Mart 22, 2021

Mother Dear Pt. 14

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“Hold that skirt up like a lady! Show a little dainty elegance. And push that hip out like I taught you to do. Sometimes I think you don’t listen when I talk to you!”

She is kneeling in front of me adjusting the lace on the top of my panties. They are down around my ankles displayed over the tops of my 3″ spike heel thin little ankle strap shoes. She adjusts them so that they don’t hide the ruffled top sissy ankle sox I wear. My delicate lace panties are on full display laid out across the tops of my shoes. She stands and looks me up and down.

“Perfect! I have done wonders with you, baby doll. You should appreciate that.”

She smiles at me, that wicked smile that makes me crazy.

I am wearing a frilly lace short dress, ruffled across the skirt and tops of my shoulders. My makeup is perfect, huge eye lashes and just a bit too-much mascara. My hair is piled up high, huge bow in front over my ‘just to the tops of my eyes’ bangs. And that is all set off by my giant plastic hoop earrings. All pink, everything I wear, my shoes and sissy sox, my lip gloss, my bow, pink–all of it. The large bow pulled up tight by the ribbon tied tightly around my tiny balls and penis is pink too. I am the perfect picture of sissy eye candy. It pushes my tiny penis and balls out and up in front. It highlights the less-than-man I truly am. And my mother loves and reminds me of that fact constantly. She inspects me.

“Don’t you move, darling. Not one inch. He’ll be here any minute. You stay just like that.”

She takes her phone from the table and takes several pictures of me, walks around me. She captures it all from all angles. She always does.

“And don’t talk! Just ‘Yes, Sir’ or ‘No Sir’, if he speaks to you at all. He doesn’t need a chatty little bitch. Real men never do.”

She smooths the ruffles up under my skirt, adjusts the large bow over my soft penis, all of it pushing my soft barely 2″ little thing out in front. I am baby smooth and soft top to bottom. She runs her hand up the curve of my left rear cheek. She feels none of the k-y applied to my tight little hole such that it made no mess in my panties or should I sit on a man’s lap. She keeps me always ready to be accessed by a man or her.

“He’s going to love this. I know he is.”

The doorbell rings. She looks quickly into my eyes.

“You remember what happens to bad sissy boys! You think about that! You be on your best behavior little boy!”

She puts her phone back on the table and walks to her front door. Opening it, a man walks in dressed in a very expensive and well-tailored business suit. He’s tall, well-groomed and obviously muscled. He is all alpha male and it shows. I feel my face flush slightly red as I struggle not to look to the floor. I look at him with the most submissive eyes. I try to give him the submissive look I can hopefully put on my face.

I’m being offered for the first time to a man my mother met online. I’ve been with two of her business associates but she’s ‘expanding’, as she calls it. She no offers my ‘services’ to men on a site she created ‘just for you, baby doll’, as she reminds me. I have not been allowed to see it. She controls all of it.

He politely shakes her extended hand, bends and kisses it. He straightens and looks at me over her shoulder.

“Oh my, my, my. You were absolutely right. He’s perfect. Much better than the pictures you showed me online.”

He has a slight Spanish accent. He’s tall, well built and obviously interested in me.

“Come in and meet your new little girl.”

My mother beams, smiles and sparkles as she leads him into the room I stand in the middle of.

“Please sit. There’s plenty of time to get to know this little one and what he’ll do for you.”

He sits and stares at me. I feel his eyes look me up and down. I see the slight bulge start to grow in his pants. He takes the glass of wine offered him by my Mother. She sits in the chair to his right.

“Well, your first impression? Did the pictures I sent you show my little off properly?”

She sips her wine, smiles at him over the top of her wine glass. His eyes are fixed on me.

“I think I’m in love.”

He laughs, reaches over and places his large hand on my mother’s hand.

She laughs, giggles that girlish laugh she does when delighted with my sissy status displayed in front of her.

“I told you you’d love him. I know what men like you want, don’t I? When I saw your profile online I knew you’d like my little boy.”

“Darling turn around and show the nice man that cute little preciously tight rear end of yours. Be a good boy, won’t you?”

She purrs to me in her best little girl voice. I carefully turn as taught to by her. Many hours with her riding crop in hand, her teaching me to model and exhibit myself. I mince so as not to crimp the lace panties dangling on my shoe tops. I very slightly arch my back and push my butt out toward him.

