Mart 24, 2021

Mom , Me Ch. 07

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Why is life so complicated?

“No Ginny, she didn’t read me her biography, but she did talk a lot. She was very distraught and she cried a lot. She apologized several times and asked me to forgive her for hurting me. She told me that she felt abandoned and forgotten when I went on that camping trip with dad. She said she needed me. She needed sex and I wasn’t there to give it to her. She went to the party to have some fun. However several of the guys brought beer, wine, and whiskey to the party and she was offered drinks. She got drunk Ginny, and began to dance like a Harlot. That was her words. She described everything in detail. She cried and cried and kept apologizing to me. She knew afterwards her friends would avoid her and they have. She knew I wouldn’t want her anymore, so her only option was to be Matt’s steady. She thought his status in the school and his temper and meanness would keep people from saying awful things about her. She also knew I had a new girlfriend and I told her how much fun we had together and how beautiful you were and that I was in love with you. She asked me if we could be friends. I told her, ‘Of course.’ I told her that she would like you and if she ever saw us out on the town to come up and I would introduce her to you. I’m sorry Ginny that it took so long, but I’m glad that there has been closure between Jennifer and me.”

“Did you have sex with her Billy?”

“No, Ginny. I didn’t. I didn’t violate our agreement. I remained faithful to the agreement we made together. Don’t you believe me?

“I’m sorry Billy. I was afraid and scared that she would convince you to come back to her. I’m a fearful and jealous woman. I don’t want to lose you to another girl, and especially Jennifer. I want you all to myself. I’m glad you were able to talk with her and that you forgave her. Maybe she can get on with her life and we will continue to enjoy our life together. I love you Billy. I love you more than I ever imagined. I love how you love me; I love your touches and I love it when you sink your gorgeous cock deep into my pussy. There’s no other feeling more pleasing to me then to have your cock deep inside of me. I’m really aroused now. Will you fuck me right now, Billy? I’m sorry I was so fearful of you talking to Jennifer. Thank you for remaining faithful to me. Thank you Billy for choosing me to be your woman.”

“I love you Ginny and I will fuck you right now. I want to show you how much I enjoy making love to you, and how much I enjoy receiving love from you. We walked to our bedroom and disrobed each other and fucked for more than two hours. Then we lay together for a while kissing and hugging. Then Ginny said, “Oh, we haven’t eaten and I don’t have anything prepared.”

“Ginny, let’s get dressed and I’ll take you out to dinner. It will be our first date together. What do you say?”

“Ok, but I think we should shower. We don’t want to smell like a whore house when we walk into the cafe.”

We both laughed and we showered together, she playing with my balls and penis and I playing with her pussy and boobs. After we showered and dressed we got into the car.

“I thought we could get a hamburger at Mike’s. Is that ok with you Ginny? It is known for its outstanding hamburgers, but I’m told that all their meals are delicious.

“Anywhere is fine if I’m with you sweetie, let me put some lipstick and powder on my face and fix my hair. I’m going on a date! I’m so jazzed.”

“Ok, honey, I’ll just stand here like a nervous groom until you’re ready.”

“It will take me two minutes. Don’t run off with anyone else, ok?”

“Ginny, I’m never going to want anyone else but you.”

I decided to go into the other bathroom and freshen up, comb my hair, and then I put on a clean pair of trousers and another shirt.

I peeked into her room and she looked so attractive and sexy. She was sitting on the edge of our bed and pulling up her nylons, wearing only her black panties. She has beautiful boobs and I just stared at her.

She looked up and saw me standing there and said, “Do you see anything that interest you sweetie?

“Yes, I do!”

She giggled! If you’re a good boy I will be happy to let you play with one of the items you’re admiring.”

She’ll turn some heads tonight, that’s for sure. She really knows how to dress and accentuate all the right places on her body. She’s wearing a very sexy short, almost tight skirt that will make males hard, and women jealous. She’s also wearing a loose top with a wide collar that reveals flesh from her breast line to her neck. She looked so hot! I’m going to have to watch her.

