Mart 29, 2021

Mommy’s Silent Game

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My father died when I was very young. I grew up with my mother and two sisters.

Life was hard. My mother tried hard to feed us and send us to school. As she was not very educated, she could not get herself a good job. She started running a small business with my father’s pension money. She sold anything that could bring in money. Her business largely bordered on speculation. Whenever she heard that something was selling hot in one part of the country, she could go there. Often, her gambles paid.

In 2001, my mother heard that a severe famine had hit a certain corner of the country. Any foodstuff was, therefore, hot business there.

My mother did not hesitate. She quickly solicited fifty bags of rice and prepared to go. However, her business colleagues warned her that they had heard rumours that it was not advisable for a woman to go there alone. She needed to have someone, mostly a man, to accompany her. The hungry people there would sometimes resort to robbing the food sellers. For this reason, she asked me to escort her.

After several hours of travelling, we reached our destination. bakırköy escort

“Mike,” my mother said as we entered a small hotel, “I don’t have enough money. “There is only enough for one room.”

“Don’t worry Mum,” I replied. “We’ll see what we can do.”

We checked in and proceeded to our room. We dumped the bags on the floor. My mother slumped on the bed as I sat on the chair to rest. Both of us were very exhausted.

Soon I started dozing off. When I woke up, I heard water running in the bathroom. I decided to leave the room to give my mother more freedom after the bath.

After waiting in the lobby for about half an hour, I decided to go up again. I opened the door and entered.

My mother lay curled on the bed in deep slumber. Her legs exposed plenty and I had a very good view of everything. I quickly looked aside as I proceeded to my chair. But as much as I tried to look away, my eyes just found themselves resting on her shapely legs. Then I discovered that I was having a hard on.

My mother turned and only then I discovered that she bakırköy eve gelen escort did not have her panties on. This did not help matters as my eyes got fixed on her womanhood, unwilling to move away. This was tempting. The hard on was now raging.

Without thinking about it, I removed my trousers and climbed onto the bed. I lay next to her and deliberately started to snore. This time she turned again and, as it turned out, her pussy rested directly on the head of my cock!

Still snoring, I turned as one does when sleeping, and the effect was that there was a slight penetration. I left matters at that stage and stayed still.

I expected her to jump up and shout at me ‘What the heck are you doing???’ I expected her to rant and rave, and, perhaps, disown me, even. I expected her to shove me out of the room like a peace of dirt. I expected . . . ..

The opposite happened. This time, she moved closer, her ass pressing hard against me, thereby successfully completing the rear entry of her pussy.

It felt so hot in there. I felt like bakırköy grup yapan escort exploding any time. I slowly tried to move it deeper and then out, almost only the head remaining inside and then slowly, very slowly, all the way back in. Then my heart leapt when I discovered that her ass started wiggling. Now my hand encircled her to rest on the breasts. I just left it there as my pumping began to pick pace. Her response began to be more rapid. Suddenly, she had violent spasms as she pushed harder against me, harder than any girl had ever done to me before.

I continued pumping in, trying hard to hold back. I wanted the pleasure to keep on as long as I could last. At one point, when I felt that I would come any time, I pulled out completely. This sent her crazy. Now there was no point pretending. I felt her hand grab my dick, redirecting it to her entrance. I started pumping in slowly as her breathing became quicker and quickly. Her wriggling became more and more uncontrolled. Then, all of a sudden, I pushed in harder and harder as I came, spurt after spurt after spurt. She spasmed in an orgasm countless times.

Afterwards, I distanced myself from her. I had read the silent, unwritten rules of the game. It was to remain like a dream, as if nothing ever happened between us. Nothing.

When we woke up in the morning, my mother behaved as she always does. Very normal. We went about our business, sold everything and returned home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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