Mart 12, 2021

Monica’s Aunt Gets Some

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For background to this story, see “Pet Teacher” and “Mike Meets Jenna and Her Strapon”.

Stella was horny. Since her husband left her six months earlier for a slender young woman, she hadn’t been laid and her vibrator, although better than nothing, wasn’t getting the job done. What she needed was a man who wanted to use his tongue and was good at it and who had a nice, big cock that could fill her pussy the way she wanted it filled. Although her face was smooth and attractive, she was 55 years old and thought of herself as fat. No man that she knew of was interested and she believed and was afraid that no man ever again would be.

After confiding her needs to Monica, Stella had hopes that her favorite niece could hook her up with some of her schoolmates. She was aware of how hot to trot young men are, and how they usually aren’t very particular, but so far, nothing had happened. However, they planned on getting together after school on Thursday and Monica had hinted she had somebody lined up. Stella hoped so; she was getting desperate and, in the worst way, she needed what a man could do for her pussy.

“So, Monica, what’s up?” She had opened cans of beer for herself and her niece and they were sitting at the kitchen table drinking them.

“I’ve got a guy for you to fuck, Aunt Stella. His name is Mike. He’s good-looking, knows how to use his tongue, and is hung pretty good. He isn’t a student, though; he’s a teacher.”

“That’s even better but why would he be interested in me?”

“Don’t you worry about that. I’ll take care of that part of it. But I want to bring him here tomorrow night and I want to watch through the peephole. Is seven o’clock okay? How about another beer?”

“The peephole” was actually a one way window that had a close side view of Stella’s bed. On the bedroom side, it looked like a mirror and the frame was designed so sound would pass through, allowing the person watching to also hear what was going on. Her husband had sometimes secretly videotaped himself having sex with one of his skanky girl friends, but it had been unused since he had deserted his wife. “Sure, seven o’clock is good, and you can watch,” she told her niece, as she opened more beer. “But keep quiet and don’t interrupt us. This guy’s all mine; you get enough already.”

“Okay, no problem. But you’ll owe me one.”

“Anything you want; just bring him here.”

. . .

“Hi, Mike,” Monica greeted her aunt’s future date the next day just before the end of school.

“Hello, Monica.” His voice was completely lacking in enthusiasm as he greeted the student who was blackmailing him into having sex with her and her friends. Although it hadn’t actually been all that bad so far, Mike would be glad when school was over and Monica had graduated and he would be out from under her thumb. Until that day, though, he would have to grin and bear it.

“You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to be lonely tonight. I have a date lined up for you with a very nice lady.”

“Does she want to use a dildo on me like the last one did?”

“Mike, you know as well as I do that you loved Jenna’s strapon in your ass. Why else would you make a date to see her again?”

He didn’t argue that point because she was right and he and Monica both knew it. He planned to meet Jenna and her toy a few more times before school ended and, he hoped, during summer vacation. “Whether I did or not is neither here nor there. What do you have lined up this time? The Bride of Frankenstein?”

“Of course not. This is a very nice lady and you’ll like her.” She gave Mike the address and instructed him to be there at seven o’clock sharp, but no earlier. Monica wanted to be comfortably seated at the one-way window and have plenty of beer available before he arrived.

At the appointed hour, everything was ready. Stella was awaiting her caller with some nervousness but mostly anticipation of getting what she hadn’t had for a long time. Romantic thoughts ran through her mind although she knew the man would be there just for sex, probably just a one-night stand, but she was willing to settle for that. Her romantic thoughts extended to wearing a long, sheer, black negligee with nothing under it. The garment set off her pretty face and long brown hair quite nicely and, she hoped, minimized the size of her large breasts and ass.

Monica was also prepared, sitting in the closet on the other side of the one-way mirror. A shelf in front of her was there for the purpose of supporting a video camera but she was using it to hold a can of beer. The rest of the six-pack was in an ice chest beside her. Just then, she was leaning back in her chair but once the action started in the bed that was only a few feet in front of her, she would be leaning forward to get as close a view as possible. Mirrors were cleverly located in the room to give her a variety of views, including looking up from the foot of the bed. By looking into that one, she hoped to be able to clearly see Mike’s cock going in and out of what she thought of as her old aunt’s flabby pussy.

