Mart 26, 2021

Mom and Son in the Car Pt. 01

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All characters are 18+ and fictional. Sorry if there are any errors.

I sat in the back seat of the minivan. The windows were tinted and boxes surrounded me. I couldn’t see my dad, who was about to start driving. I was in my own little world on our trip back home from my college. Then, out of nowhere, a jaw-dropping goddess peaks her head from the boxes. Her beautiful face a foot away from mine. Her lips were smooth and full, her eyes a bright green. Long, straight black hair fell down from her head. Her shirt had drooped down a little, showing me a deep cleavage. The skin of her tits were smooth and clear. Her large breasts pointed downwards because of the position they were in, but they looked firm and supple at the same time. If she wasn’t wearing a bra, I would have been able to see her nipples. Her mouth open to speak to me and to wake me from my trance.

“Can I squeeze in the back with you baby?” my mother said. “Your other boxes are on the passenger seat.”

“Ok mom,” I said.

She squeezed past, moving to the seat to my left. Her ass was wiggled in my face as she went past. The juicy, voluptuous meat looked like it was going to explode out of her jeans. My cock slowly filled with blood.

“Thanks honey.” She put her hand on my lap, her fingertip poked my left nut until she put her hand on her own lap.

She lay her head back and prepared to sleep through the ride, which was smart. The entire trip was going to be 5 hours long. I looked at her sleepy face, then her jawline, then bahis firmaları down to her collar bone, and I looked further and further down until I was staring straight down her shirt. She was so hot.

I don’t know what she did while I was in college, and I don’t know if she had always been this hot. She was my mother. To most people, seeing your mother in a sexual way was strictly taboo and disgusting. I used to think that way, until I saw my mother again. All I wanted to do was fuck her. My cock ached, pointing straight up as it tented my basketball shorts. I adjusted my 9 inch girth monster so that it lay flat. This, however, made the head stick out. Thankfully, my shirt covered it.

“Okay it’s time!” My dad yelled. We were already situated, so my dad started the long drive. I don’t know when, but I had fallen asleep.

I woke up in darkness. The only lights I could see were from surrounding cars. I checked the time on my phone. We have been on the road for 6 hours. I checked my location and found that were barely halfway home.

“Fucking traffic,” my dad muttered. The only salty language he ever used was ass and shit because if he had said anything else my mother would slap him. I guess he thought my mother and I were asleep.

I groaned. My body ached and my ass felt like a pancake. I turn to see my mother, deep asleep.

It was hot in the car. I could see that she unbuttoned the only 3 buttons her shirt had. The red lace of her bra was visible, and it barely contained her breasts.

I kaçak iddaa placed my hand on her thigh and shook her leg. She didn’t stir. A devilish smile beamed on my face as an idea formed. My mom was asleep, I could definitely get away with touching her tits. My erection had awakened.

I took my finger and very lightly tapped the top of her tit. No reaction. The lust I had gave me the courage to keep going. I poked harder, deeper. She breathed deeply. I stuck my finger down her cleavage. She had the largest, softest tits I had ever felt. I have had sex with many college girls, but none of their tits have felt this good. I became even more familiar with the feel of my mother’s breast as I cupped it lightly. I got even more adventurous. I stuck 4 fingers down her cleavage and used my thumb to surround her tit. I lightly squeezed her tit. She opened her mouth to let out a deep exhale. She is now breathing through her mouth. I thought nothing of it.

Briefly, I let go of her tit to free my massive boner. The air felt good on my thick, sweaty cock. I heard a small, quiet gasp from my mother. My head turned to look at her and I saw that her eyes were closed and she was probably still deep asleep. I assumed it was just her breathing. I grabbed my dick and jerked it at a moderate speed. My hand returned to her breast. Lightly, I squeezed and kneaded her tits, tentatively, to not wake her. I took my hand from her tit and brought it to her crotch. I cupped her mound and looked at her, checking to see if she would kaçak bahis wake. I looked away as I started to softly rub her mound. My hand sped up on my dick, and I could feel my orgasm approaching.

I had to think fast. My dick was going to explode and I had nothing to dispose the cum with. I didn’t want to get on the boxes or my clothes or the van. I looked at my mothers open mouth.

“Shit,” I said quietly.

I stood up in front of my mother, bent over because I was too tall to stand in the van. I took my cock and positioned it an inch from her lips.

“Here goes nothing,” I thought as I furiously jerked my cock in front of my sleeping mother’s face. A last minute idea came to me. I took both of her hands and wrapped them around my dick. I held her hands with my right hand, my left hand on the head rest of the chair to support myself. I used her soft hands to jack myself off. I knew I would not be able to hold on any longer.

Thick bullets of my cream shot out of my cock as I continued milking it with my mother’s hands. Sticky globs entered my mother’s mouth and covered her lips. The last drops of my semen dripped down to her lap. Suddenly, a look of horror spread across my face.

I had already let go of my mother’s hands. They did not stop moving however. My eyes went down to look at my mother’s face.

Her eyes were wide open. She had swallowed my cum, and was now licking the rest from her lips. Her delicate hands managed to squeeze one last drop from my cock. It stayed on the tip of my dick. She gave it a kiss. I collapsed back onto my seat and passed out, not even bothering to pull my shorts back up.

Part 2 will come if you want it. Make sure to leave a nice comment. Part 2 will be kinda crazy!

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