Mayıs 9, 2021

Morning Showers

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Morning Showers

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As I wake, the light of the morning sun shines through your ivory drapes and sets a soft, yellow glow about the bedroom. It is earlier that it has any right to be, I should still be asleep and recovering from the night I have just spent with you. I can still taste the night on my tongue; a delicate sweetness remains from the bottle of wine, mottled with a distinct phantom of “you.” The light caress of your linen sheets reminds me of your touch on my skin. I smile and roll over to see if you still slumber or if you have risen for the day.

Your side of the bed is empty, but warm to the touch and now I can hear the shower sputtering to life. I throw the covers from my body and roll out of bed to join you. The door of the bathroom is cracked and the steam has begun to roll forth. I stop just before entering to take a moment to just look at you… to really look at you. I can see the silhouette of your body through the glazed glass sliding door of your shower. You roll your head back and let the hot water pour over your chest and neck, then turn to wet your hair and back. Steam boils over the top of the shower and envelopes the room. I enter quickly and secure the door behind me to retain the heat.

You must have heard the door close because I saw your head turn ever so slightly to acknowledge the clicking of the latch, but you make no other indication you know of my presence. I sense a change in the room. The air becomes charged with an almost palpable sexual energy. I wait and I watch for your next move. Your demeanor has changed. Where once you were standing still and letting the water cascade over you, now your hands have begun to dance over your body. This is no simple lathering as part of your daily routine. No… this is deliberate. This is salacious. I can see you as you turn your back to me and run your hands down over your hips, bending ever so slightly to accentuate the swell of your perfectly round backside.

I bahis firmaları feel a stirring in me, a thirst only you can slake begins. My heart rate increases and beats hard in my chest. I watch as the shadow of you leans against the back wall of your shower.. I watch as your hands trace distinct tracks over your body. The gathering steam distorts the view but does not obscure it completely. I know when your hands cup your breasts. I can tell when you pinch one nipple between your finger and thumb and compress delicately. Had the steam not frosted the glass doors I could have seen you bite your lip, all too aware of what you were doing to me. I watch as one of your hands descends from your breast, sliding down your abdomen, dipping into your navel and beyond.

My heart is pounding now, and I can feel it lower than my chest. The tick-ticking of my pulse is now evident in my rapidly growing erection. My face is flushed. In all my years I have not known a lust greater than that which I have now for you. I want to rush you… NEED to rush to be in with you but resist. Somehow, someway I resist. This is a game for you and a game I intend to enjoy. You know I am out there watching and you know what you are doing to me.

You smile to yourself and bite your lip as the fingertip from your middle finger traces a line straight down your stomach and to your pussy. You can see me through the frosted glass, you can see my engorged cock that I hold in my hand and stroke ever so slowly. You always have enjoyed seeing how hot you make me. You press a finger between your pussy lips and drag slowly vertically, it slides easily due to your excitement and you shudder as you graze the nub of your clitoris. You utter the coup-de-grace to this temptatious game and let out an unstifled moan knowing full well that I will be able to take no more.

I hear the audible release of your desire and my constitution breaks. I race to the shower. I must have you now. Throwing the door open wide and taking you in my arms, kaçak iddaa I feel your soft lips pressed to mine as our tongues swirl together. I hold you close to me and kiss you hard pressing you against the side of the shower as the hot water rains down upon us. You can feel my erection pressed against your belly and this increases the heat of your own lust.

Your hand reaches down and wraps around my cock as we breathe into each other’s mouths. You can feel me quiver and smile at your touch. You slowly start to stroke my cock, squeezing at the base and pulling up the length. I kiss and bite your neck and moan as you slide your thumb over the tip and it comes away slick with pre-cum. You feel my moan originate deep within me and resonates through to your throat when my lips are.

I bend my neck to your breast, surrounding a nipple with my mouth, taking you between my teeth and suckling gently. My teeth apply pressure and drag my bite to the peak. You hand strokes up and down my cock faster now as you feel it throbbing in your hand. You pull my mouth to yours and stand on your tip-toes, parting your legs slightly. You bite my lip as you rub the head of my cock between your wet pussy lips. I suck air in through my teeth, barely restraining my overwhelming desire for you. You’ve been leaning into me and we are now two steps from the wall of the shower, I press one hand to your hip as one cups the back of your head, my fingers wound into your wet hair. I push you back to create some space between us and we both look down to watch as you jerk my cock. I glance up as you lick your lips hungrily, I predict that you plan to change tactics and swallow me soon. I instead take control of the situation and hold you captively, preventing you from kneeling and seizing me with your mouth. Your eyes meet mine questioningly, almost hurt, and I answer with a mischievous smile of my own.

Keeping you pressed to the wall, I kneel down and kiss a line of intent down your stomach. It reminds you of your own touch that started this kaçak bahis whole adventure. You rest your shoulders against the wall and push your hips forward, spreading your legs as you feel the hair on my face tickle the insides of your thighs. Your eyes are locked on mine as I push the tip of my tongue past the lips of your slit and then within. You keep eye contact for as long as you can as I lick up your pussy until I reach your clitoris; then you let pleasure take over as you close your eyes, roll your head back, and lose yourself to the sensations.

I suck your clitoris into my mouth and lap it with the flat of my tongue, gauging your reactions and determining what will bring you the most pleasure today. Your hands close around the back of my head and grind my face against you. My tongue strums your clit as your legs shake. My own hands knead your ass and pull you onto my eager mouth. I’ve always loved and cherished the taste of you.

I shift a hand from your ass to your thigh and then slide it towards your pussy. While I circle your clit with my tongue, I press first one, then two fingers inside you, curling slightly to your right where I know you liked to be touched. I caress your clit with my tongue and work my fingers inside you as your legs start to tremble and your breathing quickens. Your moans grow in volume as I fuck you with my mouth. At the height of your pleasure, you intake one deep breath and let forth a final “FUCK” as you climax. Your orgasm rips through you. You are unable to keep your legs upright, and your knees crumble. Gravity pushes your quivering pussy against my eager mouth. I feel your muscles clench my fingers inside of you and I bring them to a rest with a firm pressure against your muscled wall inside of you. I hold my hot mouth against you until the ripples of your orgasm subside and you are able to stand on your own accord. Your face tingles as I kiss you, your nerve endings alight. I wonder if you can taste yourself as distinctly as I can. You blink your eyes and exhale deeply to gain your bearings.

You watch in a daze as I take hold of your hand and reach to turn off the shower. You follow me out of the shower and back to the bedroom as you wonder what else is in store for the morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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