Mart 22, 2021

Mrs. Willoughby Pt. 02

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The situation at the Willoughby household seemed more than promising. But days passed with no contact from lovely Mrs. Willoughby. Then it happened.

I opened my mail to find a summons. It was from the Willoughbys’ lawyer, and I was being required to show up for a hearing about unprofessional conduct and threatening behavior. I knew I was taking a risk to play with Mrs. Willoughby’s pussy like I did, without her consent. I thought she had given me a green light with her flirting, and her words after her pussy licking and seeing my long thick cock seemed like a wife fucking was on the horizon.

I guess not.

After asking around for recommendations for a lawyer to defend me, I hired Amanda Davenport, thinking that a woman who was about Mrs. Willoughby’s age would be a wise choice for the judge and jury, if it came to that.

Amanda advised me to be honest and express confidence in my story. My point of view would be important. Since there were no witnesses, the only testimony would be from me and Mrs. Willoughby. Perhaps I had erred in my judgment of the situation with her on that day. I was willing to apologize and accept any decision. But first, I would tell my story.

At the hearing, the Willoughbys sat on one side of the hearing room with their attorney, Janice Culpepper, a younger woman. My lawyer and I sat next to them at our own table facing Judge Louise Culpepper. Since this was a hearing and not a criminal case, not yet, the jury of six were divided equally male and female.

The Willoughby’s lawyer was also a woman, Dale Fitzgerald. She rose and called on her first witness, Mrs. Willoughby, to take the stand. Mrs. Willoughby avoided my gaze as she stepped into the witness stand, and a muscular bailiff swore her in. The court reporter, a cute young woman, clacked away.

When asked, Mrs. Willoughby told her side of the story, claiming that my behavior was unwanted and violated her privacy and decency. She described the chandelier repair and her accident accurately, but she did not explicitly say what happened. She only claimed that I violated her person lewdly and that she felt threatened.

“Thank you,” her lawyer said, nodding to the jury.

Then, my lawyer called me to testify. I took the oath and sat in the witness chair looking out to see handsome and attractive Mrs. Willoughby crossing and recrossing her legs. In my mind, I could still see her long bare legs, and I knew full well exactly how her pussy looked, even tough it was not well-hidden from view. In spite of the situation, I felt my cock uncurl.

When Amanda asked me to describe the events in question, I confirmed everything Mrs. Willoughby had said. Then added, “Would it be useful to give more detail?”

I saw Mrs. Willoughby squirm a little as her husband patted her hand.

My lawyer said, “With the judge’s permission, yes, please say more.”

The judge nodded, “You may proceed.”

I confirmed the accident and the perilous situation for Mrs. Willoughby. I explained that I did my best to rescue her from danger, but that she had become entangled in the chandelier in such a way that I could not simply pull her to safety.

My lawyer prodded me, “And tell us what you did?”

I explained how I moved the armoire under her, climbed on top, and how Mrs. Willoughby’s leg immediately wrapped around me for security.

“So she was now safe?” my lawyer asked.

“Well,” I answered, “she was safer, but only if I stayed where I was.”

“How did you plan to help her?”

I then said, “If she would be calm, perhaps I could have found something for her to stand on while I returned to her in the attic and could have gently lifted her, avoiding further bruises or even worse injury.”

“But she was not calm?” my lawyer asked.

“Objection!” said the Willoughby’s attractive lawyer. “Counsel is leading the witness.”

The judge sustained the objection and asked my lawyer to rephrase the question.

“Was that possible?” she asked, “How did you think it was best to calm her?”

I turned aside to look at the judge, who nodded and told me to answer the question. Then I looked at the jury, and all eyes were glued to me. Mrs. Willoughby seemed to be holding her breath.

“Your honor,” I began, “I’m not a doctor or a trauma expert. I only know what I know from my own life.”

“Very well,” my lawyer said, “Just tell us what you thought was best.” I had explained all the details to my lawyer, and she knew full well what I would say.