“He’s beautiful. Absolutely darling and adorable!”

He sips his wine.

“He antalya escort has the butt of a young girl. He really does.”

“I know. And I work him hard to keep it that way. You are going to love his little hole. Not being a man I wouldn’t know but I’ve been told by the other select men I offer him too that he is so tight it’s better than any woman they’ve ever been with. I guess I should be jealous of that.”

They both laugh. My mother stands and looks down at this man.

“I’m going to leave the two of you to get acquainted. You don’t need me in the way of this soon to be wonderful first date.”

She puts her wine glass on the table between their two chairs. She walks to the stair. If you need me I’ll be upstairs. Just ring that bell on the table.”

She turns to me as she passes me by, walking toward the stairs.

“And you, young lady. If this man has any complaint or does not want to come back to visit again, and again, and again, for any reason whatsoever, you know what that will lead to. Are you going to be on your best behavior?”

She pets the side of my face.

“Yes, mama…yessss, yes, mama…I’ll be good…”

I stammer slightly, so wanting to please. She hears the slight panic in my voice.

She laughs, looks back to her newest client.

“Don’t tell me. Tell him!!”

She slaps my face. I wince, whimper. I quickly turn to look at him. I feel a slight tear start in my eye.

“Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir…I’ll be a good boy…yesss, Sir…”

I stammer. She places her finger to my lips to shush me. She looks at me but talks to him.

“I think you’ll be more than satisfied with this little one.”

She walks to the stair and goes up to her office. I stand in silence as I hear her door close shut.

I hear him stand. I feel myself slightly shudder as he moves to me. I feel the fear I always do when approached by an alpha male. I feel his dominance over me just by being in the room with him. It’s unspoken. I feel his hand touch my butt. He cups my right cheek, squeezes it slightly with his muscular and powerful hand. I feel his lips on my naked and exposed left shoulder, feel his breath at my ear as he kisses his way up to it.

“Pretty little boy.”

His breathing gets heavier as he kisses and nibbles the back of my right ear, then my shoulder. I feel his fingers drift to the crack of my butt, feel them spread me slightly. I push back against his hand. I feel goose bumps form on my butt and legs. He laughs slightly at that.

“Ah, you like me, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir…yes…”

He smiles and turns me toward him quickly. He stares into my eyes.

“You have a very interesting mother, don’t you? And she is very good at showing you off.”

He laughs loud. It reverberates off the walls. I feel him pull me close to him. I feel the huge erection in his pants push up against me.

“I know what sissies like you need. And I like little boys like you far more than women. They never please a real man like a little sissy bitch does. Ever.”

I feel him slap my rear so hard that it makes me cry out, almost lifts me off my feet. I quiver, whimper softly. He does it again. I feel like I do every time I am about to be spanked, whipped or paddled. I feel fear and shame. I hold back tears.

He pushes me to my knees quickly. He undoes his pants just as quickly and drops it all to his ankles. His erection is huge. HUGE. He is at least 11 maybe 12 inches long. He is the man mother trained me for. Weeks of the 12″ dildo, working me with it daily, making me sit on it as far as I could get it in. She told me this man was what I was being taught to please. What I was being trained to please–his massive cock.

He guided himself to my mouth. I steadied myself with my hands on is muscular legs and hips. I felt him push himself my mouth. I could only get the first couple of inches of him into my mouth before I choked. He pulled out then pushed back in. He used my mouth like that for almost half an hour. He choked me to the point of gagging several times. My lipstick all over my chin, saliva and eye makeup running down my face and onto the pink ruffled shoulders of my pretty dress, I worked hard to make him happy. I was crying softly as he forced himself into my mouth very deep, slightly into my throat. I started to choke loudly, saliva pouring out of the sides of my mouth. He ignored it. He was moaning. He was making the noises men make when they are being sucked by a little bitch like me. He was lost to my mouth. He stepped out of his pants, kicked his shoes off with his cock still shoved deep into my mouth. His hand on the back of my head holding me firmly in place, he started to fuck rhythmically, methodically. His grunting, moaning, my choking sounds the only sound in the room.

