Nisan 10, 2021

Mother Trouble

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I’d being going out with Carley a few months now and it was going well. She was in freshman year doing psychology and I was in second year of business. We met through the sports and social club (she was on the volleyball team) and we really got on.

Carley was blonde and bubbly though the was quite conservative about sex when we went out. We’d kissed a lotm and fooled around a bit but, she always stopped it before it got too serious. She put it down to her mother being strict on her. It sounded like the old lady was a real ball buster corporate type. This is the story of the night of the end of last term…

We had a great night at the student bar. The girls had won their league and were out to celebrate. Everybody got drunk and danced like wild things. Carley loved dancing and could bump and grind as well as any of the girls. Pretty sexy for a girl not to sure about sex. They all looked a million dollars, Carley not least in her low scoop neck top and pleated short skirt. That top was driving me crazy, pale green silk without the hint of a bra underneath (not that she needed one) but those puppies just bounced deliciously with every sudden movement. And, for good measure, the fabric was so thin that her nipples were plain to see poking through. No guy could speak to her without staring and Carley sweetly ignored all glances, she was loving the tease. When I was at the bar I heard a squeal as one of her team-mates put an ice cube down her back. They laughed and giggled as the cold shock had brought her nipples to full hardness, obscenely prominent through her thin top now. One of her friends grabbed her hand a dragged her off to tease some more boys.

Later, when Carly and I were making out like bandits, I got my hands briefly on those rogue breasts and, though she pushed me away good naturedly, I could see that no ice cube was necessary to reproduce the effect.

The whole team were at the teasing game. When I came back from the bar I put my drinks down in front of Carleys best friend Deborah, who was sitting on a low leather sofa. Deborah had dangerously long legs and a dangerously short skirt to match. As I bent down I couldn’t help checking out those glorious thighs and, just as my glass hit the table, they opened like the pearly gates of heaven. Not wide enough to be obvious to anyone else in the room but, because of my angle, enough to give me a clear view down (up?) into that short skirt. And there was the prettiest white thong covering the last of her modesty. Positively glowing in the neon light. When I stood up she looked at me over the top of her glass. That was no accidental flash.

Eventually we went home to Carleys house – I was going to stay over for the first time. We disgusted the taxi driver by making out all the way home. We kissed some more in the garden before we went inside. Even in the hallway I tried to grope her but she swatted my hands away.

“Stop it!” – She hissed at me. “Dads away but, my Mom?”

She led me up to my room and we kissed a bit at the door but it was too risky so close to the dragons den. She pushed me inside.

“I’ll check if anyone is in.”

I wandered around the guest bedroom looking at the expensive drapes and ornaments. Very tasteful. When Carley came back her eyes shone with excitement.

“My Moms not in. She mustn’t be back yet.”

I was across the room in a flash, pinning her to the door with a kiss. Her tongue forced its way back against mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck. This was good, but, we’d been here before and she hadn’t wanted to move too fast…

I knew that tonight was the night when I dropped my hands to her ass and she didn’t take the time to move them back to her waist. I gripped and caressed that magnificent volleyball-toned ass through her skirt and all she did was kiss me all the harder, making a few low noises, and arching her body against mine. We didn’t need to mention the possibility of her mother being home at any minute, we both knew it could happen and it added to the urgency… added to the excitement. The passion started to rise. I could hardly believe it. I was finally going to get it from her, and not only that, it was going to be quick and dirty because her Mom could be home any minute. I didn’t think Carley had it in her, she was so…well…nice. I broke away from her, pulling her towards the bed.

“No, stop!”

I stopped. Confused and not a little horny.

“I don’t want to do it like that. I’m not ready. Besides, my Mom…” she left the unsayable unsaid.

I just looked at her like a moron but she started smiling again, pulling me back towards her.

“I didn’t say we couldn’t have fun some kartal escort bayan other way.”

