Mart 17, 2021

Mrs Marlow and Her Old Neighbours

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This story is a complete fantasy and has no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.


I really felt ashamed of myself. I knew I was slipping back into my old fantasy habits. A supposedly respectable married woman 39 years of age with this ridiculous fetish for dressing up in school uniform.

It had been more than a fantasy during my early thirties with the two old priests and Sister Mary. I think my fantasy thoughts started in my mid twenties after I had married Derek. I had hidden them for a long time but it started to get serious when I confessed my problem to old Father Peter.

To be honest, he had been wonderfully sympathetic and it was a relief when he agreed to tell Father John himself so that I would be spared embarrassment. Gradually they suggested that instead of taking Confession in the cold church I could take my Confession in the lovely warm lounge in their Church House.

Obviously it was necessary for Sister Mary to know but here again they made it so easy for me. The older Nun even suggested that I could wear my school uniform for Confession if I wished as long as no one else saw it. I had to tell Derek of course but the 3 clerics realised this was necessary.

Poor Derek had had some problems for some time with his liking for my clothes especially my undies so I think he was relieved in one way that I also had some embarrassments.

Over the years, my Confessions in the Church House did get out of hand as the old priests encouraged me to wear shorter and shorter skirts and started to tease me calling me Juicy Lucy. I absolutely adored this term and felt really down hearted when they sometimes called me Mrs Marlow.

As I was in my thirties at the time I knew that it wasn’t really appropriate but I really wanted to be Juicy Lucy. I think it was Sister Mary suggested that instead of having to say the boring 3 Hail Mary’s as penance, Father Peter should smack my bottom. It seemed sensible and it followed that Father John would spank me as well.

On some evenings Sister Mary would do it as well and she started to pull my knickers down as well to give me a ‘proper spanking’.

They never hurt me of course and without going into too much details of the past, things became a lot more naughty than that. On some occasions Derek was permitted to watch the old priests see to me. Usually Sister Mary would have him in his pretty clothes.

As I said, those events were in the past. They stopped fairly naturally as the Bishop decided that the old priests were really too old to run a large Parish like ours and they were retired to a lovely Residential Home.

Sister Mary was promoted and became the ‘live in’ Housekeeper for the Bishop. It was all very neat but both Derek and I had to face up to the reality of the change.

It wasn’t easy but we did well for a number of years. I was almost 38 when I started to use the internet and struck up some nice friendships. Derek knew about my new friends but never really liked the computer.

I did tell him some of the things but not all. As all the conversations on the chat programmes were all anonymous and we only used first names, it was possible to be very honest about what we liked and what we didn’t and even talked about our own little fetishes and peculiarities.

I had several friends who told me odd things they liked and it seemed natural to tell them about my past pleasures which weren’t strictly respectable.

One older couple I connected with were Edward and Elizabeth. They wrote such beautiful English it was clear they were really well educated. Strangely I found that generally I was attracted to older people. They always seemed so sensible and mature. I suppose that was the attraction with the old priests and Sister Mary.

It didn’t take long before I told Edward about the old priests and how much my past behaviour worried me. He and Elizabeth were lovely. Elizabeth explained “What you must think about Lucy is whether you are hurting anyone. Clearly the priests were enjoying things and presumably you and Derek did as well?”

The more I thought about it I realised she was quite right. We all had enjoyed things. Derek tended to be a bit subservient to everyone but he was naturally that way anyway. Actually I confessed to Elizabeth that really my husband and I missed the excitement and the secrecy.

Elizabeth had chuckled. She seemed to understand how I felt and lowered her voice as she told me that she and Edward had been Senior teachers at a large school. Actually he had been Head master and she was the Senior Mistress and when they had started, corporal punishment for the very senior pupils over 18 was recommended.

I did ask her a few questions and she had felt a little self conscious when she confessed that they had both liked spanking the older girls and it had been clear that the girls themselves had liked it. She wasn’t very clear but it did seem that some of the mothers had been involved as well. She explained “These sort of spanking bahis firmaları fetishes are very common in older women, Lucy.”

I did repeat one of my worries that although I had this such strong squishy feelings to be spanked, I was conscious that at my age I was a little fat, especially my bottom.

