Mart 22, 2021

Mr. Peters and the Cell Phone

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I classified this as mature (May-December) but it does have qualities of reluctance and nonconsent as well, with a considerable amount of spanking. If you don’t like these types of stories, you won’t like this one and so you really shouldn’t read it. In any case, it was inspired by obvious events. It’s a pretty brief story, but then most of my stories are on the long side. I hope you enjoy it!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Julie Hall had an appointment with Mr. Peters. Nobody looked forward to an appointment with Mr. Peters. Mr. Peters was lured to Templeton College from Abberville because he had established himself as a national leader in the New School method of student discipline (e.g., see “Mr. Peters teaches Sara a lesson,” Chapter 1). The New School methods were somewhat perilous but they have also proved to be very effective. There was perhaps only one person who could claim to be his equal, Professor Henry Desmond at Livingston. Prior to Mr. Peters arrival, Templeton had been stricken with quite a bit of delinquent, miscreant behavior. Since his arrival, order and discipline had been quickly reestablished. Students who were fortunate enough to proceed through his methods improved their grades, were more ruly, proper, and respectful, and simply became better persons (e.g., “Jackie learns to balance her studies,” Chapter 21). Mr. Peters’ evening schedule of consultative discipline was in fact getting heavily booked. He was therefore encouraging carefully selected faculty to apply the techniques themselves so that his own schedule would not be overwhelmed, but the faculty were naturally reluctant. This evening he was scheduled to work with Julie Hall. Julie was one of the cheerleaders whom Miss Bixley had caught sexually harassing Teddy (see “Teddy has a hard day,” Chapter 12). Mr. Peters scheduled an individual meeting with her in part because he had also been informed that Julie had an annoying habit of speaking on her cell phone during class.

In fact, she rarely seemed to be off her phone. It was like glued to her ear. If she didn’t open it during a class, she opened it as soon as she left the class, and was essentially wirelessly wired to it as she proceeded to the next class, and then had to be told by that instructor to turn it off once class started. The librarian, Mrs. Baxter, would repeatedly have to ask her to turn it off in the library. She finally became so frustrated that she also spoke to Mr. Peters about it. The library was one place on campus in which respectful decorum was most essential, yet Julie would just stride in, yammering away on her phone, seemingly oblivious to how loud she was speaking and how distracting and annoying she was to everyone around her. Every where she went heads would turn, naturally thinking that the loud voice was speaking to them, only to discover it was this young lady on the phone. She was a very pretty young lady, but that hardly excused it. Did it?

Julie knocked timidly on Mr. Peter’s office door. “Yes, yes, please come in.”

Julie opened the door a bit, just enough to stick her head inside. “Mr. Peters? You wanted to see me?”

“Julie Hall?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, yes, please do come in.”

“I can, like, come back later, if you wish.”

Mr. Peters gave her a welcoming smile. “No, no, I was expecting you. Come in, come in,” waving her in from his desk. Julie took a deep breath and entered his office.

There was the usual diplomas and awards on the wall, a comfortable couch, a fine old wood desk, deep carpeting, and shelves of books; lots of books. However, what was unique, rather strikingly so, actually quite intimidatingly so, was a pillory by his desk. She thought, with considerable apprehension, ‘He really isn’t planning on putting me in that, is he?’

Mr. Peters appreciated the value of the pillory. It was a gift from students he had helped at Abberville. He had not yet included it within any of his disciplinary duties, (see “The pillory,” Chapter 14), but it was helpful in establishing a proper atmosphere. Many a recalcitrant student upon seeing the pillory, even the ones intending on being boldly defiant, became quite apprehensive, if not alarmed, and such was certainly the case with Julie. ‘He really isn’t going to put me in that, is he?’

Mr. Peters could see her fearful eyes fixed on the pillory. “Do you understand why you were sent to me, my dear?”

She turned her head to Mr. Peters. “Oh yes sir, yes, I do.”

“Could you explain it to me then?”

“Well, yes sir, it was, like, when we were teasing, you know, um, Teddy.”

“I think you did quite a bit more than just tease the boy, did you not, young lady?”

“Well, yes sir, yes, yes, we did.”

“And, why else are you here, Julie?”


