Mart 22, 2021

Moving On

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Soon after getting married, Jen and Art Burke moved from Massachusetts to South California, where they both found lucrative jobs, he as an engineer and she as a human resources manager. Jen was a slim, blonde, about 5 ft 10 in, 120 lb; Art, also blonde, was 6 ft and 160 lb. Being away from their friends on the East Coast they appreciated the friendly gestures of Art’s colleague, Carl de Romano, and his wife, Cindy. Even though Carl and Cindy were about 45 years old, often, they socialized with the 25-year olds. Carl was about 5 ft 10 in and 170 lb, and Cindy was 5 ft 6 in and 125 lb. Cindy was a talent consultant and traveled regularly to Las Vegas. Carl and Cindy had a daughter, Kim, who graduated from USC and was working for a TV company.

Being an only child, Jen longed to be close to her widowed mom in Massachusetts. Cindy, who was born in Ontario, Canada, was sympathetic to Jen’s longing for her parents. She and Jen became good friends and, once a week, went to the gym together. Jen appreciated the older woman’s friendship and also noted that, for a woman in her 40s, she had a great body. Not surprisingly, when Art was making love to Jen, she told him that Cindy was a voluptuous red head.

After Carl and Art played tennis together a few times, at Carl’s suggestion, one day, Cindy and Jen joined them to play mixed doubles. When Carl saw Jen gliding around on the court, he noticed her sexy, long, legs, and tight buttocks; at that moment, Carl felt his cock stiffen spontaneously.

Because Cindy had dressed in a conservative outfit, Art did not find her to be attractive. However, that opinion changed the following week when Art went to pick up Jen at the gym and saw Cindy talking to the manager; she was dressed in a black leotard and Capri tights. He stood staring at her wavy read hair, large blue eyes, and curvy body longingly until she turned, saw him ogling her, blushed, and said, “Jen will be here shortly. You like what you see?”

Sheepishly, he blushed and mumbled, “You’re a lovely lady.”

Still blushing, Cindy said, “Thanks.”

Cindy wondered what Art saw in her, a woman almost 20 years older than him; briefly, she let her mind wander to the possibility of being loved by a younger man. For his part, when the two couples got together to play tennis or have dinner, Art began to pay more attention to voluptuous Cindy. He found her to be a sexy, positive, and thoughtful woman. He also dreamed of fondling her large boobs and licking her red-haired pussy. While Cindy was flattered by Art’s attention to her and allowed him to cop an occasional feel of either her boobs or buttocks, she was not ready to cheat on Carl. Little did she know that Carl was paying lot of attention to her good friend, Jen.

One day, after exercising, Jen confided to Cindy that Art was horny all the time and made love to her at least four times a week; she also mentioned that she gets sore because of getting pounded by Art’s big cock. In turn, Cindy confided to Jen that Carl was a good lover, had a medium-sized cock, and they made love about once a month; she explained that Carl was working hard as a manger. Cindy also said that if Carl leads a less hectic life, their love life might improve. Secretly, Jen wished that Art would not be horny all the time; at the same time, Cindy wished she got more loving from Carl. It turned out Cindy was oblivious to Carl’s budding mid-life marriage crisis.

Two years later, after a difficult pregnancy, Jen gave birth to a daughter, Katie. She expressed to Art her concern about becoming pregnant again and their love making became a once-a-week routine. She also suggested that Art should have a vasectomy done, but he wanted to wait some more time. Thus, while Art and Jen looked like a perfect young couple, there was tension between them, especially in the bedroom. After the birth of Katie, Jen quit her job and stayed home. After Katie’s second birthday, Carl offered her a part time job; he also allowed her to do some of the work from home. His heart fluttered every time he saw Jen. He dreamed of making love to Jen with her long thighs squeezing either his head or his waist.


Jen allowed Carl to seduce her slowly. It began with Carl caressing her back in public and progressed to French kisses in private. When Carl knew Cindy scheduled a business trip to Las Vegas, he arranged an out-of-town assignment for Art. While the two spouses were away, he invited Jen out to dinner. Later, at his home, he French kissed her while rubbing her firm long legs and thighs; her teeth briefly barred his tongue, then she opened them and let his tongue play with hers. Willingly, Jen let Carl lick her pussy and gave him a blow job. Over the next few weeks, she became comfortable with Carl’s sex drive that was lower than Art’s.

