Mart 22, 2021

Mrs. Hanson

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It was five o’clock; football practice was over, and after the obligatory towel-snapping session in the Boys Locker Room, Johnny Buzzcock reported to the Athletic Supporter’s Office as he had been directed. Mrs. Hanson, the Athletic Supporter of the Stuffville High’s Trojans football team – a.k.a. the Purple Helmeted Warriors – was in her office waiting for him.

“Oh, there you are, Johnny,” Mrs. Hanson said as he waited in her doorway, looking up from her paperwork over the tops of her reading glasses. Mrs. Hanson wore a cardigan sweater that barely contained her ample cleavage. The lacy edges of her black brassiere were visible, and hers was most certainly a well-filled bra.

As Mrs. Hanson absentmindedly nibbled the long strand of pearls that she always wore, Johnny licked his lips – his throat seemed to have suddenly gone dry. Mrs. Hanson always reminded him of a mature version of one of those buxom goddesses in the prints in his Art History textbook.

If a middle-aged woman with half-rimmed reading glasses, hair done up and held in place with a pencil could ever be described as a buxom goddess, that is. It must have been the pearls that did it. Mrs. Hanson always wore them wrapped about her throat three times like a kind of a choker, then the rest of the long strand lay nestled between her full mounds like a puddle of shiny white liquid.

Then Johnny glanced at the framed picture on Mrs. Hanson’s desk; young, eighteen-year-old Susie Hanson in her Stuffville High cheerleader uniform, with her pony tails and bright sunny smile, and he blushed at what he’d been thinking. Whoa, dude, this is Susie’s MOM you’re thinking about here, he reminded himself.

“Are you ready for tonight, Johnny?” Mrs. Hanson asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered nervously.

“Nervous?” Mrs. Hanson asked, with a raised eyebrow and a wicked smile.

“Well, ah, uh . . . . . . yeah, sure, I guess, ha! Ha!” he replied.

Johnny and Susie had been going steady all semester, and they’d gone from some rather innocent French tongue-kissing and feeling up sessions to the point where Susie was letting Johnny rub her on the outside of her panties. Tonight, barely a few short hours from now, Johnny would be taking Susie Hanson to the Senior Prom. Tonight he hoped to make it to ‘third base’ with her. All the way.

“Did you try out the suit?” Mrs. Hanson asked, bringing Johnny’s thoughts back into the here and now.

“Uh-huh, yes ma’am,” Johnny nodded. Mrs. Hanson had designed the colors for next year’s school swim team’s Speedos, and he’d been selected to model them.

“Did it fit?” She asked.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, can I see it?”

“Uh, sure, uh . . .”

There was an awkward moment of silence. Mrs. Hanson came around the front of her desk, leaned back on it and crossed her arms under her ample boobs. His eyes inadvertently went to her chest; her pointy nipples, protruding through the soft fabric of her mohar cardigan, gave him an instant woody in his pants. Johnny glanced down, unable to avoid noticing how the tight, black leather skirt she wore hugged her generous hips, and how her patent leather high-heeled pumps set off her shapely, stocking-clad legs.

Johnny glanced back up to see Mrs. Hanson smiling her winning smile, her curly blonde hair framing her pretty face. She looked at him over her half-framed reading glasses, “Come on, Johnny. Let’s see it.” Johnny died of embarrassment as her eyes unashamedly went to where his cock was straining against his blue jeans.

“I, uh, I’m not wearing it right now.”

“Do you have it with you?”

“Uh, yes,” he replied. For some reason his throat was drier than the Sahara desert.

“Well, why don’t you change into it?”

“What, right here?” Johnny couldn’t believe what he thought she was proposing.

“Oh, yes, it’s quite alright. It’s after five-thirty on a Friday. Nobody’s going to come around.” Mrs. Hanson went behind her desk and Johnny was treated to the view of Mrs. Hanson’s round ass as she bent over to rummage through a drawer. “I’ve got to take some papers down to Mr. Snotgrass’s office, so you can change in here while I’m gone.” She seemed to be having some difficulty retrieving whatever it was she was after, and knelt down, then turned. Johnny had to lean over the desk to maintain eye contact with Mrs. Hanson as she looked up over her reading glasses at him.

The view down the front of Mrs. Hanson’s cardigan was incredible; her brassiere was now almost entirely visible, the rounded tops of her globes spilling over the black lace trim of her bra made his hardening cock throb. “Is this okay with you?” she asked with a sweet smile.

Johnny was not exactly sure what she meant; changing in her office, or the view from above? He just nodded; it seemed he was somehow temporarily unable to speak.

