Mart 12, 2021

Modeling Ch. 02

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Michael stood up stiffly, cracking his back and stretching out his arms and legs. He looked over at Marshall, who was still furiously working at the easel, before turning and extending his hands to Eddie. The other model grasped his wrists and stood to stretch as well, groaning softly as his muscles loosened.

In the year Michael modeled for Marshall, he never had to hold a pose for such a long time. In part, this was because having two guys entwined with one another was a complicated pose to sketch. Mostly, however, it had to do with the three students arrayed on each side of Marshall. They worked pretty slowly, requiring the two models to remain relatively still for longer periods of time.

In Michael’s mind, it was worth every ache and pain. Despite their concentration on their work, each of the students had at least a half hard dick poking against the fabric of their pants. It helped Michael keep his own cock stiff watching them as he posed and anticipated playing with each and every one of those dicks when the session was over.

His back arched slightly when he felt two arms encircling him from behind, the hands fondling his chest and moving slowly toward his crotch and stiffening dick. He craned his head backward and grinned at Eddie, pushing back against the hard cock pressing into his ass crack.

“Hmm, keep that up and we won’t be ready to get back in position,” Michael groaned and pushed Eddie’s hand down on to his growing shaft.

“Well, you were having all the fun, what with my mouth over your balls the entire time,” Eddie responded and squeezed Michael’s balls gently. “You could have at least shot a little cum down my throat.”

“Oh don’t you worry, there will be more than enough to go around before we are done for the day.”

Eddie rubbed his chin with its short salt and pepper beard against the back of Michael’s neck and flicked the tip of his tongue in his ear. Michael’s dick twitched a bit harder in Eddie’s hand.

He was at least twice as old as Michael, with the hard cut body of a man who took his almost daily workouts seriously. He was also Marshall’s long time partner, one that Marshall was eager to share with Michael soon after their first encounter. In the past year, the three of them experimented with every combination they could imagine, together and with others.

Michael learned he liked having a cock in his ass almost as much as he craved the feel and taste of creamy cum filling his mouth and gushing down his throat. He expected, as like on other occasions, they would party with Marshall’s students as well when this modeling session was over. This evening had all the ingredients for a first class orgy.

Marshall called them all back, so Michael and Eddie resumed their pose, with Michael on his hands and knees and Eddie beneath him sucking his balls and fingering his asshole while stroking his own cock. Marshall gave the students another half hour to finish for the day as he walked around and inspected their work.

“Which one do you want to fuck first?” Michael escort sincan asked Eddie.

“Whichever one gave me the biggest cock,” Eddie answered with a chuckle, keeping Michael’s balls and cock close to his mouth.

“Well, I bet the guy in the middle has the biggest dick from what I can see jutting out against his pants,” Michael responded, wiggling his hips enough that the tip of his dick brushed over Eddie’s face.

“I think I will suck off two of them at the same time,” Eddie commented as he nipped the edge of Michael’s ball sac, causing Michael’s dick to stiffen a little more.

“Hmm, I guess it will all depend on what Marshall wants to do. Maybe we can suck one of them off together and get fucked ourselves at the same time,” Michael added.

“Whatever works out, just so long as I get my mouth and ass both filled with some newbie’s fresh warm cum,” Eddie said huskily and sucked both of Michael’s nuts completely into his mouth.

When Marshall called an end to the session, Eddie went to the kitchen and returned with a six pack of cold beer. He handed one to everyone before cracking his own open.

Michael walked around behind Marshall and the students so he could see their work as Marshall pointed out various things. As he talked, Marshall brushed his hands over the arm or back of the guy he was addressing, while all the time commenting on their work in very explicit terms. Michael grinned as he watched the bulges grow in all three of the student’s groins. Marshall was getting them ready.

Eddie came up beside him and put one arm around Michael’s waist, pulling him close.

“I bet the guy on the left will be the first to get naked with us,” Eddie whispered in Michael’s ear before lightly nibbling the lobe, “and Marshall will have all of them nude before you finish your beer.”

“I know enough not to take that bet,” Michael laughed and tugged at Eddie’s half hard cock, “but why don’t we give them some…er…encouragement.”

He took another drink of his beer and walked toward the bed, casually brushing his hand over Marshall’s ass cheek as he passed him. A grinning Eddie followed, giving Marshall’s other cheek a gentle slap.

They sat down side by side with their legs spread wide and began stroking each others stiffening cocks, keeping their eyes on the three students as they did so.

Eddie was right. The guy he thought would get naked first stepped closer to them, his eyes locked on their hard dicks and his hand palming the obvious hump in his crotch. They grinned up at him and kept stroking each other, not saying a word.

After a few moments, Eddie reached out his hand, wrapped it around the young man’s hip and gently pulled him close enough for Michael to cup the growing bulge. The student groaned lowly and pushed his hips forward.

That was good enough for Michael.

He unzipped the kid’s jeans and let them fall to the floor around his ankles. The throbbing head of the guy’s cock peeked out from around the edge of his underwear escort tandoğan and then stood straight out from his crotch when Michael pulled them down as well.

