Mart 21, 2021

Mulligan Lane

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My wife, Danielle, and I enjoy a good social life. Through the years, however, we’ve always kept Saturday nights to ourselves. When we were first married, we’d often roll a blunt and smoke it while watching a porn flick. The combination always puts us in a great mindset for a night of hot fun.

One such night, after we’d been married about six years, we put on a good buzz and happened on a really hot threesome scene with two guys and a gal. Danielle took particular interest as the guys switched places and a bead of cum dripped from the actress’ slit. She took a hit and blew it out, then turned to me. “Did you ever have group sex?” she asked, holding back a cough.

“Not really,” I answered, taking a toke. “One time my buddy and I picked up a girl hitchhiking, and her boyfriend was hiding behind a tree.”


“So, he had her give us both a knob job while I drove. She didn’t swallow or anything…just messed up my boxers. Does that count?”

“No. I mean like, three people all going at it, like in this movie.”

I handed the joint to her. “I wish. How about you?”

Danielle took a hit and gave it back to me. “Mm-hmm.” Blowing smoke in my face, she laughed through a cough. “Don’t look so shocked. You never asked.”

“Sorry. I just…did you make them both…you know…wear condoms?”

She paused as if trying to avoid the question, then pointed to the TV. “Whoa. Another guy showed up.”

I’d known her too long to let her get away with changing the subject. Weed always made her honest, and I had her on the ropes. “Answer the question. Did you make ’em wear condoms?”

She looked away. “We switched around a lot. I didn’t want to suck a condom.”

“So, you let them…did they come in you?”

She nodded and took another hit. “Both of them…a few times. I swallowed a couple of loads, too.”


“Why wouldn’t I? You know I love cum.” She paused and kissed my cheek. “I didn’t mean to get you upset. We weren’t even dating.”

“I’m not upset…not really. It’s just… Wait a second! We were dating when you went on the pill, but you did them bareback. That means you fucked these guys while we—”

“It was the night you broke up with me.” She tamped out the joint. “We were at that stupid costume party at your friend Tom’s. You told me we were done, so I left…well, tried to. Some guy’s car was blocking me in, so I asked him to move it. We got to talking, and I followed him to his place. After we got started, his buddy just walked in on us.”

“So, you fucked him, too?”

“No, I baked him cookies. Of course I fucked him.” Her glossy brown eyes sparkled as she leaned close and smiled. “Sari, you broke up with me. You can’t be upset.”

“I’m not…I guess, but why are you telling me now?”

“I just answered your question.”

“So, go on. I wanna hear about it.”

“Hear what? I summed it up pretty good.”

“How did they come all those times? Were they on something? Stiffie pills, maybe?”

She shook her head. “It got really heated, and everyone just kept going.”

Grabbing the remote, I turned off the television and relit the joint. “I wanna hear about it.”

“Well, I was on the sofa with Robbie…the um…guy I was with. He was sitting and I was doing reverse cowgirl on his lap when he…you know…came in me. I figured he was done, but I wanted to go home with the taste of his cum in my mouth, so I knelt on the floor to suck him. That’s when some black guy walked in. Turns out he had a roommate.”

I said nothing—just stared at her and handed over the last little bit of the joint.

Danielle tamped it and sighed. “What was I supposed to do? I was sucking Robbie off with a load of cum in my twat. I just wiggled my ass and went back to blowing Robbie. Next thing I knew, some dude I didn’t know was plowing through sloppy seconds. He just sank his cock in me and got started. He slipped right in even though he was…maybe a little bigger than anyone I’d had.”

“Bigger? How much?”

“A little, okay?” She paused to gage my reaction. “Anyway, it was friggin’ hot having guys fuck each other’s cum into me, especially after their loads got mixed. I just…we all just went with the flow.”

“So they were able to keep going after they came?”

She nodded. “I just sucked ’em back to size each time. It’s like something happens in group sex. Guys just stay hard. These guys did, at least.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Oh, c’mon. Now I’m sorry I told you.”

“No! I mean…it’s okay…my bad, but didn’t you get tired?”

“Are you kidding? It was the best sex I ever… It was pretty awesome, but I’m glad we got back together.”

We sat back and watched the movie, but I kept huffing and grunting. I tried not to, but noises of frustration just kept slipping out. Danielle snuggled up beside me and sighed. “I should’ve kept my mouth shut. I guess that hurt you, but I was hurt, too. You dumped me.”

“I was being an idiot. Man, I really fucked up.”

“Why? You won me back.”

“But only after…I didn’t know… Oh, crap. I can’t get that picture outta bahis firmaları my head. You were in that super-hot getup, too.”

