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Mr. Donovan and His Sitter Ch. 03

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Chapter 3


“Damn girl! Did you see Derrick this morning?” My friend, Stevie, sighs, tilting her head and dropping a cheek to her hand. “He really wears the hell outta those jeans, doesn’t he?”

I laugh at her dreamy expression. You can see the little cartoon hearts dancing in her eyes like a Pepe LePew cartoon. “Are you forgetting that ‘Derrick’ is also ‘Mr. Hastings. Our History teacher? And that you definitely shouldn’t be looking at his ass? Fine or not.” I say, like I am the epitome of everything proper and appropriate and didn’t let my boss finger me till I came all over his hand last night.

But, Stevie doesn’t know that. I’m not sure I want to tell her either. Who knows what she’ll think. Hell, I don’t even know what to think!

“I know, but a girl can dream, right? Why do teachers have to have casual Fridays? I mean, his ass looks fantastic in slacks too, but those jeans just say ‘Come take a bite, Stevie'” She finishes her statement with a lip bite and an ‘mmm’ like she’s eating some delicious chocolate cake.

I roll my eyes and smile. “Maybe if you spent more time staring at the board and less staring at his ass, you would have a better grade in his class,” I say with a laugh.

She groans. “Ugh…” Her head falls onto her hands on the table with a thunk. “I know. I can’t help it. Math is really not my subject.”

I roll my eyes. She’s been in love with Mr. Hastings since Junior year when he first started here. Not that anyone would blame her. He’s only twenty nine and one of the hottest men in this town, aside from Jared. In my opinion a least.

“Hey bitches, what’s goin on?” Lydia says as she strides up to our table with her lunch tray. “Why is Stevie’s head on the table?”

“She’s imagining Mr. Hastings with no pants again.” I say and giggle as Stevie punches my arm.

“Why don’t we talk about you, Ms. I’m in Love with My Boss,” Stevie says with a raised brow.

I feel the blood rush into my cheeks. “I’m not in love with him…. It’s just… a slight obsession.” I watch my hands as I spread mayo on my sandwich, trying to avoid her prying eyes.

“Oh really? Then what’s that look you get everytime you tell me you have to go over to his house?” Stevie waves her finger in my face, like pointing at me is going to force me to confess all my crazy feelings.

I blow out an irritated huff as I swat her hand away. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Lydia knows what I’m talking about.” She looks over to our other friend who’s flashing a knowing grin in my direction.

“It’s true, girl. You’re definitely catching some feelings. Either that, or these harsh cafeteria lights are suddenly giving you one hell of a sunburn.” She reaches over and pinches one of my quickly reddening cheeks.

“Oh, both of you shut up.” I swat her hand as well as they both laugh. “Like neither of you have ever had an inappropriate crush.” I stare pointedly at Lydia.

“Well,” Lydia says as she brings her breadstick to her mouth to take a bite. “I’m not sure it’s still considered a crush if you bang the camp counselor in pool equipment room.” She smirks and raises one eyebrow. Not one bit of her carries any shame about her little summer fling last year with Jennings our twenty six year old camp counselor. She had just turned eighteen at the time, so I don’t really think she has anything she should be ashamed of. Plus, that boy was hot as sin.

“Have you talked to Jennings, by the way?” I ask.

“Nah. He was cute and all, but he’s definitely one crayon short of a full box.” She says, making Stevie giggle. “And don’t think I don’t notice you changing the subject right now, hooker.” She points her breadstick at me in accusation.

I huff out a breath. “Ok. Fine. I like him-”

Stevie interrupts me with a disbelieving snort over her yogurt.

“Like him a lot.” I say giving her a sharp look. “But it doesn’t matter because he is married, and older, and my parents friend… and married-“

“You said that last one already.” Lydia pipes up again.

“I said it twice because it’s important!” I say over their laughing.

“Look, Lils. In all seriousness, you gotta get over this thing with Mr. Donovan. It’s not good for you. You said it. He’s married and the feelings you have for him are only gonna hurt you in the end. We just don’t want to see that.” Stevie says, sincerity shining in her hazel eyes. I can tell she is truly worried over the depth of my feelings for Jared and it’s at this point I let myself start to realize it as well.

“It’s true, honey,” Lydia says with a nod. “Do you know how much ice cream you will need to get over a man like that? I’ll tell you right now, I think we’d have to buy out all three of the closest grocery stores for that shit.”