“The incident with Teddy is not the only reason you have been sent to meet with me. “

“I don’t know what you mean, sir.”

Mr. Peters sighed. It was always frustrating when the student actually tried to deny the existence of the transgression. “Your antalya escort excessive cell phone activity?”

Julie did know of this complaint, but she felt it was really quite unfounded. “Mr. Peters, that is like totally bogus!”

“Julie, I have reports here from three of your instructors, as well as from the librarian, Mrs. Baxter, all expressing quite substantial concern with the amount of time you’re on the phone, and how you don’t seem to notice or care how disruptive your calls are to the library or to classroom instruction, or frankly to anyone else around you.”

“Mr. Peters, really, this is so bush. I’m not on the phone any longer than anyone else.”

“You might not be on the phone any longer than any one of your close friends, but you are certainly on the phone longer than most other persons on this planet and, most importantly, your calls are really quite disruptive.”

“Man, that’s buggin, Mr. Peters, really like completely unfair.”

Mr. Peters did not at first respond. He just sat there, considering the situation, considering possibilities. He eventually suggested, “Julie, I will make a deal with you. Normally, I would provide a spanking for your transgressions. However, you don’t seem to think that the cell phone is even a problem. How can I expect you to learn your lesson?”

“It’s not a problem, Mr. Peters, like it’s some sort of conspiracy or something. Totally bogus.” She really didn’t want a spanking. Who would?

Mr. Peters held up his hand. He didn’t want to hear any more of her vacuous protestations. “Fine, fine. I won’t argue with you. If you don’t think it’s a problem then perhaps it isn’t. I am perfectly willing to be proven wrong.”

“Cool. That’s really bitchin of you, Mr. Peters.”

“Here’s what we’ll do. We are scheduled to meet for one hour. Normally, I would spend the full time of that hour implementing a disciplinary lesson, and a rather severe one at that, given your apparent lack of willingness to even acknowledge the existence of a problem.” That didn’t sound good. “However, I will agree to a simple test of the veracity of the complaint.”

“Veracity, sir?” She had no idea what that word meant.

“If your phone doesn’t ring during this hour, you can go with no spanking whatsoever, even for your transgressions with Teddy.”

Whoa! That sounded like a totally fantastic deal, at least to Julie. “Outrageous, Mr. Peters, I’ll take it!” Being able to possibly avoid any spanking whatsoever? What student would decline that offer?

“Now, don’t agree too soon, Julie. If the phone does ring, then you must submit to whatever discipline I feel is necessary and appropriate, and it may in fact go well beyond a spanking.”

She wasn’t too sure what that implied. She asked, pointing to the pillory, “It wouldn’t involve that thing, would it?”

“No, no, dear. I would agree not to use the pillory. But, you must be aware of my methods, having spoken to your fellow cheerleaders.”

Julie had spoken with Jackie. She had told Jule that Mr. Peters might act very familiar with her. It sounded totally gross but, still, a chance for no spanking at all? She felt like she was a contestant on a game show, where behind one door was a pretty severe spanking for the rest of the hour, whereas behind the other door was no punishment at all and a chance to show Mr. Peters that he was being really bogus. It hardly seemed like a difficult choice at all.

“But, Mr. Peters, even if there is just one call? I mean, like, I’ll be punished for a wrong number?” It didn’t seem right that she couldn’t get just one call during the hour.

“Oh my no, I don’t intend to be unfair about this at all. In fact, whenever the phone is silent, you will not be punished. If all that happens during this hour is that you get a wrong number, I might not even be able to get one spank in.”

“It’s only when I’m on the phone that I’ll be punished?”

“Yes, that’s the deal, but if I get the impression that you are cutting a call short, I will then punish you continually until you get another call. So, don’t try ending the call on your own. If it is you that ends the call, then you will get more than a spanking as you wait for the next call to come in.”

This was really completely cool. She had a choice between spanking throughout the rest of the hour, or possibly no spanking at all. And, even if someone called her, the punishment would end once the call ended. This was like obvious. She never had such an easy test, except perhaps the on-line music appreciation class that all the football players took. “I’ll take the no spanking.”

“Excellent, why don’t you place your cell phone here, right at the front of my desk, and we’ll see if someone calls you. I’ll just get back to my work here and we’ll see. If someone does call, you have to answer and you have to speak until that person ends the call. Understood?”

