Mayıs 8, 2021

More Fun with the Temp

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Continues from previous story Fun with the Temp.

Recently I shared a fun afternoon with Michaela, a new secretary with the company I work for, after she discovered that my wife and I are both exhibitionists and have an adventurous sex life. I had caught her in my office sneaking a peek at my personal lap top which I had, (foolishly) left logged on after Jules had phoned to say our latest set of photos had been posted on the site we contribute to.

To my surprise rather than be embarrassed or outraged she had questioned me at length about our love life and suggested that I show her the rest of our contributions that evening after work, which I did.

She looked at all of our photos and read some of our stories on Literotica, all the time

asking questions, telling me how much she would like to have sex in public and that it would turn her on even more if she was ‘forced’ to take part in something.

Discussing her fantasies while finding stories that matched them had led to an extremely erotic encounter, after which she said.

“If I could keep it as my own sexy little secret I would love to explore and experiment like Jules and maybe even post pictures, problem is that my guy is pretty conservative you know? I am scared someone who knows me might see them and tell him.”

It was easy to reassure her saying,

“There are lots of contributions from Woman who don’t want to be known, either because of a partner or their job; they just pose without the face being in shot.”

I told her that the best way to approach things is to just have fun,

“If have the desire to try new things and the opportunity is there then seize the moment, be discreet, be careful and never tell anyone unless you can trust them because not everyone is as open to new things.”

The evening had ended with her asking if I would take some pictures of me to post on the site right here in the office.

We agreed Friday would be best because the office shuts early and there would be no one in until the Saturday morning, giving us plenty of time.

She had jumped off her seat and hugged me, giving a playful tug on my penis as she broke away whispering “I will need some cock, if that’s allowed?”

Roll on Friday was all I could think.

As things turned out I wouldn’t have to wait that long.

Michaela had always shown a preference for sheer blouses matched with lacy half cut bras, drawing the eye to her breasts; however since she had been assigned as my assistant, (nothing that I had anything to do with, it was just dumb luck) she had also started to wear flirty little skirts, this morning she had shown up in an amazingly short one, the hem sitting just under the curve of her rear, when she had reached up to a high shelf for a file it had ridden up over her hips exposing her panties.

Along with her more revealing clothes came a change in attitude, she talked about Literotica almost every time we took a break, the stories she liked and how she wished that her boyfriend would take her roughly and talk dirty sometimes, or do it in the car, or the garden…just somewhere different to the bedroom. I asked her how she was getting away with wearing the short skirts, she laughed and told me that she would wear a long skirt over the top of it and change when she was here.

Michaela was getting to be more daring, teasing at every opportunity.

You just cannot understand how difficulty the simplest of jobs can be until you have to take a phone call from a client with your cock getting hard because the gorgeous young woman who is sitting directly in front of you flashes a wicked little grin then proceeds to spread her legs showing her panties.

She wasn’t done.

I almost dropped the receiver as she sneaked a hand up her skirt and slowly slide her panties to one side exposing her pussy, she touched a finger to it flashed her dazzling bahis firmaları smile then rubbed her finger over her bottom lip and sucked on it.

She walked over to my desk swinging her hips and whispered,

“You can look but you can’t touch,” then made her way out of the office.

How I finished that call I will never know, thankfully it was near the end of the day otherwise I might have been tempted to go into the toilets and jerk off.

As it was I needed a breath of air as I made my way along the main corridor I spied Michaela in one of the copy rooms.

Most desks have a printer connected to the computer but on the odd occasion several copies of an old document are required so it makes more sense to use one of the old photo copiers which are kept in several little side room, one or two to a room.

Michaela was slightly bent over placing paper in the tray, her delicious ass moving back and forth as she hummed a tune. My cock, still semi hard from her tease started to come to full hardness as I watched her.

Sensing someone behind her she looked back over her shoulder at me and said,
“Oh, it’s you, see anything you like?”

Kicking the door shut and turning the lock I stepped up behind her.

Without a word, I ran my hands over the backs of her thighs, gripped her hips and pulled her to me; she whimpered softly as my hands slide up over her sides and up cupping her breasts, I began to massage them slowly while grinding my growing member against her ass.