And then he pulled me up by my arm. He literally lifted me off the floor. He took me to the couch against the wall, me mincing with my panties stretched around my ankles making it impossible to take anything kemer escort other than tiny baby steps. He pushed me down over the arm of long couch and in an instant he was in me from behind. I cried out loudly, screamed. I steadied myself with my hands on the floor, pinned over the arm of it. He just started to fuck, ignored my loud cries. He held my butt by both cheeks at the sides, him up on one knee on the couch, his other leg and foot anchored on the floor, he lifted me off of the arm of the couch slightly. Holding me in midair as he stroked in and out almost full length, I was completely his.

I cried loudly at first. I could tell he liked that. He was lost to all of it. I felt him release my hips. He let me drop to the couch arm as he took off his shirt and was naked behind me. I felt his fingers dig into my hips so hard it hurt. He lifted my rear back up and started fucking me so fast I cried out, over and over. I collapsed my face and chest onto the couch arm, my rear being held up and in place by his strong hands and arms. I was limp as he used my rear end for his pleasure for what seemed like forever. I could feel bruises form from his fingertips as they dug into me. I sobbed softly, punctuated by loud cries as he rammed up deeply into me. He used me like that for almost an hour. My tight little hole stretched out as far as it would go, running back and forth over the head and shaft of his cock, I was numb.

And then he started fucking to cum. I cried, thrashed against his grip. He held me so tightly as he fucked fast and hard I could not move. I cried almost hysterically. It felt like I was being impaled. I was. I could feel him as if he was all the way up into my throat.

When he came it gushed out of me. I could feel it. It was like a fire hose, actually gushed out of me. Huge deep strokes, him pushing his cum out of my butt and down my legs with each stroke into me. His warm cum ran over my little balls and onto soft penis. When he was finished with me he kept himself deep up into my rear end. His penis semi erect, going soft, but still massive. I felt him pet my cheeks.

“So pretty, so pretty.”

He said that over and over as he fondled and petted my butt. He leaned forward and kissed my neck and shoulders. I felt him nibble the top of my left ear. I was lost to this man.

When he pulled out of me he took me by my arm and led to me to the chair he had been sitting in. He sat and pulled me down on the floor next to him. I felt him guide my face to his cock. Taking him into my mouth I sucked him clean. I was sitting with my legs up under me next to his chair in a worshipful position. His semi erect cock in my mouth, he rang the bell on the table. My mother appeared at the top of the stairs almost instantly. Looking down on it all, she seemed concerned, as if something was wrong. Before she could speak he did.

“Do you have a paddle or a leather strap?”

“Of course. I apologize for not putting them out for you.”

She hurried to my basement punishment room and was back quickly with a leather paddle and short wide leather strap, the two of her punishment tools I hated the most. She also brought a thin riding crop and ankle and wrist restraints mounted on a hobbling bar.

“Is there a problem? Did he disappoint you??? Did he offend you in any way?”

She seemed genuinely concerned, almost paniced, worried that I may have done something wrong to this man.

“Oh no. Far from it. He has the most delicious ass I’ve ever had. He really does. Everything you told about his is deliciously true. And his mouth is as you said it would be. Well trained, eager and hot. So far he really is all you said he would be. He is a most delightfully well trained little boy.”

I felt him pet the side of my red face as he talked matter-of-factly about me to my mother.

My mother had never seen me with a man like this before. She stood and stared. She had sent me off to be with two of her professional clients, had let one of them have me in my bedroom, but she’d never seen me in an ‘owned’ position next to a man’s chair, his soft but huge cock in my mouth. I could feel the wet tears on my cheeks and face, feel my running makeup, feel my face burn bright red with sissy humiliation. I kept him in my mouth. I was afraid to move an inch.

“No. I just like to play.”

He picked up the paddle and looked it over. He put it back on the table and picked up the thin riding crop. He flexed it with both hands, smiled at my mother. I felt his hand go to the back of my head. I felt his cock start to grow rapidly in my mouth. He was losing himself to my mouth.

“Oh yeah. Uhhh, ooo…yes! That’s it. Eager little boy. Suck it.”

He looked down at me as his cock grew so big it pushed my head up over his lap. My mother smiled.

“Oh my, is right. Your picture didn’t do you justice. You have a beautiful cock.”

She laughed as she took her phone from the table.

“If you ever decide to like girls I may want konyaaltı escort to see that up closer. Don’t forget to thank the nice man when he’s done with you, honey. Would you mind if I took a picture of him like that? I won’t put your face in it. This is to hot not to capture for all time.”

