Mart 30, 2021

Mother and Son in Lockdown Heaven

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April 2020.

It was still lockdown in England and if it wasn’t for the sex with my Mother I may well have been bored.

I was at home in my office, when the phone rang, “hello?”

“This is Stephanie, is that you Tom?”

“Hi Stephanie, what a lovely surprise.”

“I just played the message you left, I didn’t know you were in town.”

“I’ve been back since just before the lockdown kicked in, how’re you doing?”

“I’m working from home, keeping my head above water, but only just.”

My mother chose this moment to enter the room, “I heard the phone ring,” she said by way of an explanation, she was naked from the shower and still toweling herself dry.

“Hang on there Stephanie,” I said placing my hand over the phone so Stephanie couldn’t hear.

“Is that towel big enough?”

“Ha-ha, very funny, don’t you like what you see?”

“Course I do, however, I think you’re trying to tell me something, how long has it been?”

“Three days and sixteen hours.”

I knew she was joking, “it’s been two days,” I replied, “don’t worry it won’t be much longer.”

I kept my hand over the mouthpiece, “It’s Stephanie,” I told her.

“Sorry Stephanie, Mom just entered the room, can you speak over the computer, you know like a video conference, that way we can all join in?”

Sure I can, I need to tidy up, I’ll contact you, five minutes.”

My mother had gone to get a bigger towel and returned, vigorously rubbing herself.

“I’ve arranged for us to have a video link-up we can see each other as we talk.”

She threw the towel aside and stood behind me, looking on while I fired up the computer, a breast resting on each of my shoulders. I reached an arm across and gently stroked her left nipple, she shuddered.

“I like that,” she responded, pushing her breasts further forward on my shoulders.

“You looking forward to seeing her?”

“Yes, of course.”

“She’ll be able to see you, I think it will be a nice surprise, my face with a large, full breast resting on each side?” As I said this, I changed hands so each held a nipple, I teased them, making a milking action, then circling her aureoles.

“Oh, that is so good.”

I dutifully complied and released her nipples, “how about after we talk to Stephanie?”

I’ll finish drying off and get a top on.”

I sat by the computer and Stephanie made contact, I was immediately struck by the fact she was wearing a tie, unusual at any time, but when you’re stuck at home? I didn’t know how to broach the subject of the tie, so I said nothing.

“My mother is drying off from the shower, do you mind if she joins us?”

“Sure, I’d love to see Selene, it’s been so long.”

“I have some work you could help me with, I hope I haven’t interrupted a work meeting or suchlike?” I asked.

“No, oh you mean the tie? It’s an old habit from when I worked office reception, I do video link-ups with clients, this way it’s more professional. What have you been doing?”

I wasn’t convinced by her explanation but left it there, “I have an American professor and he’s asked for a copy of my doctoral thesis, so out of courtesy, I’m running it through an English-USA spell-check.”

“That’s good Thomas, or should I call you Doctor Thomas?”

“It’s up to you, but it would make a change from Major Tom, what do you think?”

“I thought you’d left the military?”

“I have but anyone, Captain or above, can use their rank as a title, even after they’ve left. Charlie can use his if he wants too, anyway I’m going to have ‘Doctor’ put on my passport.”

“That might get you through customs quicker,” she added.

“Yes, I hope so, Stephanie, I need someone to run the spellcheck for me, I’m fed up of reading the same words over and over again, I must have read them a hundred times. Tell me what you charge and bill me after each chapter, anything you think needs reviewing just highlight it for me.”

“Sure Tom, just email one chapter at a time, okay?”

“Will do, is Charlie there I was hoping to talk to him?”

“He’s sat opposite me,” she patted the seat next to her, “come on over Charlie, it’s Thomas!”

Mother chose this moment to walk in wearing a long jumper that just covered her panties, I could see she had no bra on I hoped it wasn’t so noticeable to Stephanie.

Mom sat on the arm of my computer chair and leaned over so we were both on-screen, at that same time, then Charlie appeared.

“Hi, Charlie,” he looked a bit down, “how’re things?”

“Fine,” he said in a quiet voice.

“I’ve just asked your mum to do some work for me, you know seeing as she’s working from home.”

Charlie looked disinterested, even a bit embarrassed, “okay, she’d like that.”

“I was hoping you could also help me out, we’ve made the old den into a bar, and we need to give it a theme. I was thinking of paintings of the old wooden men-of-war, those from the Napoleonic era, HMS Victory, the ‘Fighting Temeraire’, you know, that sort of painting.” I was becoming overenthusiastic, beylikdüzü escort so I quickly stopped speaking.

