Mart 22, 2021

Mrs. Hughes

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I lived in a town where my mom and dad worked at a small state college; mom was an administrative assistant in the human relations department and dad was a lecturer in history. Laura Hughes worked as a women’s tennis coach and women’s health counselor at the college. She was a good friend of my mom and had straight, shoulder-length, blonde, hair, large green eyes, and prominent cheek bones. She was in good shape. She was the star forward on an over-30 women’s basketball team, aptly called, “The Matures,” and my mom played a guard on the team. I heard Laura was a good tennis player at the State University; soon after graduating from college, she married Ray Hughes, the assistant coach of the men’s university basketball team. After Ray was appointed the head basketball coach at the college, they moved in to a large house not too far from us. Ray was 15 years older than Laura and they have been married for about ten years. While Laura maintained a healthy life style and looked fit, Ray enjoyed the basketball team booster’s banquets and put on considerable weight.

My parents wanted me to attend the state college in town but I wanted to go to a large school in a large city. Laura’s offer to show me the campus of the university she attended was accepted by my mom and me. Laura drove me to the university in her Cadillac.

A few minutes after she began driving, I said, “Thank you for driving me to the university.”

Laura said, “It’s my pleasure. I’m glad to help you and my alma mater.”

It turned out to be the beginning of our friendship. I got busy with my studies and life at the university. Life seemed to be good; I was 6-ft, 170 lb, brown hair, light blue eyes, a long nose, a friendly personality, and a beautiful girlfriend. But, two days after my 21st birthday during winter, my girlfriend broke up with me. It hurt that she left me for a muscular football player. I wanted to lift weights to build up my muscles. I resumed returning home during weekends and long breaks.


During one weekend, my mom asked me to help “The Matures” with their summer basketball practices because they were short of strong forwards. Reluctantly, I agreed. I ended up playing against Laura. Even on the basketball court, she smelled very nice. Once the game got underway, Laura was aggressive in scoring baskets and playing defense, especially guarding me. I realized that she was doing her best to keep me away from the basket, often pushing against my back with her covered boobs.

I said, “You have a good wing span. It’s not fair to push me the way you are doing.”

She smiled and said, “I’ll do whatever it takes.”

The next time I was under the basket, as Laura was trying to push me away, I said, “They feel good on my back. Keep pressing them,” making her lose her concentration when I dribbled around her to score an easy basket.

From then on, it seemed like Laura enjoyed rubbing her boobs against my back or my chest, as we continued to play.

As we drove home, mom said, “That was a good practice. I think Laura enjoyed playing against you. I heard that she and Ray are having difficulties. She needs our support.”

I said, “I’m glad you played too today.”

“I had to get out of the house. I might as well tell you. Your father and I have been having difficulties for a while. He suggested we go away on a week-long vacation to the beach to fix our marriage. I think our marriage has been broken beyond repair.”

I said, “I suspected there was a problem when I saw dad with a young woman in a bar.”

Mom said, “I learned he has had several girl friends over the years. It hurt knowing he had been having affairs with young women, mostly waitresses. I have gotten over the shock of his infidelities and I’m prepared to move on. As a matter of fact, I met a man who makes me feel special. Only my morals have kept me from moving in with him.”

I said, “You know I love you. I also think dad is not a bad guy. I hope you will be happy with your new friend. Do I know him?”

“I don’t think so. Will has been teaching at the college for about a year, but I met him three months ago.”

I said, “Sounds like he is young.”

“He’s about 15 years younger than me. He’s very sincere and cares for me. Our age difference never bothers him. Initially, I was reluctant to go out with him. I did get him to have a blood test to check for diseases. Hey, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I hope you understand.”

I said, “I love you, mom. I want you to be happy. I can handle dad not living with us. Will you marry again?

“Not for a long time.”

Not long afterwards, my father moved out of our home. I helped him move his things to his van and unload them at his new apartment.

That weekend, mom told me that she was going out with Will. Before he arrived, mom put on a short sun dress, a push-up bra that made her boobs lift up and created sexy cleavage, and sandals; I noticed she painted her toe nails red. Will looked to be about 25-years old with good facial antalya escort features and a trim body. It was evident that he and mom were fond of each other. They went out on their date holding hands.