Mrs. Hanson left the room in a swirl of hips and curves, twirling her long pearl necklace absentmindedly antalya escort in one hand, stack of papers tucked under her arm. As she walked down the hallway, high heels clicking, Johnny couldn’t help but notice the lines that ran up the backs of her stockings; little backseam lines that went all the way up and under the hem of her tight leather skirt. When she disappeared around the corner, Johnny closed the door, then quickly dropped his pants to change into the swimsuit.

The problem was that his dick had developed to a full, raging hard-on. Johnny tried to tuck his whang into the tight swimsuit, then looked at himself in the full-length mirror on the wall of Mrs. Hanson’s office; there was no hiding the fact that he was now officially sporting a full-fledged boner. If he tried to tuck it up to lay flat against his lower belly, the head of his cock stuck right out the waistband of the swimsuit. If he tried to fold it down to conceal it, the impudent thing bulged out. He turned sideways to check out just how much it bulged out in front, leaning back on her desk, and wouldn’t you fucking know it? At that exact moment Mrs. Hanson burst in the door of the office.

There was a moment of embarrassed silence as Mrs. Hanson regarded him over the tops of her reading glasses. Johnny was absolutely mortified – she was looking right at his dork, for crying out loud!

Finally she spoke. “It looks a little tight, maybe,” she said. “Turn around for me, will you?”

Johnny turned and was relieved to be able to hide his boner, temporarily, at least. The problem now was that he seemed to be able to feel her eyes burning right through the fabric, looking at his ass. At least his cock was settling down a little bit. It was still thick and hard, but wasn’t quite so rigid anymore. “You know, Johnny, you have definitely got the body to model this swimsuit,” Mrs. Hanson said. “Turn around again, will you?” When he turned she was biting the strand of pearls, seemingly deep in thought.

“Hmmm . . . . . . there’s something I have to . . .

. . . check,” she said, moving closer to him. Mrs. Hanson trailed her fingertips down his chest as she went to her knees before him. Johnny was certain she pinched his nipples ever so lightly as her hands moved over him, but couldn’t be sure. Mrs. Hanson seemed to be very focused in the task at hand, checking out the design of the swimsuit.

He looked down. Mrs. Hanson was staring right at the swimsuit. In fact, her face was right at pecker level; she was eye-to-eye with his poor, hard, throbbing dick as it strained against the thin fabric of the suit. Mrs. Hanson seemed not to even notice, although how she could not Johnny couldn’t imagine. Every bulging vein on his crank was clearly visible; Johnny was dying from total embarrassment. Mrs. Hanson’s hands were on his hips, making some kind of adjustment as she inspected the swimsuit. He looked away, kind of like when he was at the doctor’s, just kind of enduring the whole embarrassing episode.

Johnny dared a glance downward. Mrs. Hanson was eye level with his tremendous bulge; it was almost as if she was looking directly at his dick. The view down the front of her cardigan was terrific, and he felt his dick twitch once again.

Mrs. Hanson came to her feet and leaned toward him. Those tremendous boobs were pressing right into his bare chest, causing his dick to go rock hard. They were face to face, yet not looking one another in the eye. “You know, Johnny,” Mrs. Hanson finally said, her voice dropping to a husky whisper, “I’ve been watching you . . .” Johnny didn’t know what to say to this, so he didn’t say anything. ” . . . and I think you’re hot,” she said.

What happened next was definitely not in his imagination. He felt Mrs. Hanson tweak his dick between finger and thumb. “Tell me if I’m going too far,” she whispered. The blood rushing into his engorged organ answered for him as his tool stiffened rock hard beneath her tickling fingers.

Johnny couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched her reach into the waistband of the swimsuit and undo the drawstring. His heart seemed to stop altogether as she slowly went to her knees again, pulling the swimsuit down and exposing his tool at last to the fresh air. “I knew it!” Mrs. Hanson gasped, eyes widening as his huge boner sprang to attention, pointing straight out. Mrs. Hanson didn’t waste time; as if on cue she dropped to her knees, parted her lips, and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

Johnny’s heart raced as conflicting emotions coursed through his brain. Her wet, soft lips and tongue felt so great on the head of his straining cock, but this was Susie’s mom, for crying out loud! Mrs. Hanson released him from her mouth; Johnny looked down at her incredulously. Mrs. Hanson seemed to be studying the purple head of his blood-engorged cock. A drop of pearl-like liquid formed at the tiny, slitted opening. Mrs. Hanson’ tongue darted out and licked it up. “Mmmm. kemer escort . .” she moaned approvingly. Then she took him deep into her mouth, moaning deeper, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!”