Jen and Carl also kept in touch via email, and they exchanged naked photos of each other. They confided to each other: Jen told him she no longer loved Art and Carl told her that he no longer loved Cindy. antalya escort Carl also confided to Jen that he had a vasectomy and cannot make her pregnant. Still, Jen did not sleep with Carl because she thought he might leave her after fucking her.

Carl fell in love with the long-legged, small-breasted, younger Jen; he did not care what might happen to his marriage with Cindy. When Jen told him she had not been to a well-known amusement park, he planned an all-day trip, including a baby sitter to take care of Katie, for the two couples to go to the park. The two ladies wore shorts and tank tops. Once they were at the park, Carl steered Jen to rides that allowed them to touch each other surreptitiously; on one ride, Carl managed to rub Jen’s bare thighs and covered crotch.


When Cindy saw Carl leading Jen away, she realized that he had become fond of her. She was glad Art was with her; on a ride through dark tunnels, she allowed him to fondle her covered boobs. She recalled Jen’s words that Art seemed to be horny all the time. However, she thought she was too mature to be making out with a younger man at an amusement park.

As they walked towards a soft drink stand, Cindy asked, “I hope things are going well between you and Jen.”

Art said, “Not as good as they used to be. We have not made love in a while. She talks about Carl all the time; I think she’s seeing him. I don’t like to confront her.”

Thoughtfully, Cindy said, “I think so too. Couple of times, I smelled Jen’s perfume on Carl’s shirt. I think he seduced her. I asked him about Jen; he insisted she was just a friend.”

After they sat at a table, Art said, “I get depressed thinking that Jen likes Carl more than me.”

Softly, Cindy said, “Don’t blame Jen too much; Carl can be very charming.”

She touched his face and said, “I think you are a handsome, kind, man.”

Art held Cindy’s left hand, rubbed her long and delicate fingers around her wedding ring, and whispered, “Carl is a damned fool; you’re a beautiful, sexy, woman.”

Blushing, Cindy asked, “When did you decide I’m sexy?”

He said, “Long time ago, but you looked very sexy last New Year’s eve.”

When Art kissed her hand, Cindy blushed, and cooed, “I did not realize you cared for me that much. I should have known; the signals were there for a while.”

Art smiled and asked, “When was it you realized I wanted you?”

Blushing, she said, “For sure, when you danced with me at our Mardi Gras party; I felt your hard cock. That’s when I knew you really wanted to get in to my pants.”

He recalled that she had on glass bead necklaces, and was not wearing a bra and her nipples were hard. He was delighted that willingly she let him pull her close and feel her magnificent boobs against his chest.

He asked, “Were you upset I got aroused?”

Blushing, Cindy whispered, “No. Actually, flattered you liked my boobs; I worried they were sagging. I couldn’t sleep that night after I smelled Jen’s perfume on Carl’s shirt. I felt betrayed. Carl was sleeping soundly. Quietly, I went to the bathroom and used my vibrator for a long while.”

Art replied, “I’m glad dancing with me turned you on,” and again kissed Cindy’s hand.

Cindy cooed, “That night, I imagined you were making love to me. I’ve been fantasizing about you too.”

Art whispered, “I’m glad I let you know how I felt about you. I’ve dreamed of making love to you.”

Art was pleasantly surprised when surreptitiously, Cindy touched his cock lump. When he looked at her, she cooed, “You bring out desires buried deeply in me.”

As they resumed walking, he said, “I guess I could not arouse Jen’s desires.”

Cindy asked, “What’s the problem?”

After a long pause, he said in a whisper, “She thinks I’m oversexed.”

All Cindy could say was, “Oh. Ok.”

Art said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about you.”

At that moment, Cindy spotted Carl and Jen walking towards them; he was listening to Jen intently. Watching them walk together, she knew that Carl was in love with Jen.


After five years in California, when her mom became ill, Jen wanted to move back East. Art found a job in New Hampshire that he liked. Because Jen would be able to drive to her mom’s home, Art thought she would agree to move to New Hampshire with their three-year old daughter. Even though Jen agreed to Art’s suggestion, she really wanted Carl to move to Massachusetts with her.

A month before they were to move East, Carl and Cindy invited Jen and Art to dinner at an up-scale restaurant on a Saturday. Cindy put on a short-sleeve, knee-length, black, dress that also show-cased her beautiful cleavage; pearl necklace and ear rings; red lipstick, and black high-heel shoes. She also put on stockings, garters, a garter belt, and panties that barely covered her hairy pussy.