“I’ve got no paints, no brushes, no easel, I lost everything in the last attack.”

“You gained a medal,” I reminded him, “second highest.”

“Didn’t help Jimmy Newman though, did it?”

“Charlie, you got him out of a blazing inferno, you risked your life, no man can do more than what you did that day,” we sat silent for a moment, quite somber, “you did the same.”

“Yeh, we’re both heroes.”

It was as though Charlie read the mood, “I’d like to help, but as I say…”

“I’ll have everything you need, it will be delivered to your door, and I’ll send over some of my Patrick O’Brians, the covers on them are fantastic.”

Charlie was visibly starting to perk up, “that would be good of you Tommy, I’d like to put brush to canvas.”

We spoke for twenty minutes or so and eventually disconnected.

Mother remained sat on the arm of the computer chair, “that was a good result,” I said elatedly.

Mother was pensive, “what’s up?”

“Stephanie wore a tie.”

“Yes, I thought it a bit odd but she explained why.”

“It’s odd all right, I think she had her secretary’s uniform on, mini-skirt, stockings and suspenders, elegant jacket, which partly explains Charlie’s new lease of life.”

“How exactly?”

“A few months ago when we were going to the fancy dress night, I called on her early to give her a lift. I walked in when there was no reply to my knocking, I saw her in the hallway, she was standing on the top of the loft ladder, Charlie was holding it looking up her skirt. It was the most animated I’ve ever seen him, I found it a bit disquieting.”

“Do you know if it led to anything,” I asked?

“Why wouldn’t it? A grown woman, walking around in stockings and mini-skirts, let’s face it, it made you see me in a different light.”

“I certainly did but unlike Charlie, I was fully compos mentis, anyway I saw you as a different person, you’d changed so much.”

I placed my arm around her ass, she shifted enough to give me access to her bare pussy. I pushed my hand so the finger was able to access her clitoris, my thumb naturally found its way between her pussy lips. She took her top off the movement allowed me to gain better access to her clitoris, and my thumb disappeared inside her pussy. She looked over her shoulder, “this is not comfortable.”

I stopped all movement, while she leaned over the desk, her weight was on her elbows and lower arms. I stood up by her side, my left hand playing with her breasts. I had started a steady rhythm with my right hand, I felt her clitoris hard against my fingers, my thumb was as far inside her as I could get, it was drowning in her lubricant. She was getting wetter and wetter, I looked at her pussy. I didn’t break contact with her, I kept the pressure on, she arched her back, lifting her head. She was shaking, and I was scared stiff of losing contact. In only a few moments she reached a shuddering climax, it was one of those that went on and on, I suspected she hadn’t finished so I carried on working on her, responding to her movements which were slowing down, she placed her head on the desk between her arms, she gasped for breath. “I had two orgasms one after the other keep that thumb in.” I obediently pushed so it stayed inside her. “I just had,” she paused for breath, “just had two orgasms,” she repeated. “I know, you told me,” I wasn’t able to stand up straight as my right hand was still inside her pussy. “I had a clitoral one, and you hit my G-spot, it was fantastic.” “If you’ve finished, I’d like my hand back.” She waggled her ass, pushing me out, “I reckon you want to wash up?” “Erm, probably best,” I agreed. “Don’t worry, I’ll still be here, in this exact position.” I gave her rump a playful slap, “I expect nothing more,” and went to the bathroom. I ran my hands under the tap and soaped them thoroughly, I was deliberately taking my time, I pictured her bent over waiting to satisfy me. After washing I stripped off. She was just as I had left her, she’d splayed her legs a bit more, and I had a good view of her labia. The outer lips still had a space between them where my thumb had penetrated. My penis found its way in effortlessly, I didn’t even need to use my hands. “Can we stay like this for a little while?” “Sure,” I said, “I’ve no objection.” She moved her vaginal muscles, I could feel them caressing my penis. “You know something if Stephanie has discovered that sex brings Charlie back in from a very dark place, then I can’t condemn her for that, what’s our excuse?” I pushed myself into her pushing her body forward onto the desk.

“Selfishness, at least that’s my excuse, I wanted to have more freedom and fun.”

I resumed the in and out movements, very slowly making sure I was always more than half inside her. “If Craig had been around we’d never have indulged in this, why not find another Craig?”

