Mart 29, 2021

Mom’s Special Wedding Ch. 2

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Sherri knew she had never been happier in her life than she was when the old minister said to her new husband, “Now you may kiss the bride”, and Don lifted the veil from her face and gazed into her misty, violet eyes. He took her into her arms and they kissed deeply for the first time as a married couple. As he released her, Robbie stepped forward and said, “I want to be next to kiss the bride and to wish my Mom all the happiness in the world.” Sherri repeated her previous maneuver and briefly slipped her tongue between his lips before breaking the kiss and whispering, “I think you can count on it!”

The wedding party turned to walk back down the aisle with Sherri on her new husband’s arm and followed closely by her son, now escorting Darla, her bridesmaid. As they neared the back of the hall, Darla whispered into Robbie’s ear, “Sherri asked me to tell you that she would like to see you alone in the bride’s dressing room as soon as the reception line is finished”. Robbie was a little surprised by this, but thought that his mother probably wanted to give him some last minute instructions regarding the wedding gifts before she and Don left on their honeymoon.

As soon as the last guest had filed past the wedding party and given their congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom, Sherri winked at Robbie and nodded towards the dressing room before slipping away and closing the door behind her. Robbie waited a few minutes, then knocked gently on the heavy wooden door and entered at his mother’s invitation. Sherri was standing in the middle of the room, smiling warmly at him as he entered the room and held out her arms to him. As he entered her embrace and wrapped his arms tightly around her narrow waist he was nearly overcome by the sweet fragrance wafting up from between her breasts, still somewhat confined by the bodice of her gown. Once again she pressed her lips tightly to his, but unlike the two previous kisses, this one was both longer and decidedly more passionate.

After what seemed like an eternity to Robbie, but could not have been more than a moment or two, Sherri broke the kiss and stepped back from him. With a smile that he had never seen before and a steamy look in her velvety eyes, she said, “It’s traditional that the groom give his best man a small gift in appreciation of services performed, and for the bride to give a similar gift to her bridesmaid. Don and I decided to switch that tradition around. Right now, he’s giving Darla something that I’m sure she’s wanted for a long time, but something that I could never give her. And it’s MY pleasure to give the BEST man a gift that I know he’ll never forget!”

She told him to sit back on the small couch in the dressing room, loosen the collar of his uniform jacket and relax. And with that she turned on a small portable stereo that began playing the most erotic music Robbie had ever heard. Sherri reached down and slowly began to raise the front of her wedding dress. She continued to bunch the rich fabric higher and higher avcılar elit escort above her waist until her golden snatch was fully visible through the sheer pantyhose and with one thigh encircled by a frilly blue lace garter.

Robbie could scarcely believe his eyes and he was having difficulty breathing, in spite of having loosened his collar. Sure, he’d seen his mom’s pussy before…but never like this! “My God!” he thought, “This can’t be happening. I’m sure I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

His mother never took her eyes off her gorgeous hunk of a son, but continued to lift the gown up and over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her beautiful tits pointed their rigid nipples at him…practically daring him to take them into his mouth and suck them, just as he had as a baby. There was no longer any doubt in his mind…He was going to fuck his own mother…Right here in the bride’s dressing room on her wedding day. There was no doubt in whatever mind his cock had either, for it was swelling painfully in the confines of the tight fitting uniform trousers. He made no move towards his mother, however, as she continued to undulate seductively to the torrid music coming from the stereo. Nor did he take his hungry eyes off the feast that was so obviously being prepared for his (and her) pleasure.

Sherri saw the growing bulge in the front of Robbie’s bright blue trousers and thought to herself, “I was right all along. He wants to fuck me as badly as I want to fuck him.” Slowly, she caressed her breasts and squeezed and twisted her nipples as she swayed in time to the music. One hand slid down across her smooth, flat belly and cupped her down covered love tunnel over the fabric of her pantyhose. First one finger, then another slipped through the opening in the crotch of the garment and brushed lightly over her, now visible clit, then slid between the swollen lips of her dripping pussy to plunge deeply into her waiting cunt. In and out, she finger fucked herself in time to the music, while her lusty son devoured her with his eyes. Never taking her eyes from his bulging crotch, she slowly withdrew her fingers, brought them to her lips and began to lick and suck the pussy juices from first one then the other drenched finger…only to return once again to that honey pot between her legs and gather more nectar for her eager mouth.

Robbie still could not take his eyes off of the obscene dance his mother was performing for him. He was afraid to even touch his rigid cock for fear he would come in his pants…And for a gung-ho marine, that just would not do.

