Mart 22, 2021

Mixed Feelings and Excitement

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Thinking about having sex in different ways whilst flying at 2000ft above sea level, holding my wife’s hand who was trying to sleep next to me with her head resting on my shoulder was exciting me. Looking at nothing and happily relaxing in my own dream world with the woman of my dreams next to me made me feel contented. I was thinking, ‘Sex and woman why is it always such an issue with me’. It’s not like I didn’t get enough exciting sex from my wife. It seemed that my imagination could never stop itself from thinking about exploring exciting, different sexual experiences with Susan. Been married was one thing but been able to be totally honest about one’s desires was sometimes difficult. Could I be honest and tell my wife about what turned me on? Perhaps not, because she would take offence and think that I had changed from the decent, loving type of man who she married.

Susan was Russian, of medium height with perfect curves and beautiful white skin that shone with health. She had soft long blond hair which she styled by fanning down the back of her slender neck over her shoulders. She had a strong feminine face with sensuous soft skin and her mouth constantly smiled with full red glossed lips. Her large green eyes were hypnotising and were shaped like a cat’s which narrowed at the corners whenever she smiled. Her legs were long, slim, firm and well shaped from gym exercise which also made her light, slender body and stomach firm and shapely with or without clothes on. Her hips were shapely, pulling the waist band of her g-strings up into her slender stomach, forcing the material deeper into her crotch, massaging between her pussy and ass as she walked. Her soft breasts were all hers and totally unblemished, swelling themselves into a rounded dew drop shape as they hung in all there soft, sizeable splendour from her delicate chest. She always looked sexy and hot. No one could stop themselves looking at her when she displayed her stuff whilst wearing high heel shoes. I could never stop thinking about feeling her somewhere whenever we were anywhere. She was just one of those rare species of women who exuded sex appeal whether on a beach, in the bedroom or just sitting in a public place.

She released her hold on my hand as she started to doze off and ended up nestling her fingers almost perfectly shaped around the growing hardness of my cock. The innocent act sent a small sensation through me and started me thinking how wonderful it would be to get a hand-job right there and than. The lights in the aircraft were dimmed for everyone to sleep which made me wish that I could get myself jacked off. However nothing is ever easy and so I started to move myself into a more comfortable position for sleep. My movement made Susan stir and as she comforted me by giving my leg a rub her hand inadvertently brushed my erect penis, feeling it’s hardness. Her dewy eyes shone in the dim light as they opened in amazement, studying my sheepish expression plastered over my face. She than started to raise herself from the seat all the time looking into my eyes as her face broke into an evocative cat like smile.

She moved her hand under the blanket and started fondling my belt buckle loose, unzipping my pants and than she pushed on my trousers and g-string, forcing them slowly down and over my hard erect cock and warm hairless balls. She than took the shaft of my cock in to the palm of her hand and started rubbing it. Her fingers stopping at the top of my piss hole to rub the oozing pre-cum round its hard velvety head massaging its length with a mix of my pre-cum and her spit that made my balls pull up into themselves from the itchy, tingly feelings that were growing from her touches. Thank god the isle seat was empty. I certainly didn’t want anyone who may be walking to the toilet to see her hand moving the blanket. It didn’t require much imagination to know what Susan was doing to me.

My mind was lost in desire and wanton need to orgasm but I wasn’t sure how to cum my load of spunk without making one hell of a mess over my clothes. She held my cock in her hand after lubricating my shaft and began to slowly pump me with her slender hand by firmly squeezing her fingers into the fold of my knob head as she pulled and slid her closed fist up to the top of my cock and than down the length of its swollen shaft – ever so slowly and forcefully giving me a deep massaging feeling which stiffened and grew my cock into a throbbing needy state of tension which started oozing copious pools of pre-cum that she used in her hand for more massaging lubricant. The need to orgasm was blacking my thoughts out after what seemed an age of slow hand massaging that aroused my imagination of images of her naked breasts. I slid my hand up under her lose blouse to feel off her firm voluptuous breast under her bra. This started her fucking me faster which had me stiffening and arching my back as the feeling of orgasm stirred in my balls. She responded to my squeezing and massaging of her breast by sliding herself up against my chest and moaned into antalya escort my ear.

