Mart 27, 2021

Mom Has The Answer

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Mom’s arms rocked back and forth with the dice in her hand. My eyes flashed to her cleavage as it bounced with the movement. I could only look for a moment. She was my mom after all.

Mom dropped the dice on the Monopoly board, “Eight! One – Two -” She counted up to eight. “Boardwalk! I’ll buy it!” She smiled at me brightly and counted out four $100 Monopoly dollars.

“Oh great.” I said sarcastically. “Now you have the Monopoly. It starts with a couple houses and pretty soon you’ll have hotels up. This game is pretty much over.” I counted my properties with a bummed look on my face.

Mom reached over the board and caressed my cheek gently like mom’s always do and told me in a hushed voice like it were a secret between us, “I don’t have to collect if you run out of money, baby.” She rubbed her thumb up my cheek and told me in a soothing motherly voice, “How about I trade you my railroads for Oriental Avenue?”

My eyes locked on hers. Her eyes twinkled in the light. Mom pulled out the railroads and held out her hand with them. I had an exceptional view of her ample tits with her arm out like that. Mom had to snap her fingers to remind me about our property trade. I blushed bright red and traded the cards with her. Looking up to check her expression, she didn’t seem phased by my staring. Maybe she didn’t notice. Mom and I were always playing board games together and just spending time together. We were still very close even though I was already eighteen. My attraction to Mom complicated things. Especially since I had a girlfriend now. I really loved Mom as my mother and something more. I knew in reality that nothing could ever happen between us.

Mom still ended up winning the game. Mom toned down her reaction so she wouldn’t make me feel bad. “Should we clean up, sweetie?”

“Yeah Mom. Let’s leave the cards in order so we can play again tomorrow.”

She checked the clock after we finished. “It’s still early, hun. How about a movie on the couch?”

“That sounds great. Since we’re cleaned up here. I’ll put in some popcorn.”

I looked back at Mom as she leaned over to put the box of Monopoly on the shelf. My eyes fixed on her butt. Mom was a tiny woman blessed with big breasts and an unforgettable bubble butt. It stretched against the material of her pants. My cock was hardening. I tore my eyes off of Mom’s ass and walked into the kitchen. My phone rang before I could zap the popcorn in the microwave.

I knew it was my girlfriend Molly before answering it. “What’s up?”

“What’re you doing now, Darrell?” She shouted through the phone. Loud music was blasting in the background.

“Nothing much. Just hanging out with my mom. Where are you?”

“There’s this great band playing at the park by school tonight. Hurry up. You already missed their first set!” She hung up.

I put my cell phone back in my pocket and looked out into the living room where Mom was looking through our stack of movies. The last thing I wanted to do was upset her but I knew I wouldn’t get much time with Molly for this coming week. It wouldn’t look right for me to spend the night with Mom instead of my girlfriend. No, I had to go see the band with Molly. Mom had picked out a movie and sat back on the couch waiting for me.

“Where’s the popcorn, babe?”

“Mom….. Molly just called. There’s a band playing by school and I was thinking of going. Would it be alright if we postponed the movie till tomorrow? I won’t see much of Molly for a little while and…” I muttered off excuses.

Mom’s happy mood instantly vanished. Her lips formed into a frown. “Oh.. that’s okay Darrell. We can do this anytime. Go have fun with your girlfriend. I’ll tuck in early.” She tried to fake a smile. I wanted to run over and take her in my arms. That wouldn’t be the right thing for a son to do. It was too late to call off going now. I’d make it up to Mom tomorrow.

“Be safe. I love you.” She called out the door to me.

“I love you too. I’ll be home before curfew.”

It was an extraordinarily cold night for the end of the Winter season. I took a last look back at the house, feeling foolish for leaving the warmth and security of being at home with Mom for the cold outdoor concert with Molly. Why can’t Mom just be my girlfriend? Damn it. If I keep thinking like this I’m going to be one of those forty year-old virgins. Mom and I couldn’t be together. She’d probably be disgusted with the thoughts I had about her!

I got to the concert and spent half the night just looking for Molly. I was freezing to death out there.

“Where have you been?” Molly asked me once I finally found her. She sounded very annoyed with me.

“I was looking for you. I can’t see through this crowd. It’s freezing out here! And this band totally sucks.”