“Who’s escort sincan there?” Stella asked when she heard her doorbell.

“It’s Mike, your new boyfriend,” he answered as he had been instructed, afraid to disobey his blackmailer. Once again, he thought how glad he would be when Monica had graduated.

Stella opened the door to let him in, closing it quickly behind him. She was practically naked, and wanted to avoid being seen by neighbors or anybody passing by. Once she had locked the door, assuring their privacy, she gazed at the man who had just entered, surprised at how young and handsome he was. “Hi, Mike. My name is Stella,” was the only thing she could think of to say.

He turned and looked back at her, equally surprised at what a sexy and desirable woman she was. Like most men, he believed that real women have curves, and he was intrigued by the voluptuous ones of Monica’s aunt, fully visible under her transparent garment. Although she thought of herself as being fat, that was only in comparison to Allie McBeal or high fashion models. Her age was no more of a turnoff than her womanly curves. The best sex in Mike’s experience had been with the mothers and aunts of his college chums and some of them had been older than Stella.

They knew their meeting was for sex and, after each had seen how desirable the other was, both of them wanted to get quickly to that goal. They hugged and when they kissed, both mouths were wide open so their tongues could get acquainted also. After several deep, passionate kisses, Stella, feeling the need to be secretive, whispered “C’mon into this room, Mike.”

“Okay,” he whispered back as they entered her bedroom. “But, why are we whispering?”

Realizing there was no need, she answered in an ordinary voice, “We don’t have to whisper. I’m just nervous. I haven’t been with a man for over six months.”

That surprised Mike. “I can’t believe that. I would think that you would have to carry a club to keep the men away. You are a really beautiful and sexy woman.” There was nothing phony I what he said; it was his honest opinion.

Stella blushed. Although the words seemed like flattery, his voice sounded sincere and he looked sincere, and she didn’t care anyhow. Standing by the bed, her arms were again opened and they embraced and kissed some more. They continued kissing while she unbuttoned his shirt, and when that was finished and the shirt was removed, they lay close together on the bed. She was grateful to her niece for bringing this handsome, charming young man into her life so Stella wanted to live up to her part of the bargain. When she lay on the bed, it was on the side nearest the peephole so Monica would get the best view of what they were doing.

Seated behind the window, Monica leaned forward to get that view. What she saw was her pet teacher lovingly kissing her aunt on her mouth and all over her face, and she heard him describing her as beautiful and sexy. “He’s young and good-looking,” she told herself. “He can’t possibly be anything but turned off by that fat old pig. He sure is putting on a good act, though.”

What she thought of as a good act was the way Mike kissed and nuzzled Stella’s face and all down her throat. He paused to untie the cord that held up her negligee and pushed the filmy garment out of the way, leaving her large breasts available to his mouth. Eagerly, he cupped one of the lovely mounds in his hands and started licking her nipple.

“You have wonderful breasts, Stella. I could make love to these beauties all night.” Having said that, he started to do exactly as he said he wanted to.

“Mmmm,” she murmured. “That feels really good. Keep doing that. All night, if you want.”

Mike needed no prompting and happily switched his mouth from one luscious globe to the other. He was elated at the way the large, pink nipples quickly became erect under his ministrations and by the way Stella was squirming on the bed, presenting the lovely twins to his mouth. As he gave pleasure to her and received it back, he remembered how he used to masturbate while watching videotapes of Marilyn Monroe or Jane Russell or other sex goddesses from many years ago. He could never figure out how men could be attracted to women who were built like sticks when there were so many real women around, with real curves, and Stella was a near-perfect example of the kind of woman he lusted for.

Hungrily, he opened his mouth to draw in as much of the marvelous flesh as he could and started sucking. Mike’s tongue caressed Stella’s pebbly areola and he continued to be delighted by the hardening ridges on her big nipple. Once again he switched his mouth back and forth between the succulent treasures, his ears flattered by the pleasurable cooing he was evoking. “These are some of the nicest titties I’ve ever seen or sucked,” he told himself. “And it sounds as if she likes it as much as I do.”