She started kissing me again. I pushed against her, letting her feel the bulge in my trousers press against her thigh. Hard and insistent. I wasn’t sure how far I could take this, maybe she’d change her mind if I could just get her horny enough. Then I felt her small hand on my hard-on, stroking it through the trousers. That was good enough invitation for me, I slid my hands up the backs of her smooth thighs to her firm buttocks exploring the feel of her silk panties and working my fingers under the elastic. She broke the kiss and I started to nuzzle into her neck. She sighed into my ear. I took the opportunity to shift position, wedging my knee between hers and pulling her ass forward with my hands until her legs parted and she was grinding her crotch against my thigh. That brought a lusty groan from my girlfriend and I could feel her fingers urgently working on my belt buckle and zip as our tongues intertwined again. Then her hands were inside my boxer shorts pulling my cock out into the open, cupping my balls with one hand as the shaft got fully hard in the other. We weren’t kissing now; she was just smiling at me cheekily as she started to jerk softly on my tool. I slipped a hand into the neck of her top and yanked it sideways. Her left tit popped out and jiggled slightly. I got my head down to it and got the pink nipple into my mouth. She moaned softly and caressed the back of my head with one hand as she jerked with the other. Fuck, she really must think time is of the essence. I got my right hand down between her open thighs and touched the “holy grail”. With my finger tips I could feel moistness through the front of her panties. She made encouraging noises into my ear. So without farther ado, I got my left back under her ass and hooked into the cloth of her underwear pulling the gusset completely to one side.

I took a moment to find the right spot with my middle finger. That spot at the bottom where the lips part again and I slowly dragged the tip of my finger up her hot channel causing her labia to split to either side. Carley released a low pitched groan, which gained in intensity as my finger rose, finishing with a breathless gasp as it traversed her hard little clit at the apex of her pussy. I repeated the motion several times until my finger was well coated with her slippery juice and her pussy lips had swelled open like a flower, with her clitoris the stamen poking through the petals.

All the while she gripped my cock, thumb down like the handle of a tennis racket and pulled harder and harder as she got more excited.

“Get me off.” She whispered into my ear.

I stepped away from her and she moaned in disappointment but, I had to step out of my trousers or fall over. When I leaned back towards her I took her shoulders and slowly turned her around until she faced the door. I kissed the back of her neck behind her ear and she shivered. I reached around and across her body with my right hand to cup her exposed left breast. The little shiver had made the nipple even harder so I could easily pinch it between my thumb and forefinger. Carley gasped at this and gripped my cock again, stroking it randomly. I pulled the back of her skirt up with my other hand so she was rubbing the head of my erection against the warm skin of her ass. She gripped and groped with her free hand, reaching back to rub my neck or back until I gave her a job to do, guiding her hand down instructing her to hold her own panties to one side. This she did with such enthusiasm that I doubt they would ever fit her again. I got my left hand back to her crotch, picking up where I left off.

“Are you ready.” I asked softly into her ear. She mmmmmhed and I nibbled her earlobe. I massaged her breast and rubbed her clit as the pace and passion between us rapidly increased. Carley twisted her head, trying to kiss me over her shoulder but the best she could manage was to stick out her tongue to touch mine. Her hand jerked raggedly on my tool as I got the tip of my middle finger to her opening, carefully probing it and all while rubbing her clit with my thumb. The tip went in easily enough and then, slowly, the first knuckle.

God she was tight.

The next few millimetres of finger slid into the hot, soft, wetness until the second knuckle was next, I was trying to take it slowly but she bucked her hips in lust and my whole finger popped inside. Carley was breathing like she had just sprinted the 100 meters. I knew she couldn’t be far from the edge. I wasn’t far from the edge myself and my thoughts drifted to the likelihood that I was going escort maltepe to spray my load on her ass. That sudden mental image almost made me shoot then and there. I had to bite my lip and hold on as best I could but, I wanted so badly to see my sticky white cum rolling off her magnificent ass and dripping down her legs.