Molly looked at me like I had slapped her in the face. She growled out the words “Fine Darrell. GO HOME and spend the night with your mommy again.” She laughed.

My face flashed with anger. I never should bahis firmaları have come out here when I didn’t want to. Why couldn’t I find the kind of connection with other girls that I found with Mom? I decided to not say anything to Molly I would regret tomorrow. She was still my girlfriend.

“I’m going then, Molly. We both need to cool off tonight. Goodnight.” I stood waiting for her to answer me in some way or tell me goodnight but she didn’t. Molly pretended like I wasn’t even there anymore. I stormed off in the direction of home.

The house was silent. Mom must already be asleep. I walked through the hallway and heard the faint sound of television from Mom’s room. Maybe she was still up. I could really use a hug from Mom right now. Listening at the door, I didn’t hear any movement. There was no answer to my soft knock. I quietly opened the door and walked into the room. Mom was laying in the bed on her side away from me.

“Mom…” I whispered.

No answer.

I stepped closer and looked down in the dark at Mom. She was covered up part way and wearing a flimsy nightgown. I stared at her chest a little longer than I should have and felt like a pervert. My hand reached out and grabbed Mom’s arm. She stirred and mumbled something. “Mom…”

Mom turned around and I strained my eyes to see her open hers. She blinked a few times and tried to sit up. I tried not to notice the jiggling of her giant tits in the tiny nightgown. Mom reached over and put the light on. “Darrell..” She looked over at the clock, “I didn’t think you’d be home this soon.”

Her eyes were red and puffy. She must have been crying! “Mom.. were you crying?! Are you alright?” I asked her, very afraid that something was wrong.

Mom rubbed at her eyes and tried to smile, “Yeah baby, everything’s fine now.” She reached out and wrapped her little hand around mine. “Why are you home so early? It’s two hours before curfew. I figured you’d be out having fun with Molly.” She said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“We had a fight. She told me to go home. I don’t know. I didn’t even want to leave tonight.”

“Come here baby.” She locked her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her. My head was using her soft breast-flesh for pillows. We were both silent for a few minutes. My cock started to harden in my pants. It felt so natural to lie like this in Mom’s arms but society says it’s unnatural to have the kind of feelings I was having for Mom at the moment. I fidgeted around, trying to get my boner under control. Mom’s body started to shake a little and she was sniffing a lot. I looked up at Mom’s face and saw she was crying. My fingers flew toward her face and frantically tried to wipe away her tears.

“What’s wrong Mom? Why are you crying? I’m sorry for making you feel bad. I did, didn’t I?”

“Oh no! Sweetie, it’s not your fault. Don’t feel bad, please. It’s just… I love spending time with you and I tend to get sad when you aren’t around. But you have your own life. I have to accept that you’re growing up and everything else that goes along with that. I’m just coming to terms with knowing we can’t spend every night together anymore.”

I looked into Mom’s eyes, trying to determine if she was still crying or not. “I love you more than you could ever understand. I’d be happier if I could find a girl like you.” I confessed to her.

Mom squeezed my shoulder, “Girls are going to come and go in your life. I’m always going to be here. Whenever you need me, baby. I love you so much.” She beckoned me closer to her and I wrapped my arms around her small body. She kissed my forehead, leaving her soft lips there. My cock had stayed hard throughout our talk and ached inside my pants for relief.

“It’s getting late now, Mom. We should both get some sleep.” And I needed to jack off now that I thought I had patched things up between me and Mom.

We were so close that I could feel her hot breath when she spoke. “Yeah. A night of sleep can do wonders, sweetie. I’ll have breakfast ready for us in the morning. She gave my head one last kiss and we both reluctantly broke the embrace. Mom watched me walk out and turned out the light. I closed her door gently and headed off to my room.

I dropped my pants on the floor and laid back in bed. Squeezing my hard cock, memories of Mom’s feminine smell and soft tit-flesh were flooding my fantasies. My hand jerked up and down on my cock with the images of Mom in that nightgown. She had been crying over me and now I was sitting here jerking off thinking about her! Would she disown me if she knew what I was doing? No. That was a stupid question. I knew Mom. She would never disown me. I’m too important to her and she’s too important to me. Oh…. and those tits. My cock lurched in response to the thought of her tits. Thick, ropey strings of cum shot out from my cock. I used a pair of boxer shorts to shoot into. This looked like the biggest load ever. I threw the boxers on my floor and turned over to get some sleep.