“That was friggin’ hot.”

“Don’t remind me. Were they…uh…were they that much better?”

“I told you, it was the situation that made it so cool.” Sliding her hands beneath her skirt, she pulled off her panties. “Wouldn’t a nice pearly stain on these be a turn-on?”

All I could do was nod as she knelt on the floor and tugged off my shorts. I couldn’t believe how hard I was—deep red and sculpted with veins. It looked more like a wood carving than a cock. Grasping it mid-shaft, she climbed between my legs and flicked her tongue on the base of my bulb. I groaned as she wrapped her lips around my girth, enveloping my head in moist warmth. Awesome as it was, I couldn’t help picturing her sucking someone else off. “You miss sucking other guys’ cocks?”

She nodded, toggling my shaft like a joystick between her lips. “Mm-hmm. Ah wibble bip.” She went back to work, but after a few bobs, she stopped again to peer at me—her glossy eyes twinkling in the low light. “Admit it,” she whispered—her lips brushing my knob. “You’re picturing a guy flipping up my skirt and fucking me while I do this.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned as she dunked back down.

Humming onto my meat, she rocked her hips fore and aft and cooed as if someone was pounding her from behind. Next thing I knew, I was kneeling behind her—my hands grasping her waist as I reamed her. She slipped her hand under the sofa pillow and pulled out an eight inch dildo I thought she’d thrown away years ago, then worked her mouth’s magic on it while I bounced my belly off her ass. Her velvety channel never felt so good—tight as ever, but slick and warm.

I plowed into her and locked my hips. Waves of euphoria overtook me as my cock opened fire on her inner sanctum. Salvo after seedy salvo sprayed her in long bursts of blissful release until my knees trembled and my balls hung low in their sac. But throughout my trip to nirvana, I pictured her sucking off another guy.

Gasping for air, I climbed onto the couch and caught my breath. Danielle climbed up and lay with her head on my lap. “Whatsa matter?” she asked.

“It’s hard to describe it,” I admitted, stroking her hair. “I mean, those things you said…you were right. I was turned on. I’m glad you told me what happened, and I’m not trying to complain, because I did break up with you.”


“Well, it just bothers me to think… I know we’re married now and all, but do you ever think of…you know…maybe getting together with another couple?”

“All the time. That’s kinda why I told you what happened.”

“I thought it was because I asked.”

“I’m stoned. Gimme a break.” She reached up and touched my cheek. “I love you, Sari, and even though I maintain my innocence, I think I know a way to make you feel better.”

“You gonna get me a playmate so we can have a threesome with her?”

“Yes, but that’s not what’s gonna do the trick.”

“No? What then?”

Grabbing the dildo, she spread wide and rubbed the head against her sloshing slit. With a playful giggle, she plugged the head into her outlet, then rocked her hips and sank it to the phony balls. I let out a groan as she pulled it out coated in my shiny semen. She dabbed it to her lips, glazing them heavy and letting a bit dribble onto her cheek. “I’ll think of something.”


I had to wonder if Danielle would be upset once we sobered up, but she woke me up in the morning and asked me if I was still into trying some swinging. I knew she had duped me into it, but I didn’t care. It was the start of something most people never encounter. It was quite possible I’d made a bad choice, but I was young and stupid enough to take the risk. Still, I couldn’t stop picturing her with two guys, especially in the hot costume she was wearing that night.

Unfortunately, we had moved after getting married and didn’t know a lot of people in our new town. We were downright afraid to try using the internet, so it was a matter of scouting. After a week or so, Danielle worked up the nerve to ask Therese, a girl she worked with. Therese was game from the start, but the logistics weren’t going to be easy. She was already cheating on her husband, Duncan, with some guy named Jake. Ironic as it seemed, Jake was the possessive type.

The girls gave it a good try. They came up with a plan to get the evening rolling with a corny strip board game—the kind rigged to get the girls naked in a hurry. It didn’t go over well with ol’ Jake. Once Therese lost her shirt, he started bitching, and the evening was over before it started.

Danielle promised to keep working on a plan, but we decided to concentrate on finding a stud for her. She insisted it would do more to make me feel better than a night with Therese would, though she didn’t say why.

As luck would have it, I found a guy for her the next day. My boss had hired a temporary employee—a big, beefy guy from out of state named Cal. He was good looking, but stupid enough that I didn’t worry about Danielle falling for kaçak iddaa him.

Cal had been railing on about how he and his wife, Molly, separated, so it seemed he’d be a good fit. Besides, it got to the point where telling him our situation would be easier than listening to him complain about being sexless.

