Mart 24, 2021

Mom , 30+ Years Ch. 03

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Mom and 30+ years — Chapter 3

I spent the day tidying up the house as I had done since coming to live with mom.

Round about four she called and told me to meet her bus at 6:08 and we would have Chinese for dinner and maybe see a movie. We arrived home about 10:30 and I was invited to shower with her. The shower was uneventful, with us scrubbing each other as we talked about her day.

I’ll take a moment to tell you about mom’s job.

She had come to New York on a Greyhound bus with the notion of finding any sort of job. Somebody had told her that work was plentiful on Long Island for anyone who wanted to work hard. She found, very fortunately, a woman who ran an agency, hiring women out for housework etc. She worked a number of jobs and then met Mrs. Agiston, who bought her contract out and my mother was working for her when I arrived in New York. Approximately, three years. She had been an in-home domestic until her operation when she decided she needed her own apartment with Wayne coming to live with her. When I eventually left home, she would move to another apartment but would shortly go back to being an in-home housekeeper again. Interestingly, the home she left when she retired contained her apartment, which was bigger than my first house. Not to mention extremely nice.

Hence, mom highly disapproved of me working while I was in school. Though, I worked occasionally at the YMCA and a gas station in a nearby village.

After our shower, we settled on the couch, me in boxer shorts and mom in panties and a housecoat. We promptly ignored the TV as we necked like teenagers. Then she had her own surprise.

“Now, how about you laying across the bed and letting me look at your cock?” She said, smiling. “And if you’re lucky, I might even try a taste.”

A habit begun, I walked to the window to ensure that the shades were all the way down to the sill. Then laid across the bed and let mom sensuously remove my boxers as I had her panties earlier. She immediately took my semi-\erect cock between the fingers of both hands and lovingly massaged it, bringing it to full erection.

“You know I’ve never been this close to a cock before.” She said, studying my cock much like my intense study of her pussy. “It’s quite interesting, really. I knew already that you filled my pussy good, but you really are quite thick. Let me grab a ruler.”

She trotted quickly to the kitchen and returned with a wooden yardstick.

“Where should we measure from, you think?” She said, gripping my cock in her left hand, the ruler ready in her right.

“Well, if it is stuck in you with my balls touching your ass. Measure from my balls it might give me an extra half-inch. And you have to take into account that I’m not totally aroused right now so I get a half-inch for that too.” I assessed, hoping she’d go along with it.

“Okay stud, let’s see what we have here.” She teased. “Well, it looks like……….. we’ll call it a tad shorter than 6 1/2 inches. I half-inch for arousal is a bit much don’t you think. How about we settle on a tad over 6 3/4 inches.” She finished, looking up at me smile.

“As long as it makes you moan. I’m happy.” I replied, smiling down at her.

She placed her mouth over the top bahis firmaları of my cock and took in the helmet like tip. Holding it upright with the fingers of her left hand, she bobbed it into her mouth five or six times.

“You like that?” She asked, looking up to see my head nod. “How much of this thing in my mouth is going to make you happy?”

“As much as you can take or makes you happy. The fact that you’re trying it at such an elderly age is to be commended.” I replied, trying to sound stately.

“Cute! Let’s see what I can do here.” She said, sliding her mouth over my cock and very slowly taking more, and more of it.

“Oh yeah! Now, tighten your grip and pump my cock while you suck.” I directed, laying my head back and feeling the pleasure of her very satisfying first time.

“Aaaaaggggg.” She gagged, withdrawing her mouth. “I’m sorry. Let me catch my breath. I took in a little bit more than I can handle. I think we’ve added that arousal length of a quarter of an inch.”

She again began study my cock, putting my balls in her hand and lifting then gently.

“Mom, how many cocks have you had?” I inquired, a bit sheepishly.

“You really want to know that?” She asked.

“I’m curious, I suppose.” I replied. “I know better. Just blame it on youthful curiosity.”

“I’ll do you one better. I’ll even tell you how you compare to them.” She said, continuing to toy with my cock. “Wayne’s father was the first. I was 17. His cock was longer than yours but skinny as hell. After I got over losing my cherry, he did little to let you know you were being fucked. Like your father, he drank heavily and womanized. Your father was thick like you but a bit shorter. He fucked me good when he was sober, but as you know that was not often. Then there was Joe. You remember Joe?”

“In my old age, I often wondered if you were fucking Joe.” I replied. “I remember me and dad setting outside of Joe’s apartment. Dad was certain you were up there with him. Screwing him. Revenge sex is pretty good, huh?”

“As I remember, yes. But it only got me beat up. And my underwear cut to pieces.” She replied sadly.

“I remember that night. I remember you crying. Is that when you decided to leave?” I asked.

“I suppose. You hold it against me?” She returned.

“You had to do what you had to do.” I replied. “And how about Stan?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Stan was a good man. He paid a lot of the bills around here. But he was good for about a minute. His cock went soft. He rarely came. But his fingers did good job keeping me happy. You know me. I hate men anyway. We fought a lot. Especially, when you visited his little girl and his ex-wife. I didn’t give him a lot of pussy time.”

“Come up here on the bed. I’ve got an idea on how it might make you more comfortable with sucking my peter.” I directed.