“Yes sir!” Julie gleefully removed her cell phone from the pocket of her skirt and laid it on the front of Mr. Peter’s desk. antalya rus escort She stood as well in front of the desk, smiling. She knew she had made the right choice. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends about it. Maybe she could call them! She instinctively reached for the phone, but stopped herself. “Oopsie,” she said, smiling at her silly mistake. She did often make silly mistakes.

Mr. Peters smiled back and returned to his work.

And, it certainly appeared that she did make the right choice. Seconds passed, then minutes, as Mr. Peters quietly graded exams and Julie stood patiently, occupying her time by looking around Mr. Peters’ office, at times catching his eye, smiling triumphantly. What attracted her eyes the most, though, was the large clock on the wall behind his desk, to his right. It is striking how slow time seems to pass as you watch the second hand slowly make its way around and around the clock. She was reminded of when she was little, waiting for the clock to strike 4PM announcing that school was over and summer vacation would begin. Actually, she still did that pretty much every day in every class that had a clock, watching and waiting, watching and waiting, watching and waiting. This was even worse than a class though. There was nobody to whisper to, pass notes to, text messages to. She almost hoped that the phone would ring so that she would have somebody to talk to. ‘No, no, don’t think that!’ she thought. Just be patient. She knew she had a talent to just make things happen by thinking. She didn’t know what it was called, extra special sensory perception or something. She almost made the phone ring herself. Boy, that would have been stupid!

The silence was split by very gay singing: “On this perfect day, nothing is standing in my way.” It was Julie’s personalized ring tone. Julie quickly picked up the phone, as if she got it quick enough he might not hear it?

Mr. Peters looked up from his desk, a knowing smile on his face.

Still, it was now fifteen minutes past the hour, and this could be a quick call. “Hello?”

Mr. Peters got up from his desk to move around beside her. “Now, don’t be too concerned, Julie, I won’t rush things. If it’s a short call and the only one, you will still be far, far ahead of the game.”

It did indeed feel like a game, but perhaps a very dangerous one indeed.

It was Teri, one of her sorority sisters. “Hi Teri, what’s up?”

Mr. Peters lightly but firmly pushed against Julie’s back to direct her to lean over his desk. Julie could feel her heart beginning to race as she got into the obvious but still quite embarrassing position. She rested her elbows on his desk as she continued to talk to her friend. Teri wanted to know what she wanted to do that night. What a time to ask that? In fact, they had already agreed on what they were going to do that night. They were going shopping. Why did she have to call her about it again?

Mr. Peters paused to admire the picture she provided. There was something so endearing, so cute, about a girl bent over his desk, her bottom turned up to him, presenting herself so submissively, so sweetly. The Templeton uniforms also added an extra spice to the picture. Abberville, where he had previously taught, did not require uniforms. That did at times have its advantages, as some of the outfits the girls wore were really quite enticing, if not provocative. And, variation is the spice of life. Nevertheless, the plaid skirts of Templeton were enticing in themselves, and they certainly wrapped the bottom well when the girl was bent over a desk. He leaned down to direct Julie to fully straighten her legs and get up on her tip toes, lifting up high the heals of her Mary Janes. Being on tip toes does wonders to shape the legs and accentuate the upraised bottom. He also took the opportunity to sneak a peek up her skirt.

Julie furrowed her brow in annoyance as she felt Mr. Peters push up on her heels. She wasn’t too sure why he wanted her to do that, but at least he was putting off the spanking. He was in fact taking his time, as he said he would. This really wasn’t going to be bad at all.


“Oh my!” she yipped as she felt Mr. Peters hand slap her bottom.

“What is it?” Teri asked.

