to cover it up with” was all I could say. Turning the attention from my “shituation,” I asked Janelle about her night.

“So how was Rell? Was he big? Could he throw down like homeboy you was telling me about or was he —“

“Damn girl, one question at a time. Yes he was good like homeboy back home. He could eat the hell out of a coochie girl he made me squirt. You know I don’t do that shit. I thought that shit was only for white girls in pornos” she laughed.

“His dick was aight. Nothing to write about but he could work it which is all that matters really. bahis firmaları He was nice I kinda feeling him but we’ll see how things go.”

“Well you know I’m happy for you. I’m just glad you’re finally over Cristobol’s cheating ass. I still don’t see what you saw in him besides the fact that he was Spanish and had a nice long fat dick” I said.

“Well when you’re in love with someone who over look shit they do because you’re in love with them, something you clearly know nothing about” she replied angrily.

Whenever it came to me talking about her ex, Cristobol, Janelle always copped and attitude; she didn’t like me talking about his disrespectful rice and beans eating ass. I have no tolerance for cheaters, abusers and users. Maybe that’s why I remain single or maybe it’s because I’m picky about who I choose to give my heart to. Whatever the case may be, I have always been single, while Janelle is always tied down to a man. I just couldn’t see the point in being with someone who is giving you .01% of a relationship when you’re giving them the full 100 plus benefits. Especially if he’s going to cheat on you for most of the relationship with someone whose uglier than you. I feel like if you’re going to cheat, at least let the bitch look decent and not like some tore up from the floor up bum bitch, which is exactly what happened to Janelle.

I remember it like it was yesterday when Janelle called me crying because Cristobol had cheated on her again with some white girl who looked like she could’ve been Jaba The Hut’s daughter. Yes she was that busted. When she showed me the picture all I could think was “he needs to put the crack pipe down”.

“He cheated on you with that” I asked shocked that I was seeing what the girl looked like.

“Yes!!!” she cried, “What does he see in her to do this to me, she don’t even look good. She’s obese and looks like she could smell like mayo.”

“Ugh, eww girl” I said scrunching up my face imagining the girl before me with a mayo smell.

“Imma call him and cuss him out. I can’t believe he would stoop so low and do this. I mean to cheat on me with that is just downright criminal.” She said shaking her head.

“Humph” I said rolling my eyes, “what you need to do is dump him and move on, cause to me it seems like he gon keep cheating on you and one day he’s gonna bring you something you can’t return.”

“Yeah, well when you’re in love you will fight for what’s your’s” was all she could reply.

“Whatever” I said ending the conversation as she called Cristobol to yell at him for his doggish ways.

Back to the present, I knew she was gonna spew that “well if you loved someone you would look over the foul things they do” line at me but I wasn’t one to fall for peoples shit. What she didn’t know was that I have fallen in love, but the love wasn’t returned so the relationship ended and I became more guarded than before. That’s why I chose to be single because I didn’t want my heart to be broken again and I refuse to give a man that power over me. Because once they had it, they had me wrapped around their fingers willing to do whatever to keep them happy. I knew what it was like to be in my friend’s shoes but I threw those shoes away and got a new pair.

Soon after, Antoine and Rell came back from the store. My friend and Rell said their goodbyes and ascended up the stairs to go into the apartment building me following after with Antoine behind me. When we got into the apartment I immediately headed for the showers while my friend and her brother went into the living room to watch T.V. While in the shower, I reflected over the past events that happened, the sex, the argument with Janelle and my future. These thoughts swirled in my mind that I didn’t realize the shower was turning cold. I hopped out the shower wrapping my dry towel around me. As soon as I was about to open the door, Antoine walked in cornering me in the bathroom.

“What are you doing?!” I asked shocked that he would come into the bathroom and corner me alone after what happened earlier.

“Sorry, I just had to talk to you. Janelle’s passed out on the couch I figured I could talk to you before you would go to sleep” he explains.

“So you couldn’t wait till after I got dressed, you just gotta come in after I get out the shower? What are you trying to do? What’s the game you trying to play Toine? Hmm, fuck me then diss me cuz you worried that I’m pregnant after 2 hours of sex and four play. I don’t know what you want to talk about but you can get out of the bathroom and let me get dressed, then I’ll hear what you have to say” I ranted at him, getting pissed off because now all of a sudden he wants to explain everything while I had to keep guessing.