Than and there I decided that I wanted more sex with Sue and without any more preamble I made my mind up to organise something daring for us whilst we stopped over for the night in London before carrying on to Moscow. As the throes of my climax started I took hold of her hair in my other hand and pulled her mouth to mine forcing my thick, flat tongue lustfully into her mouth. My desperation for more of her sex enveloped my mind and blocked out everything else that was happening around me. The rising feeling of ejaculation started curdling the inside of my balls, tensioning with pressure readying to erupt themselves in convulsive spurts. One heavy load after another of slippery warm wet cum came out of my piss hole as everything blanked out because of the orgasmic pleasure enveloping me. Each climatic wave of excruciating sensation taunted my body, forcing my waist to rise into the blanket, smearing it’s underside with loads of my sperm which started dribbling onto my stomach and groin to form a thickening, sticky wetness.

Susan understood that I couldn’t simply stand up and traipse off to the bathroom, knowingly grinning at me as she slowly started rubbing the entire load of my warm cum all around my balls and stomach, pumping my spent cock to get the last of it’s cum out than rubbing the after globs deeper between my closed legs into my ass. She sarcastically purred into my ear ‘darling, do you think that you’ll be able to sleep now’? Passionately sticking her tongue in my mouth and with heavy unabated warm breathing said, ‘I’m so fucking turned on now, what I would do to be able to fuck you right now’. ‘But you know what! I’m going to wait until we get into London and you better be ready to be fucked and abused like you have never imagined because I’m going to begin by licking all that cum off your balls and cock’. Susan couldn’t help herself been so sexually evocative. She loved sex and could keep fucking for hours on end, fighting for one orgasm after another which was the dream I had always wished for as a youngster: to have a sexy woman who craved to be fucked every possible way imaginable. We were about to find out in London what pushing the sexual boundaries would do for our relationship and love for each other.

At about 7pm we were on our way out of the hotel with everyone turning there heads to look at Susan who was dressed provocatively sexy. I had a tight light denim shirt on with a button or two undone which wasn’t tucked into a pair of faded light material jeans. A casual jacket made a smart finishing touch. Feeling the tight trousers holding my cock and balls in place with musky, sweet gels and oils lathered over my body made me feel every bit the handsome stud that women always imagined me to be. Susan’s clothes signalled sex and she wasn’t shy about flaunting her attractive body and sexual desires for everyone to see. I was looking forward to experiencing her lust after loosening her up on a few drinks. Her red skirt was school girlishly short with pleats and a slit up the side that opened when she provocatively spread her legs and cocked her hip whilst waiting on me. Her slender midriff was bare showing off her firm stomach and silver belly stud. My imagination or in fact any man taking in the lines of her slender arched back turned to images of cornering her somewhere to fuck, wondering how she would cope when they forced there cock up into such a slender body, imagining her back arched into a wall as they pumped and thrust into her tight cunt from behind. Her long, slender legs were without stockings and the black laced high-heels of her shoes made her thigh muscles firm and pull taunt every time she bent forward, showing a little of the underside fold of her beautiful firm lily white rounded ass cheeks as her skirt rode higher up the back of her ass. She loved to teas me by showing a little ass in an attempt to get me to do something exciting in public.

I kneaded her nipples through her bra with my fingers which I had pushed up under the loose low cut top whilst we sat together in the back of a black cab on the way to the restaurant. Susan was totally aware that everyone would notice the fabulous lines of her naked collar bones and shoulders that showed above her blouse line. But the night was young still and I had organised for another couple who I had never seen before, to join us for dinner and the rest of the night. After making introductions I took a good look at the other couple who I had never met before. Susan thought that they were friends of mine which was exactly what I wanted her to think. The woman was fairly tall and had a shapely, firm body on her with short blond hair done up in a modern – come and get me – sexy way. Her eyes never diverted and always looked directly into ours, without any hint of embarrassment about looking straight at Sue’s breasts or my groin. The man was handsome and sporty looking. I had been worried that he may not have a good body but his body was kemer escort perfect and I thought to myself that Susan would definitely agree as well. He softly kissed both Susan’s cheeks when he introduced himself and was certainly very smooth, lightly brushing her arm at the same time.

