Haziran 10, 2020

— Mom gets the workout she craves

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— Mom gets the workout she craves
OK, let’s set the record straight right from the beginning. I am not an ignored, divorced, sex-starved mother. My husband didn’t leave me for a young chickadee. My c***dren aren’t deformed or social piranha. I love sex. Banging, pounding, fucking…whatever you choose to call it. I love every moment of it.

I met my husband Daniel at a swinger’s party. No he wasn’t ‘the man I’m going to marry’ at first sight. Hell, he wasn’t even fucking me. He was ball deeps in a hot blonde while some guy had me bent over the couch ramming my wet twat.

Dan and I have your more than normal sex life. We fuck at least twice or three times a week. It’s isn’t the party wall banger. I tend to be a bit of a screamer, and when the k**s are roaming the house, we have to tone it down…a bit. We don’t hide sex from our c***dren. It is a healthy normal part of life. They know mom and dad are active, and we encourage them to be active to. Just be safe…is our motto.

Just take it we are about as normal as you get in this suburban house. My husband Dan is a tax lawyer, you know, the guy who saves your ass when the IRS wants to take your first born c***d. I am a fitness trainer; I help people look and feel good. My son Peter is a second year college major in engineering, and out daughter, Mindy, is about to graduate high school.

We attend parent conferences, PTA, and yes church. We also attend a monthly swingers get together. Where it’s no holds barred, fuck me until I scream event. Dan and I knew what our worlds were like the further we fell in love. We adapted, and grew with it. No, we didn’t drag our c***dren into it, it needed to be their lifestyle, not ours. Quite frankly, when the moment did hit with Peter, I was as surprised as anyone to know his feelings, and his desires. Much to my pleasure.

It was a Wednesday afternoon in June…I remember it clearly. Dan was busy at the office. It was post tax season, and his clientele usually jumped through the first part of the summer as people got their ‘bill’ from the IRS. The club I worked at as a personal trainer was undergoing renovation. So, each of us was taking an extra day a week off since the work load was down with part of the building out of commission. I had taken that day off.

I didn’t want to give up my usual work out, and had headed for the gym in the basement. I had been at the elliptic pretty hard and was doing my stationary bike run when I glanced up at the door. Ear buds blaring Metallica I hadn’t heard Peter come home from class. I slowed my pace to a leisure pedaling and opened my mouth to tell him there was left overs in the fridge for him. The words never came out.

I admit it, it was week six…we had skipped the last party with Dan’s schedule, I was sweating…panting…working güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri out always had heightened my bodies reactions. I suspect everything about me screamed horny right about then. While Dan and I had been at each other like breeding rabbits; we both had been missing that spice that heightened both our lives

My eyes locked to Peters face…but he wasn’t looking at mine. His eyes were wide and had a slight glassy look. I followed his gaze. And glanced down at myself. My sports bra was soaked in my sweat…my hard nipples poking like two pebbles through the stained cloth. My bare thighs glistened in my sweat as my legs slowly worked the pedals of the bike.

My eyes traveled down his chest…watching it heave with emotion as he continued to stare at me. He wasn’t your chiseled athlete. Like his father he was more brains then brawn. When my eyes landed on his groin…I nearly gasped. Jesus, the size of the package bulging through the front of his tight jeans was sizeable.

I felt a rush of wetness in the crotch of my shorts that was more than mere sweat. I knew the cloth had to be as soaked as my top…but right then didn’t give a shit. You know those moments, when you know the answer is so simple…so right…but your brain freezes and for the life of you, you can’t think of it. That was it for me right there.

As I slid off the bike…strolling towards my captivated boy…the thought never even entered my mind…this is your son. Walking towards Peter, I bent and picked up my towel…giving him ample time to view my pendulous breasts. Raising up, I swear to God I could see it actually throb inside his jeans.

This was an eighteen year old MAN…Standing not more than fifteen feet from me. Raging hard, lust burning in his eyes. For me. Every hormone in my body went haywire. Walking towards him, I put an extra swing in my step…knowing my 36D’s were swinging in the close fit bra. Standing right in front of him…I let every pheromone in my body overwhelm his senses.

“You like?” I asked. Hearing how husky my own voice was. Thick with my own growing lust.

“Fuck yeah” Peter groaned back.

Like an out of body experience…my hand came forward…cupping the bulge in his jeans. Feeling it quiver and jump. “So do I baby…so do I” I told him.

“Oh God…Mom” Peter whispered.

I felt a tremor run through me…and what I felt was a gallon of hot cream gush from between my thighs hearing the raw lust in those words. Before I knew it…I was sliding to my knees in front of my own son…and with practiced ease unsnapping his jeans and lower his zipper. Slipping my hand inside…I wrapped my fingers around his pole, and slid what had to be nine inches of steel hard cock out into view. God it was magnificent.

“Fuck…mommmmm” güvenilir bahis şirketleri peter moaned. As my hot mouth literally engulfed his length. Feeling it slide along my hot tongue. I almost stopped then…as that tiniest part of my brain screamed through my lust…this is your SON dammit. That vanished the moment Peter wrapped his fingers into the tangles of my hair and shoved the rest of his thick cock into my throat. God, I loved it when a man took control.