I told Danielle about him before making any promises, so she came by the jobsite without introducing herself. She wore a tight skirt and a frilly blouse with sexy heels. Posing as the property owner’s daughter, she looked around and flirted a little.

“Man, I could fuck that all night,” Cal whispered as she strutted off. “I’d love to have those lips on my cock.”

“I know her,” I replied. “Let me see what I can do.”

With Danielle’s blessing, I pulled him aside the next day and explained the offer. He accepted like a kid who’d never been laid before. All day long he kept thanking me and promising he’d introduce me to his sister-in-law.

Friday night rolled around and Cal was on his way, but Danielle wasn’t home when I got in at four. She had gone out with her friend, Jenny. Just after seven, she called. “How hot are you to do this?” she asked.

“I shouldn’t need to tell you.”

“And Cal?”

“He’s on his way. He was askin’ what kind of cologne you like.”

“There’s a minor complication. Jenny and I are at a club in Portsmouth. It’s where she goes when she gets in a rut.”

“And she found someone?”

“Yeah, but she’s not into coming over.”

“Darn, but…we weren’t expecting her anyway. It was supposed to be you and Cal—”

“I know, but I kinda found someone, too. I told him about the arrangement, and he’s cool with it. So, I have a favor to ask.”

“You want me to tell Cal to wait?”

“Well…I was thinking maybe it could be the four of us. I’d hate to tell either of them no.”

“I dunno, Danielle. It sounds—”

“C’mon, Sari. If you agreed to one guy, why not two? It’ll be hot. Besides, it gave me an idea.”

“Someone else hiding in the closet?”

“Something I think you’ll appreciate. You just wait and see. Jenny will drop Burt and me off in half an hour.”

Cal showed up a few minutes later. He seemed more nervous than I did waiting for Danielle. We both darted to the window when Jenny’s car stopped in front of the house. I could hear Danielle thanking Jenny, but I was busy watching the dark skinned guy slip out of the back seat. As Jenny drove off, Danielle tugged on his arm and showed him to the door.

Burt wasn’t at all the lantern-jawed linebacker hunk I expected Danielle to hook up with. He was shorter than me and frankly, less built. I remember thinking she could do better. When she introduced him, he gave my hand a hardy shake. “Thanks for having me over,” he offered. “I’m kinda new to this, but I’ll stick to the plan.”

“Plan?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” Danielle offered before kissing my cheek. She introduced herself to Cal, then turned back to me. “Remember how I told you I’d think of a way to make you feel better?”

“I’m confused.”

“That’s because you’re talking and not listening. Go pack a bowl so I can have a minute with Cal and Burt. We’ll meet you in the living room.” She shot me a devious grin. “Go on. Trust me.”

I did as she requested, and a few minutes later the guys came in and sat on the sofa across from me. “Where’s Danielle?” I asked.

“She said to meet you in the bedroom,” Cal replied.

I shrugged and headed down the hall, but the bedroom door was locked.

“Just a sec,” Danielle called from the other side. “Wait there.”

A few seconds later, the knob clicked. I gasped when she opened the door in the very getup she wore seven years before—the night I broke up with her. I had no trouble believing she still fit in it, but I couldn’t get over how damn hot she still looked. The frilly pink sleeveless blouse and ultra-short black mini-skirt looked brand new, but it was her legs that made me want to whimper—tight silver cloth stockings that barely covered her knees and tied at the top with black bows. Shiny black platform pumps with brass buckled straps adorned her feet, and her long brown hair was pinned back with shiny brass clips.

She stepped up close and gave my chin a playful bite. “Let’s take a trip down Mulligan Lane.”

“Mulligan Lane?”

“Mm-hmm. It’s like Memory Lane, only you get to take a Mulligan.”

“Wasn’t he that short kid with the huge forehead?”

“Mulligan like in golf, doofus. You get a do-over.”

“How? I can’t go back and make it not happen.”

“No, but you could join in, then send them home and have me for yourself. Cal is gonna be Robbie, and Burt will be, um…Brandt…or…Barry…whatever his name was.”

“That guy had a huge…am I in for any surprises?”

“I didn’t ask to see it yet. You’ll have to work with me.” Grabbing my hand, she led me to the living room. Burt and Cal stared as she pulled the ottoman back and sat facing them.

“You broke up with that?” Cal squawked. “What kinda drugs were you on?”

Danielle ruffled his hair. “That’s sweet.” She picked kaçak bahis up the glass pipe and lit it, then passed it to him. “Any question about your parts, guys?”

I sat beside her, and we all put on a good buzz before tamping it out. Danielle leaned over and kissed my cheek. “You’re gonna stay on the ottoman for a few minutes while we do a little reenactment.”