His leather jacket fitted well, showing a strong chest and firm arms with a tight stomach. His pants were tight – denim, which left nothing to the imagination revealing a squashed peach size bulge between his legs. He had a captivating smile and his eyes never stopped lustfully admiring our bodies. At one time I saw Susan getting a little uncomfortable from his intense looks which seemed to be stripping off our clothes. He touched the almost bare breasted blond woman a lot and she all the time responded by looking into his eyes with a predatory cat like smiling expression, returning his touches by touching his lips, cheeks and arms with her finger nails, making a point to all of us: that he was hers and we should understand that they were ready to be fucked good and proper tonight. This was exactly what Sue also wanted to do to me. But she couldn’t publicly show her desires, simply out of shyness or intimidation from been with such an openly sexually aggressive couple in public.

The man and busty blond made a show that we should drink faster as the night progressed ordering drink after drink which we were expected to knock back. It was wonderful, Susan and I were both feeling our selves more excited, relaxed and became less inhibited and light headed from the drink as the night wore on. We were certainly enjoying watching all the touching and sexual advances between the sexy couple. Now and than we exchanged enquiring sexual looks at each other and even joined in by lovingly tongue kissing each other. The young, black haired stud along with the busty blond were professional and expensive of course, especially been in London. They had even attracted the attention of the other restaurant guests who kept secretly looking across at our table in admiration of our two women.

Time was getting on and I was wondering what the next move would be when I was asked by the blond sex kitten, if she could feel my shirt. It seemed to be a normal enough question until she bent forward letting the front of her dress intentionally fall open revealing the most luscious, firm breast that bulged out of the top of her bra that I had seen for a long time. She than erotically, ran her fingers down my neck to my chest purring a throaty, sexual sound. Susan was immediately taken aback and put her hand on my leg for assurance, staring at the woman in hostility. But just as she had shown her displeasure so the man professionally leant across to her and whispered into her ear how excited he felt watching his girl touching me. His eyes deeply searched Susan’s face, whispering to her that I was probably the luckiest man in the world to have such a sexually attractive woman as her to sleep with every night.

Susan was taken aback and confused and didn’t know what to say in return, pushing her hand deeper in between my legs for comfort and was about to say something, when the woman stopped playing between my open shirt and leant across the table and cupped the side of Susan’s face with the palm of her hand purring in a sympathetic way that she didn’t mean to offend her, but that she was just so sexually turned on by us. He made a wonderful show of moving the blonds hand away from Susan’s face, all the time looking into her eyes with a demurring smile across his face. He than turned his look straight at me and without hesitation put the woman’s hand on my chest and said ‘you and Susan are such an excellent couple, lets go someplace for a drink’! He made no pretension about what he wanted. Everything seemed to be spinning for Sue as she struggled with all the emotions and connotations but when she finally got her thoughts together she simply said ‘why not’. She reasoned that a few more drinks wouldn’t lead to anything that she couldn’t control. I could tell that she was excited and I knew that she didn’t want the night to end at the restaurant.

I had pre-planned everything beforehand over the phone with the young handsome man and they acted themselves perfectly, paying the bill and playing the perfect host and hostess roll for us. They had there own BMW car which they used to drive us to there apartment. Been all so sexually frustrated started us exploring each other. They first started by touching or rather she did by rubbing the man’s groin and leaning herself across the gear stick to play her tongue inside his ear, moaning in pleasure for all of us to hear. My cock immediately started to become erect from just watching her sexual advances and Susan must have been feeling the same way because she moved closer to me positioning her ass in the middle of the back seat. She started kissing me with her tongue in my ear as well and knowing that the man and woman couldn’t see her legs from in front, she parted them and pulled konyaaltı escort my hand down onto her warm pussy which had started to wet through her panties. She drove her tongue deeper into my ear and softly moaned ‘I want to fuck you’, whilst rubbing my cock through my jeans. I started to finger the wet folds of her pussy through her panties and was about to pull them aside to get at her hole when we were interrupted by the woman. She had been secretly watching us out of the corner of her eye and told us that it was so arousing to watch us getting off together. She than turned around in her seat and placed her hands on Susan’s knees and pushed them wide telling me not to stop what I was doing because it was so erotic to watch.