We settled into a rhythm, finger in pussy and palm against clit, with Carley eagerly rocking her hips against my hand. I decided to try another finger and got the tip of my pinky in against my inserted finger and started to squeeze it inside. Her tight little pussy started to stretch, taking it in. Then her body jerked once and froze for a moment as she stopped breathing. I thought I might have hurt her, but a second similar jerk was accompanied with a squeal and a spasm inside her pussy which I could clearly feel contracting around my fingers. Then the body jerks started to come at regular intervals as Carley played out her orgasm, gasping, moaning, and cumming for all she was worth. I gripped her tight as she rode it out, eventually calming down and getting all soft and, post-orgasm, fuzzy. But I kissed her ear, letting her know I wasn’t finished, there was something hot and hard rubbing against her ass that needed taking care of. I let her turn around and kissed her, her cheeks were flushed and hot, as was the skin of her chest. She looked down at my cock.

“I suppose I’d better return the favour.”

I just laughed softly but inside I thought “too right” She held my eyes for a moment and started to lower her body.


She was on her knees now smiling sexily up at me as she moved her face either side of my cock. Then slowly, teasingly, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth with perfect synchronisation, easing it towards my throbbing shaft.

Then the front door banged shut.



“My Mom!” Carley jumped to her feet.

Her voice was pure terror, a terror I could feel in my own heart. In an instant she was gone. Running towards her own room. I even ran myself, turned out the light and dived into the bed. banging my shin in the pitch dark.

There was no sound except my beating heart and, after several minutes, the sound of nothing happening. Then I realised I was making a tent with the bedclothes. I never felt so ripped off. I gripped my own cock, it was still as hard as steel and I contemplated finishing myself off. But, here I was in a strange house with no idea where all the goo would go. I fell back into the bed in frustration.

What a fucking nightmare.

After about twenty minutes I was dozing off when I heard the door opening and closing ever so softly. Somebody had slipped inside. I turned to look but it was so dark it was impossible to see anything. Eventually I could barely make out the silhouette of a person moving towards the bed, padding very softly. Somebody who knew their way around blindfolded. I propped myself up on my elbow and felt a finger press on my lips, telling me to be silent. The covers moved and somebody slipped into the best beside me, a naked woman, I knew this because my hands instantly roamed over her body.

Carley was taking a hell of a risk.

Her lips met mine softly and languidly, I put my hands on her breasts and rolled the nipples with my palms as she started to work my top up over my head. When I stopped, to help her get me naked, she snaked down in the bed, keeping much of her warm soft body in contact with mine. I could feel the tickle of her hair on my chest and belly as she moved down. In one motion she circled a thumb and finger around the base of my hardening cock and engulfed the head instantly with her mouth.

God she was the best girlfriend in the world.

She sucked softly down as far as she could go, then tightly on the way up, then licked my tip for a few seconds before repeating. She cupped my balls with one hand and stroked the shaft with a silk light touch with the other. Heaven. Then she reached up to my face letting me suck her fingers as she worked my cock with her mouth only. Then I felt a finger go behind my balls exploring there and touching my ass hole. I bucked in surprise nearly making my cock go down her throat but at the same time causing the headboard of the bed to bang loudly against the wall.

We both froze.

There was a long minute of silence where I was sure my heart could be heard thumping like a drum. But nothing happened. She got up from the bed and pulled the covers onto the floor. I fumbled for her in the dark, groping what I could find, and trying to kiss her. She pushed me down onto my back on the covers and quickly straddled pendik escort my thighs.

“Oh my god.”