“What are you doing?” I felt her body tense.
I nibbled along the side of her neck.
“You are getting to be a very bad girl” I answered
She sighed and sagged against me before pulling herself together saying.

“OK that’s enough. I think you should stop now”

“Oh you do, do you? So you think you can parade around dressed the way you are teasing me day after day and nothing will happen?”

Kissing her neck I dropped my hand to the front of her skirt, the material bunching up as I pulled it over her thighs until I was able to slip my hand under and touch a finger to the flimsy lace covering her pussy.

She pushed her ass back into me and I heard her moan. “We can’t, not here.”

My cock was aching to be free of its confines, my underwear uncomfortable and damp where pre cum had leaked from my erection, I roughly turned her by the hips so that she faced me and crushed my lips to hers, her tongue snaked between my lips and we kissed breathlessly for a few minutes before she pulled away with a gasp.

Michaela looked toward the door scared but I had turned the little catch locking it, if anyone tried the door they would think it was locked because the photocopier was down for repair, a common occurrence.

Running my fingers through her hair I wrapped it around my hand and tugged, pulling her head toward my mouth

“On your knees,” I whispered in her ear, “Do it… now.”

Her eyes never left mine as she slowly sank down to the floor, when she was level with my bulge she said, “We shouldn’t be doing this in here we could get caught, we can do it later I promise.”

In reply I tugged her hair, forcing her head back, “You’re the one who likes to tease.”

Her hands trembled as she unzipped my trousers and took my cock out.

She wrapped one hand around my shaft and skilfully began to stroke it up and down with her delicate little fingers, I began to fuck her hand as she pumped my cock.

“If I wank you off will you let me go back to the office?” She said.

“It will take more than a hand job to bring me off.” I replied.

My fingers were still wrapped in her hair so I pulled her head forward, pressing her mouth to my cock, holding it there until she got the message. Her lips parted and I pushed the swollen end into her mouth, guiding her head up and down my shaft as I watched her tits, swaying slightly and kaçak iddaa rippling the thin blouse with the force of her movements. Loosing her hair I reached down and cupped her breasts, her nipples were clearly visible through the lace of her bra and I gently pinched them through the delicate material, making her jump a little.

She seemed to be relaxing, really getting into it slipping her lips almost down to the base of my cock, I felt her tongue licking the underside then running back up the shaft, she flicked it over the end then opened her mouth wide and dipped her head taking the full length of my shaft, her throat muscles contracting and releasing until my balls touched her chin and her nose was pressed to my pubic hair.

This was not your average type of blow job; this was an experience girl, wasted on someone who did not appreciate her.

“That’s it Michaela, suck me like the whore you are”

At the mention of the word “whore” she pulled her mouth away and licked along my shaft, turning her face up towards me, eyes full of lust.

I nudged her head and she went right back to sucking me off, her tits bounced from the effort and she was panting slightly making little moaning sounds as she tried to make me cum…I had other plans.
Gently I pulled her head back by her hair, a thin stream of saliva trailing from her lips to my cock, her eyes were half closed and she looked sexy as hell as I guided her to her feet. “Your clothes, take them all off for me.”

Her eyes went wide and she stammered, “Right here, are you crazy? I can’t do that.”

Grabbing her by the hip I pulled her to me and started to unfasten the buttons of her blouse, she tried to wiggle free but I had her too tight.

When I had it open I eased it off her shoulders and pulled it down her arms, pinning them to her sides so that I could reach round and undo her bra.

I flicked the clasp and her breasts spilled out, she stood trembling half undressed.

“I could scream you know.” She said, folding her arms over her chest.

“No you wont, look you’ve been teasing all day, I just wanted to see your tits and pussy before I cum.”

Without a word she pulled the little zip at the side of her skirt, I stoked my cock as I watched her slowly slide it down and off.
She stood before me in tiny white lace panties, a dark strip of pubic hair and the shape of her pussy visible through the thin fabric.

Her eyes fixed on my cock as I pumped my hand along it, teasingly slow she slipped them down to her ankles; my breath caught in my throat as I laid eyes on her pretty little pussy for the second time that week. She had shaved her dark pubes into a narrow strip; her lips were bald and puffy with excitement.

“Well.” she said, “Can we get back to the office now that you’ve seen me?”