The kaçak iddaa morning came a few hours too soon. I smelled Mom making pancakes from my room. “Get em’ while they’re hot.” I suppose. I stood up and looked around my room. My clothes from yesterday were gone. Mom must have taken them for laundry. What if she noticed the cum splattered boxer shorts? I threw on a pair of pants and a shirt for breakfast. Worrying about this wasn’t going to change anything. I’d deal with whatever consequences there might be with Mom if it comes up.

Mom was mixing more pancake batter at the counter. I thought better of taking the moment to admire her perfect figure.

“Morning. How’d you sleep?” She asked me, sounding rather cheerful.

“Like a rock. How were.. umm how are you today, Mom?” I questioned her.

“I’m feeling better than I did last night, sweetie.” She walked over to the table and handed me a plate of pancakes with a smile. “Here you go. I’ll have a plate in a moment too.” I smiled back at her.

We ate like nothing had happened. I must have patched whatever problems we had up. Hopefully I won’t find Mom crying anymore. She probably didn’t see the cum stains on my boxers, although they were hard to miss. While I was thinking this, my eyes absent-mindedly moved down to Mom’s tits. I watched them jiggle with her movements. Finally, realizing what I was doing, I looked up at Mom. She was just smiling away at me. Mom took a big bite of pancake and some syrup ran down her chin. Her tongue darted out from her full lips and licked the sticky syrup off her chin. My cock was getting hard. Fortunately, it was hidden under the table.

I felt a little embarrassed about getting hard due to Mom. It must just be a fact of life though. If any other guy had a mom like Mom, they’d react the same way. This couldn’t be as unnatural as society liked to say. We finished up breakfast and I helped her clean off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

Mom looked over at me once we finished, “If you don’t have anything else to do today… maybe we could use that rain check from yesterday and watch a movie together?” She asked hopefully.

“That sounds great. I think you had the movie picked out already. Stick it in the player and I’ll be out there with the popcorn in a minute. I won’t let us down this time either.” I smiled at her.

“Nothing you do could let me down, Darrell.”

She left to put the movie in and I pulled the popcorn out of the cupboard. I felt confident that things were going to be okay. Mom’s crying must have just been a fluke. I came out with the popcorn and sat next to her, feeling pretty good about everything. The movie started and we snuggled closer. She smelled so good sitting there next to me. I had to keep my urges under control and hide my hard cock from her. I couldn’t pay attention to the movie. Between longing glances at Mom’s cleavage, hiding my cock, and trying my best not to feel Mom up, I had my hands full, but not with Mom’s tits.

The ending credits finally rolled. Mom sighed heavily and smiled over at me. She wrapped her arm tighter around my back, “I didn’t see that twist coming. That’s saying something seeing as how I saw this movie at the theater! What did you think of it?” She was so full of life.

Here I was sitting next to Mom, having to put a pillow in my lap to hide the huge erection I got anytime I got close to her. “Yeah, it was a good movie. I really liked the end too.”

Mom smiled a knowing smile, she could always tell when I was lying. I hadn’t followed the plot of the movie in the least. “How about we have a Monopoly rematch? I know you want to recapture victory from your ol’ mom.”

“Okay if you set up, Mom. I’d love to play… ahem… beat you at a game of Monopoly.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games. We just had a good time together like we always did. I could get through each day when I knew I had Mom back at home waiting for me. It was already dark by the time we put all the Dominion cards back in the box.

Mom had gotten quiet while we were putting the cards away. She looked like she had something on her mind. I started to worry that maybe I wasn’t out of the woods. “Mom, is everything alright?”

She flashed me her million dollar smile, “Yeah. I’m just thinking is all.”

“I just remembered that there’s supposed to be a good movie on Showtime tonight. Do you want to watch it with me?”

Mom started to look a little worried herself, or apprehenisive. I couldn’t tell. “Let’s skip it tonight, hun.” She looked down at the floor. “I’ve been debating something today. I’ve thought through all the possibilities and I think it’s time to share what I’ve figured out with you.”

My stomach dropped. This could be bad. “Umm.. errr.. okay. What is it, Mom?” I asked her weakly.

“It’s not the best setting for this conversation. Why don’t you meet me in the master bedroom. Say ten minutes?”