“I did, I wanted someone to take charge and care for me, and I found beylikdüzü eve gelen escort you. You’re caring for me in every way possible, and it didn’t seem like I was fucking my own son,” she managed to look over her shoulder, “literally.”

There was silence, I indulged myself with slow rhythmic movements. I went on for minutes, I was thinking that it was time I came when she spoke.

“I’ve been in a very enjoyable post-orgasmic euphoria, but you can come now, if you want.”

“Well, I am feeling hungry,” and so saying I began to move with greater energy. Each thrust seemed to lift her off her feet, and then I came, I groaned with each spurt. I was so forceful I imagined my sperm crashing against the wall of her vagina. I felt exhausted, I stood and waited for my prick to fallout, a small amount of my cum dropped on the floor, she gave a final squeeze of her pussy and out it came, followed by the rest of my cum.

“Now that my lord and master has finished, I’ll be off to prepare a suitable feast, do fish sticks sound good?”

Later that day I scanned copies of the Patrick O’Brian book covers and sent them over to Charlie, he asked if I had any particular favorite. I messaged him to select the ones he liked and left it at that. I ordered all the paint supplies that I’d promised, it just needed them to be delivered to his home. It was only then that I remembered to send a chapter of my thesis to Stephanie.

The next few days I found myself with nothing to do, mother and I made love, straight forward, normal sex apart from us being mother and son. I received a message from Charlie saying his art supplies had arrived.

I sent him a message, “I wish I had an artistic bent, I envy you.”

Charlie replied, “you were always good at photography, take some pictures.”

I hadn’t used the camera since my return to civilian life. I started to think, mother would make an excellent model, I needed to talk to her.

I asked her the next day, “how would you like to pose for me in your fancy dress costumes?”

She stared at me suspiciously, “what’s on your mind?”

“I could take some photos, and hence you’d have a record of them, you could even send some to Craig.”

“Huh, Craig’s in the past and he’s staying there, you’re bored aren’t you, the costumes are in my wardrobe, you can take their picture any time you want?”

I sighed, was she being her scatter-brained self, or was this deliberate, “I meant with you in them, anyway now that I’ve sent my thesis to Stephanie, I have nothing to do.”

“Okay, I’ll go through my outfits, and I may even make some more, I need some new themes, air-hostess, nurse, French maid, they’re all very well, maybe you’ve got some suggestions?”

“You forgot the can-can outfit, erm… a nuns always a good one, and, how about a dirndl?” Mom looked perplexed, “what women wear in Bavaria, it’s where the men wear lederhosen.”

She nodded her understanding, “dirndl’s out, it goes in at the knee, not flared enough, I like the idea of the nun, all I’d need would be a wimple.”

“Just a wimple?”

“Yes, clever clogs, I have a black, full-length petticoat, see-through of course, a wimple and a sign saying ‘the defrocked nun’, couldn’t be simpler.”

I smiled at the picture in my mind, black seamed stockings, see-through panties.

“What are you smiling about,” she burst into my thoughts, “I was just thinking that er, maybe a policewoman.”

She pondered my suggestions, “well, it would give me something to do.”

Stephanie kept in regular contact, always over the computer, always wearing a tie, she was going through the chapters like the true professional that she was, “Charlie is really working on the paintings,” she leaned forward, conspiratorially, he has even offered to do a painting of me, he wants me dressed as a French Maid or cancan dancer, your Mom must have told you that we were paid to dress up for the fancy dress evenings?”

“She told me everything, even mentioned Charlie seemed to buck up when he saw you both, a sight for sore eyes. Quite a situation you two got yourselves involved in, turned out okay though?”

“I don’t suppose my earlier explanation fooled you, did it?”

“It did for a while, tell you what, when this is over why don’t you and Charlie come over, we’ll have a ‘French’ themed night, you can come as can-can dancers or as French Maids.”

“Oh Thomas, that would be fun, but what would you boys go as?”

“Well, I only have a dinner suit so I could go as the butler, the man in charge, Charlie could go as the Master of Ceremonies, he’d carry that off better than me, maybe I should go as a headmaster, I have my gown and mortarboard from my graduation, all I’d need would be a cane so I could swagger about, what do you think?”

“You’d both fit those roles to a tee! The thought of you wielding a cane around, has me a bit concerned, I’d worry that you might want to inflict a bit of corporal punishment to naughty girls bottoms,” she laughed.

“I’d beylikdüzü masöz escort only do that to deserving cases, what the hell, you’re giving me some bad ideas.”

