Mart 22, 2021

Mum’s Friend Made Me Into a Man Ch. 02

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The morning after my parent’s anniversary party I woke up naked in my bed and looked to my left and laying there was Jessica the woman I lusted after for years, naked as the day she was born. I went over last night in my head and couldn’t help but smile it was amazing not only had I lost my virginity but I lost it to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. I reached over and brushed her hair behind her ear and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Good morning” She said.

“Good morning” I said smiling.

She put her hand behind my neck and pulled me into a passionate kiss.

“Last night was wonderful” She said smiling.

“Oh good” I said slightly relieved.

“What’s wrong” She said.

“Oh nothing I was just a bit worried that last night only happened because you’d been drinking” I said.

“Well I did have a few drinks but I wanted last night to happen”

“So you don’t regret it?” I said.

“No, do you?” She said.

“No of course not” I said without hesitation.

“Good” She said with a big grin.

She pulled me into another long kiss and we started feeling up each other’s bodies after pulling away I asked her.

“Won’t my parents be wondering where you are?”

“No don’t worry before I came up here last night I told your mum I wasn’t feeling very well, she said I could sleep in the guest bedroom”

A few minutes later we heard my parents come out of their bedroom and walk downstairs. I looked at Jessica and she had an odd look on her face.

“Are you ok?” I said her.

“I don’t know I’m starting to feel a bit guilty, I mean last night I slept with my friend’s son and took his virginity” She said.

“But I thought you didn’t regret it” I said worried.

“I don’t, it’s just your mum is one of my best friends and I don’t want to hurt her. Last night I wasn’t sure if I should go through with this but I just can’t help being attracted to you.”

“Look I know this is a bit unorthodox but like you said were both adults, we can make our own decisions and you can’t help who you’re attracted to. I know you care about my mum but as long as she doesn’t find out everything will be fine.” I said.

She smiled and thanked me for trying to comfort her; we then both leaned into a soft kiss. We both got dressed and decided I should go downstairs first followed by her a little while later. I walked downstairs and found my parents in the kitchen making breakfast.

“Morning Son” My dad said.

“Morning dad”

My mum turned to me and said.

“Good morning Alex, did you sleep well” She said.

“Yes I did” I said slightly smiling.

I sat down at the table opposite my dad and started eating the breakfast my mum had put in front of me.

“So did you two enjoy your party” I said.

“Yeah it was great it was good to see everyone again especially Jessica. Oh she stayed the night in the guest room by the way she said she wasn’t feeling well.” My mum said.

“Probably Drunk out of her mind I know I was” My dad said laughing.

Five minutes later Jessica came downstairs and into the kitchen.

“Morning everyone” She said.

“Good morning Jess, you feeling better?” My mum said.

“Oh yes much better” She said looking at me.

Jessica antalya escort sat down next to me at the table and my mum gave her some breakfast.

“Passed out drunk on the bed did you?” My dad said chuckling.

“No, I only had a few drinks I just felt a bit strange that’s all” She said.

My mum came over and gave my dad a slight slap on the back of the head.

“Leave her alone will you” My mum said.

“Alright I was only joking” My dad said.

After we all finished breakfast my mum took all the plates into the kitchen. I felt Jessica put her hand on my leg under the table, I looked at her and she had that sexy smile on her face again. Not long after she tapped me on the leg and passed me a note under the table, when my parents were talking to each other I looked at the note and it said “Follow me in five minutes”. I looked at Jessica and she still had that smile on her face. Jessica then excused herself saying wanted to take a shower; just before she got up from the table she quickly squeezed my crotch and then went upstairs. Following her instructions I waited five minutes and then excused myself and went into the hallway, I started going up the stairs but I looked up and standing at the top of the stairs was Jessica she was leaning against the wall wearing a robe. She didn’t say a word she just gave me that sexy smile, untied the robe and let it fall to the ground. She was standing there before me completely naked. She looked like a goddess, her big perky tits looked incredible with rock hard nipples begging to be sucked, her perfect hourglass figure, her wonderful heart shaped ass and her completely shaven pussy. She gestured for me to follow her and started walking slowly towards the bathroom swaying her hips from side to side as she did so, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, I hadn’t even touched her yet and my cock was completely rock hard. We eventually walked into the bathroom and I closed and locked the door behind us, still without saying a word she turned to face me put her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me. We eventually pull away and still without a word she slowly starts undressing me until I am just as naked as her, she then kneels down and gently grabs my throbbing cock in her hand and starts stroking it. She starts kissing along my shaft and then takes it into her warm wet mouth.

“Oh god Jess that feels so good oh don’t stop”

She starts bobbing her head on my cock while never breaking eye contact with me.

“Yes oh Jess fuck use your tongue oh that’s it yes”

She continues sucking my throbbing cock for a while until I’m ready to burst.


Still not breaking eye contact she starts bobbing her head faster and swirling her tongue around the sensitive head of my cock.


