Mart 22, 2021

Mrs. Cole Ch. 08

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Mike was on cloud nine for several days after Gail’s first visit. Their weekend together had passed so quickly it was like a blur, but he was left with vivid memories of their wild fucks in the library and at Tara’s apartment. Mike also savored the memories of the tender, deeply passionate fuck they shared in Gail’s hotel room.

The memories of the weekend were so intense that Mike felt like he had a constant hard on for the whole next week. He jerked off several times each day and yet it only took the slightest provocation, sometimes a smell or simply looking at someplace he and Gail had gone together, for him to get excited again.

He and Gail talked a few times on the phone and traded frequent e-mails the week after her visit and it seemed she had enjoyed the weekend as much as he did. Mike immediately began asking her when she would be able to return for another visit.

Gail was surprised at how much the memories of their wild weekend together stayed with her. In the time she and Mike had been apart, she had seemingly forgotten how wild and lust filled her young lover was. The weekend recharged her own desire and she returned home ready and willing to fuck Roger wildly.

She never tired of the way it made her feel to have Mike so obviously in lust with her. He always fucked her with a wild intensity and knowing that someone so young and so eager was so enthralled with her was an aphrodisiac unlike anything she imagined possible.

She and Roger shared a wild, intense fuck as soon as she returned home. He could barely contain himself and asked her to tell him all about what had happened. By the time Gail described what she did in the library Roger had stripped naked and had started pulling off her clothes. In particular, the description of how Gail, Tara, and Mike had played with food and fucked each other drove Roger into a lust filled frenzy.

He fucked her hard and fast and didn’t stop until he filled her pussy with a heavy load of cum. Without hesitation he dropped his mouth to her pussy and sucked and licked his own cum out of her. This quickly triggered Gail’s intense orgasm. Roger didn’t stop, however, and he continued licking at her until she was begging him to fuck her again.

As they fucked he prompted her to tell him more about the three-way fuck with Mike and Tara. She enthusiastically described what had happened in vivid, graphic detail as both she and Roger drove their lust and desire to the limits of their control. In a perfectly choreographed climax they orgasmed together and remained holding each other tenderly for a long while before they fell asleep.

Virtually every night was a replay of that night with Roger wanting to hear all about Gail’s wild weekend. Gail’s description would quickly lead to excited foreplay and they would always finish by wildly sucking and fucking each other to intense climaxes.

She found herself, even in the days immediately following her visit, already wondering when she could schedule another visit. She knew that ultimately she wanted to visit Mike with Roger and continue what they had started together over the summer. The memories of Mike and Roger sucking each other’s cocks and then pleasuring her simultaneously made Gail’s pussy ache and she couldn’t wait to relive that weekend.

It also seemed that Tara was left just as excited as Gail after the weekend visit. She called Gail in the middle of the week and they talked like two high school girls, both giggling about what had happened. Knowing that Tara was so eager to get together again only made Gail more excited and they made plans for another visit.

Gail planned that she and Roger would visit together this time. She never specifically told Tara what she had in mind, but the mere thought of Mike, Roger, Tara, and herself spending a night together sharing each other openly and equally was enough to make her nipples tingle and her pussy wet. The only detail that remained was trying to find a weekend that worked for Gail, Roger, and Tara. Gail didn’t worry about Mike’s schedule because she knew he would eagerly drop whatever he had planned at the mention of her coming to visit.

The day after her wild, food filled fuck with Gail and Mike had been difficult for Tara. Going from that environment to spending a day with her family was a hard transition. All Tara really wanted to do was stay at her apartment and bask in the wonderful pleasure of being with her old college friend and renewed lover and her friend’s boy toy. However, she had to subdue all those wanton, lust filled ideas and spend the day in the utterly wholesome company of her family.

Even several days after Gail and Mike’s visit Tara found that every time she stepped into her kitchen she felt a flutter in her stomach and her pussy tingled. Several times the memories were too much to resist and she played with her pussy until she orgasmed while remembering what the three of them had done.

After Gail finished talking with Tara she immediately called Roger at his office. She told him antalya escort about what they had planned and asked if he knew when he would have a free weekend.