I maneuvered long-ways in the bed, maneuvering her in reversed position as she joined me in the bed. “Spread your thighs for me.” I told her. I reached under and over both legs to grip her ass, placing my face into her crotch. “Now, you do whatever you’re led to do.” I said, just before I began to eat her pussy. I felt the tip of my cock slide between her lips as she sucked lightly on the kaçak iddaa tip of my cock. I was in heaven. I had mom’s ass in my hands and my face in her pussy. I nibbled, I licked and I stuck my tongue repeatedly into her treasure. And each time my tongue entered her, was the sensation of more, and more of my cock being covered by her mouth, her fingers tight around my shaft. She was the first one to cum, with her moans vibrating through my cock. In her passion, she continued sucking me hard, keeping over half of my length in her mouth as she sucked passionately. I backed my face off of her enough to begin probing her pussy with one, then two fingers. Her suction was fantastic and in moments I commanded. “Move your head. Now mom.” Mom spit me out, but not before some of my ejaculate struck her cheek. She rolled to her back and dropped her head to the bed. I gradually slowed my finger fucking and began to lavish kisses over her thighs.

“I should have moved a bit quicker.” She quirped. “Or stayed where I was.”

I looked over to see her dabbing her finger into the cum on her cheek and touching it to her tongue.

“Can’t say it’s bad. But I’m glad you shouted. Look at the cum all over the bed and me. I could have choked to death.” She observed. “And then I wouldn’t have to wash the bed spread.

“You learn pretty quick, I would say.”

“I’m going to clean up a bit.”

I followed her into the bathroom and watched her adjust the water before entering the tub to squat. First she cleaned her face and then proceeded to wash her pussy as she often did. I began to wash my cock in the sink.

“You know, I remember when I was very young I walked into the bathroom to find you straddle the tub, the green hoses in your hand, and dad washing his cock in the sink. I remember the water running red as it fell. I suppose, you must have had your period.” I related to her as she washed.

“It’s funny what you remember.” She replied. “I remember me and your dad fucking. I was mad and wasn’t into it all that much. I was staring out the window and I turned to see you standing there watching us. I had no idea how long you had been there. The bastard was very close to cuming so I let him finish before taking you back your room. I was more upset than ever at him for not noticing you standing there.”

“I remember that too.” I said, noting that my cock had regained its erection.

“It doesn’t take much to get you going again, does it?” She observed, now standing close to me drying herself. “Here, let me dry that off for you.”

The drying continued for long minutes with her eventually kneeling on the rug practicing her new-found ability.

“Let go to the bed.” I finally said.

Mom kneed herself onto the bed. I caught her hips before she could roll to her back.. “Stay on your knees for me.” She positioned herself on her knees in the middle of the bed, positioning two pillows in front of her. “You fucking men are all the same. You’re not happy unless you’ve got a woman in a submissive position. And you best not lose control of yourself and hurt me.” I positioned myself behind her as she widened her stance and entered her caringly. “Your pussy is unbelievably tight.” I said, as I began to pull nearly out of her each stroke kaçak bahis before pushing to greater and greater depth.

“It hasn’t had a lot of use until recently, I suppose. You make sure you don’t stretch it too much. If I ever get a boyfriend, I don’t want him disappointed.” She replied.

“You just make sure that he is as nice to you as I am.” I responded, as I started to doggy fuck her with a casual rhythm.

Mom was soon responding to my thrusts with thrusts of her own, and moaning as my cock went deep into her pussy. Our rhythm soon reached a heated pace. I maneuvered up, putting my feet flat on the bed, so as to squat behind her, with effort to ensure that my cock did not pull completely from her.

“Hey, what are you doing.” She exclaimed. “Get your ass back down.”

“Just give me a minute. That’s all it’s going to take.” I reasoned to her.

I began to fuck her in earnest. In short moments, she was moaning loudly and maneuvering forward in an effort to withdraw me from her. “I’m not playing, damn it!” She exclaimed. I would have none of it and moved forward in union with her. Her head finally met the headboard preventing her efforts to uncouple, the pillows, now in front of her knees, retarding her effort to stretch out, dropping her ass. It was a few more minutes than I had promised he, but her effort to escape had excited me to a height I had never felt before and I moaned, “mother-fucker”, loudly when I spent my load. I felt like my dick had exploded, pulsating repeatedly and pumping cum with each pulsation. Coming off the high, I plopped out of her and reached to pull at her knees to straighten her out on the bed, placing myself atop her. I reached under her belly sliding my hand down over her mound. Middle finger outstretched, I found her clit and was soon forgiven for my transgression. I thought. After her orgasm, she lay sedately under me, seemingly content.

“Do you feel like a real man now?” She scolded.

I slid off of her in without anything to say, and went to sleep.

Mom and I fucked like newlyweds for many months. Then, the thrill, on mom’s part, I felt, slackened just a tad.

I was often out late during the week, playing ball at the YMCA, or, the rare date. Mom was always willing. I would join her in bed, fondling her to consciousness if she was not awake, and she would accept me between her legs. We would screw, leisurely discussing “whatever”. Sometimes, running out of conversation, mom would inform me that she was tired and would instruct me to partake of her treasure, which rarely lasted more than 7 to 10 minutes. After my frenzied fucking of her, it was not rare for mom to become aroused. It was these times, after I had spent myself, and she ignored her fatigue, that it would take an hour or more to bring her to orgasm. Or she would begin a sexual banter to hasten the process;

“I wish your dad could see you between my legs with your cock in me.” She would begin one of her fantasies. “I’d make him sit at the foot of the bed and watch your big cock pump in and out of me. He’d see my ass lifting off the bed fucking you back. His cock would be hard and he would want to put it in me. But I wouldn’t let him.”

“Cause your pussy is mine.” I would begin to egg her on. “You only want my cock. You only want my cum in your belly.”

“Yes! Yes!” She’d cry. “I wish that son-of-a-bitch could see the moment your cum shot into me. Making my pussy yours.”

Chapter 4 soon.

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