“You wanna cuckold me?”

“Don’t think of it that way. I’m just going to show you what happened that night. It’ll take the sting out once you join in, but you need to let it happen first. Trust me, Sari. I took a year of psyche. Well, half a semester.”

I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but Danielle sounded sure of herself. Besides, it was her night. “As long as I don’t get ignored too long,” I griped.

She smiled and led Burt over to sit beside me. “Watch from there,” she said. “I’ll call you when it’s time for the big dick guy.”

“I’d prefer it if we call him what’s his name,” I complained.

She kissed my cheek and shot me a mischievous grin. “I mean, what’s his name.” Bopping over in front of Cal, she pushed him in front of the sofa. “I shouldn’t do this,” she whispered. “Sari will find out. I should go home.”

“You uh…you are home,” Cal fumbled. “And Sari’s…oh, uh…I mean—” He cleared his throat. “Don’t worry about him. I want you so bad…much.”

She rolled her eyes and huffed. “You’re right. It’s Sari’s fault. His loss is your gain.”

He stood a full foot taller than her, so when she stood tip-toe to kiss him, her tiny skirt popped up enough to reveal her lacy red panties. Watching her lock lips with a stranger gave me a queasy feeling, so I cleared my throat. “Babe, we agreed…no kissing on the lips.”

She took a few more seconds, then pulled back and stood straight. “I was just trying to keep it accurate.” After another quick kiss, she dropped to her knees and tugged his shorts and boxers off. “You’re going to enjoy this.”

I breathed a sigh of relief seeing Cal’s prowess didn’t overshadow my own. Nonetheless, it stood strong and proud, pointing at a stiff upward angle.

“S-so,” I fumbled, “you uh…you were still dressed?”

“Mm-hmm,” Danielle replied, grasping Cal’s cock mid-shaft. “I knew the outfit was hot. I picked it out for you. I also knew you’d want me back, but I was free that night. I wanted my chance at another cock. That’s why I did what I’m about to do.”

She leaned forward and bumped her lips to the skin of his blunt tip. Glancing over at me, she opened and wrapped them around his girth—an inch past the rim of his crown. Her long brown hair waved and danced as she bobbed back and forth. When she paused over his bulb, I saw her cheek quiver from her tongue lolling his underside. I knew that move well, so I understood Cal’s wanton moan.

A few flicks later, she pulled back and turned to me. “And just like that I was sucking his cock the same way I suck yours.” She pressed his meat to his belly and lapped it up and down, then stroked him and licked his nuts. “Tell him how it feels, Cal. Let him know how Robbie felt.”

“It’s friggin’ awesome,” he groaned, watching her dunk over his cock again. “Oh, yeah…she gave him incredible head, dude. Oh, shit…you’re lucky you got her back.”

My shorts were so crowded it hurt. I tore them off and threw them aside along with my shirt, setting my manhood free. It stood tall and stiff, thumping for attention.

Danielle rose to her feet. Legs together, she tugged her panties to her knees, then bent at the waist to step out of them. With a sexy giggle, she hung them on my raging hard-on and sat on the sofa. Planting her shoe heels on the edge of the cushion, she spread wide to show our guests the main attraction—two pink folds in the apex between her fit legs. She had taken time the night before to trim her brown bush neat and small, so it complimented the slit beneath it like a little crown.

Cal dropped to his knees and stared as she fingered her clit. Danielle giggled. “Robbie stared at it, too. I told him to taste it before he fucked me and made a mess of it.”

She flipped up her skirt as Cal mashed his upper lip to her bush and dug in. Bucking her pelvis, she belly danced to his lustful licks. I could smell her musk from five feet away and see her glistening nectar flow onto his tongue. “Sari,” she whispered with her eyes closed. “He ate me for about five minutes. He dug his tongue in me and got to know what I taste like. You and him are the only ones who know.” Opening her eyes, she smiled. “You, him, and Cal, I mean.”

Cal pulled back and used his thumbs to open her gape and peer into her pink hole. She lay back and wiggled her thighs. “Quit looking inside me and get your cock in there.”

He grasped her by the ankles—shoes and all—and outstretched his arms to spread her wide. Tipping her pelvis, she guided the head of his rock-hard shaft to her oozing outlet. I’ll never forget the moment his blunt head bumped her outer lips and pried her gates apart. He only sank to the rim of his crown at first, but his invasive prod had opened her clench. Her pink walls stretched outward to accommodate his advancing girth, then enveloped his tight skin and bold vein sculptures bit by bit until half his cock had disappeared into her confines. “Dude, your wife’s pussy is tight. You’re lucky you—”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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