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Big Tits

“Show me the father who does not want to fuck his daughter, and I will show you a liar.”

-Sunburycd 2017

“Do you smell that?” Belinda placed her book down on her lap and nudged the shoulder of her husband lying next to her in bed.

Colin rolled over and looked at his wife, sitting up, her black rimmed reading glasses lowered on her nose. “I was sleeping, smell what?”

“Cigarettes! She’s bloody smoking again.”

“Well she is 18, we can’t really force her to stop.”

“No but we did say she couldn’t smoke in the house. You’ll have to go and talk to her.”

“Me? Why don’t you go? I was happily enough sleeping and wouldn’t even have known anything about it if you hadn’t woken me.”

Belinda closed her book, took off her glasses and put on a whiny voice. “Please can you go, you know we’ll just get in a slanging match. She at least likes you.”

Colin rose up on an elbow and looked around his wife to the alarm clock beside her. “Jesus, it’s 12:30! I’ve got to drive you to the airport in like five hours, can’t we just let it go. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

Belinda pulled the sheet down over her breasts, barely covered by her nightdress, her nipples visible. “Come on honey, I’ll make it worth your while.”

Colin wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity for a quickie even this late at night and decided he’d better go now before his building erection grew any larger. Grumbling to show he was under duress as he rolled out of bed he suddenly screamed out in pain and grabbed at his upper thigh.

“Oh honey are you alright?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “It’s just that bloody pinched nerve again.” Rubbing his leg the pain quickly went away. “See, all gone.”

“You really should get that seen to.” Belinda watched him walk out of the room. He was still in good shape for his age. Nearing 50, his hair was thinning and he had a small spread around the waist but he worked out and at least tried to stay fit.

Colin could smell the cigarette smoke strongly now as he approached Cassie’s room. He knocked on the door and waited. Nothing. He knocked again and opened up cautiously. Cassie was at the open window listening to her ipod with earphones, a cigarette in her hand. Se blew smoke out as her father approached from behind and tapped her on the shoulder.

Jumping at the touch she threw the butt out into the night. “Fuck Dad, you scared the shit out of me. Why didn’t you knock?”

“I did.” He responded pointing to her earphones. “Why aren’t you in bed anyway, it’s a school night?”

Cassie closed the window and went to her bed, pulling out her earphones in the process. Climbing atop the covers she sat with her back to the bedhead. “Couldn’t sleep. Did the bitch send you in to do the dirty work?”

Colin admired her deduction, he had to give her credit, she knew her mother. It was partly the problem, they were too alike. In personality and as Colin looked down at his daughter, in appearance. “Hey, don’t talk about your mother like that. We just don’t want you smoking, especially in the house. We can smell it from our bedroom.” In Cassie’s eyes her mother was already the enemy so Colin decided to play the good cop. “At least sneak outside next time kiddo!” He added.

Cassie smiled and it made her fathers heart sing. She was always so moody, he thought. If he had to go against his wife every now and then to see her smile it wasn’t such a bad thing, was it?

“O.k Daddy, I won’t smoke inside again. I promise.” She offered and began to climb under her sheets.

Colin patted her leg through the sheet and leaned in to kiss her on the forehead. “Good girl. Now go to sleep, I mean it. Oh I almost forgot, I’m driving Mom to the airport in the morning so we won’t see you. Please go to school!”

“I will Daddy.” Cassie watched him walk out of the room and called out before he closed the door. “By the way, rockin’ the dad bod!”

Colin immediately became aware of how uncovered he was wearing only his boxer shorts. He self consciously sucked in his gut and broadened his shoulders, immediately feeling foolish. He waggled his finger at her as he closed the door. That was how she was, she knew she had power over him and she used it to good effect.

Belinda was still sitting up when he returned. “I hope you gave her your piece of mind!”

“I told her we weren’t happy.”

“Ugh, you caved in to her didn’t you? I should’ve gone myself.”

Colin climbed into bed beside Belinda and put an arm around her waist. He made to kiss her on the neck and Belinda shrugged the advance. “Actually you’re right, it is getting late. We should probably get some sleep.” She rolled over and turned off the light in the process, leaving Colin dumbfounded with a semi erection in his pants.

