Mart 26, 2021

Mom and Sons, Inc.

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Ethel Bethel was given a name that cried out to be ridiculed. On top of that, her looks weren’t what anyone would immediately call pretty or attractive or even cute. At just five one and shaped like a bowling pin, Ethel had brown, mousey hair, buck teeth, sagging breasts, and not even the beginning of a bump that foretold she actually possessed an ass. Ethel eked out an existence mired in mediocrity. She just knew she would never know the loving touch of a husband or even a boyfriend, not even an occasional fuck, and at twenty-five years old this still held true. Determined to make this happen, though, she set out one night to afford herself the only comfort she felt she actually deserved.

It was St. Patrick’s Day, 2000. Ethel made her way to Seamus O’Malley’s Irish Pub at ten p.m. She took a table in a dark corner and ordered fish and chips with water. As the night progressed, Ethel ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and nursed it for the better part of an hour before ordering another. She watched the patrons as they entered and exited. She saw who got wasted and who drank socially, who danced, who fought, who entered with whom and with whom they left … By last call the bar was filled with drunks from every walk of life. This was her time to act.

Hoping that the lyrics “The girls all get prettier at closing time” rang true, Ethel approached two servicemen who could barely fend for themselves. She told them that she was offering free rides home to the overly drunk, and they readily agreed to commandeer her services. They had told her to take them back to the base, but Ethel had other ideas for the two. She drove them to her place and helped them into her bedroom. She stripped them of their clothing and blew both until they were hard, then she let them take turns popping her cherry. There was nothing romantic about it; it was sex for the sake of having sex. Both collapsed in a drunken stupor when it was over. Ethel crawled between them and slept like a baby.

She awoke the next day to find them gone. On her dresser lay $74.26 and a note: This is all we have. Please don’t tell anyone about last night. Ethel laughed. She felt her belly. She already knew she had gotten from them the only thing she really wanted. She was convinced she was pregnant. She’d know for sure in a few weeks.

She continued in her daily activities, one of which was going to work at the Waffle House. She was a hard-working employee. She had always been. Yet, it was nothing for her taller, prettier co-workers to bring in two, three, four times the tips that she did. This bothered her to some degree, but she knew the superficial world in which she lived, so she just had to accept that nothing could be done. What she didn’t know was that sometimes her sister waitresses would put an extra dollar here and there for her. It was their way of balancing the scales.

Ethel waited two full weeks before going to an OB/GYN. She had a pregnancy test run, and praise God Halleluiah she was with child. It was then that the consequences of her actions came back to haunt her. Yes, she could very well raise the child without a father around, but she would still need monetary support for the baby’s ever-increasing needs. She sought advice from one of the few women she really trusted at work, Wilma Franklin. She explained her situation, then awaited an answer.

Wilma said, “I know you want to respect these guys’ wishes, Ethel, but you can’t do so at the risk of you or your child doing without. I say tell them and see what comes of it.”

Ethel followed Wilma’s advice. She was able to speak with the base commander. She told him that she remembered the last names only of the two men, but she could point them out in a line-up, and that is exactly what she had to do. The base doctor arranged for an amniocentesis to determine who the father was, but by week four it had been determined that Ethel was pregnant with not one but three children. The tests were run, and Airman Steve Dirjevic was father to the twins while John Mallory was father to the third.

They attempted to talk her into aborting all three, but Ethel wouldn’t hear of it. Neither wanted the responsibility of caring for a child, much less two or all three, so they willfully gave up all rights to them, which suited Ethel just fine. She had what she wanted, a pregnancy that would allow for her to attain the love that was missing from her life. Plus, now that the fathers had been named, she also had the monetary assistance that she would need to ensure that her children’s lives would be better than her own, not to mention all the free medical assistance they could ever need, provided she see the base medical staff.