Jen wore a black, long-sleeve, full-length, dress with slits up to her thighs that showed off her long legs. Her shoulder-length alanya escort hair was pulled back and tied with a black ribbon. In her high-heel shoes, she was as tall as Art, and looked very elegant.

During dinner Carl and Jen drank too much wine, and began to flirt with each other. Realizing that she may not see Carl for a while, Jen cuddled up to him and French kissed him.

Cindy whispered to Art, “Well, Carl likes young women. It looks like Jen found a father figure in Carl.”

Art smiled weakly and said, “I guess so.” He noticed again that Cindy was indeed an attractive woman; the black dress show-cased her prominent cleavage. However, he restrained himself from trying to make out with Cindy in the restaurant. After dinner, Carl suggested the two couples should have drinks at his home. However, soon after all of them were in his home, he and Jen passed out on the large sofa in the living room.

Cindy said to Art, “Now, it’s just the two of us for drinks. What would you like to have?”

Art said, “Port wine. I’ll help you find it,” and followed Cindy to the liquor cabinet in the dining room. As he walked behind her, he saw her buttocks moving sexily underneath her tight dress and got an erection. After they took small sips of wine, he bent down and kissed her softly on her lips; he was pleased when she pressed her mouth on his, pushed her tongue past his parted lips, and kissed him back passionately.

After two more passionate French kisses, Cindy whispered, “I do find you very handsome. But, that’s enough for now.” After slowly rubbing his cock lump once, she walked back to the living room.

When Cindy saw that Carl and Jen were still passed out with their arms around each other, she led Art back to the dining room. After he sat on a chair, she sat in his lap and French kissed him passionately. When he kissed her sexy cleavage and fondled her covered boobs, she purred happily. But, when he tried to move his right hand to her covered crotch, she said firmly, “No. I’m not ready for that.”

When Art and Cindy returned to the living room again, Jen and Carl were not there, and they both heard soft moans and whispers from the guest bedroom down the hall. They both realized that Jen and Carl were making love.


In the guest bedroom, Carl saw Jen completely nude for the first time. He loved her small breasts and long legs, and her sparsely-covered pussy. He knelt in front of her and kissed her shapely thighs and thin-lipped pussy. After Jen scooted to the edge of the bed on her back, she wrapped her firm thighs around Carl’s head. Later, with Carl lying on his back, Jen straddled his waist and impaled herself on his cock. She watched his face as he moaned and tweaked her long nipples. She loved his hairy chest and age-softened muscles. After Jen had an orgasm, she sucked Carl’s stiff cock until it stiffened some more. He fucked her in the missionary position in a leisurely manner and came in her pussy. Afterwards, they both fell asleep.

About two hours later, Jen woke up and kissed Carl on his cheek lovingly; she was glad that Carl’s love making was compatible with her own desires.

Softly, she said, “You have to go East with me. With your experience in the IT field, you should get a job easily near Boston.”

Carl said, “I want to go with you. I’m confident I can get a job right away.”

When Carl and Jen got dressed and went to the living room, they did not find Art and Cindy.

Carl said to Jen, “Do you want me to drive you home?”

She said, “Yes. Art was to take the baby sitter home. I will call him and let him know I want to be with Katie. I want you to stay with me the rest of the night. The four of us need to sort out the situation in a civilized manner.”

Actually, it took a long time to settle the many, but not all of the, legal matters.


When Cindy realized that Jen and Carl were in the guest bedroom, with tears in her eyes, she went to the small garden at the back of her home and sat on a bench. Art followed her and, after he put an arm around her shoulders, said, “Don’t cry. It’s not your fault.”

Cindy put her head on Art’s shoulder and said, “Since Kim left home, Carl has been ignoring me. He has been spending a lot of time in front of his computer looking at pictures of young women. He has had a vasectomy so that he could fool around without knocking up a younger woman. I suspected he was in touch with Jen for a while. Still, I’m in shock. I will get over it. I had time to think about his infidelity.”

Art said, “Jen was unhappy that I did not have a vasectomy. I have not been happy about going back East; I was going to do it for Jen. May be I should remain in California.”

Cindy said, “You should stay in California, if you want to.”

He said, “I really want to. I’ll miss Katie, though.”

She said, “I can help take care of her. Also, she can come to my family’s cottage in Canada alanya rus escort during summers.”

He looked at his watch and said, “Thanks. I have to take the babysitter home. I don’t want to be alone and neither should you; please come with me.”