“Look Joelle, I know we don’t know kaçak iddaa each other and shit but damn girl I’m trying to talk to you, but if you want to be a bitch about things you can just forget I even came in here” he said, the turned around and left out the bathroom.

Shocked, I gathered my things and got dressed. Mulling to myself I realize I was being a bitch, but shit what was I supposed to be, happy that he was paying me attention ad trying to explain himself. He had his chance and lost it, but I could just be mature and see where he’s coming from. He could be just as scared as me but that doesn’t give him the right to freak out because he’s scared. We’re both to fault, but I realized I needed to just hear him out and get it over with. I walked down the hall to his bedroom; I knocked and opened the door at the same time since it was cracked open, walking in I saw him lying on his bed with the T.V. on watching a movie. He turned to me and turned the volume down on the television.

“What you want?” he asked.

“I just came to apologize for how I acted in the bathroom” I said approaching his bed, sitting on the edge. “I didn’t take into account of how you must be dealing with this, but I just don’t like when you wouldn’t say anything like you were the only one scared. I gotta spend money on a morning after pill, a pregnancy test, or an abortion. You’re not really sacrificing anything cept that you possibly knocked up your little sisters friend.”

I turned to see him getting out of the bed to close his door. Clad in only boxers I realized I just walked into the lion’s den. Antoine walked right up to where I was sitting on his bed and kneeled down and began speaking.

“Joelle, I know what you’re sacrificing and I know that we don’t know each other. When I walked off with Rell, I told him that it was a possibility I got you pregnant. And honestly I didn’t think it would be too bad. I just want to a man about my mistakes and my carelessness and not let you feel like you can’t talk to me because you’re not in this alone. We did this together, and together we will handle this, I’m not saying that we gotta act like couple or anything I just feel like we can try to get to know each other better—”

I cut him off and began speaking, “I appreciate that you wanna do that, but this is happening way to fast. Usually this type of thing happens over a course of days, or months even. All this happened over the course of a day, and it’s hard to grasp the concept that you want to be this responsible, but come on, let’s be realistic we can’t have a kid I don’t even have a steady job, you live with your mom and help take care of her. I’m not ’bout to be the ruin of her “income” because you work so hard to provide for everyone here. I don’t want you to feel like you’re trapped into being with me—.”

Antoine cut me off by kissing me to shut me off. I don’t know why he keeps cutting me off with kisses, not that I minded, but we had an issue to discuss, sex while it was on my mind, I didn’t think this was an appropriate time to get busy but he just had a way of kissing me to cloud my thoughts and make me wet. Pushing me back on the bed, he positioned himself between my legs, running his hand under my shirt to grab on my breast. He lifted his head from mine and I took the chance to break what he was doing to me, even though my will was slowly dissolving.

“Antoine, what are you doing. You can’t just fuck me after you worried that you knocked me up. We need to stop while we ca—. ” He silences me again with a deep passionate kiss that made me just forget everything and focus on just feeling good.

“I’m not gonna fuck you Joelle, I’m gonna show you that we can work together. I’m gonna make you see why you wanted to get with me in the first place” he explains.

With that, Antoine took my shirt off and was happy to greet the naked top half of my body. He brings my right breast into his mouth, and begins teasing my nipple making it hard while teasing the left with his hand. Releasing my right breast he gives the same amount of attention to the left, subduing me into his seductive charms. He takes his right hand and places it at the crotch of my pajama shorts. He notices that it’s damp and pushes the crotch of my shorts to the side and feels my bare wet pussy.

“Mmph, ahhh that feels good” I whisper trying to keep my moans low so that I wouldn’t disturb everyone else trying to sleep.

“Ahh, you don’t wear panties to bed? Now I gotta punish you for keeping my pussy unclothed.” Antoine says excitedly and pulls my shorts off. He spread my legs on his bed and locks his arms around my legs. Using his hand he spreads my pussy lips apart and begins licking my wetness slowly as if he was savoring the way I taste. His slow tongue kaçak bahis strokes were teasing and torturous. He then started sucking on my clit mixing his saliva with my juices making me extra wet. I writhed under his pussy attack on my clit, scrunching up his cover in my left hang pulling his head deeper into me with my right. He had soo much skill eating pussy he should consider a career in porn.