My spit dripped down the corner of my chin as Peter began to fuck my wanting mouth. His length bumping against the back of my throat, making me softly gag with every thrust. My hands fumbled as I tried to rip my shorts off, kneeling there. As I sucked every inch of his throbbing cock in. Fuck, he tasted good.

Like a switch being thrown…Peter came to life. His cock driving into my throat. Grunting as his heavy balls slapped my chin. God yes…use me…I thought. Use your mommy slut. I could feel him, pulsing along my tongue…the suddenness overwhelming his young body.

When he groaned down at me “Oh God…Mom…I’m going to cum” I attacked his thick cock with renewed vigor. My head almost snapped back at the force of his eruption. Hot, thick cream jetting down my throat…filling my aching belly. Followed immediately by a second thick blast…then a third.

Knowing the young ability to recover, I kept sucking right through every spurt. Holding what cum I could inside my mouth, feeling the viscous liquid coat my tongue. “Mmmmmmmm” humming in delight.

Rising to my feet I stared my own son straight in the eye, holding my mouth open. Letting him see his cream pooling on my tongue. Then, I made a show of swallowing every drop of his sweet juices. When his eyes glazed over completely, I knew I had him. Glancing down…I saw his cock, standing stiff, straight out from his body.

Turning my back to him…I grabbed the bars of the elliptic and bent slightly at the waist. “Do it baby” I told him. “Fuck Mommy”

Peter stepped up behind me…and I heard him softly growl as he did exactly what I wanted. Ramming his thick cock deep into my soaked cunt in one stroke.

“Shhiiittttttttttttttttttttttttt” I screamed, as his thick pole tore into me. Stretching me open to his invading member.

I felt my juices squelch out around his cock…oozing down my thighs as I stood there…taking my own sons cock deep inside me. As his cock pumped in and out of m tight pussy, I looked over my shoulder at his face.

“Come on you Motherfucker” I almost wailed. “Fuck your Mommy…HARDER.”

Even I wasn’t prepared for his reaction, as I saw Peters face contort into an almost a****l grimace. The next drive in he slammed into my body. Almost lifting my body off my toes…impaling canlı bahis şirketleri me on this thick rod. God damn could this boy FUCK.

For almost twenty minutes…my son hammered me like a madman. Hard, deep thrusts that pushed against my spongy cervix. No love…no romance…just sheer raw fucking. Just what my body needed right there.

“Oh God…Oh Fuck” I babbled “Yes…fuck me…take me…oh my fucking GOD”

Like a hot bomb going off in the pit of my belly. I felt my orgasm roar through my ravaged body. I heard someone screaming, and realized…it was me.

My eyes rolled back as stars exploded behind my lids. “Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” I screamed. As I felt my pussy juices gush out of my body…coating peter’s length…splattering to the floor under my body.

Unlike many men, who will stop when their woman creams…Peter kept at the merciless pace. As one roll across my tummy would end, another would follow right behind it. Wave after wave coursing through me My body convulsing as I held to the elliptic bars for dear life. Being pounded like I hadn’t been in oh so long.

I felt Peters cock twitch along the walls of my pussy. I didn’t need to hear his cry to know what was about to happen. God did I want it. Photos http://cu5.io/jegBckZ

“Oh fuck…mommm” Peter roared behind me “Oh God…going to cummmm”

“Yessssssssssssssssssss” I cried back at him. “In me…oh god in me…pleaseeeeee” I screamed.

With a grunt…Peter lunged forward…burying his full length into my shattered body. I screamed again when the first blast of his molten seed bathed my walls.

“AAAAhhhhhhhhggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh” my voice wailed. Three bombs went off all at once. One inside my head as stars exploded behind my clenched eyes. The second deep in my belly as I felt his hot cream jet against my cervix. The third in my pussy itself as his cock jerked over and over inside me.

I had done it a few times before…and once again my body lost all control. It had been years…but the intensity of my orgasm shattered any will I had to stop it. My juices,, squirting out from between my thighs…soaking the floor between my spread feet.

As my body still shook and trembled, my knees turned to jelly as my legs slowly gave way. Easing myself forward…I heard an obscene popping sound as peters dick slid out of me. Using the elliptic bars to ease myself to the floor, where I knelt in a puddle of our passion.

Peter knelt behind me…his chest heaving against my back as his spent body rested against mine.

“Oh God…Mom” he groaned. “What have I done.”

I turned my head and softly kissed my sons lips. “You just fucked the living shit out of your mother” I gasped back. “And DAMN were you good baby.”

A look of confusion and fear came over Peters face. “But Mom…I just all but ****d you.”

I chuckled…”Can’t **** the willing baby” I told him. My eyes locked to his. “And don’t you dare think this is a one time thing. I want that cock a LOT more baby.”

“But…Dad…” he whispered.

I smiled into his eyes. “Don’t worry about Dad, baby. He is going to fucking LOVE it…when I tell him.”

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