Unfortunately, Roger’s company was a little short staffed and until they hired a couple of new people Roger was “on call” roughly every other weekend. The hard part was that he sometimes didn’t find out if he was on call until a day or two before the weekend, so trying to plan anything more than a few days ahead was tough.

Gail regretted her decision to teach a GED class at the local community college because some of those classes were scheduled on the weekend to accommodate her student’s work schedules. She had fun teaching the class but it made coordinating a weekend visit far more difficult than she would like.

“Why don’t you just pick a weekend that works for you and Tara?” Roger asked.

“I want to make sure you can make it too,” Gail replied. “Can you get your boss to commit to a normal rotation for the on call duties?”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Roger said. “So let’s say we schedule a weekend and I need to work…” his voice trailed off in a very mischievous way as he paused before continuing, “so then you would just have to go anyway.”

“Really?” Gail asked not wanting him to get upset that she was spending so many weekends away from him.

“You can tell me all about it when you get home,” he said devilishly.

“Speaking of which,” she said in her most teasing, sexy voice, “did I ever tell you what we did with the whipped cream?” She knew that she had, but she also knew it would get his attention and she had fun teasing him like this.

Roger said an appropriate, “Yes, that was quite fun.” Gail knew from his tone that there were people around his desk and he couldn’t talk freely.

Knowing that only made her feel hotter and she continued to tease and talk to him in a very nasty voice. Finally she asked, “So when are you coming home so I can fuck you?”

“Right now,” Roger answered before saying good bye and hanging up the phone. It was nearly 5pm anyway and nobody seemed to notice as he streaked out of the office holding his jacket over the bulge his cock was making in his pants.

Gail stripped naked and was waiting on the couch when Roger got home. Roger tore off his clothes the moment he stepped inside and took her with a hungry lust right there on the couch. Once their initial lust was satisfied they moved to the bedroom and stayed there for the rest of the night fucking and teasing each other. Roger only left the bedroom to answer the door when the pizza delivery guy arrived. After paying him and locking the door again he returned to the bedroom with Gail for the rest of the night.

Gail was initially frustrated that it took her so long to find a weekend that wasn’t already scheduled with a class or one of Tara’s activities. Finally, however, they decided on one and Gail eagerly looked forward to the visit.

As she feared, Roger was notified that he would need to be on call that same weekend. She was very disappointed and wanted him to protest, but he assured her that this would be the last weekend this would happen because during the weekend he was training one of the two new guys they had just hired. “Once they get trained and ready,” Roger said, “I’ll only have to be on call once a month and then it will be on a regular schedule.”

That made Gail happier, but she was still disappointed her visions of the four of them wildly fucking and sucking each other wouldn’t be coming true as soon as she hoped. Still, whenever she spoke with Tara or Mike she felt herself getting very horny and excited by the idea of being with them again.

She planned to pick Mike up on Friday evening at his dorm and go back to her hotel. Tara would meet them in the lobby and the three of them would go up to the room, order some room service, and spend the night together. They hadn’t specifically talked about Saturday, but Gail assumed that they would spend the day and probably that night together also.

Her plans were altered the day before the visit when Tara called. The head of her department had called for an emergency budget meeting for Saturday. Tara explained that they had to make some big cuts due to a smaller than expected budget and they had to discuss which classes to offer and how to organize the department. She knew from experience that this sort of thing could take all day and that even if it didn’t she wouldn’t be in the mood for anything wild or erotic once it was done.

“We’ve still got Friday,” Tara said trying to put a positive spin on the bad news. “I’ll meet you in the hotel bar around 9pm, sound good?” she asked. Before Gail had a chance to answer Tara added, “I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve got something planned I think you’ll like.”

Gail could practically feel Tara’s wide, sexy grin through the phone and she knew from Tara’s tone that her old college roommate had something wicked and nasty planned. Gail grew excited very quickly. fethiye escort She had no idea what Tara was up to but she couldn’t wait to find out.

Gail arrived at Mike’s dorm right around dinnertime Friday. He was waiting outside in the cold with a backpack slung over his shoulder. Mike was very excited when, after he climbed into her car, Gail leaned across the seat and gave him a soft, tender kiss. He wished all of the guys from his hall could see him kissing this sexy, older woman so passionately.