That was then. A whole lot of what was supposed to happen never did, and a whole of what should not have happened she brought upon herself. For instance, here it was, January of 2019. Her sons would be nineteen this year, and what had they done for themselves? Ethel had spoiled them rotten. Rotten!!! They made minimal upkeep to themselves, their rooms, güvenilir bahis or the house in general. They never cooked or cleaned. Hell, they never went outside unless it was to Family Buffet Night at the restaurant of their choice. The fact that they resembled their mother didn’t help things, either. Speaking of their mother …

Ethel had quit Waffle House just two weeks before she gave birth. The ladies there gave her a wonderful shower complete with five thousand dollars to use as she saw fit. She coasted on that money even when the child support began rolling in. John had lost his life overseas while Steve came home with PTSD and eventually committed suicide, so in that regard the kids were still being taken care of. Ethel, though …

She had become a sedentary alcoholic who drank on a daily basis for the sole purpose of getting drunk. She had a few acquaintances, but never any friends like she had while working. Of her friends, her two closest were sisters whom she lived next door to, Eva and Iva Gartner. The dynamic to this little set of twins was that both had given up on men and had actually entered into a lesbian relationship with each other. Ethel’s part in this was that she was sometimes allowed to be the third, which she readily accepted seeing as to how it was the only sex she had had over the last ten years, and the first sex she had had since getting pregnant that one fateful night.

“Swear to God this place looks shittier than my own,” Ethel said as she drunkenly kicked pizza boxes and fast food bags out of her way as she moved toward the couch. “When the fuck you two gonna clean this shithole?”

“Next month,” Eva said with a cackle.

“Might even clean the yards if we get half a notion,” Iva added.

Ethel lifted her dress; she had removed her panties before leaving her house. Eva moved up and began sucking her clit. Iva moved toward the front of the couch and placed her pussy on Ethel’s face. At least she remembered to shave, Ethel thought as she slid her tongue into her friend’s slit. They stayed like that until they each came, then they changed positions, then again, until all were completely satisfied. After some more small talk, Ethel returned home.

She grabbed the fifth of Jim Beam she had been nursing prior to going to the Gartner’s and pulled deeply on it as she wandered into her sons’ room where they were all engaged in a game of Call of Duty. “Just look atcha, ya buncha bastards. Playing your God-damned games all day, room looks like shit, house looks like shit. Prolly still a buncha virgins, ain’t had pussy since pussy had you.”

“Yeah?” Fred asked. What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Last time you had a dick in you was when we came out,” Jed said, and he and his brothers laughed and hi-fived each other.

“Last time before that was when she got knocked up,” Zed added, and another round of laughter and hi-fives ensued.

“Sorry bastards,” Ethel said again. “Don’t appreciate a God-damned thing I’ve done for you,” then she left the room. She returned to the living room and continued to drink. “Sorry bastards wouldn’t know a piece of pussy from a hole in the ground.” Then she took a couple of swallows. “Probably fucking each other.” She laughed, then took a few more. “All those damned crusty-ass socks and sheets I have to wash.” Then she downed the bottle. She staggered, balanced herself against a wall, then shambled to their room once again. “Know howta make ’em men.” She entered.

“Waddaya want now?” Fred near-whined.

Ethel pulled her dress off. “You boys wanna become men tonight?”

They looked at each other, then at her. She fell onto Fred’s bed and cocked her legs wide. “C’mon, buncha pussies. One in my cunt, one in my mouth.”

They still looked from one to the other, as if each were daring the next to be first. Finally, Zed said, “Fuck this shit.” He stood and dropped his shorts and underwear, then crawled onto the bed and stuck his cock in his mother’s mouth. As she began to suck him off, he said, “Oh, shit, guys. This feels so good.”

“But … She’s out mom,” Jed said.

“Well, Mom knows how to suck a dick,” Zed said, then he screamed, “Oh, shit!” as he came.

Ethel continued to suck him for a minute or so, then she told him to fuck her pussy. Upon sliding it inside her, “Ohhhhh, damn! Mom’s pussy is so hot.”

Jed stood and stripped, then his cock was in his mother’s mouth. “Oh, Mom. Look at your lips wrapped around my cock.” Ethyl grunted drunkenly as she continued to suck him. “Fred,” Jed called. “You better come get in line for this.”

Fred looked at Zed, who said, “Man, Mom’s pussy feels even better than her mouth.”

Fred looked at Jed, who said, “Man, she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.”

“Well, y’all hurry it up,” Fred said. “I want a turn, too.” Just then, Jed screamed his orgasm. When Ethyl was satisfied that she had drained his balls of all his semen, she let him go and invited Fred up. His cock was in her mouth instantly. Unlike his brothers, türkçe bahis who were content to just have their mother suck them off, Fred began fucking her mouth. He was sliding every bit of his seven-inch cock down her throat, and he was coming in no time. Also unlike his brothers, Fred continued to leave his cock inside her, allowing her to suck him off again.