Later that night, I was listening to music and reading a book in my room, when I heard my mom and Will return from dinner. I heard footsteps on the stairs, my mom giggling, and Will whispering something. After a while, I heard my mom moan softly and later squeal happily; evidently, Will was a passionate lover as their love making lasted about an hour. I had to pee and, as I walked by mom’s bedroom, through the partially open door, I could see my totally nude mom riding Will like a cowgirl riding a wild horse. Her buttocks and lower back were moving fast as she fucked Will; in turn, he was holding on to her large, sagging boobs, and moaning with pleasure. I rushed to the bathroom before I was seen and jerked off. Later, after I was in bed, I heard foot steps on the stairs and the front door being shut. Next morning, because mom was loved by Will during the night, she looked very happy.


That summer, I got a job at the college’s library moving books from the main library floor to an annex to make room for a bank of computers; Laura was my supervisor and we worked long hours side-by-side. I noticed that while I perspired heavily, especially in the annex without air conditioning, Laura barely broke a sweat. I also saw her in work clothes: shorts and short-sleeve blouses, without much make up and realized that she had a natural grace about her, may be due to her flaw-less complexion and her natural blonde hair which she wore in a pony tail. When we were alone during morning and afternoon breaks, we talked about many matters. I realized that she was a very intelligent, warm, and caring person.

One day, when Laura went to the bank during the afternoon break, I opened my favorite mature women magazine and looked at a beautiful 40+ year-old woman’s boobs, arm pits, and pussy. I left it on top of my back pack when I got excited and went to the men’s room to jack off. By the time I returned to work, Laura was already working on the books. She did not say anything to me, but I suspected she saw my magazine.

On a Friday in July, during the afternoon break, Laura said, “I will be running a girls’ tennis camp for two weeks. Lynne, the librarian, will be your supervisor. We moved most of the books, thanks to your hard work,” and added, “I also enjoy talking to you; Ray and I do not talk much to each other.”

I said, “I’m sorry. I thought you and Ray looked to be a happy couple.”

“We were. Lately, we have not been,” after a pause, she added, “He has a new lady friend, a former exotic dancer. I have asked him to move out of our home.”

“I’m sorry. I understand how it feels to be not wanted; my girlfriend decided to leave me after I told her that she has to stop seeing her older and muscular friend.”

“I’m sorry your girl broke up with you.”

“Does Ray want to be with you?”

“Ray and I have not been intimate since he started seeing his young, exotic dancer friend. I told him I do not want to take the chance of catching a sex-related disease. Are you seeing any one?”

I said, “No. I need to build up my muscles before I date again. I would like to lift weights.”

“I have a good set of weights in our exercise room. Ray bought them for me. You are welcome to use them. Come to my home tomorrow morning before ten to look at them. Come with me, I want to introduce you to my friend, Lynne, the librarian.”

Lynne seemed to be about 50 years old; she had an attractive face: large brown eyes, short, thin nose, and brown and grey hair tied in a knot at the back of her head; her conservative, loose fitting dress that buttoned up to her neck, could not mask completely her generous bosom. When Laura introduced me as her friend, she greeted me warmly and told me she knew my mom. She also thanked me and Laura for moving many books.

As we left the library together, Laura said in a low voice, “Lynne has invited me to her home to talk. Her husband has Alzheimer’s. She has lot on her mind.”

At her home, next day, Laura showed me the exercise room, which was on the second floor, and said, “Feel free to use any of the weights. I have to leave in a few minutes. Today, my tennis team is playing another team of the summer camp. There is a player-recognition dinner, two weeks from today. I hate to go alone. Would you go as my escort? All you have to do is wear dress clothes and a jacket; you don’t have to wear a tie.”

I said, “Yes. Thanks for allowing me to use the weights.”

“Thank you for working hard moving the books. Here, I got you a camera; it’s ready to be used,” and giggling added, “You can take photos of me and stop buying those magazines,” and handed me a compact digital camera.

Blushing, I said, “Thank you. Will you model for me?”

“Yes. But, show me each photo of me and do not send them to any one else.”

“Let me try kemer escort the camera, right now,” and, as she posed willingly, I took several photos of her in tennis attire.

“May be you will become a professional photographer.”

“I would like to be your personal photographer.”

She smiled and said. “I have a meeting. See you later.”