We laugh over our half eaten lunches and I tell myself at this point, I need to strengthen my Jared resistance. But that means I have to decide whether or not I am blowing him off his invitation for Friday. Everything in my body is telling me I don’t bahis firmaları want that, meanwhile my head says I have to. I can’t let him break down my will power. I can’t give in. If I do, I have a feeling my consumption of copious amounts of breakup recovery Ben and Jerry’s will be the least of my worries.



“Up, Up dada!” Sammy squeals as make airplane sounds, lifting her higher over my head then bringing her back down.

“Ok, ok. One more time and then it’s bedtime for you missy.” I lift her once more before she can pout about the bedtime issue. “Alright. It’s time to go to bed now. Let’s go get all those yucky bugs out of your teeth.” I tickle her side and she doubles over in laughter.

“You shouldn’t get her all worked up before bed, Jared.” Vicky’s voice calls down the stairs. She’s lugging a suitcase for her weekend away that would suffice most people for a month.

“You sure that’s everything, Vick?” I ask with a raised brow.

She rolls her eyes as she finishes her trek down the stairs. “You know how mother is. I need to have options or else I’m not trying hard enough.”

“Yes, we all know how Margaret is. Thankfully, it’s been two years since I’ve seen that woman and if God really loves me, he’ll make it twenty more.” I set sammy on the floor and tell her to say goodbye to her mother and go upstairs to wait for me to brush her teeth and tuck her in. Vicky gives her a hug and kiss before Sammy trots up the stairs.

“You know, It’s really not fair that you don’t have to go.” Vicky says once Sammy’s made it out of the room. “She should do her little check ups on you too.” She narrows her eyes at me, as if it’s MY fault that her mother doesn’t ‘request my presence’ bi-weekly as she does with her daughter.

“She probably just knows her ‘request’ will go ignored. And Margaret can’t have that, now can she.” I shake my head.

She scoffs. “You’re lucky your fathers gone.”

I freeze. Even five years later, the pain is still as fresh as it was the day he passed. I know I must have let the pain from her remark leak onto my face because when she looks up, her eyes go round.

“Shit. I’m sorry.” She shakes her head, rubbing her fingers against her forehead. “George was a good man. Not like my mother.”

I know she didn’t mean it the way it came out but the sting still lingers in the center of my chest. I have to keep myself from reaching up to rub it away. “It’s ok.”

She looks at me with a mixture of concern and pity. It’s a look that I don’t like from anyone.

“Well, have fun. Tell Theo I said ‘hello’,” I move across the marble floor to the bar and start make myself a scotch on the rocks, preparation for the night ahead.

“I’m not seeing him anymore. Turns out he wasn’t a fan of the arrangement.” She says, fluffing her hair in the hallway mirror. ‘The Arrangement’… What a nice way of putting our shittastic situation. I guess out grandparents never realized we could find a loophole in the plan they concocted before we were out of diapers. Theo must not have been as accepting of Vicky’s marital status as she was hoping for, however theoretical it may be.

Huh… Theo never struck me as a ‘by the book’ type of guy. He was cheating on his taxes after all. I should know. My company does his books. “Really?” I turn to look at her over my shoulder. “Any new blood in the water for you then, Vicky?”

She gives me a steely side eye from her spot at the mirror. “Funny, Jared.” She turns back to her luggage, grabbing it up and moving to the door. “We shall see. Wish me luck!”

“Good luck with Lady Dracula. Don’t let her suck your soul out with the few pints of joy she’s collecting.”

Her laugh follows her out the door. When it shuts behind her I turn back to the counter and pour myself another glass before heading upstairs to get sammy ready for bed. Lily would be here tomorrow. I’ve been anxious about the discussion I need to have with her about my marriage. The situation can only improve in her eyes, right? I mean at this point, she believes Vicky and I are husband and wife in every sense of the word. Once I explain it should only help the situation. I can hope so at least. Or she can just tell me to fuck off and never talk to her again. I wouldn’t blame her, it would be a pretty disappointing turn of events. I’m not in a position to start any kind of relationship of lasting attachment, but something about Lily just pulls me in, demanding my attention.

Lily Montgomery. She really is the finest creature I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her small curvy body is the perfect fit in my hands, supple to caress and her weight easy to toss around, in the best ways of course. She has long strawberry blonde hair that carries the scent of mango and pineapple wherever she goes, the perfect length to wrap around my fist. She’s like a wild pixie, with its fine bone structure, upturned brow, and small puffy red lips. The look in her eyes though, is the proof of the wildness within.