“Mmmm ffuuuuck, I’m gonna cum baby, im gonna cuuuuuummm” I cried out which made Antoine take his fingers and thrust them into me as my first orgasm hit. His fingers thrusting deep inside me caused me to cum again, while he continued sucking on my overly sensitive clit. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to have him inside me.

“Toine, stop.. mmm bae please stop,” I say pulling his head up. He brings his head up with a smacking sound from him sucking on my pussy and looks at me. He dips his fingers inside me and gather some of my essence onto his fingers and pulls out of me and sucks his fingers moaning as if I was the best thing he ever ate.

“Why’d you stop me? I wasn’t finished.” Antoine exclaims. Silently, with a smirk on my face, I sit up and pull him closer to me and kiss him tasting myself on his lips. “Not bad,” I think to myself on how I taste. I push Antoine back on his bed and pull down his boxers. His dick springs right up in the air reaching past his belly button. I kiss the head of his dick and begin sucking on it. I run my tongue against the frenulum of his penis and feel his body jerk.

“I see I found another weak spot of yours” I say smiling deviously as I take all 10 inches of him into my mouth. I look up at him and see him staring down at me. I notice the gold flakes in his eyes become brighter, and I see how lust takes control over his body. Making him wanton and weak, I spit along the shaft of his dick and begin moving up and down with ease while massaging his balls in my hand. Just as I get his penis slick and wet with my saliva I stop and climb atop of him and slide down onto his penis.

“Sshh, ahh” I gasp out seeing that I was still a little sore from our earlier encounter I manage to take all of him in me and begin riding his dick. I take his hands and place them upon my breasts; as I use one of my hands to rub my clit while the other I place on his chest to steading me on my ride. I start of slow moving up and down and in circular motions, using my pc muscles to grip his dick.

“Fuck girl, you bout to make me bust. You so fucking tight,” Antoine exclaims as he takes his hands and places them around my waste as he starts meeting my thrusts, pound for pound, making me slightly get off rhythm. Seeing this, he flips me backwards and begins trusting deep into my pussy. He pounds into my vagina that all we can hear is our pants, the smacking sound of our pelvis’s meeting, and the squeak of his bed.

I wrap my legs around his torso bringing him closer and I take his head and begin kissing him deeply. I break the kiss only to give him a vampire bite on his neck. Feeling me bite him he starts pounding my pussy into oblivion as the tell- tell signs of my orgasm approaching appear. “Oooo ffffuuuck im cumming, imm cuummming” I moan out and beging cumming all over his dick. He must have hit a certain spot deep within my pussy that I actually squirted. Not being a squirter, this was shocking to us both. That only encouraged him to keep going.

Taking my legs from around his waist, he spreads them apart to that I was spread eagle on his dick and pulls out of me. He takes the head of his dick and rubs it against my clit. He teases me with the head of his dick, slow stroking 3 inches inside of me. With my legs in his control I try to use my pelvis to move down onto his dick but he only backs out. He smiles deviously because he knows that to get me off I need him to pound me rough and hard. But I beat him to his own game. With his 3 inches inside of me I bring my hand down to rub my clit. He was shocked that he didn’t think to tie up my hands to keep me from touching myself, but enjoyed the show I was giving him. Seeing that I was bringing myself to cum without him, he pulled back slowly until the head of his dick was inside me and with 3 short pumps, as if he was counting, on the third thrust he pushed into me do fast and deep, that I just creamed all over his dick.

“Mmph, fuck me harder Toine, fuck this pussy,” I moan out, not caring if anybody could hear. At this point if they didn’t hear us by now and stop us I was certain they couldn’t hear us at all. Fucking me with vigor and passion, Antoine began grinding into me, making his dick hit everywhere in my pussy. I couldn’t believe this man was fucking me so properly, that I could see me fucking another guy. Slowing down his strokes, Antoine began cumming deep inside my pussy. If I wasn’t pregnant then, I damn sure was pregnant now. We still chose to be ignorant of condom usage, but at this point, did we really want to turn back and start all over. Only time would tell.

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