I shook my head “Yes” and Mom walked towards kaçak bahis her bedroom. What had Mom been thinking over today? What kind of conversation would we have in her bedroom? Something in her voice told me that maybe I wasn’t in trouble. It was something I hadn’t heard before. I couldn’t explain it yet. The feeling in my stomach hadn’t lifted yet but I definitely wanted to hear what she had to say. I was overly anxious infact.

I paced the room back and forth. What was she thinking now? I had every question in the world and no answers. Okay, I’ll have answers in five minutes. I reasoned with myself. I knew it would all be okay with Mom no matter what she had to say. Our relationship was strong enough to withstand any difficulty.

I still approached her bedroom door somewhat cautiously. My hand slowly opened the door while my eyes struggled to see what was going on in the room. Mom was sitting on the bed in her robe. She looked as nervous as I was. “Come sit on the bed with me, Darrell.” She putted the middle of the bed.

I sat on the bed next to her. We always discussed everything on this bed. Any time I had a problem Mom was there and we worked through it. Her door was always open. We’ve been jumping up on her bed together and talking since as long as I could remember. This helped to ease the tension in the air. It didn’t feel very much different from any other time we had been in the same exact place.

“Darrell.” Mom broke the silence. “I want to talk for a little while. Please don’t say anything until I finish. Can you do that, honey?”

“Uhhh… Yeah, Mom. Sure.”

She seemed to be searching her head for the words. Mom looked down into her lap and continued, “I’ve been wanting to get a few things off my chest for a long time now. I think now is the time to do it. Darrell, you know you’ve been the only man in my life since your father passed away. Whatever I’m going to say, you have to know that I’m always going to be your mother and you’re always going to be my son. I never want to do anything that would make you leave me. I love you so much.”

Mom looked into my eyes. She had a cute little nervous expression on her face. I was just glad that Mom was telling me she loved me and the news wasn’t bad. She looked like she was debating whether to forget this whole thing or not but she continued. “Ever since you’ve had a girlfriend things have been harder for me. It’s hard to put this into words. I’m jealous, Darrell. I’m jealous of Molly. Where was she when you couldn’t sleep? Or when you got in your first fight? Or every other time you needed me. Not anyone else. Just me. She wasn’t there for you then and she’s taking you away from me now. It’s not fair.”

Mom seemed very flustered at that thought. I wanted to reach out and hold her but she asked me to wait until she finished. “You said last night that you’d be happier if you could find a girl like me. This morning I came into your room for the laundry and found your boxer shorts. It looked like you went to town with them. I might just be trying to flatter myself but I was thinking there’s a chance you made that sticky mess last night soon after we talked. Sometimes I think I see your eyes linger on me a little longer than they would if you weren’t… interested in my body. We love doing everything together. It seems like we’d have more time together and you wouldn’t need Molly if…” Mom paused.

She lifted her hand and it landed on my pants, over my crotch. She let it rest still there and went on, “We can have everything we want, honey. I think we should branch out… into the sexual realm together.”

Mom’s other hand went up and her finger covered my mouth, “Wait. Don’t say anything yet.” Mom’s hand started to very lightly and slowly rub my cock through my pants. Her other hand now brushed the robe off one shoulder then the other. The robe fell down to her lap. I nearly gasped. Her tits were out in the open now. The two big orbs still hung high on Mom’s chest. Her pink nipples hardened now that they were exposed. The sight was wonderful. They looked so kissable and suckable. She looked into my eyes, waiting for me to speak. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t move or speak if I wanted to. Mom’s hand held my cock tighter in her hands. She was still stroking slowly but not as gently. My cock was rock hard.

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. I think my cock did the talking for me. Mom’s arm swung around my neck and slowly pulled my head down towards her chest. I didn’t protest. My head came in contact with the warm flesh. My face was buried in Mom’s tits. Instinct and lust took over. I kissed and licked my way up and down her tits. My lips found her nipple and sucked it into my mouth. Mom moaned. Her hand started undoing my pants. She pulled my hard-on out of my shorts. Mom’s warm hand squeezed my rod and she started pumping her fist. My precum was already flowing and kept my cock lubricated.

The feeling of her hand working my cock was wonderful. I bit down on her nipple gently and sucked as much of her tit-flesh into my mouth as possible. She spoke in a sexy voice I had only heard a hint of previously, “Is it alright if Mom drains these big balls every night instead of you or Molly?”

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