She laughed “You must understand Lucy. Older men would love to have you over their laps with your school skirt up and smacking you lovely plump bottom.”

She added “Any Headmaster would love to pull your knickers down in that position. Actually a Senior Mistress would as well.” I giggled. It seemed that as we were so anonymous we could be totally honest.

I was gradually telling the old couple all my secrets. It wasn’t just one way though. They told me their innermost desires as well and I think we were all surging as we explained things.

Over the months my conversations with both Edward and Elizabeth were very frank as we all explained our innermost thoughts. I did in fact tell Derek quite a lot about them.

From time to time we returned to the theme of my worry about my fat bum. They were both very reassuring about how nice it must be and then Elizabeth sent me a picture of a young woman standing with her panties down handing over a spanking swish to a man who was not quite visible.

Elizabeth chuckled “What do you think of her bottom, Lucy?”

I laughed “She is even fatter than me, Elizabeth.”

“Well Edward enjoyed it and so did I. So I think your bottom would be absolutely adorable.”

She made me laugh. It was all so reassuring. She then sent another picture of the same woman over her husbands knee with her knickers now down around her ankles. I gasped. It was an erotic picture but the thing that made me gasp most was that I recognised the man as one of our elderly neighbours living about 50 yards away in the same avenue as Derek and I.

Elizabeth obviously couldn’t hear my gasp and continued sending another 2 pictures which confirmed without any doubt their identity. One picture actually showed Elizabeth. I knew them as Mr and Mrs Lord. Not only were they neighbours but they really had been teachers in my former school. They had actually taught me although there had never been any suspicion of impropriety.

I couldn’t let her go on blithely sending pictures. In the next 5 minutes I explained that I recognised them and who I was. She was devastated. I was anxious to allay any worries she may have and we did actually go through a few possible options. We also exchanged phone numbers. We didn’t need the internet now.

I waited by the phone the next day but they didn’t ring. They were probably as nervous as me. I telephoned them. They were both on the line and seemed anxious but well prepared.

They went through the options with me.

The first was obvious. We should stop corresponding on the internet. I didn’t want that. Neither did they.

The second was to ignore our knowledge and carry on as if we didn’t know. We all liked that but recognised we couldn’t ignore something which we all knew.

Mrs Lord explained a third option. I could visit them in their house as Mrs Marlow but dressed up as a schoolgirl and they would take up their old roles as my teachers. She explained “You would usually be a naughty schoolgirl Mrs Marlow and you know what happens to them?”

I muttered “I will have my bottom spanked?”

Neither of them had to reply. We all knew the implications. It would be a lot more personal than simply smacking my bottom. In a way I was back to being Juicy Lucy Marlow with the old priests and Sister Mary. I knew I was going down the slippery slope.

I had already thought about it but in all honesty I wanted to go down the slippery slope and told them.

Elizabeth suggested that I discuss it with Derek. I said I would but I knew Derek had his own problems and would want to do as I decided. I also knew how he missed Sister Mary and the secret things.

I rang them back later and asked if I could visit them personally. Elizabeth knew exactly what I was saying. She sounded very efficient and I heard her say some things to her husband and receiving her instructions.

She told me “Mr Lord has told me that you can come over this evening Mrs Marlow. I assume you have the appropriate clothes in case you require chastisement?”

I knew what she was telling me and mumbled that I understood.

She was quite brusque now “Make sure you are wearing a long overcoat Mrs Marlow. Mr Lord and I have lived in this house for over 30 years. We don’t want any scandal now at our age.”

I muttered “Yes Miss.”

She said “Right then Mrs Marlow. 7 pm prompt.”

Again my reply was rather muted “Yes Miss.”

I noticed myself how our relationship had changed so abruptly. I automatically had called her ‘Miss’. I could only think that I would be calling Edward ‘Sir’ or Mr Lord from now on. Actually it wasn’t so strange as when I saw them in the supermarket over the years I had addressed them respectfully by their surnames. This kaçak iddaa was different though.

I went back into our lounge. Derek was watching the television but the sound was low. I knew he had probably been listening.

I had already told him about the last few conversations.

I simply told him “I have to go to see Mr and Mrs Lord this evening.”

He nodded “Yes Dear.”

I went upstairs saying “I have to change my clothes.”

He understood and asked “Shall I run your bath.”