“Oh, oh, nothing,” Julie replied. She wasn’t about to tell her friend that she was being spanked, but there was clearly some alarm in her voice. “I just almost stepped on some totally gross bug.” She regretted that remark, as Teri then went off on a long description of various annoying and gross bugs she had seen throughout her life. There must have been a million of them, and for some reason Teri wanted to tell her about all of them.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

They weren’t very hard smacks, as her skirt and panties were protecting her bottom. Julie found it a little embarrassing, perhaps even a bit demeaning, but not painful. Still, Julie, for the first time, perceived her friend as going on antalya ucuz escort and on about really nothing at all. What was so interesting about all these bugs? If only she knew that she was suffering her most totally, worse, experience in life simply because she wanted to talk about bugs. She considered telling her what Mr. Peters was doing, but that would make it even more embarrassing and Mr. Peters would likely consider that to be a way of ending the call. Teri had to end the call soon. She certainly couldn’t go on for the full hour.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

Actually, Julie realized that Teri could go on for the full hour. She had quite a number of times before talked for over an hour on the phone, only to immediately call somebody else, largely to tell that person everything that she had just heard and told the first person, and would then call the first person back to tell her what she learned from the second, and on and on it went.

Then, the spanking stopped. That hadn’t been bad at all.

Julie’s heart seemed to momentarily stop as well though as she felt Mr. Peters lifting her skirt.

She screamed to herself, ‘Please Teri, finish the call!’

Mr. Peters found this to be another priceless moment during a spanking: lifting up the skirt for the first time. Each bottom seems to have its own unique appeal, particularly when all dressed up in girlish panties. This was perhaps a downside though of the Templeton uniform, as all of the girls were required to wear white cotton panties. Some of the girls did wear panties with a bit of lace. That was a violation of Templeton policy, and some girls did get into trouble for this, when caught by a spot inspection. Julie’s panties were pretty plain though. Still, the sight of a cute, perky bottom all snugly enclosed by white cotton panties, perched up high on tip toes, was still an adorable sight. Mr. Peters laid his hand on Julie’s bottom, caressing the soft, petulant curves.

Julie squirmed a bit at his touch, but that just made it all the more enjoyable, as her squirming bottom was itself a deliciously wonderful exhibition.

Julie scowled at the feel of Mr. Peters’ hand feeling her bottom. Jackie had warned her about this, but knowing in advance didn’t make it any easier when it happened.


Julie squinched her eyes shut, trying so hard not to squeal. Mr. Peters’ fondling was perhaps much better than this.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

She could hardly hear Teri talking about a new blouse she was thinking of purchasing.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Yes, yes, well just go ahead and buy it!”

As soon as she said it she feared that perhaps she had screwed up. “No, no, I’m sorry, I do want to hear about it, really, totally.”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Julie was relieved that Teri had stayed on the phone. It saved her from being spanked after she hung up, but it was at a tremendous cost. Being paddled on just her panties was clearly much more difficult than through her skirt. She restrained herself from crying out but, in a complementary fashion, she did not restrain herself from prancing and dancing, in part trying to soothe herself through her gyrations but as well to try to escape Mr. Peters’ hand.

Mr. Peters would normally tell the student to hold still and accept the spanking. But, he would provide some consideration given her inability to cry out and, besides, he was enjoying the sight of her bottom tossing about. Her movements in fact help draw her panties down into the crack of her bottom as well as pulling tighter on her cunnie. It was a really lovely dance. It was perhaps also good sport, trying to hit such a rapidly moving target. He did miss quite a few times, but it made the smacks all the more pleasing when he scored.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Teri was now talking about what they might be serving in the cafeteria tonight. ‘What difference does it make what they might be serving? In fact, they pretty much serve the same thing every night, or at least Teri always gets the same thing no matter what they were serving! Jeeeeeeeez! Julie was getting really totally frustrated with Teri, as well as getting a very stinging bottom.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Don’t you really hate the pizza? Gag me with a spoon!”

‘Doesn’t she realize that nobody says that anymore? And, besides, she never even ever gets the darn pizza!’

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“And, the burger is, like, so gross, but that bonehead Teddy loves it. You know he’ll scarf down two in, like, no time at all.”

‘I don’t really care what Teddy eats. Who should care what Teddy eats? When will this call end?’

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“And, he even puts mayonnaise on it! That is so gross. Who puts mayonnaise on burgers? Like, that’s so bogus.”

Suddenly, the spanking again stopped. She wondered why. It’s probably just that Mr. Peters’ hand is so sore. Her bottom sure was. Whatever. She was just grateful for the reprieve. She sighed with relief. But, then, she felt Mr. Peters’ hands grasping the waistband of her panties!

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