Eddie and Michael grinned at each other before Eddie cupped the student’s balls in one hand and pulled him even closer. Michael opened his mouth and gently encased the throbbing head, a droplet of precum dribbling down his chin.

The student moaned again a little louder and grasped the back of Michael’s head. Eddie bent forward, his tongue darting over the kid’s dangling balls while pressing a finger against his tight asshole. With that, the kid rocked back and forth, taking more and more of the finger into his ass while at the same time driving his cock deeper and deeper into Michael’s throat.

Michael gagged a little as the student’s cum began gushing into his mouth and down his throat. He swallowed as much as he could, knowing full well that Eddie would gladly lick up any that leaked out of the corners of his mouth to drip down over his chin and on to his chest.

After the last of his cum filled Michael’s mouth, the student relaxed, grinned down at him and turned around. He bent forward to take Eddie’s rigid dick in his mouth and, at the same time, lowered his gaping asshole toward Michael’s throbbing cock. Michael grabbed the kid by his hips and pulled him down, easily sliding into the already stretched asshole.

Eddie moved around in front of the guy, grabbing both of his ears and punching his cock deep into the student’s throat. With that, the guy pushed backwards, forcing Michael’s rigid dick even deeper into his bowels. After a few hard thrusts, Michael and Eddie settled into a steady rhythm as their own orgasms surged through their groins and the student’s ass and mouth.

As the guy gagged and sputtered, with plenty of Eddie’s cum drooling out of the corners of his mouth, Michael tensed and shot his own load of jism into his welcoming ass. A moment later, Eddie groaned the completion of his own orgasm, his deflating dick sliding out of the kid’s mouth along with a veritable river of cum and spittle.

They all collapsed together on the bed breathing raggedly. The student’s dick was already starting to stiffen again, one of the things Michael just loved about the teens Marshall recruited for his classes.

“I told you,” Eddie grinned, nodding his head toward Marshall and the other two students.

Michael just smiled and gulped down the last of his beer and fondled the half hard dick of the guy he just fucked.

The two students were on their knees, their jeans down around their knees as they licked and sucked Marshall’s hard cock together. He had a hand on the back of each of their heads, alternating who he pulled closer until his dick disappeared down one throat than the other. Both students were rock hard themselves.

A telltale quiver in Marshall’s legs signaled to Michael that Marshall was close to cumming. A moment later, he pulled his dick out of one of the student’s mouth and sprayed escort tunalı both of their faces with his creamy jism. As the last droplets dribbled from their faces, Marshall took both of them by their hands and bed them over to the bed.

Marshall pushed one of the students down on his back and bent forward to take the rigid dick into his mouth. After sucking it deep one time and licking the guy’s ball sac, he turned his head back to the other student.

“Get the lube over there on the table and fuck me in the ass,” Marshall commanded before turning his attention back to the hard cock in front of him.

Michael’s own dick hardened as he watched the student lather up Marshall’s asshole before his own cock then slowly press the throbbing head into Marshall’s puckered anus until his balls slapped against those dangling between Marshall’s legs. The harder the thrusts into his asshole, the faster and deeper Marshall sucked the other guy’s dick into his throat.

The student next to Michael looked on in astonishment as he stroked his dick rock hard again. Michael grinned at him then climbed up on top of the student to slide his tight asshole over that stiff dick, bouncing up and down in time with Marshall as his own cock stiffened again with each cock head poke to his prostate.

The guy getting sucked by Marshall reached his limit, arching his back with a loud moan when his sticky sperm filled Marshall’s mouth. Michael could see the head of that student’s dick punching against the side of Marshall’s throat with every thrust. That got the guy fucking Marshall going even harder, until his jism squirted into Marshall’s ass before dribbling down the inside of his thigh.

Eddie just sat back and watched the show, stroking his own cock until he shot on his own belly. The guy fucking Michael groaned his orgasm then collapsed back on the bed, leaving Michael to finish himself by shooting on to Marshall’s smiling face.

They all lay panting in an entangled heap for a few moments until Eddie rose and brought back more beer. Before long, dicks were getting stiff again all around.

Marshall took the guy Michael and Eddie fucked off to one side, pushing him to his knees and ramming his hard cock deep into the kid’s willing mouth. The other two students took the hint, dropping to their knees in front of Eddie and Michael to eagerly lick and suck their docks while fingering their assholes.

Having cum so recently, Michael knew he could hold off for a while. So he lay back to enjoy the mouth and tongue caressing his cock and balls. When he felt his next orgasm rising up in his groin, he flipped the student on to his back, pushed the kid’s legs up high and rammed his cock into the student’s compliant asshole.

Michael fucked the young guy hard, all the while urging him to jerk himself off. When the first spurts of the student’s cum shot on to Michael’s chest, he loosed his own jism deep in the student’s bowels.

When they were finally all spent, the students left with the promise of returning for another class…and more…the following week. Marshal, Michael and Eddie sat around drinking another beer, their own dicks limp and their bodies exhausted.

Michael smiled to himself as he drifted off to sleep, knowing all three of them would be rock hard and even hornier in the morning.

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