Gail pulled away from the dorm and as they drove they made small talk and caught up a bit about what had been going on with each of them recently. Gail hadn’t told Mike about any of her plans for the weekend and she couldn’t wait to unveil her surprise in a few hours.

Once inside the hotel Gail checked in. Mike laughed to himself thinking that the staff probably figured he and Gail were mother and son and knowing how wrong they were. Mike was ready to go straight up to the room and be with Gail, but Gail suggested they first stop in the restaurant and get something to eat. Only then did Mike realize how hungry he was. Gail leaned close to Mike and softly said, “Besides, I want you to be able to keep your energy up.”

Mike was surprised at how openly sexual Gail was being. Previously she had been very reserved and calm in public, but now she was holding hands with him and flirting fairly openly. The fact that she was talking so openly about them fucking later, even in her hushed tones, wasn’t something he was used to. As they made their way toward the restaurant Mike slipped his arm around Gail’s waist and held her close, feeling both proud and horny that he was with her.

They chatted all through dinner and had a great time together. After Gail settled the bill Mike was very ready to go straight to her room. “Come with me,” she said as they stepped out of the restaurant, “I’ve got something else planned.”

Mike thought it was a little odd that Gail’s plan led them directly to the bar in the hotel. The guy at the door looked at him suspiciously when they entered but he didn’t ask for ID, probably because of Gail’s presence.

Gail ordered some drinks and they sat talking for a while. Gail sometimes let her fingers rub on his thigh or her foot brush against his legs. Mike was wildly horny and ready to ask her to go back to the room when he heard a voice say, “Hey you two, mind if I join you?”

Mike looked up to see Tara standing beside them with a sexy smile on her face. Mike didn’t know what to say. He had thought of Tara and their wild night together often but somehow he never really imagined seeing her again. Gail wasn’t shocked in the least and immediately got up to embrace her friend.

Gail didn’t even bother to sit back down and held her hand out to Mike. “Shall we go upstairs?” she asked knowingly. Mike sprang from his seat and followed the two sexy ladies upstairs like the horny schoolboy knowing he was about to get fucked that he was.

In the lobby Tara broke away for a moment and went to the front desk. The man behind the desk gave her a small overnight bag that she must have asked him to hold for her. They exchanged a few words, the man looked at his watch, and then he wrote a note as Tara walked away.

Once up in the room Mike watched in awe as Gail and Tara fell into a long, lusty kiss. Their hands caressed each other wildly through their clothes and the very sight of Tara’s hand caressing Gail’s ass through her skirt drove Mike wild.

He stood watching as long as he could bear and then joined the embrace. He moved behind Gail sandwiching her between her two lovers. Gail moaned excitedly as Mike pressed against her ass and back and began rubbing her hips and then shoulders. Mike kissed Gail’s neck and the side of her face as he continued rubbing her. He occasionally reached over to Tara and fondled her through her clothes.

Mike finally reached for the zipper on the back of Gail’s skirt as Tara began opening the buttons on Gail’s top. Soon Gail was stripped to a sexy lace bra and a skimpy thong. Before she let them go any farther Gail began pulling off her lovers’ clothes. Mike helped as Gail started undressing Tara and they didn’t stop until Tara was completely naked. Next Gail and Tara turned to Mike and they excitedly pulled off his clothes until he was naked. Then Mike and Tara finished what they had started with Gail. Mike removed her bra and Tara knelt before Gail and pulled off her thong.

After sliding Gail’s thong down her legs Tara stood up and met Gail with a long, deep kiss. When the kiss finally ended both women turned toward Mike. They guided him down onto the bed lying on his back and crawled over him. They teasingly kissed and touched his chest and stomach and Gail let her tits drag slowly across his excited body. Finally, both women moved to his cock and Tara wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft.

Mike groaned wildly as Tara slipped his cock into her mouth and began giving kaş escort him an erotic blowjob. The only thing that surpassed that feeling was when Tara let his cock pop out of her mouth and fed his cock to Gail. Gail licked at and swirled her tongue all around the tip of his cock as Tara leaned down and let her lips and tongue play along his hard shaft.

Mike was in heaven and had no chance of resisting the arrival of his climax. He groaned wantonly and his hips jerked up and down as his cum erupted out of his cock.