She hasn’t been out much lately and I know she likes to flirt. If any of my friends happen to be at Mike’s I know she’ll flirt with them. güvenilir bahis My dad told me once that my mom liked to make men hard. Then she will try to dance with them at least once to see if she can get them to poke her with their hard cocks.

When we left the house I opened the front door and helped her into the car. By the time I was opening the other door Ginny had already moved across the bench seat of my car and was sitting as close to me as she could. I shifted the car into gear and we headed for Mike’s Café. I felt her hand on my leg, and she began to rub the inside of my right thigh nervously. A few moments later she leaned her head on my shoulder and continued to massage my leg. I felt a budge growing in my pants.

We arrived at Mike’s and we sat in a booth toward the back where we could enjoy some privacy. My good friend, Jane took our orders and when she came back with the food she said, “I see you’re dating a very attractive lady Billy? Are you going to introduce her to me?”

“Oh, sorry Jane. Sure. This is my steady girlfriend, Virginia, but all of her friends call her Ginny. She attends the community college west of town. Ginny, this is Jane. She goes to the same high school as me, and has been a good friend of mine since I’ve lived here.

“Glad to meet you Ginny. Billy sure does know how to pick the most attractive girls. You’re a lucky girl, Ginny. He’ll treat you like a Princess and you won’t have to worry about him sneaking off with another girl. His problem is that his girlfriends seem to be the ones who sneak off with other guys.”

“Thank you Jane. Your very sweet, and I’m thrilled to be Billy’s girlfriend. Thank you for sharing. I won’t be like those other girlfriend. I agree with what you’re saying, and when you’ve found the right man you don’t look for another. Your right Jane, he does treat me like a Princess.”

“Well, Ginny, there’re a lot of girls at our school that will want to scratch your eyes out if they thought they could steal Billy away from you. Enjoy your meal. I’m leaving your check on the table. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you love birds.”

After Jane left, Ginny whispered to me, “Do you think I look as young as she thinks I look, Billy?”

“Ginny, you’re a knockout! You’re gorgeous and I’m so glad you’re my girlfriend?”

“What?” Steady? You mean I’m your steady girl? You’re not going to date anyone at your school anymore?”

“That’s right Ginny. You’re the only one I want, and I want you more than you can imagine. It’s official. You’re my steady girl. You can be sure Jane will spread the news throughout the land, if she hasn’t already done it. She’s probably on her phone right now.”

Ginny kissed me and we both began to giggle.

“Oh, Billy, you’ve made my day. I’m so happy. No, I’m delighted. You’re making me feel like a silly virgin teenager. I love it. Baby, I have a feeling this evening is going to be very special. We’re not only celebrating our first date together, but I’m really going steady with you, and who knows what else we might celebrate at the end of this wonderful magical evening together.” She squeezes my hand and leaned over and kissed my lips again. I reach my arm around her and pull her to me, and this time our lips separated and our tongues swam again inside each other’s mouth. She pulls back, smiling like a thirteen year old and said “I love you Billy. I’m so proud to be your girl.”

I was kissing her neck and she began to giggle when I heard a familiar voice say, “Hey guys look at that chick Billy is kissing!”

Ginny turned to look at who was talking. I whispered into Ginny ear, “Well you are on their radar screen now. Watch their eyes. I know exactly where their eyes will be concentrating on you. Let’s see how many of these guys you can get hard.”

“Hey Billy where did you find this gorgeous chick?”

“I was in the library reading a good book and she just walked up to where I was sitting and bent down and kissed me on my lips.”

“Yeah, right! Is this your older sister, or did a cousin come visiting?”

“No, this is Ginny. And she’s taken. We’re going steady.”

“Glad to meet you Ginny. My name is Jack. That’s Harry, and the ugly one over there is Tommy.”

When they approached our table I felt Ginny squeezing my hand. I began introducing Ginny to each of them. While she was shaking hands, I noticed Harry’s eyes glued on Ginny’s blouse, the one with the wide low loose-fitting neckline. When Ginny bent down to reached across the table to shake Harry’s outstretched hand, that’s when I noticed Harry’s eyes increase in size like a lusting bed bug, and undoubtedly he was staring directly at her pertly bare breasts, since I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I said, “Why don’t türkçe bahis you join us. You guys can push another table up against ours.” Tommy asked, “Have you already ordered?”