Just before he thought he could not stand this torture any longer, Sherri began to wiggle her hips closer and closer to him as he lay back on the couch. She leaned over him and taking his head in both of her hands she pressed his face tightly between her breasts, then began rubbing both nipples across his lips and over his eyes. His hands came up and cupped the cheeks of her luscious ass as he captured avcılar escort first on nipple and then the other between his lips and teeth. Sherri let out a little moan as he twirled his tongue around and around these delightful and sensitive nubbins. Her pussy was pulsating and dripping now like it never had before and she was on the verge of cumming just from the attention he was paying to her engorged nipples and swaying tits. Robbie let one hand slip down to find the opening in his mom’s, now soaked pantyhose and he began to run his fingers between the lips of her pussy and flick gently over her swollen clit. With his other hand, he began to pull the pantyhose down over her lovely ass until he could slide the fingers of that hand through the crack of her ass and tickle the puckered bud buried there. This was too much for Sherri and she began to hump his invading fingers faster and faster as she built to the longest and most intense orgasm she had ever had. She muffled her screams of pleasure against the rough fabric of his jacket and just allowed herself to cum and cum like there was no tomorrow.

Gradually the violent contractions of her orgasm began to subside and she slid down beside her horny son, kicked off her high heels and began to loosen the buttons on his uniform blouse, then unzipped his fly, dipped into his shorts to grasp his big cock and draw it out into the daylight. While she slowly milked his dick with her long nailed fingers, he continued gently finger fucking her pussy while they locked their lips together in a frantic and passionate French kiss. When their arousal became too intense to bare any longer, together they jerked Robbie’s trousers, shorts and shoes off. When he started to shrug out of his uniform blouse, Sherri grabbed his hand and said, “No, leave it on. I want to know that I’m fucking a Marine…as well as fucking my son.” Robbie was only too willing to comply with his mother’s every wish at that point.

He pushed his mother over on the couch and hovered just above her reclining body, letting what few medals he had dangle and drag across her milk white breasts and her tingling nipples. With one hand, he again forced open the slit in her pantyhose and positioned the bulging head of his cock against the soft resistance of his mother’s pussy lips. Sherri slipped her hand between their steamy bodies and grasped his cock in her fingers. Using her thumb, she spread the creamy drops of pre-cum over the bulbous head, swirling it around and around, until he thought he was going to burst from the pleasure and spray his cum all over her sheer pantyhose. But Sherri anticipated that and squeezed the head of his cock until the intense sensation subsided, then began rubbing the just the head of his cock up and down through her slit and over her fully engorged clit. The feel of the pantyhose fabric rubbing the sides of his prick was almost more than he could stand and he pushed the head of his dick deep into his mother’s starving cunt. She lunged her avcılar eve gelen escort pelvis against him, driving his cock to the hilt in her love tunnel until his cum filled balls slapped obscenely against the crack of her ass.

Robbie still couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He was actually fucking the most beautiful and sexy woman he had ever known. The fact that she was also his mother and that SHE had seduced him (not that it had been all that difficult, of course) was a dream he had many times, but never thought there was any chance of his dreams “cumming” true. But dream or not, the rhythm of their love making began to increase, getting faster and faster as he plunged his cock deeper and deeper into his own birth channel. Sherri had her legs wrapped tightly around his and was squeezing his ass cheeks with both hands, slamming his body against her’s again and again.

Her teeth clamped tightly onto his lower lip, threatening to draw blood as she tried to stifle the moans and screams of her coming orgasm. Higher and higher they climbed until they were soaring where neither of them had gone before. Almost at the same moment, their bodies went rigid with the incredible tension of their approaching orgasms and they hung there for what seemed like an eternity. And just when their fevered minds thought that they could not possibly go any higher, they exploded into the most incredible orgasm either of them had ever experienced…It just went on and on as they pounded their bodies into each other and ground their pelvises together. Sherri muffled another scream as she felt Robbie’s hot jism blast against the mouth of her womb. Gob after gob of the fiery liquid bathed the depths of her cunt until she was full and could hold no more, and as their passion slowly waned, the thick, milky fluid seeped slowly out around his deflating cock to soak into the crotch of her pantyhose.

As the two incestuous lovers gradually regained their senses and their breathing began to return to normal, Robbie let his cum and pussy slicked cock slip slowly out of his mother’s still pulsating cunt and he laid back on the arm of the couch, still trying to catch his breath and slow his heartbeat. Sherri wasn’t quite through, however, and she leaned over to take his cum soaked cock into her mouth. She gently licked all of the juices off his still partially swollen cock and his equally cum drenched balls. Quickly, Robbie pulled his mother around into an incestuous 69 and began sucking his own cum from the depths of her well fucked pussy.

“Damn, that’s not bad”, he said to his mother as he finally came up for air. “I’ve tasted other guys cum a few times, but never my own…And certainly not mixed with my mother’s sweet cum juices to boot. I think I could live on a diet of that…It sure beats field rations all to hell!”

“Well, you just might get that chance”, replied his mother, with a mischievous smile and a devilish gleam in her smoky eyes. Because Dan and I have another surprise for you. Since you took a leave to be here for the wedding, it only seems like the “motherly” thing to do to invite you to join us on our honeymoon as well. Dan and I talked it over and we’d BOTH love to have you with us. Would you be interested???

“Would I be interested?” he croaked. “In a fucking heartbeat!!!”


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