She’s full of such angelic kaçak iddaa beauty, but her untamed frosty blue eyes promise a sinners paradise.

It’s time to find out if a wicked man can find his way to the land of the righteous.



Jesus Christ… I don’t know what I’m doing. I do, but I don’t. I can taste the hint of rusty metal in my mouth as I chew on my bottom lip for the umptheeth time today, breaking the skin on the inside. My legs tremble with nervous energy as I move up the front entry.

Turns out, all it took to break my resistance to Jared Donovan was a text from the man himself.

Jared: I’ll see you at 6, little one. Make sure your parents know you’ll be gone for the night.

I lift my shaking hand and press it to the doorbell. Six pm exactly. If I didn’t want to do this, whatever this is, I could have just not shown up, could have texted him and told him I had the flu or measles or the fucking Black Plague. He would have gotten the point, would have understood my reservations and we both could have gone on pretending last week never even happened.

Could have… but didn’t. I didn’t because I want to see what he wants from me. I want to see what he can to me, what he can make me feel. My pussy drenches my panties anytime I think of what happened between us last time I was here, so it’s hard to imagine what he has planned for tonight. I would be a no good liar if I said I wasn’t more than ready and willing to find out.

The door swings open and my heart turns into the most useless organ in my body, stopping dead in my chest. What woman could hope to have any willpower against this man. He’s the kind of beautiful that’s rarely seen in human form, it’s in the fine lines of ancient architecture and the wild power of Earth’s natural wonders, but not just a simple man. No matter who you are or what your gender, you just have to stop and stare because it’s hard to comprehend that some living breathing thing could be so magnificent.

One corner of his full lips tilts upward in a sly, cocky smirk. I might as well have just left my panties at home for how well they are soaking up any moisture. I can feel the trickles of my wetness track down my inner thighs and I squeeze them together to try and stop the flow. “Lily.” His deep voice has my body vibrating like a struck tuning fork.

I don’t know why this man has such an unnaturally strong effect on me. I’m not a girl who obsesses over boys or men, but with Jared it’s as if I have no choice in the matter. My body decides for me and when he’s around it reacts accordingly. “Come in.” He steps aside and closes the door behind us after I’m inside.

“So… where’s Vicky?” I’m not proud of the timid tone in my voice. My nerves seem to be taking hold of my vocal cords and gripping tightly.

“Out of town at her mother’s.” His deep voice rumbles through me, quaking my very soul. My pussy throbs and I rub my thighs together again, but the friction only makes things worse.

“Oh. Um… Sammy?” I ask, my voice wavering.

“My sister has her for the night.” He walks over to the bar near the entrance to the living room and leans against the counter as he sips on his amber liquid. His eyes are fixed on me, lids lowered, gaze appraising.

“Oh… I thought I was coming to babysit.” Liar. I’m such a liar.

He chuckles and sets his drink on the bar before slowly walking back to me. “This is how you would dress to babysit?” He flicks the bottom hem of my mid thigh length black skirt. My breaths get shallow and my heartbeat thrums between my legs.

“Take off the coat.” He commands when I don’t respond. My shaky fingers move to the collar of my peacoat, slowly working each button free down the front, then slipping it down my shoulders. He gasps quietly as I reveal what’s underneath.

A black lace bra is showing through the sheer white spaghetti strap shirt I put on earlier, the shirt tucked into my skirt at my waist. He practically growls as he walks a close circle around me, watching my every twitch like a lion watches a baby gazelle. It takes everything in me to stay standing upright and keep my knees from shaking when the tip of his pointer finger comes up to glide along my collarbone. He tsks. “Mm, mm, mm, Little Lily. This certainly isn’t how you dress for babysitting duty.” He never removes his feather light touch, drawing it over my shoulder and shoulder blade, across the top of my spine. “This is not the outfit of a nice, virtuous little Virgin girl. Is it Lily?”

I swallow hard. His touch keeps on sliding, over my other shoulder blade and shoulder as he appears back in front of me, his vibrant green eyes locking with my blue ones.

“Answer me,” he commands softly.

“No,” I whisper, my voice caught in the sticky dryness of my throat.

“No what?” His finger is wondering again, over my right collarbone and down my chest between the valley of my breasts. Goosebumps chase that finger.

“No, sir.”

His eyes shutter closed and his tongue sneaks out to kaçak bahis flick over his bottom lip, like he’s tasting my words, savoring them. “That’s better.”