I replied, “Yes, but we finished eating just a few minutes ago, but if you want to talk with us for awhile, go ahead and order your food. We’re not in a hurry. Anyway, I’m secure enough to have you guys converse with my sweetie.

As they moved a couple of tables next to ours I yelled over toward Jane, “Can you bring a couple of menus over here so these guys can order food?”

Jane promptly came and took their orders. After they all ordered Jane said, “Do you and Ginny want to order a dessert?”

Do you want a dessert Ginny?”

“No, I’ll pass until later.”

Tommy giggle on hearing what Ginny said, but it must have passed over the other two.

“Where have you been hiding this sweet girl of yours, Billy?”

“Well, you don’t expect me to disclose classified information about her do you? I know what you guys are like. I’m not going to give you a chance to convince her to change her mind about me.”

I squeezed Ginny’s thigh and she spoke up saying, “Where do you guys go to school? Any of you in college?”

Harry, looked at her and replied, I wish! I’m a student at the same high school that Billy goes too. Jack and Tommy go to different high schools in town. We’re all seniors and plan to go to college next year.

Ginny asked them how they knew Billy if everyone went to different high schools. We met him because he’s on the golf team and each of us plays golf, just at different schools. Harry lamented, “We all know that Billy is the best golfer around here. Now we know he’s dating the most beautiful girl in the county.”

“Stop it! You’re making me blush, but thank you for the compliment, Harry. I’m honored to meet such good friends of Billy’s who isn’t only handsome but display such good manners. You must have wonderful mothers to be so sweet. Now, let me see if I remember all of your names: Your Jack, the one that greeted us as we came into the restaurant, correct?”

Jack said, “Yes, that my name, but I go to a college prep high school here in town.”

Then Ginny said, “You’re Harry. I think you were the first one that I was introduced too, right?

“Yes, Ginny, that’s correct,” said Harry.

“And lastly, your Tommy, the quiet sweet one.”

“Your correct Ginny.”

I could see Ginny using her magic. They were captivated by her presence and words. It’s a good thing their hamburgers arrived before they started drooling on themselves.

“Wow! She’s good, said Jack. I don’t know if I could remember the names of three girls I just met and be able to go around the table and remember their names and say something about their personal lives. That takes a lot of concentration.”

I said, “The problem Jack is you only concentrate on girls breasts and not their name.” Everyone laughed.

“What do you guys enjoy doing when you’re not going to school or looking at girls’ boobs? Do you have girlfriends?”

They responded with statements like “we hang out with friends, play sports, read, listen to music, work, go to Friday night football games, and school dances. Do any of you have girlfriends?”

Jack was the only one that said he had a steady girlfriend.

Ginny used all of her girly charm, smiling, giggling, and flirting with my friends, but after she learned that Harry and Tommy didn’t have steady girl friends she turned on her seductive charm and told them she preferred to hang out with guys and the love of her life, Billy. Then she turned and put her arm around my shoulders, and whispered isn’t that right Billy?

I said, “Yes, that’s right baby,” and I turned and gave her a kiss on her lips.

She turned back and asked Harry if he liked to dance, and he responded, “I only dance when there are slow tunes because I don’t know how to dance fast. Tommy said he really didn’t feel comfortable dancing because he really didn’t know how to move a girl around the dance floor. Then Ginny said, “Do you both attend the same school as my Billy?”

“Tommy said, “Harry does. I go to a different school. ‘

“Billy told me a couple days ago that his high school is going to have a fall dance soon. Did you hear about that?

“Yes, but I don’t have a date?” said Harry.”

“Well, you can attend if your don’t have a date, can’t you?”

“Well… yes, but if I did, I wouldn’t have anyone to dance with.”

“Well, Billy and I are going to the dance. I’m sure he won’t mind if I danced one or two dances with you. Then I can show you how to lead a girl around on the dance floor.”

“Wow! Really? I’m not so sure Billy would want me dancing with you.”