After I lifted weights and used Laura’s treadmill, I drank couple of glasses of cold water. I went to the bathroom next to the exercise room and saw a clothes hamper, and it had Laura’s clothes, including six bras and panties; apparently, Laura did her laundry once a week. I picked up each bra and smelled the 36C cups for her chest aroma mixed with her perfume, and, as I gently rubbed and felt the texture of her silky panties, I deeply inhaled her pussy aroma.


Couple of days before the player recognition dinner, Laura sent me a message that the dinner would be in the faculty dining hall of the college. At the dinner, I saw Laura had on a black, sleeve-less dress, that showed her cleavage prominently, black stockings, and black-low-heel shoes; she had on a four-strand pearl necklace and pearl, stud, ear rings. She carried a small bag in one hand and a black sweater on the other arm. She looked gorgeous and sexy, and smelled very nice of feminine creams and perfume. My cock got stiff. I wanted her. After I said hello to her, I stood at a discreet distance and took photos of her as she greeted her tennis students.

Later, she signaled me to come to her and said, “It’s cold here. Please place the sweater around my shoulders. Sit next to me during dinner.”

During dinner, surreptitiously, I stole glances at her lovely cleavage and slender arms, and I smelled the perfume emanating from her body. Apparently, Laura realized that I was staring at her because she blushed intensely and, without looking at me, reached under the table, and touched my cock lump and I almost came in my pants.

After dinner and the ceremonies ended, Laura said, “It’s too early to go home. Let’s go to the Club. I just renewed my membership in it. Do you drink?”

“Yes, beer.”

We went to the country club by the lake and sat at a corner table. Laura ordered a glass of chardonnay for herself and a beer for me. We talked a short time about my family; we agreed that my mom was adjusting well to single life. Later, she left to freshen up.

When she returned, she looked radiant as she smiled at me and said, “So you like my undies. Don’t worry; I’m not mad at you.”

Blushing, I asked, “How did you find out?”

“You left them neatly folded on top of the pile of soiled clothes.”

I said, “I think you’re beautiful and sexy.”

“I know; you seem to have a hard on whenever you are near me. I’m glad you are fond of me. Have you made love to your girlfriend?”

“Lot of petting, which I like. But not the real thing. She would not let me touch her below her waist. I never saw her private parts.”

“You mean her pussy?”

“Yes. I hope I see one and lick it before I die.”

“I’m sure you will. What time you need to be home?”

“I guess before day break. My mom is out on a date with Will, her boyfriend. You know she’s very fond of him.”

“How do you feel about her new situation?”

“Well, I’m seeing mom as a woman who enjoys sex and not at all inhibited in her relationship with Will. It seems that Will has brought out her suppressed sexual desires. I am trying not to go in to details.”

Laura said, “Jim, I’m your friend and of your mom. I do love to hear such details.”

“Mom looks great in a new hairdo and revealing clothing she bought since meeting Will, as is to be expected. I did not know that she could do the things I saw her doing with Will.”

“Like what?”

“The other evening, mom told me Will was coming to take her to a picnic; she showed me her new white tank top and a red skirt. I told her she looked great. Actually, she looked hot. Later, I was in the kitchen fixing myself a sandwich when I heard Will come in the front door. After mom hugged him and French kissed him, he said something to her, and lowered his shorts. Mom slid to the floor and began to fondle his cock and fellate him.”

Laura said, “You mean she began to suck his cock? What did Will do?”

“After a few minutes, he lifted her up to stand, slid to his knees, and stuck his head underneath her skirt in to her crotch.”

“He must have been licking her pussy. Did your mom try to take Will to her bedroom?”

“I am not sure. After Will removed her panties, she turned away from him and bent down as if to pick them off the floor and wiggled her ass. He saw her juicy pussy, stepped behind her, and quickly snaked his stiff cock in to it. He unfastened her bra and grasped her large hanging boobs; I was surprised how big and saggy they were. My mom squealed with pleasure as Will thrust his big cock in and out of her in powerful strokes and mauled her swinging boobs.”

“What konyaaltı escort did you do?”

“I stood in one place and watched them perform their love act; I think my mom could not see me and I don’t think Will cared if I watched them. Actually, I was taken by the scene of my mom, a beautiful mature woman, being serviced by a handsome young man.”

“Go on.”