Selene had been standing in the doorway and couldn’t stay silent any longer, “Stephanie, if he starts looking on the internet for walking sticks I’ll blame you.”

I decided to leave the ladies laughing, I didn’t want to listen in to their conversation, and went to make a cup of tea, I took one to Selene, said bye to Stephanie, and sat drinking tea and reading a book in the living room, life was good.

Later that night when Mom had gone to bed, I ordered a suitable walking cane, I addressed it to my Mom, it arrived after only two days, I answered the door to the delivery man.

“Selene,” I called to her, she was using my computer, I didn’t use it so much now that I’d given a lot of my work to Stephanie, “there’s a parcel here addressed to you, should I open it?” Actually, I had no intention, I wanted to see her face when she opened it.

“No, don’t you dare, it could be private.”

She came galloping down the stairs, when she saw the size and shape she stopped, looking puzzled. “I ordered some er.. stuff but this is too big.” She opened the parcel and then the case, she took it out, it took her a moment for it to sink in.

“Oh Thomas, you sneak, when did you order this, you never told me?”

“I did it using the privacy app, you know, I showed you how to use it.”

“Oh, er, yes, I remember now,” she paused for a moment, “you aren’t really planning to cane or spank anyone are you?” It was a totally unnecessary question, but I was more concerned over her hesitation when I’d mentioned the privacy app.

“Of course not, why should I?” I took the cane off her, “I’m going to use it for this,” and holding the bottom of the cane placed the curved handle under the hem of her skirt and raised it. She shrieked and tried to hold her skirt down, she eventually got it under control but not until I had seen her panties and stocking tops. I looked approvingly at the cane, “I should have bought one of these sooner, money well spent.”

“You’re incorrigible Thomas, you know that!” She flounced off.

The way she spoke and things she said raised my suspicions, so I went and checked my computer, “Selene,” she took her time but eventually appeared, somewhat reluctantly.

“What do you want?”

“Selene, I have no problem with you using my computer, but please use the privacy app, okay?” She swayed from side to side, she was uncomfortable. This was the closest we had come to a row since we’d started our sexual journey. I tried not to speak too harshly, “look, I’ll show you again, okay?” She nodded and sat on my knee and I proceeded to show her, once again. “What parcel are you expecting,” I asked?

“No business but my own,” she responded, staring into the screen.

“No sex tonight then?”

She turned and looked at me, “sex is not a bargaining point, I like sex, I could never use it as a weapon,” she kissed me, my mind went to the view I’d recently had of her underwear, “so you’re not mad at me about the cane incident?”

She stood up and lifted her skirt, way above her waist, I stared appreciatively, “good enough answer?”

It sure was.

The next morning I searched the computer looking for Selene’s activities, I was not too surprised when I found she’d been on sites advertising sex aids, though it left me a little bit miffed, wasn’t I good enough? The one thing I found that really intrigued me was her search for spanking videos, I pondered, did she want to be the spanker or the spankee?

I was reading a Harry Bosch detective novel having enjoyed lunch, “can I borrow your computer?” she asked.

“Sure, but what have you got to remember?” She looked at me blank-faced, I remained silent, “I know it’s something important, but my mind has become a total blank.”

I tried not to show my exasperation, “does the word ‘Privacy’ mean anything I said, that’s a clue by the way.”

“Oh, of course so obvious when you think about it.”

“I’ll go through it again with you,” just then the phone rang, it was Charlie.

He had completed three paintings from the Patrick O’Brian series of book-covers that I’d sent him. “I’ll email them to you as an attachment, but they’re quite big so I’ll send them separately.”

“I look forward to seeing them,” then we discussed other things amongst them my conversation with Stephanie. We had a good laugh anticipating an evening of frills and frippery with our sexy carefree Mothers. I’m going to watch some cancan films on You-tube I told him, “it’ll give us some ideas for when we can finally get together.”

I went upstairs to the office, “sorry Selene I got involved in a long conversation with Charlie, how’s it going?”

“I became impatient and started my search, trouble is I forgot your advice about ‘Privacy’,” she looked more than a bit sheepish.

“I’m not angry,” I said, though my face was like thunder, “but you are so scatter-brained.” I paused, deep in thought, “I cannot afford to have evidence on my computer of searches concerning sex aids, and spanking videos.” She had the goodness to blush. “How would that look, a person of my status,” I hoped I wasn’t overplaying this. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy another computer and you can search for whatever you want, whenever you want.”

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