Cindy agreed. At Art’s home, after he took the baby sitter home, she decided that Art was a good man and to let him be her lover. She checked on Katie and found her sleeping soundly. She went to the game room where there was a pool table. She did not feel like shooting pool. She decided she wanted to go home; it was her home, a gift from her parents. She called Carl and told him that she will return to her home in an hour. Also, Jen called Art and told him that she wanted to be with Katie; he agreed to leave soon after she came home.

After Art returned home, Cindy said, “You can stay at my place. Go pack a suitcase with clothes you need.”

After Jen led Carl to the living room, it was awkward for the two couples to be together. Cindy avoided looking at Carl, who stood quietly in a corner. Finally, Art said to Jen, “Katie is sleeping. Please take care of her. Call me if I can help.”

Later, as Art drove Cindy home, she said, “I’m very tired physically and emotionally. I’m leaving for Las Vegas about Noon. I need to rest.”

Art said, “Thank you for letting me stay at your home. May I come see you in Vegas?”

Cindy said, “I’ll call you after I sort out various issues.”

Art sent flowers to Cindy everyday. He also called her once and told her earnestly, “I miss you. I want to be with you.”

Cindy replied, “I care for you, too.”

Cindy worried what her daughter, Kim, would think of her taking a younger man as a lover. However, during a long phone conversation, Kim was very supportive and told her mother that she has no problem accepting Art. Kim suggested to her mother that she should invite Art for dinner in Las Vegas; she also told her to keep him as long as he is good to her.


Cindy called Art, “Come see me. I made a dinner reservation for us; see you at six on Friday.” She also gave him directions to Tony’s, a restaurant in the mall of the casino-hotel.

Eagerly, Art said, “Can I meet you at five for drinks? I would love to see you.”

Happily, Cindy said, “I will meet you at the bar.”

On Friday afternoon, Cindy had her hair done, took a shower without getting her hair wet, and shaved her legs and armpits. She chose to wear a black, lacy, bra, and flimsy, black, panties; she dressed in a knee-length, sleeve-less, black dress, that showed her lovely cleavage; she put on gold-plated dangling ear rings, and a thin necklace with a pendant that rested on top of her cleavage. She sprayed perfume on her neck, cleavage, and between her thighs. She pulled on black, sheer, thigh highs, and put on low-heel black shoes.

As Cindy walked from the hotel elevator to the restaurant, she wondered if Art would still think she was beautiful when he sees her. She was nervous meeting her younger friend and wondered if any one would think she was too old for him.

When Cindy saw Art at the bar, her heart skipped a beat. He stood up, handed her a small bouquet of red roses, hugged her tightly, and whispered, “Wow. You look more beautiful than I imagined.”

Cindy, blushing, said: “Thank you.” At that moment, she knew he wanted her as a lover; she did not care what others might think of them.

Cindy ordered a glass of white Zinfandel wine and Art a glass of Chardonnay for himself. In the subdued lighting of the bar, Cindy looked beautiful and voluptuous. Art could not help either stealing glances or staring for a few seconds at the beautiful lady sitting in front of him, especially her beautiful cleavage. After sipping her wine, Cindy relaxed, and gently touched Art’s leg with her shoe. Art reached and held Cindy’s left hand; he noticed that she removed her engagement and wedding rings.

He whispered, “You look more beautiful than on Mardi Gras,” and continued to hold her hand.

Cindy explained to Art her current project as a consultant to evaluate entertainment acts. Even though he tried to listen to her and looked in to her lovely eyes, she was aware that he was stealing glances at her lovely cleavage. His passionate glances made Cindy’s pussy ooze nectar continuously.

When their table was ready, Art helped Cindy get off of the chair. She was thrilled when accidentally he brushed his hard cock against her nylon-covered thigh.

As the two lovers ate their dinners happily, Cindy said, “It had been a long time since I have been as happy.”

Art said, “I’m lucky to be with you.”

Soon after Art took care of the dinner bill, Cindy led him to her hotel room.

In the hotel room, Cindy said, “It’s hot here,” and removed her short dress. For a moment, she was apprehensive that Art would not find her attractive until she saw his passion-filled face as he ogled her scantily covered body. She was more thrilled when he hugged her from behind and, as she seductively leaned over the dressing table, he cupped her bra-covered boobs. She felt her pussy ooze more juice when she felt his stiff cock press in to her buttocks.

Cindy grasped his crotch, and cooed, “I need some loving.”

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