I cleared antalya escort my throat, “I had to think and act quickly,” I told the judge and jury. “She was panicking a bit. I was sitting with one of her legs desperately wrapped around my shoulder, and the other spread wide apart and supported by a chain on the chandelier.”

My lawyer interrupted, “Her legs were wide apart?”

“Yes, very,” I said.

“Would a woman, especially a well-respected mature member of the community spread her legs apart like that for a younger workman? Did you think this was unusual or provocative?”

“Objection!” said the Willoughby’s lawyer, but the judge overruled.

“Go on,” the judge told me, “Your motives are important to know.”

“Yes, your honor,” I said, and continued, “I really didn’t think too deeply. There wasn’t time. All I knew was that I was facing Mrs. Willoughby’s legs spread apart and I could see her panties.”

My lawyer asked, “Did you regard that as an invitation?”

“No,” I answered. “My only thought was to calm her and help her.”

“But did you enjoy seeing Mrs. Willoughby’s panties?” my lawyer asked. I could see Mr. Willoughby’s eyes widen as he listened to me talk about his wife’s panties. I glanced at the jury, and they were leaning forward to listen.

“Your honor, yes, I did feel a little aroused by looking at her panties. I have to tell the truth.” I paused a moment, then added, “In my experience, a woman can become very calm after orgasm, and, well…”

The judge spoke, “Go on, tell the jury what happened.”

I looked at Mrs. Willoughby and said, “Since I was just inches from her panties, on the spur of the moment I decided to try.”

“To try what?” my lawyer asked.

“To try to bring her to an orgasm,” I said as the jury exhaled audibly. Mrs. Willoughby’s head was looking down, avoiding the glances from the jury box, and her husband looked at his wife. Did he know all this detail, I wondered?

“Go on,” my lawyer said.

“Without really thinking much, I pulled her panties aside and looked at her pussy.”

There was a more audible gasp in the courtroom when I said the word “pussy.” I could see the Willoughby’s fidgeting.

My lawyer asked, “You exposed her pussy?”

“Objection! Your honor,” the Willoughby’s lawyer cried, “The witness is using vulgar language.”

The overruled, saying, “Since this is the language used by the witness, it is proper to continue to use it.” Then she looked at the jury, “If you are offended, please accept the apologies of the court.”

I continued, “Yes, I saw her pussy very clearly. As I said, her legs were parted widely, so nothing was hidden.”

“And how would this help Mrs. Willoughby?” my lawyer asked.

“I leaned slightly to lick her pussy, thinking that would be the best way to help her have an orgasm, forget her danger, and relax.”

“You have experience in this?” my lawyer asked.

“Oh yes, quite a bit.” I answered. “But I knew that it was a risk. She might become relaxed, or she might become more agitated. It was a risk. But I didn’t know what else to do.”

“Go on,” my lawyer said.

“Luckily, Mrs. Willoughby’s pussy has pronounced lips, you know, easy to see where everything is and easy to reach the right places.”

“Was the plaintiff complaining or telling you to stop?” my lawyer asked.

“No,” I answered, “I only remember her moaning as if she liked it.”

“And you’re experienced?” she asked. “You know how to make a woman have an orgasm by licking her pussy?”

The jury members were fanning themselves to keep calm. “Oh sure, I bet all the men here do it all the time.” I looked up to see Mr. Willoughby’s mouth dropped open and staring blankly.

“You might be surprised at how little men know,” my lawyer said.

At that point the judge interrupted, “Counselor, I keep your opinions to yourself.”

“Yes, your honor,” she said. Then looking at me my lawyer said, “Go ahead and tell us what happened.”

“Well, luckily Mrs. Willoughby’s clitoris is very prominent and was easy to access. I was in a hurry, but I knew that going slower would bring her to a better and more complete orgasm. I slowed down as she relaxed. I could feel her weight pressing against my tongue, as if she were helping me get her off.”