Monica could hardly believe what she was seeing and hearing. “My God, he looks like he actually likes those big, fat tits,” she told herself as she watched escort tandoğan and heard what was happening less than a yard away. “How can that be? And she likes it too.” Whether the actors were pretending or not, Monica was enjoying the show. As she watched what Mike was doing, her thoughts wandered to the way that same mouth had felt on her breasts. One hand sneaked under her blouse and started tweaking her own nipples. The other hand was holding her beer but after a few seconds, she set the can on the shelf and reached down to unfasten her pants.

Stella felt like she was in Heaven. Her nipples had always been highly sensitive and, many years ago, her husband used to make love to them something like Mike was doing, although neither as gently nor as well. For the last few years, though, all he had wanted to do was fuck and sleep, leaving his wife to take care of her own orgasms with fingers on her clit. It had been over a decade since anybody had done anything to her like what this handsome young man was doing. She had almost forgotten how good it felt, and how right it was. She made up her mind that sex was too good to miss out on anymore and she was going to actively seek out her own partners. Stella fervently hoped that Mike would be one of them, and their meetings would be frequent.

Although he was not a mind reader, Mike was hoping much the same thing. “She is amazing,” he told himself. “And I can tell she really digs what I’m doing. I wonder why she’s been so long without sex. If tonight turns out to be as good as it’s starting to be, I would love to come back here to see her, maybe a lot of times.”

Whether that would happen or not, he was having a great time, the best for a long while. Stella’s breasts gave him two marvelous handfuls and two even better mouthfuls. She was enjoying it just as much as he was, probably more, as he could tell by her cooing and sighing and by the way her body was moving under him. When he glanced up at her face, he was delighted by her blissful, open-mouthed smile and the way her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow. Looking in the other direction, he was even more elated to see how her pussy was squirming and to see and smell the wetness.

Monica leaned forward as she saw Mike’s mouth kissing and licking down her aunt’s fat body. “I don’t see how he can stand his mouth on that big pot belly,” she said to herself. She knew where he was heading, and remembering what his mouth had felt like made her lubricate, wetting the hand that was stroking her pussy. When he got off the bed and got back on between Stella’s legs and she raised them and set them on his shoulders, Monica thought back to when her legs had been in that same place. After that, she had to call on her memory and imagination only because she wasn’t able to see what Mike was doing with his face buried in Stella’s pussy.

As most straight men would have, Mike considered Stella’s body to be alluring, even though a bit pudgy. To him, her plump pussy was exactly what he wanted. Her very fair skin was smooth and inviting to his tongue and the sparse brown pubic hair did nothing to conceal her dark, engorged lips. Lustfully, Mike gazed on her, his eyes relishing the beauty of her pussy while his nose delighted in the aroma of her juices. Greedily, he lowered his head to devour them. Although not plentiful, they were delicious, tasting even better than they smelled.

As wonderful as Stella’s pussy was to his eyes, nose and taste buds, even better was the feel of her soft, smooth skin. Slowly, his tongue caressed her, starting below her wet love hole where the lips began and licking upward to where they were close together. When he reached that point, he probed between the labia, stroking the wet surfaces and reveling in the way they felt. Even better were the way Stella’s pussy had started fucking up into his face and the way her voluptuous thighs held his head.

“Damn that Monica,” Stella said to herself. “She’s making so much racket in there, Mike’s liable to hear and that might spoil everything.” To keep that from happening, Stella held her soft thighs against the sides of his head, firmly enough to cover his ears but not tightly enough to keep him from moving his face around while he licked her pussy. Hoping that would do the trick, she gave herself completely over to what she was feeling, moaning, and her body writhing on the bed.

Her pussy had been eaten before but the men had always been too selfish to give her the pleasure she should have had and too ignorant to take their time so they could enjoy it fully. Mike was not selfish and he was not ignorant and Stella had never felt anything as wonderful as the slow way his tongue was caressing her swollen labia. Pleasure coursed through her from everywhere he touched. When he encountered one of the plentiful sweet spots on her pussy, waves of bliss swirled out, flooding her body and driving her closer to ecstasy.

After Mike had finished licking a pair of Stella’s pussy lips, his tongue stroked her clit hood, where her inner lips merged. escort tunalı From the way she was moving under him and moaning and whimpering, he believed she would start cumming almost immediately if he curled his tongue under the hood to fondle her clit. Eating her pussy was so great, though, that he decided to prolong the pleasure for both of them by staying away from that sweetest of all sweet spots for a while longer. He was in no hurry and he knew she would cum even harder and better if he let her pleasure build up.