I shook my head and blushed “No. They told me not to bath or shower.”

He went red and nodded without saying anything.

As I changed into my short pleated skirt, white blouse, white knee socks and panties, I felt exactly the same way as when I prepared to go to the old Church House.

I went downstairs and went to the hall closet to get my long outer coat and realised that Derek was standing in the hall. He could see my short school uniform. He was biting his lip but didn’t say anything except “Shall I drive you down there Lucy?”

I shook my head. It wasn’t far but for safety I didn’t want to walk. I said “That’s OK Derek. I will drive myself. They told me to park in their drive so that no one can see.” He nodded.

As I was parking in their long drive under some trees I realised that they really did have a large house.

I walked to their door and as I rang the ornate bell an answering service simply said “Come in Mrs Marlow.”

It surprised me, but as the door opened automatically. I let myself into a large hallway. I felt really alone and vulnerable.

I know I had a very young face but with the clothes I had on there was no disguising my very chubby thighs. I remembered Mrs Lord telling me her husband liked women with plump bottoms.

I knew that if he did actually pull my knickers down he would see a very fat bum indeed.

I had been told to enter, so I made my way along the hall and then after tapping the lounge door entered.

The old couple were both sitting in easy chairs facing me. I gasped and made some indistinguishable noises.

Mrs Lord smiled in a motherly fashion “Come in Mrs Marlow. I assume you have left your car out of sight?”

I nodded and she laughed “We don’t want any nosy people to know that you are here do we?”

I nodded agreement.

Mr Lord spoke in a distinguished manner “Now tell me Mrs Marlow. How old are you?”

I murmured “I am 39 Sir.”

He nodded. “That is quite old Mrs Marlow.”

My heart sunk. I couldn’t really argue.

Mrs Lord spoke “But she is pretty Edward. Very pretty.”

Mr Lord nodded “I agree Elizabeth. She is pretty and nice and plump.”

I felt gratified. It must have shown on my face as she smiled at me and said “I think he is pleased that you are nice and plump Lucy.”

This was the first time she had called me Lucy since she knew my real name.

I tried to be grateful saying “Thank you Mrs Lord. It was kind of you to see me.”

She smiled but it was her husband who asked “And why are you here Mrs Marlow?”

It was dreaded question and all I could think of was “I have been naughty Sir.”

His wife chuckled “She has been a Naughty Lucy, Edward.”

He smiled.

She added “She looks nice and juicy Edward. I think you will like Juicy Lucy.”

He nodded “Sit down Mrs Marlow.”

I made my way to one of the easy chairs but Mrs Lord said “No, Lucy. Sit on the high stool in front of Mr Lord.”

I gulped. The stool was a very high one. With my very short pleated skirt I was really showing my underwear.

They didn’t say anything or suggest anything. They just watched me closely as I climbed up showing my white cotton panties.

They didn’t laugh or chuckle now. Mrs Lord whispered sensuously “She has nice white knickers for you Edward.”

He let out a low growl “Yes she has.”

His wife was encouraging him “School knickers and a nice plump bum.”

I could see they were both enjoying looking at me, which in a way took some of the pressure off. I climbed up knowing they could both see right up my pleated skirt but also knowing that was what they wanted to.

It wasn’t really like the old days with the priests in the Church House. They could be quite harsh and abusive. Mr and Mrs Lord were kindlier.

Mrs Lord was treating me in a motherly sort of way. Mr Lord was serious and formal in a reserved manner but he was basically kind. Neither of them wanted to do anything to me that I didn’t want.

Mrs Lord partly explained “We must only proceed on the basis that you are needful, Lucy.” I nodded.

Mr Lord asked “Are you needful, Mrs Marlow?” I nodded.

She smiled at me “You will have to tell Mr Lord what you are needful of Lucy.”

It was all a little vague but I knew I had to say things clearly “I need to have my bottom smacked Mr Lord.”

He beamed “That’s lovely Mrs Marlow. We have to be clear about these things.”

He turned to his wife saying “Can you fetch a bottle of wine for our guest Elizabeth. kaçak bahis We may not start seriously things this evening, but I think we can celebrate having a nice little girl in our house.”

She had the wine ready and as he poured 3 glasses she giggled “Actually Edward she is even nicer. She is a nice big girl for you.”

