Mart 29, 2021

Mom’s Boob Job Ch. 02

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It’s been about a month since my mother and I started our amoral fling. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other; we’ve been fucking each other at least twice a day. This would never have happened if my mother never got her breast implants. At first I was a little upset that she got implants but now I’m the luckiest man on earth because I have an ultra-hot mom with milky breasts that fucks like a porn queen. She even got a couple other plastic surgeries, she had her but lifted up and a face lift to get rid of a few wrinkles that she had. Her ass and her face looked good before, but now they are muck better and she looks much younger too.

She was becoming a real nympho too. I wasn’t the only guy she was fucking. She’s been going out with a lot of men recently, and bringing home different ones in the middle of the night, sometimes she even brings two or three at the same time. I’m not mad; in fact I think it’s hot. She even helped me make a peephole from my room to look into hers to watch her fuck all these guys. And when they leave, I come in and get the sloppy seconds. The idea of seeing my mother acting like such a whore really gets me hot.

One day we decided to have a little fun with her new plastic surgeries and share our new found passion with those we know. Two of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while, Brad and Tom, recently came back into town. We’ve been hanging out lately, but I haven’t invited them over to my house yet, until now.

When they came over to my house, Brad brought beer and Tom some snacks for the game we were planning on watching.

“Hey David, how’s it going” said Brad as he entered my house.

“Uh, Ok I guess.”

“Dude, why are you so down?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“DAVID!” my mother yelled. “ASK THEM?”

“I WILL, GIVE ME A CHANCE?” I yelled back.

“Ask us what?” said brad.

“Ok guys listen to me,” I began to say. “I need to ask you both a favor.”

“Sure, anything you want?” said Tom.

“Well, as long as it’s within reason that is,” replied Brad.

“Well I guess this is within reason, so here it goes.” I took a deep breath and made myself look like I was very uncomfortable with what I was about to ask the. But really I was excited. “Recently, my mother had some plastic surgery done. She had a face lift, a butt lift, and she got breast implants as well.”

“Uh-huh,” the both said in unison.

“Well anyway, she’s not too sure that her breasts and ass looks and feel real. So she wanted me to ask the two of you… Ok, I can’t believe I’m ataköy anal yapan escort going to ask this… Can you two both look at her ass and breasts and tell her your opinions.”

Both their jaws dropped and their eyes shot wide open.

“DUDE,” Said Tom. “Are you serious?”

“Like a heart attack,” I said.

“So you want us to look at your mom naked and touch her tits and ass, is that right?”

“Yes, but I just outside the room with the door open so there wouldn’t be any funny business.”

“Well, I guess we should Brad, you know for David’s mothers sake.”

“Yes, to help her out.”

They were both pretending not to be that interested, but I can tell that they were both holding back their excitement. They were like two twelve year old boys getting ready to see underwear models in a Sears catalog.

I lead them upstairs to my mother’s room and knocked on the door.

“They’re ready,” I said.

“Ok, send them in,” she said.

“Ok you two, just remember what I told you. You are both to look at her and touch her with one hand each and this shouldn’t take any more than a few minutes. Is that understood?”

I enjoyed playing the angry son who’s being overprotective of his mother; I definitely deserve the academy award for this.

I opened the door and let them in. My mother was standing in the middle of her room with a robe on. They both approached her and stood just a few feet away from her.

“Hello Mrs. Walters,” they both said in unison again.

“Hello boys,” she said with a nice big smile. “Thank you for doing this for me. I know this must feel real uncomfortable right now for the two of you, since I’m David’s mother and all. But I don’t want some stranger that I don’t know looking at me naked, I’d much rather have some people that I already know.”

“We understand,” said tom.

I was just outside the room looking in. I told Brad and Tom that I would be out of sight, but I don’t think they’d notice.

“Ok, first of all, I a small face lift. There were a few wrinkles forming and I wanted to get rid of them. So how does this look.

“Great,” brad said.

“Yeah, you look much younger, not that much older than us even,” said tom.

“Thank you, now for my ass.”

She turned around and began to undo her robe. She couldn’t see them quietly celebrating by mouthing the words “YES” and giving each other fake high fives, but I could. The robe fell to the ground. She was wearing a thong bikini bottom.

“Ok ataköy bdsm escort boys, here it is. I always took care of my ass through exercises but, but it was still beginning to sag with age and so I had it lifted up. So how does it look?”