Because of her age, Stella’s juices were limited but Mike licked off what was there and his tongue started stroking upward on her other pair of lips. Moving slowly, relishing every bit of the spongy labia he was licking, Mike treated them as he had the first pair until he again reached Stella’s clit hood. He drew his head up slightly, almost worshipping the marvelous pussy he was so happily eating. It was even more beautiful than it had been, with the clit having become so engorged it had completely pushed its way out from under its protective hood.

Although Stella’s bed seemed quite sturdy, Mike thought he could hear it moving and scraping on the floor. That did not surprise him, from the way she was thrashing around, with her hips swiveling and thrusting her legs back and forth over his shoulders. Stella was loudly moaning and whimpering and sighing from her intense pleasure that was climbing toward ecstasy with every stroke of his tongue. Mike enjoyed her noisiness and took pride in evoking it, but it was odd the way her vocalization seemed to be echoing off the wall by the mirror.

Monica couldn’t really hear the sounds of pleasure her aunt was making because they were drowned out by her own. Her blouse was open in front, giving and she was naked below the waist with her blue jeans and panties tossed aside to give her hands freer access to her pussy. The middle finger of one hand was thrusting in and out while the fingers of the other hand were stroking her clit. She was bouncing up and down on her chair, thrusting her pussy against her hands, imagining the fingers on her clit to be Mike’s tongue and the other finger to be his cock. She didn’t concern herself about the physical impossibility of this combination.

Mike didn’t seem to be noticing the noises from the closet and Stella was too close to cumming to be much distracted by them. “My clit, Mike. Suck my clit,” she begged.

Although he didn’t answer with words, Stella felt his tongue probing into the top edge of her love channel. Every thrust sent bolts of pleasure rocketing through her body as he stimulated the base of her clit. Her moans grew even louder and her movements more erratic as the agile tongue explored even closer to the sweetest of sweet spots until it was actually licking the engorged sides. The probing and licking suddenly stopped, and no more than two seconds later, Stella felt her entire clit being engulfed in Mike’s mouth. She felt his mouth start sucking as his lips closed and she felt his tongue caressing the swollen sides and top.

A tidal wave of pleasure gushed out in all directions from her clit, flooding even her toes and fingers and filling her body to overflowing. Stella lost what little control of her muscles she had been keeping as she started cumming. Her hands reflexively grabbed the back of Mike’s head and her legs squeezed his temples, covering his ears, and keeping him from hearing her ecstatic screams. She pushed down on the back of his head as her pussy jammed up into his face and her ass bounced up and down on the mattress. Mike clung to her thighs and kept sucking and licking her clit and stayed with her wild gyrations for as long as she continued cumming.

Monica started cumming just after her aunt did and was almost as noisy. When she climaxed, her whole body spasmed, almost tipping over her chair. After her orgasm, she relaxed, slumping and gathering her strength. She knew her aunt was about to climax and she expected the two in the next room to fuck afterward. She wanted to watch and listen to that although she couldn’t see how it could be any fun for her handsome pet teacher to fuck a tub of lard like her aunt. He had seemed to enjoy eating her cunt, although that defied logic, but fucking her might be more than he could stomach.

Mike had indeed enjoyed eating Stella’s pussy and the best part was while she was cumming, especially the part where she climaxed, her back arching, and jamming herself extra hard into his face. After that, she collapsed onto the bed, all her muscles relaxing, her hands and legs releasing Mike’s head. He relished the fresh nectar he licked from her thighs, crotch and pussy lips but left those inside where he expected his cock to be soon. Her juices were still not plentiful and those that were left would be needed for lubrication when they started fucking.

While Stella was recovering from her tremendous orgasm, Mike went to the bathroom and washed the leftover juices from his face. Next, he got a condom from his pocket and removed his pants and underwear. Completely naked, he rolled the condom onto his cock, which was stiff and ready for action. With his preparations complete, he got back on the bed and knelt between Stella’s legs, to wait for her to be ready. Once again he looked at her pussy, thinking how great it had been to eat and how it should be even better to fuck.

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