She giggled to him.

“Go right ahead. Uhhh…mmmmm, that mouth…fuck…”

She took several pictures being careful not to capture my new client from the shoulders up. Me, exposed completely, his huge hard on in my mouth just passed the head of it, as far as I could get it in, his hand was firmly on the back of my head.

“I’ll leave you two alone. I’m not needed here. I can see that.”

She laughed to herself as she went back up the stairs. As her heels clicked on the floor and the stairs, he lost himself a second time to my mouth.

He stood. Keeping his erection as far as it would go into my mouth. I felt him take my hair in his hand. His other hand held the riding crop I lived in fear of. That is when my first serious whipping with this man began. He ordered me to hold my cheeks apart as I knelt in front of him. He brought the crop down fast and hard up into the crack of my butt. My cries, choking sounds, screams and muffled begging filled the house for the next half hour. My useless muffled begging, his cock in my mouth, was stopped only by him dragging me back to the couch and fucking me over the arm of it again. I sobbed and whimpered as he did it all.

After he came in me a second time then the paddling over his lap began. I cried like I do when mother punishes to the extreme. She had to have heard it all. And then it was back to my knees in front of his chair. He came a third time in my mouth as I worked hard to make that happen. He came almost as hard and full as the first time. He was insatiable.

Two hours later when he left mother’s house, I was as I was when he arrived. I was posed holding my dress up. My panties were displayed delicately and cutely over the tops of my shoes. But now my face was covered with hysterical tears and smeared mascara stripes. My eye makeup was dripping down my cheeks pitifully so. I had thin red strips across the backs of my thighs and up into the crack of my butt. He used the thin riding crop more than ‘skillfully’. My rear cheeks were bruised and bright red from the severe paddling he gave me. My left arm felt sore at the shoulder from being held tightly in place over his lap. He knew just how to pull my arm up in back, preventing me from moving away from the hard slaps of the paddle. His finger tip bruises covered my upper arms. Cum soaked the tops of my ruffled sox and streaked down my inner legs, much of it collected into my panties. His cum covered the crack of my rear end. My sobs were the only sound in the room as my mother sat in the chair across from me. I could not stop crying. She listened intently, smiling up at me.

“I think it went well, don’t you, baby doll?”

She stared at me.

“Yesss, mother…”

I could barely speak through my tears and crying. He’d paddled and whipped me severely, as she does.

I thought about him sitting and watching after he’d dressed, making sure I was as he’d found me, perfectly on display for anyone to see. I thought about him as he rang the little bell on the table, staring at me as I cried. When mother came to the room they exchanged hushed words, pleasantries at the front door, he handed her an envelope, kissed her hand and was gone.

“My, my, my, he was certainly a pleasant surprise. He wants you at least once a month. He even wants you sometimes more. You must have made a wonderful first impression, little boy. I like that. He also says he may want to take you out to share with friends from time to time. I think we can arrange for that. You don’t have any problems with that do you, baby doll?”

She laughed. Before I could answer she did.

“No, you don’t. You have no problem with that at all. I like that man. He’s all alpha man. I’m betting you do to. I may have to fuck him myself.”

She laughed, leaned forward in her chair.

“I know that dirty little mind of yours, don’t I? I know that you’d masturbate to this hourly for the next month if I didn’t keep that tiny thing of yours locked up tight. Wouldn’t you? I know your dirty mind. You have no self-control. That’s why you need me, sweetie. I know he hurt you. And I know you get through it all and then the real dirty thoughts that drive my little boy set in, don’t they.”

“Yes, mother.”

I burst into tears again.

“Oh, baby. You are so precious to me. You know you are. You should see yourself right now. I could not love my little boy more. And I know you love all of this. Why else would we do this? We both know that this is the hottest thing that could possibly happen for both of us. Don’t we, honey?”

I stammered ‘Yes, mother.’ But she ignored it as she adjusted her phone camera. She took several pictures. She stood and walked to me, showed me the first one.

I cried as she kissed my cheek. She put her phone in the hand she had around my shoulder. She reached down and started to stroke my penis to tiny erection with her other hand.

“Come on. Don’t be shy with me. Get that little thing hard for mama. Come on, honey.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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