Mart 10, 2021

More than i bargained for

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i’m a 35 year old married white male, and recently i was somewhat gang raped by a bunch of men. when i say “somewhat”, i mean i went into a situation orally willing, but the situation changed and i was anally raped. i’ll explain. for some time now, i have had the desire to see what it would be like to suck another man’s cock. i’m not attracted to men, but i don’t like to make judgement on something unless i try it first. so i figured i would try it once so that i would know what it is like.

i didn’t know how to go about finding a guy for this so i put an ad on a personals website stating that i just wanted to suck a dick for the first time and nothing else. right away i had alot of reply’s from horny, mostly old men who were willing. i screaned all of them and came accross a guy my age who lived close and wanted to meet. so i agreed to meet him at a park and from there he told me he knew a place we could go were i could take my time sucking his cock.

we met and i got into his car were he then took me to a wharehouse that he said was abanded. as we walked inside, i was realy nervis about the whole thing but i wasn’t going to back out of it. he knew the place for sure and took me upstairs into a room that had some desks and other furniture that was set up like somebody used the room regularly. once inside, he closed the door and then took all his clothes off until he was compleatly naked. bahis firmaları he stood accross the room from the door and faced it so that when i began to suck his dick, my back will be facing the door.

i looked at his dick and noticed he was realy well endowed. a long, fat, circumsized cock that had no flaws. i said, “you have a nice cock”. his reply was, “i’m glad you like it. come over here and whorship it.” i walked over and dropped to my knees in front of him and staired at his big cock. it was hard and ozzing pre-cum. the first thing i did was grab his cock and licked the pre-cum off the tip of his dick. his cock felt rock hard in my hand as i stroked it and sucked at his dick hole trying to get more of his pre-cum. i said, “that taste good, your dick taste good”.

thats when he said, “take all your clothes off”. i said, “i’m only here to suck your dick, thats it”. he said, “thats what your going to do, but i love to see a fully naked man on his knees in front of me servicing my cock. it realy turns me on. what do you say?” i replied, “I don’t know man.” he then said, “come on guy, turn me on. take your clothes off and spend as much time as you like with my dick.” i was enjoying his dick in my mouth and so i figured if it turned him on, it would probably make sucking his cock even better. so i said, “alright. why not?”

so i walked over to the desk and took all my clothes off and kaçak iddaa set them on it. i turned around and saw him stairing at my body. i went back and got back down on my knees and began sucking his cock again. as i sucked, he said, “if you don’t mind me saying, you have a realy nice ass.” i just continued to suck his dick for awhile when he said, “you like my cock don’t you?” i shook my head yes. he said, “good, and i like your ass. so what do you say you let me fuck your asshole.” i took his dick out of mouth and said, “no way man! this is all i’m doing.” he said, “come on man, let me fuck you in the butt.”

i again told him, “no”. thats when i heard the door open behind me. i turned around and saw five naked men walk in. all of them, ages ranging from late thirties to late forties, had a very serious look on them. they formed a circle around me withier dicks in my face. I said, “whats going on?” the guy i was blowing said, “i told you, i want to fuck your asshole, and so do they.” i started skaking a little bit and said, “you guys are going to gang rape me?” he said, “not if you submit to being our sex slave.” right then, i felt a hand slide in the crack of my ass and a finger slide up my butthole.

i said, “how about i suck all your dicks?” he said, “you will, but your asshole is still going to get the shit fucked out of it.” the finger in my ass was working it pretty good. it felt wierd, but kaçak bahis didn’t hurt. but then again, it was only a finger. then the finger got pulled out and the guy i was blowing got behind me and lifted my butt up so that i was on all fours. right then, someone grabbed my head and lifted it up and i saw anouther cock in my face. i opened my mouth and he put his dick inside of it and began fucking my face.

a second or two later, i felt something wet and cold being applied to my butthole, then i felt his cock slide all the way inside my asshole as i let out a loud moan from the pressure of my butthole being strected wide open. it hurt as he began to fuck my asshole deep and hard, but there was a bit of pleasure from that at the same time. for the next couple of hours, the six of them took turns fucking my mouth and my asshole until i had swallowed all of thier cum.

after they were done, my asshole was realy sore and the taste of cum lingered in my mouth. i didn’t know what they were going to do next, so i said, “thanks guys. i had alot of fun.” which for the most part, i did. but i didn’t want my ass fucked. but it was kind of exciting. the guy i met up with gave me a ride back to my car and said, “if you want to do that again, email me and we’ll set it up. if you want more guys, i can get more.”

i was sore for some time. but i thought about that day all the time. so i have emailed him and told him i wanted to meet up with the six of them and be thier sex toy again. i think the second time will be even better than the first time. we’ll see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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