The jurors were staring at Mrs. Willoughby and whispering to each other. Mrs. Willoughby’s head was in her hands. By now, I was pretty sure she was sorry that she brought up this in court. My words seemed lara escort to titillate the jurors and embarrass the plaintiff.

The judge used her hammer, “Quiet,” she ordered, “I remind the jury not to talk while testimony is being given.”

My lawyer asked, “How long would you say you kept this up? How long did you lick Mrs. Willoughby’s pussy?”

Frankly, I was getting aroused by hearing my attractive lawyer talk like this. My cock was moving down my leg, and I could feel it oozing wetness. “When I felt that she was ready, I halted and allowed her to recover for a moment before teasing her again. That’s the best way to build up to a high quality orgasm.”

“And you did this over and over?” she asked.

“Yes,” I testified, “I was aware that she was in no danger, and it seemed like to be mutually satisfying. But instead of continue as long as I would like, I did finally let her feel relief. From the way she responded in her climax, I would guess that her pussy is not well tended by someone who knows how to handle her.”

Mr. Willoughby was looking sideways and trying to avoid my eye contact. I was hoping that his wife, even in this formal situation, was feeling wetness between her legs as she heard me relive her tongue lashing.

I went on, “Then I supported her free leg on a stack of books, and I ran up stairs to help her up and out of the hole in the attic floor.”

“What did she say to you?” my attorney asked.

“She was too exhausted. She just lay back on some soft blankets and panted. I suppose both the fall and maybe having her pussy licked for the first time made her tired and relieved.”

“No more questions, you honor,” my lawyer said, and she walked back to sit at our table.

Then the Willoughby’s lawyer came forward to cross-examine me. “Sir, is it true that you threatened my client at that point?”

“Oh, golly, no,” I said.

“She says that you were going to take advantage of her as she lay there tired and exhausted.” Her lawyer paused and forced herself to ask, “Could you still see Mrs. Willoughby’s pussy?”

I smiled, “Oh yes, she didn’t bother to cover herself. In fact, she made a joke about my tool belt, something about liking a man with a large tool belt. It seemed to me that she wanted to see my tool, you know, my cock.”

The Willoughby’s lawyer was trying to think of a new angle of questioning, but I jumped in. “So I dropped my took belt so I could show her my tool. I unbuckled my pants and let them fall so she could see my cock.”

The Willoughby’s attorney seemed dazed, so I kept entertaining the courtroom. “You can ask her what she thought, but I’m pretty sure she’d never seen a dick that big. I’m proud of my thickness, and the ladies seem to like it.”

Their lawyer shouted, “That will be enough!” And the judge jumped in, “Thank you for your testimony. Does counsel for the plaintiff have more questions?”

She declined. The judge excused me and then she said, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have heard testimony in this matter, and you must decide if the plaintiff, Mrs. Willoughby, was threatened or feared for her safety because of the actions of the defendant.

But then the judge surprised us. “It is my opinion that the jury cannot make their judgement unless the first see the supposed weapon, which is the defendant’s cock, as he calls it. Therefore, I remand the jury to the jury room for their examination of this evidence.”

I was breathless. My attorney objected, “Your honor, if my client must disrobe and display his cock for the jurors, then we insist that Mrs. Willoughby also reveal her pussy so they can judge the merits of my client’s earlier description.”

The Willoughby’s lawyer complained, but to no avail, and both Mrs. Willoughby and I were led away by the muscular bailiff and taken into the jury deliberation room. Moments later the jury members filed in and took seats facing us. With the judge and bailiff watching and the court reporter making notes

Her husband was not allowed into the room. She was horrified. A woman of her standing in the community was being compelled to show herself to strangers. Who knew if they might see her again in town?

The judge told us, now show us approximately what happened on the day in question. I kneeled down at Mrs. Willoughby’s feet and said, “I was about at this level, and her legs were above me.”

“Mrs. Willoughby,” the judge said, “lift your skirt.”

Haltingly, she gathered manavgat escort her skirt in her hands and raised it up. The judge said, “We can’t see your panties yet. Higher.”