We had wine and Mrs Lord poured some more large glasses and we were all having a lovely time.

She could see I was very uncomfortable on the high stool so she guided me down onto a low chair but made sure it was still directly in front of her husband, explaining “He likes looking up your skirt Lucy.” I didn’t mind and my manner indicated this.

She also whispered in my ear “He also likes it if you open your legs for him. He likes seeing your knickers.”

Again this was no problem and as I opened my knees wide I raised my glass saying “Cheers everyone.”

The both laughed with me.

Mr Lord was clearly enjoying my underclothes and I could see that Mrs Lord was really pleased with me and whispered “Thank you Lucy. You are a good little girl for us. He needed cheering up.”

We had been speaking very frankly and openly on the internet and we were really getting back into that same manner. We had a third glass of wine and we were now talking about very personal things.

Mrs Lord said “Edward was wondering how often you masturbate Lucy?” When we had chatted on the internet I had freely told them things I would have normally kept private.

It was a sensible question and I saw no reason not to tell them “Usually once every couple of days.” I almost asked them the same question but I didn’t.

He asked me very politely “Do you ever do it just sitting down fully dressed Mrs Marlow?”

I took some more wine and said “Quite often. Derek isn’t much good as he is very small so I have to do it myself.”

Mrs Lord laughed “I guessed you husband had a small penis when you told me about his pretty clothes.” Mr Lord smiled and I giggled. It was a very light hearted discussion.

Elizabeth told me “Edward likes masturbating. He has quite a big cock.”

Actually I could see he was squeezing himself as he was looking up my skirt. I parted my thighs more for him. I wanted him to enjoy himself.

Mr Lord said “You have been kind showing me your panties, Mrs Marlow. If you are willing I would like to show you something as well.”

It was obvious what he wanted to show me but he looked a little embarrassed.

Mrs Lord whispered in my ear. I nodded.

I said to him “Mr Lord?”

“Yes, Mrs Marlow?”

“Will you show me your cock. Please?”

“Oh yes Lucy. I will show it to you.”

I loved it when he called me Lucy.

He stood up and undid his trousers and pulled it out. It was massive.

He seemed less sure of himself now and even a little shy as he asked me “Shall I masturbate for you Lucy?”

I smiled. I was much more confident now as I told him “I would like that very much Edward.”

He sat back down and slowly stroked his penis in front of me looking very tense as he stared at my skirt and my tight white blouse.”

I had my short pleated skirt right up and with my knees wide apart, he could see every crease and wrinkle of my panty gusset. I was also breathing heavily due to my own excitement. I realised my blouse was tightening and swelling due to my own feelings. I knew it was exciting him.

Mrs Lord was looking at me so gratefully. Almost like a mother hen. She wanted her husband to feel nice and murmured “I think he would like to see your brassiere Lucy.”

I wanted him to feel nice as well and realised what he would like and eased my top down to show him my white bra. I was after all 39 years old and my quite large bust reflected this. He murmured “Thank you, Mrs Marlow”

I knew I could make it even better for him and whispered loudly “Mr Lord?”

“Yes Lucy?”

“Do you want to see my Tits?”

He groaned. Mrs Lord smiled at me encouragingly as I eased my bra cups down to fully expose my breasts.”

We had used these words on the internet.

He jerked his penis harder and muttered “I like your big Tits Lucy.”

Elizabeth giggled “He likes using dirty words when he is excited Lucy.”

I smiled as well, before asking him “Do you like my big nipples as well Edward.”

“They are gorgeous, Lucy. So juicy”

I realised he was probably too far gone now to start anything else so I just said “Perhaps on another evening you can put them in your mouth Mr Lord?”

They both knew he was almost there now and he gasped “I would like that Mrs Marlow.”

Mrs Lord did say to me “If you wanted to do anything to yourself as well Lucy, we would both like that.”

I was feeling that way myself, and I remembered that this part of our conversation started with him asking me if I ever masturbated sitting down and fully dressed. I liked doing it all ways but if he particularly liked it then it was even better.

With my clothes already up it was a simple movement to drop my right hand down and with two fingers start to smooth my panty gusset with slowly increasing pressure.

I had done it like this so many times before and knew my excitement and my need built up to a sort of crescendo.

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