At this stage in the game any pretense at decorum was now totally out the window, of course. Johnny put his hand on Mrs. Hanson’s head to guide her as she swallowed his cock. Mrs. Hanson hummed her approval as her head moved up and down; she was expertly deep-throating his entire length. Leaning back with one hand bracing himself against the edge of the desk as the other continued to guide the back of Mrs. Hanson’s head, Johnny closed his eyes. As much as he enjoyed Mrs. Hanson’s expert blowjob, a singular thought kept racing through his mind. I’m in Mrs. Hanson’s office, naked with my swimsuit pulled down around my legs, and my dick is in her mouth! Susie’s mom is sucking my cock!!!

He thought of little Susie, pictured in her sweet, smiling face in his mind’s eye for a moment, then was brought back to the here and now by the sound of Mrs. Hanson’s voice. She had released his cock from her mouth and was jacking him off with one hand, cradling and tickling his balls with the other. “You know, Johnny,” she said in a quiet, husky voice, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now.” She ended this statement with a little kiss and a flick of her tongue to the end of his cock.

“Uh, Mrs. Hanson . . .” Johnny said, his voice nearly cracking from the dryness of his throat.

“Please, call me Joy,” she said, before engulfing his cock into her wet mouth once more.

“Uh . . . . . . Joy,” he struggled to say, for now his cock was near bursting.

“MmmmmmmmmMMMMM?” Mrs. Hanson moaned.

“Uh . . . Mrs . . . uh . . . Joy . . . ” he didn’t know how to say it, but he had to say something, because he was sure that if he came now he would blow the back of her head off. “I’M GONNA CUM!!!!!” he hissed through clenched teeth.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” Mrs. Hanson moaned joyfully, moving her head faster up and down the length of his cock for a couple of good, deep sucks. Then she released his cock from her mouth, grasped his cock lightly with forefinger and thumb and expertly began jacking him off onto her outstretched tongue. This was all it took; Johnny’s cock unleashed a tidal wave of cum into her mouth. “MMMMph! MMMMM! Gurgle!” Mrs. Hanson moaned as she struggled between swallowing to contain his milky blasts. Of course she could not, and some of it leaked out the side of her mouth and trickled down her chin. Her mouth returned to engulf his cock a final time, this time to suck him dry, while Johnny struggled to keep from collapsing back on the desktop.

Mrs. Hanson finally released his spent cock from her cum-filled mouth and wiped her lips and chin with the back of her hand. “God, I love cum,” Mrs. Hanson confessed, looking up at him, smiling. A generous drop of pearly liquid still lingered at the corner of her mouth; gobs of the white stuff lay splattered across the rounded tops of her breasts. Mrs. Hanson collected the dollop of cum from the corner of her mouth with her fingertips and rolled her eyes up in concentration as she tasted it. “You know, Johnny,” she said, “You really need to eat more oranges.”

“Uh, yes Mrs. Hanson, I mean Joy.”

“There,” she said, as she pulled up the swimsuit and tucked his still semi-hard dick back inside. Then she came up off her knees to stand before him. Her hands went to the sides of her breasts, and she looked down at them as she cupped them. “Oh, there’s a bit of splatter,” she commented. Looking at Johnny with a wicked grin, she said, “I’ll bet you’ve been wanting to have a good look at my tits for a long time now, haven’t you?”

“Uh . . .” despite the fact that Mrs. Hanson had just sucked him off – his first blowjob, in fact – Johnny still felt somewhat uncomfortable at this new level of intimacy. ” . . . sure, I guess.”

“You GUESS???” Mrs. Hanson laughed. “Dear boy, what do you mean ‘You GUESS’? Do you have any idea how the men on the faculty drool after these puppies?” As if to emphasize her point she arched her back, thrusting her formidable pair forward. The poor front buttons on her cardigan strained to contain her massive hooters, then quickly gave way – pop! pop! pop! Suddenly Johnny was face to face with Mrs. Hanson’s impressive set of knockers, still encased in the gauzy black lace of her brassiere cups. The cardigan went to the floor, and Mrs. Hanson reached behind her back to unleash her monster tits from their constraints. Finally undone, her black bra came flying off with a snap!

Gazing at last upon Mrs. Hanson’s breasts, splendid in their bare beauty, it occurred to Johnny that he had secretly dreamed of seeing them for many months now. They were beautiful; big and round without a hint of sag, capped by a pair of pink nipples the size of silver dollar pancakes. It was obvious that she spent time in a tanning konyaaltı escort bed, or perhaps sunning herself naked by the pool when the kids weren’t around. There was not the slightest hint of tan lines about her magnificent breasts.