In moments, all six jurors and the others were looking at Mrs. Willoughby’s white panties. Without being prompted, I reached up and touched her legs as Mrs. Willoughby shuddered and said, “Your honor, is this really necessary?”

The judge answered, “You’re asking these good citizens to make a decision, and they need to understand how this happened to you.”

My dick was in full blown raging anticipation as I reached up and put a finger inside her panty and then pulled it aside. There were the same puffy lips I had described to the court. I said, “It was easy to lean in like this,” as I my tongue darted in and out of her pussy.

“Thank you, sir,” the judge said, “There is no need for you to make Mrs. Willoughby have an orgasm here, much as she and we might like to see that.”

“Now, Mrs. Willoughby claims that the sight of your cock threatened her and made her fear that you might fuck her, is that right?”

I nodded, “I suppose that’s what she thought.” I looked at her and asked, “Did you?”

She was still holding up her skirt and her pussy was still on display, “I thought you wanted to fuck me right there.”

I said, “I did, but now without your permission.” Then I added, “In fact, I never fuck a married woman without her husband’s permission, too.”

The judge interrupted, “Well, let the jury see your tool, I mean, your cock.”

I lowered my trousers, and my long and thick dick flopped into view. The jurors, both the women and the men, leaned forward for a good look.

The judge asked, “Mrs. Willoughby, is this the same cock that frightened you?”

“Yes, your honor,” she said, “Not exactly frightened, but it’s more than I think I could take.”

The judge said, “I see your point.”

The stenographer was clacking always, and the bailiff was taking in the view of Mrs. Willoughby’s exposed pussy and my waving dick.

“Have the jurors seen enough?” the judge asked.

No one spoke a word. They sat quietly and continued to drink in the contours of Mrs. Willoughby’s elegant slit and my happy dick.

“The witnesses are dismissed,” she said, and our attorneys accompanied us out of the room as we readjusted our clothing. We sat back at our courtroom tables to await the verdict.

My attorney whispered to me, “That was brilliant of the judge to let the jury see her pussy and your cock.”

“Do you think so,” I asked.

“Oh yes, your honesty took them off their guard, and seeing the actual pussy and cock involved gave them an appreciation for the situation.” She patted my leg and gave the hard dick in my trousers a little squeeze.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Willoughby looked distraught. She was inconsolable. Her husband tried to comfort her, but she was too embarrassed to even tell him what the jury saw.

When the jury returned, we all stood for the reading of the verdict. The foreman said, “We the jury have considered the evidence presented, and we think there was a misunderstanding and not a crime or an intended crime. Therefore we find in favor of the defendant.”

I was delighted. I hugged my attorney. Then I approached the Willoughby’s, “I apologize for your worries and fears, and I hope you will forgive any troubles caused by all this.” To my surprise, Mr. Willoughby shook my hand, but Mrs. Willoughby was still shaken by having been exposed to strangers on the jury.

As we left the courthouse and walked to our cars, a few of the jurors in the parking lot waved to me. I asked my lawyer if she was free for dinner, and we made a date for a victory celebration.

This entire thing could have turned out very badly. But luckily it had the opposite result. Within the next two months, I not only fucked my lawyer while her husband watched us, but I was contacted by several parties in the courtroom that day. Two of the female jurors tracked me down and asked me to fuck them. One male juror invited me to fuck his wife. The stenographer had her boyfriend photograph me fucking her. The Willoughby’s attorney has left several voice messages for me.

And, best of all, Mr. Willoughby arranged for me to visit their home, see the lovely new chandelier, and then stay for dinner and a fucking of his wife. Sure enough, she was right to have been worried about my cock. Mr. Willoughby was very patient and understanding as he watched me slowly push my dick into his wife’s meaty lips. His own cock was small, and her pussy took time to adjust to a much larger one. When the last inch of my dick finally disappeared into Mrs. Willoughby, we stopped to toast the occasion with a fine wine.

And then the slow fucking began.

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