“Oh, fuck!” Zed said as he unloaded inside her.

Once his spasms were under control, Jed said, “Move outta the way. It’s my turn.” He slid his cock in and began to fuck her slowly just as Zed had.

“You know that I’m going to fuck you too, right?” Fred asked his mother. “I’m going to fuck you so good and lose my virginity while I do it.”

Ethyl slid a hand down to her clit and began to rub it. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she came hard. She screamed around the fullness of Fred’s cock in her mouth. He quickened his pace. Jed shouted as he came inside her also. “Now it’s my turn,” Fred said as he moved in once Jed vacated his place before her.

Fred slid in and announced how hot and wet his mother’s pussy was. “It’s tight, too,” he said. “Probably from all those years of no dick.”

“Well, we’re going to give her all the dick she could ever want,” Zed said as he hopped back onto the bed and began to fuck his mother’s mouth. “You hear that, Ma? You done opened Pandora’s Box, now we’re gonna fuck you every day.”

“That’s it,” Jed said from the sidelines. “Fuck her, guys. Fuck her good.”

“Pull your dick out,” Fred told Zed, and once he had, Fred pulled his mother up and came in her mouth again. “Suck it clean, Mom.” She did, without reservation.

Jed hopped back between her legs and began fucking her again. “Damn, if I knew pussy felt this good, I’d’ve gotten me some a long time ago.”

“It’s not just any pussy,” Zed said. “It’s Mom’s pussy, and her mouth. Ain’t that right, Ma?”

Ethyl nodded her head as she throttled her clit once again, and once again she came hard. Zed came in her mouth one final time, and she had scarcely swallowed when Fred’s cock filled that empty space. He fucked her mouth mercilessly even as Jed continued to fuck her sweaty, cum-drenched pussy. Finally, though, both boys shouted out as they emptied themselves into her one last time.

“God-damn,” Ethyl said as she lay there, out of breath. “You boys fuck like demons.”

“Thank you, Mom,” Fred said as he kissed her cheek.

“Yeah, thanks, Mom,” Jed echoed.

“Thank you, Mom,” Zed intoned as he kissed her as well.

The fuck-fest had lasted damn near an hour, and it was enough to sober Ethyl up long enough for her to get to her room. Once there, she collapsed on the bed and slept till eleven the following morning. She awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon. She was the only person in the house who cooked, so who could be behind this? She entered the living room to find it had been cleaned. She made her way to the kitchen to find her boys dressed and milling about, one tending to the coffee, one cooking bacon and eggs, and the other cleaning the countertops. “What’s the hell? What’s the meaning of this?” she asked as she stared in amazement.

“You’re just in time for breakfast,” Fred said as he held a chair out for her. “Here, Mom. Have a seat.” No sooner was she seated than she had a plateful of eggs and bacon and a cup of piping hot coffee before her.

“You boys did all this?” she asked as she brought the coffee to her lips. “What is this?”

“Mocha caramel,” Jed answered. “I found it in the back of the cupboard. I thought you might enjoy it today, Mom.”

“Okay, what’s going on here?” Ethyl asked. “Is there going to be a prank afterwards?”

“Heavens, no,” Zed responded. “We love you too dearly to do anything like that, Mom.”

“Yeah,” Fred agreed. “We just want to show you that we love you, Mom, and that we appreciate everything you do for us.”

It was this declaration that triggered the memory. She vaguely remembered the sex last night. Was this a byproduct of it, then? Were they rewarding her with chores because of the sex? She would test that theory later on. For now, she smiled and ate her breakfast. Afterward, she showered, dressed, did her hair, and put a little make-up on. “I’m stepping out for a bit, boys. See you when I return.”

Ethyl drove to Wal-Mart where she purchased some rather racy lingerie: matching bras and panties with zebra stripes, tiger stripes, and leopard spots. She thought the boys would enjoy them. Next, she went to Claremont’s Bakery and bought a thirteen-layer chocolate cake, then it was off to KFC where she ordered a ten-piece meal. She made it home by three o’clock to find the boys busy inside. The windows had been raised and cleaned, the house had been dusted and vacuumed, and Zed was washing the base boards while Fred and Jed polished the fixtures. “Boys, I picked up some KFC for you,” she called out.

“We’re almost done, Mom,” Zed said. “Be there in about five minutes.” He and his brothers finished güvenilir bahis siteleri their cleaning, then washed their hands before adjourning to the dinner table.