With a smile I ran my fingers up and down my cock,

“What do you think the answer to that is?” I said.
She began protest as I forced her to bend over an old desk, knocking sheets of paper all over the floor; I nudged her legs open with my foot working my way between them and pulled her to me, reaching between us.

She gasped as I rubbed the fat head of my cock against her pussy lips.

They were soaking wet.

Holding the tip of my cock against her folds I watched them part slightly as I rubbed back and forth, she began to roll her hips from side to side seeking to increase the pressure and with a grunt I buried myself inside her with one hard thrust, she gasped as I pushed into her, her pussy muscles gripped me tight.

Pushing my weight forward so that she could not move I reached around between her legs and ran my fingers over her clit, she sucked in air and tried to move her hips but I held her steady.

Wetting my fingers with her pussy juice I began to rub the tips back and forth over her clitoris, she let out a little moan and again tried to move kaçak bahis her hips.

Again I held her still.

Rubbing my finger in little circles I teased her clit until I could sense that she was close to orgasm, her breath was coming in sharp little gasps and she was trembling slightly, just before the crucial moment I stopped stimulating her clit and ran my finger along her lips, pushed it inside and working it in and out alongside my penis.

Finally breaking free from my grip she pushed her hips back at me, grinding her ass,
“Oh please stop, I can’t stand it please just make me cum.”

Taking my finger from her pussy I gripped her hips with both hands and said.

“What’s wrong Michaela, I thought you liked teasing,”
Then I started to fuck her.
Pounding my cock in and out mercilessly as she gasped and moved her ass back towards me, gripping the edge of the table and thrusting her hips, fucking me as much as I was fucking her.
She had told me one of her fantasies was to be talked dirty to.

As I pushed into her I said,

“Do you like that Michaela? The way my cock feels in your sopping pussy?”

She slammed her ass back hard with each word.

Slipping my hand along the curve of her spine I reached up and gripped her hair in my fingers, letting out a hiss of air as I tugged her hair back.

“That’s it you little whore, move your ass, fuck my cock”

She bucked her hips back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts, moaning softly, she was close to orgasm and I was not far off either.
She looked back over her shoulder at me with a lustful look in her eyes, her voice was husky as she said,
“Let me turn round, I want to watch your cock fucking me”

I pulled out and helped her down onto the carpet, she opened her legs wide and I took in the sight of her wet pussy, running my fingers along the length of her slit before she let out a loud moan and pulled me to her, guiding my cock into her silky depths, I held it still inside her for a moment, she half sat up watching as I pulled back slow then pushed in slowly, repeating this several more times before she flopped back.

“Do it hard, please, I want to cum.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and pushed her legs up over my shoulders, ramming into her hard, a little gasp of air escaping each time I was buried deep in her, faster and faster until it wasn’t long before she was gasping and shaking, her legs dropped from my shoulders as she arched her back, bighting her bottom lip, stifling her cries.

Gripping her hips I pulled her back onto my cock as she hit orgasm, holding myself there, I felt her pussy clench myshaft, her juices flooding out over my balls as she trembled and shook, as soon as she calmed down a little I began thrusting in and out of her with short, fast movements, working towards my own climax, making her gasp a little as I pounded her sensitive pussy.

As my cock began to twitch I started to pull out but she flung her arms around me.

“Cum in me please.”

Unable to hold on any longer I exploded, holding her tight against me as my cock twitched deep inside her pussy, filling her with cum. She moaned and rolled her hips caught up in a mini orgasm of her own.

Michaela sat up and watched fascinated as I slowly pulled out, our combined juices leaked from around the sides of my cock. It came free with a wet plop slapping against the inside of her thigh, cum trickling out from between her lips and dribbled down to her ass, pooling up on the carpet.

We straightened ourselves up and tidied round as best we could, although there would be a stain on the carpet that no one would be able to explain.

Michaela put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Thank you for making two of my fantasies come true, sex in public and you talked dirty to me, wow.”

Sneaking my hand up her skirt I pressed my fingers to her damp panties and said,

“If you think this is doing it in public then we have a way to go.”

She squirmed against my hand.

“Are we still on for Friday?”

“Oh you bet.” I said.


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