Sensing his orgasm, Tara pulled Gail into position so as Mike’s cock pumped out a heavy load of cum it landed all over Gail’s tits. Some of it dripped back off her tits and landed on him or seeped out without enough force to reach her tits. By the time she stroked out the very last of his cum Mike’s cock, the area around his cock, Gail’s tits, and Tara’s hand and arm as were all amply coated with his cum.

Gail reached out to him and began massaging his cum into his skin. She collected a few of the larger droplets and licked them off her fingertips with a wicked smile. As Gail pulled her fingers out of her mouth Tara roughly guided her down onto the bed so Gail was lying on her back.

Tara immediately dropped her mouth to Gail’s tits and wantonly lapped up Mike’s cum. The way Tara moved was so wicked, so exciting that Mike moaned excitedly.

Gail also moaned, but Gail’s moans were caused by the sensations she felt as Tara’s tongue and lips played over her excited tits. She marveled again at how, despite the fact that both Roger and Mike were skilled lovers and drove her wild in their own way, there was nothing so sensual and exciting as Tara’s touch. Perhaps it would feel that way for any female lover, but Gail had no way to know.

After Tara’s tongue scooped up the last of Mike’s cum she crawled up and met Gail in a deep, wild kiss. Tara then kissed Gail all over her face and neck and Mike watched excitedly as Tara’s tongue played with Gail’s ear. Tara whispered something to Gail that immediately made Gail’s eyes light up with excitement. They traded one last kiss and Tara slithered off the bed and walked across the room toward her bag.

When she first pulled it out Mike had no idea what it was. It was only when she had the harness almost secured did he figure it out. She had put on something that looked like a jock strap, and there was a long artificial cock now standing out prominently from Tara’s pussy.

Mike had only seen a few photos of strap on dildos and they had always made him very horny. However, nothing he had seen before even came close to how sexy Tara looked as she slowly walked back toward the bed with her hard cock and equally hard nipples.

She crawled between Gail’s legs and first licked and sucked at Gail’s pussy for a few minutes. Gail was obviously very excited and moaned wildly when Tara shifted her position and found her pussy’s entrance with the tip of the cock. With a steady thrust Tara drove the full length of the strap on dildo inside Gail’s wet pussy and started fucking her missionary style.

Mike stroked his semi-hard cock and was going out of his mind with lust. He had never seen anything so wicked, so completely wanton, as the vision of these two women fucking like this. Tara leaned down and sucked on Gail’s hard nipples as they fucked and it didn’t take long for Gail to groan with the release of her orgasm. Watching her body react as Tara fucked her was incredibly hot and Mike let out a long groan.

Tara looked at Mike and smiled wickedly. “So you like this, huh?” she asked. Mike nodded as Tara slowly withdrew her cock from Gail and pointed it toward him. “Yeah, I bet you do,” Tara said with a nasty, sexy tone. “I bet this cock makes you hard.”

She moved to the side of the bed closest to Mike. “Gail told me about you and Roger, about how you liked his thick, hard cock. I bet you wish this was real so you could suck it, don’t you?” Tara teased.

Tara reached for Mike’s arm and pulled him off the bed until his hard cock was practically rubbing against her cock. Mike leaned in thinking they were about to kiss but Tara harshly ordered, “On your knees you little slut!” Mike did as commanded and felt an odd rush of uncertainty and excitement. He didn’t know what she wanted and knelt looking up at her face.

“Suck it!” she ordered. “Suck my cock like you sucked Roger’s.” She shoved the dildo against his lips. He licked at it collecting Gail’s juices and let it slide back and forth between his lips as Tara thrusted into his mouth. He reached behind Tara and caressed her ass as he sucked her dildo. The strange combination of sensations was somehow very exciting. In his mouth was a “cock” but he could feel the perfect softness of Tara’s ass thrusting it into his mouth.

The act of sucking the dildo, once he had licked off all of Gail’s juices, really didn’t do anything for Mike. However, it was clear that Tara was growing more and more aroused by the moment so he continued doing everything Tara wanted.

He let out a surprised groan when he suddenly felt a pair of hands on his ass. He briefly released Tara’s cock and turned to see Gail kneeling on the floor beside him. Her tits brushed against his arm as her hands roamed across his ass, back, and stomach.

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