Then Ginny güvenilir bahis siteleri said, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Billy. Anyway, he’ll have an opportunity to ask someone else to dance with him. But if I teach you how to dance with a girl you’ll have to promise me you’ll ask one of the girls in your school to go with you to the fall dance.”

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s scary to telephone a girl and asked her to go to a dance,” says, Harry. “I’m sure you have enough courage to ask a girl out to a dance. They will jump at a chance to go to the fall dance.” Harry finally said he would try to work up the courage to ask a girl to the December formal if Ginny would teach him the basic steps.

Ginny said, “Jane, since there is no one in here right now can I give you some money to put in that Juke Box so I can teach these two guys a simple dance step.”

“Sure, don’t worry, no money is needed. Let me see if I can pick out a tune they could slow dance too.”

So Ginny got them up and Jane started the music. She got me up to help demonstrate how to move, and then she danced with each of them a few times until they felt comfortable.

I think Harry was having trouble concentrating on the dance step; he appeared to me to be looking more at her low cut blouse and cleavage. Finally they rejoined the table and were considering whom they might ask to the Christmas formal if they had the courage to proceed.

I wanted to ask Harry if he enjoyed feeling Ginny’s boobs pressing against his chest, but I decided not to embarrass him or Ginny, but he seemed to really enjoy the dance lesson. I was going to watch when the dance was over if he had a hard dick poking out from the front of his trousers, but Jane came to the table to distribute our bills and Ginny and Harry made it back to the table before I could get a glimpse at Harry’s trousers.

Everyone seemed to have had a good time and I felt good that they were all foaming over Ginny.

We all got up and paid our bills and Ginny left Jane a $15 tip.

When we left I said, “Ginny, you really had Harry worked up. I’m sure his briefs are wet with cum.” We laughed and I said that was sweet of you to offer to dance with Jack, Harry and Tommy. They’re rather shy, that is until Harry saw your gorgeous breasts when you reached out and down to shake his hand.”

“Yes, I noticed that too. I guess I better wear a bra when we go to the dance in November. We laughed and as we were driving home she said, “Did you notice the front of Harry’s pants when we returned to the table?” I said, “No, Jane came over to distribute the bills to us.”

“Too bad you missed that. He had a real boner pressing against me. We’ve got to find that boy a girl so he can relieve himself.”

“Well, then,” I said, “I’m sure he will be at the dance in November so he can dance with you again.” She laughed, “I guess you were right honey when you said I looked young enough that I would pass for your older sister.”

“Billy, when we get home I want you to fuck me. Thank you Billy for being a good sport at the café. I liked meeting your friends and I can’t wait to go to the November dance with you. I’m going to wear the sexiest dress that is lawful at a high school dance.”

“Well, it won’t have to be much. You should see how high school girls dress and how much they reveal today. They might as well come in a bra and panties.”

“Really? Is that how Jennifer dressed?”

“Well, yes, but not quite as bad. Most of the girls today wear very short skirts, revealing tops, and go braless if they can.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to being your date at the November dance, I’m going to look for something that will catch all the boys eyes.”

“I figured you would and I like your sexy look, and like dad, I don’t mine you flirting with all the guys. I know I’m number one in your eyes and I kind of like to watch them cum on themselves.”

We drove into the garage and she reached over and gave me a hard wet kiss on the mouth and said, “Do you really want me to dress naughty at the November dance?”

“Naughty! I want those guys to suffer when they look at us together.”

“Since I’ve never met your ex girlfriend, Jennifer, she doesn’t know what I look like. I hope she is at the dance. And I want you to close dance with Jennifer a couple of times and be sweet too her, while I am getting Harry’s cock nice and hard and his pants wet. We’re going to have a lot of fun at your high school dance, Billy.”

I opened the door of the car and she got out and put her arms around my neck and kissed me long and hard. I whispered in her ear and said, “The neighbors might be watching us.”

“So? I don’t give a shit”

As we walked toward the front door she said since you were such a nice understand boy tonight I’m going to give you a good blowjob, and then you fuck the hell our of me. She smiled and said it is late so let’s go to the bedroom right now. She took my hand and led me down the hall.

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