Jed bent down and kissed his mother on the lips. “Thank you, Mom. We appreciate everything you do for us.” Zed and Fred followed suit, kissing Ethyl and giving praise to her before taking their seats. “I like the make-up, Mom. You don’t wear it often enough. Of course, you’re beautiful without it, right, guys?”

“Oh, definitely,” Fred agreed.

“Certainly,” Zed added.

“Well, you boys surely know how to make your mother feel special, don’t you?”

“We’ll make you feel special like we did last night if you let us, Mom.” It was Fred.

“Would you boys like that?” Ethyl asked as she looked around the table, sure to make eye contact with each of her sons. “Would you all like to make love to me again?”

“It would mean so much to us, Mom,” Zed said. “Please? Why, we haven’t even played our game today. We all wanted to clean for you so you could take a day of rest.”

“You sweet, dear boys,” Ethyl said as she stood. “Come on.” She led them to her room where she sucked their cocks before allowing them to fuck her again. They were content with just two orgasms tonight. Well, Fred wanted another go at it, but she told him it could wait till later, that they needed to eat and get their strength.

They ran a train on her, then called it a night. Ethyl slept like a baby. She awoke the following morning to the sound of a mower. She looked outside to see that Fred was mowing the grass while Jed pruned the trees and bushes and Zed edged the yard. She smiled. She knew they were doing this because of the sex she had given them. They’ll do anything for another crack at this, she thought to herself, but what happens when all the chores are done? She looked to her left, then her right. She spotted Eva and Iva’s yard. It looked worse than Ethyl’s own, and she knew the inside was appalling as well. That’s when the thought occurred to her. She decided to pay the twins a visit.

Ethyl walked into the Gartner residence without the benefit of a knock as she had done for so many years now. She walked up on the two in a sixty-nine. “Damn, just how often do you two

have sex anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Eva began answering even as Iva continued to eat her pussy. “Every day, three or four times a day?”

Ethyl sat in a chair. “I have a proposition for you two, if you’d like to stop eating your sister’s pussy long enough to hear it.”

She already had Eva’s attention. Iva stopped and sat up. She wiped an arm across her mouth, smiled, then said, “Okay. What’s on your mind?”

“For five hundred dollars—and don’t say you don’t have it, because I know you old biddies do—but for five hundred dollars, I will treat you to a nice meal instead of this take-out shit you always buy, I’ll let you have sex with three strapping young men, those men will then clean your house and yard, and then you will get to have sex with them again. What do you say?”

“Where’s this coming from?” Iva asked.

“It’s my new business, ‘Mom and Sons Cleaning Service.’

“So, let me get this straight,” Eva said. “You want to let us allow your virgin sons to try to please us? It’s probably all they can do to get themselves off.”

“I have personally trained them in the art of fucking,” Ethyl told her. “Believe me when I say they are insatiable.”

Eva looked at her sister. “It’s been a long while since we had any real dick.”

“Dildos don’t count?” Iva asked.

“No, and Ethyl is talking about three hard young cocks.”

“Horny young cocks filled with cum,” Ethyl added. She then proceeded to tell the others how things should go. She left with the understanding that their plan would be set into motion tomorrow night. Today, however, she had three hard-working young men she needed to thank for their efforts in house and garden beautification.

Ethyl bathed, then she cooked her boys a fine meal of Salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans. She called them around three and told them to get a shower. They did, then it was time to eat. They had worked hard today, and each displayed a voracious appetite. Afterward, Ethyl invited them to her room. The smiles on their faces was priceless.

They had stripped down and were sporting hard-ons in anticipation of their mother’s mouth and pussy, but Ethyl decided to change things up a bit. “Tonight, I’m going to teach you boys how to eat your mother’s pussy for her.”

“Me, first!” Fred said immediately as he stepped forward. “Please let me go first, Mom. I promise that I’ll do a good job.”

“Okay, Fred. You can go first,” she told him. “As for you two,” she said in addressing Jed and Zed, “Just wait your turn. Okay, Fred. You can start now.”

There was no direction in what Fred did; he was all over his mother’s pussy so quickly that she really couldn’t latch onto a single good feeling that might bring her to orgasm. She finally had to call him off, yet she told him step-by-step what to do, and as he performed per her orders, he was able to bring her to orgasm. She had to do the same with Jed and Zed, but she was sure they got the gist of it.

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