I had whispered it despite myself causing her to put her finger on my lips again. Silence was of the essence. She felt for my tool and I could feel the scratch of her pubic hairs on the exposed glans before the delightful wet heat of her pussy. She teased my cock against her clit for a few moments making it angry hard and making her little button the same way. Then she thrust onto me in one fell moment, burying me deep inside. I was a little surprised at how easy it was but ,she was so wet, so soft, so hot, inside. It was the most perfect feeling. She pumped and bucked slowly using the whole depth of her box. Then she lay own on me to kiss me with hungry lips and writhe her impaled hips on me. I gripped her tits, pulled her ass cheeks open, and bucked as well as I could. She panted softly, as horny as a bitch. The passion was rising to fever pitch now and I knew I couldn’t hold out long. I turned her, got her rolled over onto her back. Now I was driving and I did what comes naturally with long even strokes.

She hooked her legs over my back digging her heels like into a horse, demanding it harder, faster. I gave it to her harder, starting to pant. But she wanted more and scratched my back with her nails. I got my hands into the crooks of her knees pushing her legs up and open, exposing her pussy to a merciless pounding. Without my hands to support myself I leaned heavily onto her. My face was between her shoulder and neck as I bashed my hips against hers as hard as I could, trying to split her in two with my cock. The passion was intense. Her breath was ragged in my ear. She put her arms around my neck, and just as I felt I couldn’t take it any more, she started to writhe and shudder as orgasm gripped her again. She pressed her face into my neck, desperately holding in the screams as she came hard. That was my cue, and I felt my cock burst with pleasure. I pumped raggedly as I emptied spurt after spurt after spurt deep inside her. After a while I slowed and we fought to regain our breath. My cock was still throbbing, spurting nothing, as I continued to fuck her as best I could to make the moment last. But it couldn’t last for ever and eventually she pushed me off her.

Then she was gone. Without a word. She padded back to the door, fully sure of her bearings in the pitch black. And, silently, she was through it. Less gracefully, I fumbled around and got into bed.

Next morning I strolled down to the kitchen to be met with the frosty regard of Carleys mother. It was 9am on a Saturday and she was dressed as if she was going to fire someone at a board meeting.

“You must be Simon.”

“Um, Yes Mrs Patterson”

“Call me Erica.”

As if I ever would – she sounded tough.

“Would you like some coffee.”

“Yes please Mrs Patterson.”

“Erica” She smiled. A sharks smile.

“Yes please Mrs Erica.”

Was I nervous? You bet I was. But, it made her laugh as she turned to the coffee maker. As I sat down I looked at her. She had the same height and build as Carley, though looking a lot older. You could kind of see in her mother what Carley would probably look like in a her middle age. Though, in fairness, I guessed that Erica probably wasn’t too old when she had her daughter. She was still pretty fit looking too for 40.

Then Carley breezed into the room, looking great in her Polo top, Ug boots and skinny jeans. She kissed her Moms cheek and sat down beside me.

“I’m starving. What’s for breakfast?”

Her face was glowing with health and contentment, she briefly checked her Mom wasn’t looking and then gave me the dirtiest, most knowing, smile. I could feel my cheeks start to flush and I made a “watch it” face toward her mothers back.

“I’ll get you some cornflakes dear.” Mrs Pattersons prissy voice called out as she headed into the other room. Carley leaned in close to whisper to me.

“I owe you one.”

“You don’t owe me a thing.” I hushed back.

“Don’t be silly I always finish what I’ve started.” That smile again.

“Well you sure finished me last night. You must have been crazy to come back like that.”

A look of puzzlement came over her face.

“What do you mean?”

“Coming back to, you know… make love like that. You must have been crazy. It was so intense…” Her expression caused my sentence to die in my throat.

“But I didn’t…” We stared at each other like idiots.

Slowly the confusion was washed off her face by a wave of realisation and a slow growing expression of horror. I was still playing catch up.

“If it wasn’t you then…”

“What way do you like your eggs?” Mrs Patterson, Erica, stopped at the door as we looked at her.

An expression of exaggerated innocence came to her face and she surreptitiously glanced at the ceiling.

“I like them… ‘Easy’ myself.”

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