Johnny could barely comprehend what was unfolding before his very eyes. Mrs. Hanson stood smiling right at him in her black leather skirt, stockings and heels, her hands on her hips; gloriously naked from the waist up. Her boobs pointed directly out at his face, her long strand of pearls draped down between them. Johnny never imagined a middle-aged woman’s tits could be so full, so large, and yet so firm. The urge to suck upon them was overwhelming.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Mrs . . . I mean Joy,” he croaked.

Mrs. Hanson cupped her ample breasts in her hands and leaned forward, offering them up to him as it were. “Go ahead,” she said. “Feel them.” Johnny could restrain himself no longer. Grasping her tits in both hands, Johnny’s mouth went first to one nipple, then to the other. Her pointy nipples stiffened even harder as he sucked and squeezed. Mrs. Hanson emitted a sort of half-laugh, half-sigh as she enjoyed his attentions to her marvelous pair. Then her hand dropped to his lap and Johnny became aware of his dick twitching back to life as she tickled his shaft through the thin fabric of his swimsuit.

Once again she fiddled with the drawstring of his trunks. There was a pause; Johnny had to momentarily pull away from Mrs. Hanson’s cleavage in order to get some air. Mrs. Hanson took the opportunity of this break to pull his swimsuit down once more. Johnny’s dick sprang to life as Mrs. Hanson tickled him beneath the base of his cock, right at the sensitive spot where his ballsack began. “Oooh, you’re getting nice and hard again,” she said. And then, seating herself in the chair before the desk and holding her knockers up, she said, “Here, Johnny. I want you to fuck my tits.”

“?????” Johnny hesitated. Mrs. Hanson realized that he was not experienced enough in the ways of love to imagine her intent. “Go ahead, Johnny,” she explained. “Put your cock between my tits and tit-fuck me.” She swung the strand of pearls away, behind her back.

Johnny did as he was directed. “Ooooooooh!” Mrs. Hanson crooned as she encased his hot dick-meat in the plentiful, pliant flesh of her huge boobs. His dick was long enough that she could lower her face to lick the head of his cock in her mouth as he fucked her tits. Her tongue lolled down like a hounddog’s; she drooled down his shaft as she sucked and licked and soon there was enough moisture for him to slide between her tits with ease. For Johnny the feeling was superb. This was the closest he had ever come to actual fucking!

Mrs. Hanson’s tongue tickled the tip of his cock as it came up between her mounds. The combined sensations of her hard knockers pressed against the sides of his cock and her wet mouth on the end of his knob soon brought him to the edge. With an “Ah-ah-ah-AAAAAHHH!!! sound, Johnny spurted semen all over Mrs. Hanson’s chest, lips and chin.

“Oh my, Johnny, you really come a lot!” Mrs. Hanson remarked before she parted her lips to take him into her mouth and suck him dry once more.

Wow, Johnny thought, four years of no sex in high school, and now twice in the space of an afternoon! Then the sensation of Mrs. Hanson’s mouth on his piece overcame all conscious thought as his eyes rolled up in their sockets.

When Johnny came to from his temporary daze Mrs. Hanson was standing before him, using some tissues to wipe his spunk from her chest. “Don’t go away,” she urged as she pulled on her cardigan, this time without the bra. Johnny’s eyes looked approvingly at her ripe tits, roaming free beneath her soft mohair cardigan. His eyes followed the undulating cheeks of her ass beneath the black leather of her skirt as she walked out the door of her office and down the hall toward the Girl’s Locker Room.

Johnny was in no condition to go anywhere; he didn’t even have the strength to pull his trunks back up. Leaning back, Johnny’s eyes inadvertently went to Susie’s picture on the desk. He quickly glanced away; it seemed somehow disrespectful to look at Susie right after cumming all over her mom’s face and tits. He glanced down to where his poor, spent crank lay against his thigh. Incredibly enough he was still semi-hard. A thin trickle of clear liquid leaked out and formed a little puddle on his inner thigh.

Johnny was still leaning back on the desk with his trunks around his thighs when Mrs. Hanson returned. She glanced down at his cock and smiled that winning smile of hers. In her hand she held one of the white towels from the locker room, she had a couple more folded over her other arm. “Let me clean you off,” she offered, eyes going back to his crotch.

Johnny shifted nervously as Mrs. Hanson proceeded to wipe his dick and balls with the wet towel. Mrs. Hanson had used hot water to moisten the towel, however, and Johnny soon felt familiar tinglings deep down in the base of his balls. “Oh my goodness! You’re ready for another round at it, aren’t you?” Mrs. Hanson remarked. He almost died of embarrassment when she said, “I’d forgotten how it is for a younger man!”

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