There flat was plush and expensive. It had a Jacuzzi and a bar with long soft chairs around a wooden table. They held our hands and took us to the chairs next to the Jacuzzi. The place was sensually moody when the lights were dimmed. Music was put on and we were given drinks which must have had double alcohol in them. Out of the blue, they suddenly left to another room, leaving us alone, to ponder our emotions. This gave Susan and me a chance to talk a bit about the night, both been careful to say that we were enjoying the night without letting on how sexually attracted we were to the attractive couple. We did agree that we couldn’t wait to fuck each other like animals when back at the hotel.

There return was made with a lascivious walk that oozed sex. He was dressed in short thin material shorts with a tight vest on which showed his strong body in its entirety. She was in a two piece swimming costume with g-string bottoms which bulged out from the swell of her pussy flesh. Her breasts bulged against her costume bra and forced the soft, white flesh out the sides. Susan was a little surprised by there nakedness and wondered where this was all leading. She thought about everything and innocently accepted the situation, since we were sitting next to the Jacuzzi. She had asked me what I thought of the woman and I think deep down, she wanted me to say that ‘I thought she was exciting’ because when I asked her about the man she told me that he had a good body.

Taking there drinks they stepped into the Jacuzzi and told us to get in as well saying not to worry or feel shy, explaining that all we needed to do was to leave our underwear on, since it was the same as a swimming costume. We certainly didn’t want to show ourselves as been prudish and started undressing. I watched the man admiring Susan’s firm tight ass as she bent down to slide her skirt over her shapely hips. I was less self conscious knowing what was going to happen and anyway I was already slightly excited and couldn’t wait to get into the Jacuzzi. Susan was slow to undress and looked so fucking sexy with a gorgeous body, which made every man that new her dream about fucking.

She tried not to show herself wrapping her large soft breasts with one arm, whilst holding my hand in the other pulling me into the Jacuzzi behind her. I couldn’t see the others legs or hands under the water but we could see that they were touching each other. If Susan wasn’t going to get involved she would have stopped herself by now so I was confident that this evening would turn out to be exciting and interesting. My thoughts were stopped when the woman gasped and pointed at my cock as I stepped into the Jacuzzi. It was pushing against my pants and creating a sizeable bulge. She than got up and touched it through my pants with her finger nails and cooed about how nice it looked. Susan wasn’t sure what to do about her blatantly sexual advance but quickly took control and pushed her hand from my swelling organ and joked by saying, that it was all hers leaning herself closer into me for comfort.

It was all beginning and I new that we were going to experience a new sexual excitement which we had never had before. All of a sudden the man stood without any embarrassment. His cock was hard and big pushing his soft material shorts up his belly. He had such a good body I thought to myself, feeling self conscious and threatened. Susan certainly didn’t help my feelings because she was looking now with no embarrassment straight at his tented shorts and muscular body, increasing my insecurity. He leant forward to take his drink and the woman grabbed his shorts and started tugging them down but not off. His cock pulled up on the shorts but she managed to bare his tanned ass – hard and muscular and all for Susan to savour in her mesmerized trance. I knew that she was excited because she had stopped rubbing my cock under the water. Instead she was captivated in awe, staring at the man and woman who were now playing a game of tug and pull on his shorts laughing and giggling them selves silly. Her body was firm, slender and with all the most inviting shapes and sizes. The woman than laughed at the game stopped pulling on his shorts, took a long drink of vodka than leant down to Sue and surprisingly kissed her hard on the mouth, parting Susan’s lips with her tongue and passing the rest of her drink into Sue’s mouth. Susan was both excited and shocked by her sensual advances which she couldn’t do anything about because the woman had kissed her without any warning. I could see that she was been bewitched by these two.

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