“Great,” tom said.

“Better than great,” said Brad. “It’s banging.”

“Great, now can you both feel it and tell me how it feels. Remember, one hand each.”

They both reached up one hand and grabbed one butt cheek each and squeezed them.

“Oh, this feels great Mrs. Walters,” said brad.

“The best ass I laid my hands on in a long time,” said tom.

“I could keep feeling it all day long.”

“Great,” she said. “Now the moment you were both waiting for.”

She turned around and to show them her new 38DD tits. I couldn’t see their faces from behind, but I think I know what it looked like, just like how I looked when I first saw those wonderfully implanted tits of hers.

“Mrs. Walters,” Tom began to say. “You are the greatest mother of a guy’s friend in the world.”

“So you both like how they look?” She asked.

“Like them?” Brad asked. “They should be painted by famous artists.”

“Thank you Bradley. Now can you both feel them?”

They both reached up on hand and placed them on her tits.

“You could both give them a good squeeze,” she said.

And they did, they both gave her a nice big squeeze with their hands. Tom looked like he was about to pass out in excitement.

“OH Mrs. Walters, I never felt tits like these before,” said brad. “I wish I could feel these all day long.”

“Well how about just for the next hour or so?” she asked.

“Huh?” said tom.

“I should let you both know that I plan to fuck the both of you right here, right now.”

“DAVID!” Tom yelled and turned back at me.

“HAVE FUN!” I yelled back and closed the door on them both.

I don’t know how they were taking this after I closed the door, but I waited a few minutes and then went to my bedroom to look through my peephole. I took off all my clothes and looked in on them all. Brad and Tom had their pants around their ankles, and their dicks were sticking straight up. My mother was on the ground sucking them both off, switching back and forth on both dicks. This went on for a good while before they both shot their loads into her mouth and she swallowed them both dry.

They both took off their remaining clothes and jumped on the bed with my mom. They both began kissing her ataköy elit escort face and body, feeling her up everywhere. Brad was the first one on top of her, without warning he stuck his huge dick right into her fucking her long and hard. She stuck out her one arm and started jacking off Tom as Brad fucked her.

Brad shot his cum inside her and got off of her and let Tom have his turn. I heard that brad fucked women good, but I didn’t know that he cums early. Tom wasn’t as good at fucking her as brad was, but he was still good enough to keep her excited.

I had enough of just watching and jacking off while they had all the fun. I went to my mother’s room to join in on al the fun.

“Time for me to get my piece of that ass now,” I said.

“Dude you fuck your mom,” said brad. “That’s gross.”

“Hey, I’m letting you guys fuck her, you should be thanking me.”

“Yeah Brad,” said tom as he was still on top of my mom grinding his dick inside of her. “So what… if he…. fucks his own mom… oh, yeah this feels good…”

“You’re right dude sorry,” said brad.

Tom finished fucking her and shot his load into her pussy. He got off and my mother got on her hand and knees sucking Brad off again. I took some anal lube from the nightstand drawer and lubed up my erection. I got on the bed, got right behind my mother and stuck my huge rod straight into her ass. Brad and I were like a pair of Chinese finger cuffs, fucking her on each end. Her ass-cheeks felt great as I was squeezing and slapping them, and her ass hole was a nice tight fit.

“David, this is awesome,” Said brad. “You rule man.” He high-fived me right over her body.

Tom was nearby jacking himself off as he watched us fuck my mom. But my mother wouldn’t let he do it alone and reached out one of her hands and was jacking him off herself. She was now servicing three people at the same time.

Brad finished as he shot his load into her mouth again. A few minutes later I shot my load into her ass as well, and let her go. We all waited a few minutes before we got back on her again. We spent the next hour and a half taking turns fucking her in everyway that we can. We got her ass, pussy, tits and mouth maybe a dozen times.

After we were all done we all sat on the bed, naked watching the game, drinking the beer and eating the snacks that brad and tom brought. When we ran out of beer, I told them about my mother’s breast milk and we all took turns drinking from her tits. At the end of the game, my mother gave them one last blowjob before they left.

When they left I got my mother on her hands and knees again to fuck her in the ass one more time. I loved giving it to her in the ass.

When we were done I turned her over on her back and attacked her tits with my mouth to suck on her breast. Afterwards we began to plan our next sexual adventure.


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