“Well, Will kept pistoning his cock in and out of my mom. Later, he lifted her rear end up, her feet off the floor, and shoved his cock deep in her and groaned for several minutes. When Will pulled his cock out, my mom kissed his perspiration covered face, and led him upstairs.”

“Well, your mom has gone through menopause; you don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant. I assume you were thinking of me as your mature lover when you were sniffing my panties.”

I mumbled, “Yes, I was thinking of your lovely face and body when I was sniffing your panties.”

“What exactly were you thinking of? You can tell me. I will not get mad.”

“Well, I thought of squeezing your boobs, licking your pussy, and making love to you.”

“You mean fuck me.”

Blushing, I mumbled, “Yes.”

Laura smiled, drained the glass of wine, got up, and said, “It’s a beautiful moon-lit night. Let’s walk along the lake.”

We started walking hand-in-hand. When we came to a tree, she nudged me to stand against the trunk, and French kissed me passionately. When she stopped kissing me, I held her face in my hands, and initiated another long kiss. As we kissed, she grasped my hands and placed them on her covered boobs, and she moaned softly when I squeezed them. I hugged her tightly and she pushed her crotch in to my cock lump.

We resumed walking when we heard another couple coming towards us. When we came to a bench, I sat on it and pulled Laura to sit in my lap. It felt good to hold my new, mature, lover, as my stiff cock poked in to her buttocks.

Laura looked in to my eyes and said, “It’s been a long time since I felt a stiff cock poking me,” and giggled as I kissed her long neck and upper arms.

I removed her sweater and whispered, “I love your long arms; they are perfect for a tennis player.”

After we French kissed again, she said, “It’s getting cool. Let’s go home. By the way, no one complimented me about my long arms.”

At her home, after Laura started up a coffee-maker, I followed her and kissed her neck and long, bare, arms.

Gently, she said, “I don’t want to ruin my dress. Let me change in to another outfit. Wait in the living room.”

A short time later, I saw Laura walking towards me in a skimpy white tank top and a short skirt, “This is an old tennis skirt; I hope you like me in it. I still have my lacy, black, panties.”

I saw her long sexy arms and legs; I realized she had no bra underneath the tank top and mumbled, “You’re sexy. Can I take a few photos?”

“Yes, just for us.”

With the bottoms of her boobs, upper arms, and arm pits showing, Laura looked very sexy I was close to blowing a load.

Laura seemed to sense that I was too excited and said, “You will be more comfortable in just an old pair of shorts,” and brought a pair of Ray’s shorts from a closet.

After I changed in to shorts, standing behind Laura, I hugged her, and grasped her covered boobs. When she moaned softly and lifted her arms to encircle my neck, I pushed my hands underneath her tank top, grasped her firm boobs, and fondled them for a while. Laura gently nudged my right hand to her belly and I slowly pushed my right hand to her panties-covered, wet, crotch.

I whispered, “I want to smell your panties.”

Blushing, she said, “I got a better idea; lie on your back.”

Laura removed her skirt and stood above me so that I could see her smooth, muscular legs and thighs, and black panties-covered crotch. Quickly, I took several photos of her sexy crotch and skimpy top, and put the camera aside. I wanted to sit up and kiss her crotch, but she held me down with her bare foot. She quickly squatted to bring her crotch to near my face. As Laura watched intently, I raised my head and pushed my mouth and nose in to her panties-covered pussy; I smelled the intoxicating mixture of her love nectar and a trace of floral perfume. She pushed her covered pussy against my mouth and moved it back and forth. Then she pushed aside the panties and resumed rubbing her juicy pussy slowly on my mouth.

She whimpered, “Lick the protrusion at the top. It’s my clit, my pleasure button,” as she rubbed her crotch on my mouth with urgency.

Soon, she started panting and breathing hard, and moaning loudly, “Cumming. Cumming. Ohhhh. Ahhhh.”

Realizing she was having an orgasm pushed my excitement over the limit of my resolve to hold back my climax, and multiple jets of jism spurted out from my cock.

Laura regained her composure, stood up, and said, “Thank you for a great orgasm,” and after she picked up the smell of my jism, looked at me, and said, “Poor baby, looks like you could not hold back. That’s ok.”

I got up and went to clean up. Laura went to her bathroom. She returned wearing a red, silk, robe.

After I returned, she said, “Have a cookie and some milk. I bought them at the supermarket. I would like to see the photos you took of me.”

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