My eyes slide closed and I can’t stop the moan that escapes me as his large hand cups by breast, squeezing and kneading the supple flesh. The only thing I would change are the layers of fabric between our skin.

“This outfit you have on tonight looks more like what a dirty little slut would wear.” He finds my nipple through the fabric and pinches, pulling a gasp from my throat. “A dirty little slut who’s looking to get fucked.” He emphasizes the consonants, spitting them out like bullets from a gun. “Is that what you want, little one? You wanna be Daddy’s little slutty toy again?” He gives my hardened bud another pinch. “Is that what you came here for?”

“Yesss…” I whimper, leaning into his hand, both loving and hating the pain and pleasure he’s giving me. His condescending tone, his brutal words, his sinful touch… it’s doing things to me, pushing me further and further into a place I’ve only felt one time before, with him. A place in my head where nothing matters, but the feel of his body against mine, his words in my ear, his mouth on my skin. A place where only he and I exist and all that matters there is the pleasure and satisfaction we can find in each other.

“Are you sure, little one?” His voice is rough as gravel in my ear. “I need you to be sure.” For the first time he sounds a little breathless. His hand has stilled over my breast. I open my eyes and find his green ones staring back at me, a look of seriousness I hadn’t seen before reflecting back at me.

“I’m sure, Jared.” I say, trying to make my voice as even as possible. “I want you. I want to do this.”

His thumb slides over my nipple again and he takes and deep steadying breath. “Good. Your safe word is Dandelion,” he says, stepping back. “Say it.”

“Dandelion,” I repeat obediently.

“Good girl. You’ll say that word if anything becomes too much for you to handle or you ever feel uncomfortable, good?”

I nod.

“Words, Lily. I need words.”

“Yes. I understand.” I swallow again, trying to wet my dry mouth and throat.

“Good girl. Now, I want you naked. We’ll start with the shirt.” He grabs his drink off the bar, downs the liquid in it, but grabs the bottle before moving to the couch to take a seat. His long legs spread out in that way only men can really accomplish.

Jesus christ he’s got to be the sexiest thing alive.

Apparently, I stare at him a moment too long. “I’m waiting, little one. Unless you’d like to rack up some spankings so early on, I’d suggest you get started.” He brings the bottle to his lips before taking a swig. My thighs squeeze together automatically, but this time I feel a slippery slide of skin. My pussy hasn’t stopped dripping since I got here and the evidence is right there between my legs. I untuck my shirt pulling it out of the waistband of my skirt before pulling it over my head. His vibrant green eyes are hooded with lust as he eats me up with his gaze. I unzip my skirt and let it slide over my hips and down my legs to pool at my feet. All I’m left with is my black lace bra and matching g-string panties. The ones I bought specifically for this night because I own no other matching underwear sets.

“Stop,” He says as I hook my thumbs into the sides of my underwear. “Turn in a circle. I want to see everything I own.”

I shiver at his last words. It surprises me how much I love that. I turn in a slow circle for him, and the whole time I can feel his eyes burning up my flesh, leaving heated trails of wherever they’ve been. “Jesus… you really are fucking perfect, aren’t you, little one,” he mumbles, almost too low for me to hear as he removes his own shirt. I stare as I turn back to him, my cheeks flushing madly at the compliment. Goddamn… I didn’t think he could get more perfect. But the view of his strong muscled chest and sharply cut abs proves me wrong again. I want to slide my tongue over every single square inch of that body.

“Now your tits,” he says, pulling me out of my head.

My trembling fingers fumble with the clasp at the middle of my back but I get it undone and slowly slide the material down my arms, my breasts now on full display.

“Mmm fuck… can’t wait to taste those.” He takes another swig from the bottle in his hand. “Panties. I didn’t get a good enough look at that sweet little cunt last time. I plan to get my fill tonight.” Oh my god. Everytime the word cunt leaves his perfect full lips it wracks my body with an uncontrollable shiver of desire. I hook my thumbs in the sides of my panties for the second time and push them over my hips. The fall down my legs and I stand in front of Jared Donovan in nothing but my elastic hair tie and gold hoop earings.

He kicks off his shoes. “You’re such an obedient little slut for daddy, aren’t you.” He licks his lips, setting my blood on fire. “Get down on your hands and knees, little one. Crawl to me.” I do as he asks, falling to my knees before him like a parishioner at the alter after Sunday mass. His hand moves to his cock and he rubs along the hard length, visible through his slacks. He groans, watching me crawl closer.

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