I tipped my head back and once again shot my thick creamy load into her welcoming mouth. It felt so good I thought I was going to collapse, Jessica once again swallowed every spurt of cum I gave her, she kept my cock in her mouth and started using her tongue to clean my now shrinking cock. I looked down at her and she was still looking up at me, it was the sexiest thing serik escort seeing her there looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. Eventually when my cock was bone dry she stood up put her arms around my neck, licked her lips and made a long soft sigh of satisfaction she then said the first words she’d said to me since we were at the breakfast table.

“Would you like to take a shower with me Alex?” She said with a sexy smile.

“I thought you’d never ask sexy”

She takes my hand and leads me into the shower; she turns on the water and steps under it. It was so sexy to see her standing there with the hot water running down her beautiful body, she then looks me right in the eye, winks and picks up the soap and starts washing herself. Rubbing her soapy hands all over her gorgeous breasts and pinching her hardened nipples causing her to let out moans of pure pleasure. She then started washing lower and lower until her soapy hand was covering her sweet pussy, she then started using her fingers to pleasure herself, I could not believe I was actually naked in the shower watching her massage her breast with one hand and fingering her tight pussy with the other hand. Watching her pleasure herself was so sexy it didn’t take long for my cock to come back to life, I was so horny all I could think about was grabbing her and plunging my throbbing member into her moist pussy. I was looking at her like a predator looks at its prey just before it pounces. Eventually her moans started to get louder and she was plunging her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy so fast it was almost a blur; I knew she must be cumming. She let out a deafening scream of pure sexual pleasure but as she did her knees gave way and she started to fall, I was able to catch her before she hit the floor. She looked at me and gave me a long wet kiss; she then held up her fingers and said.

“Taste me Alex, taste my pussy”

Without hesitation I took her fingers into my mouth and sucked on them. It was an unusual taste but I liked it, when I was done with her fingers I held her by her ass, picked her up and pushed her against the shower wall and she then wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Oh Alex you’re so strong, I can believe that little boy turned into such a big strong man, my man, my stud”

“Well you better believe it, I’m a real man now thanks to you”

“Well then show me how much of a man you are, fuck me my stud”

I started kissing her neck while adjusting myself so my cock was lined up with her pussy, I could feel how wet her pussy was and I wanted to show her how much of a man I was so I plunged my whole cock inside her with one big thrust.

“OHHHH GOD” She screamed as I ploughed my cock into her.

“You like that baby?” I asked her knowing the answer.

“Fuck yeah, now fuck my pussy please I need your cock” She said practically begging.

“Yes Ma’am” I said.

I started thrusting into her slowly at first then faster and faster, it took me a little while to get used to this position and even though my arms were starting to hurt a little holding her up against the wall my cock felt so good I didn’t care. Eventually we got into a good rhythm and we both loved it.



I also loved watching her big tits bouncing like crazy with each of my thrusts. We fucked like this for what felt like an eternity, I had already felt her cum once and judging by the noises she was making and her pussy clenching my cock she wasn’t far away from her second.


Her entire body was shaking and she was screaming at the top of her lungs in complete pure ecstasy. When her orgasm subsided her body just went limp, her arms were hanging over my shoulders and her face buried in my neck while I just continued pounding into her wonderful pussy at full strength, I could hear her moaning into my neck. Not long after I finally felt my orgasm coming.


I exploded inside her; I had never felt such intense pleasure in my life I felt like I would never stop cumming and it felt so good I wasn’t sure I wanted to stop but I eventually did. Jessica lifted up her head to face me and I leaned my forehead against hers.

“That was the best sex I have ever had, I’ve never cum so hard in my entire life” She said panting for breath.

“You’re telling me I came so hard I thought I was never going to stop” I said breathing heavily.

We both leaned into an intense kiss that neither of us wanted to pull away from but eventually the need for air made us.

“We should go back downstairs your parents will be wondering what’s taking me so long” She said.

“Your right I guess time just got away from us” I said with a slight chuckle.

We kissed one last time and I pulled out of her and put her down, she had trouble standing at first because her legs were so weak but she eventually steadied herself. We both dried of and got dressed, she went downstairs first and I followed about ten minutes later. The rest of the day was mostly spent with my parents and Jessica talking about stories from their school days and generally having a laugh and enjoying themselves. I mostly kept quiet but I couldn’t help staring at Jessica and I caught her staring at me several times as well, we were able to sneak away from my parents a couple of times for a quick make out session but unfortunately later that night I came time for Jessica to leave my parents were driving her to the train station. Obviously I was very sad to see Jessica go and by the look on her face she was sad to leave as well, she did give me her phone number so we could talk but it was still difficult to see her go. We said goodbye at the door and gave each other a big hug, I watched through the window as my parents and Jessica got into the car and drove away.

Four years later, I have moved out of my parents’ house and now live in an apartment in my hometown only a couple of miles away from Jessica’s house. When I moved there we talked and decided that even though there is a connection between us because of the age difference an official relationship was not really an option. So we decided to keep our relationship secret. Two years after I moved Jessica tells me that she’s pregnant and that I’m the father but we decide to tell people the father was a one night stand she had. Jessica then gives birth to a baby girl who we name Zoe, even though I don’t live with them I spend a lot of time with Jessica & Zoe and we couldn’t be happier.

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