* * * * *

The morning had Belinda in a better mood. She was looking forward to her week long conference and possibly felt bad for rejecting her husband the night before. Whatever the reason, she treated Colin to a quick hand-job in bed before they bahis firmaları arose and he was grateful for the attention.

Having packed the day before Belinda was basically ready to go after her shower and a light breakfast. At the airport they managed a quick goodbye embrace and kiss. “Don’t let her walk all over you, I mean it about the smoking. I don’t want it in the house.”

“O.k, O.k. Don’t worry it’s under control.”

Belinda shook her head. “No it isn’t. She’s got you wrapped around her little finger. You think she’s a princess, she’s just a bitch really.”

Colin stifled a laugh. “You know she says the same about you.”

“Oh I know she does, and more. Anyway, I love you. I’d better go or I’ll miss check-in.” They kissed again and before Colin got back in the car Belinda shouted out. “Oh and also, no hookers and house parties while I’m gone!”

“Dammit!” Colin joked back and they both blew kisses and then she was gone.

A week alone with Cassie. It can’t get that out of hand, can it? He thought.

* * * * *

Colin arrived home well after 9am. The house was locked and quiet and he assumed Cassie had gone to school as promised. Freelance writing had paid well for Colin over the years and the sales of a minor novel, as well as his wife’s income kept the family in a comfortable position. Deciding to work on an article Colin made himself a coffee and retired to the study to write. As he settled down and opened his laptop he heard the toilet flush upstairs, otherwise the only noise in the house. “Dammit Cassie.”

Mounting the stairs, Colin stopped outside his daughters room and knocked on the door before entering. Cassie was back in bed, her phone in hand. She looked up from the screen slowly, obviously completing a text.

“What’s this?” Colin asked. “I thought we had a deal.”

“Oh Dad I just didn’t feel well.”

Deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt, Colin approached and placed a hand on her forehead. You do feel a little warm. I want you to stay in bed, O.k.” To which Cassie nodded. “Alright, I’ll just be downstairs in the study, can I get you anything?”

“No Daddy, I’ll be O.k. I just need some rest.”

“Alright sweetheart, well call out if you need me.”

She was probably faking it he knew but if a day off was all it took to keep her happy, then he didn’t mind. The study overlooked the back yard and pool and Colin gazed out the window now and then as he worked on his article. The stabbing sensation returned in his thigh and he rubbed the area to reduce the pain. I must get that looked at, he thought to himself.

Come 11am the article was progressing well and Colin decided to take a break and check on Cassie. As he approached her room the smell of cigarettes was thick in the hallway. “Jesus Cassie,” he muttered under his breath.

Not bothering to knock, Colin opened his daughters door. Cassie was sitting on her desk-chair, one leg up on the desk, painting her toe nails. She was dressed, or half dressed, wearing denim shorts over her white one-piece swimsuit. A lit cigarette was slung in the corner of her mouth. “Cassie, what the hell?” Colin asked, exasperated.

“Oh hi Daddy, I was feeling better!”

“I mean the cigarettes, we had an understanding.”

“Oh I thought that was just when Mom was here.” She finished her last nail and flicked ash from the end of her cigarette into an ashtray.

Colin didn’t really know what to do. Belinda was right about one thing, Cassie did have him wrapped around her little finger. Should he come down hard and make a statement or play the role of the cool parent? In the end he relented. “Alright but can you spray some air freshener after you smoke, the smell will get into the carpets and your Mom will kill us both when she gets home.”

“O.k Daddy, whatever you say.” Cassie smiled and looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“And what’s with your swimsuit? If you’re feeling better maybe you should go to school.”

“Nah, Jade’s coming around for a swim.”

“What? Jesus Cass’, you both should be at school!” Colin threw his hands up in despair and shaking his head walked back downstairs, defeated.

Shortly afterwards the doorbell rang and Colin, assuming it was Jade waited for Cassie to answer. When it rang again he begrudgingly went to open it for her. Jade was Cassie’s best friend and they were thick as thieves. Colin wasn’t surprised to see she was wearing her school uniform. “Let me guess, your parents think you’re at school!”

Jade made a clicking action with her hand and pointed at Colin. “You got it Mr. Avery. You won’t tell them will you?”

Colin had always been fond of Jade and she knew it. He was never attracted in a sexual way but since she’d turned 18 he couldn’t deny she had turned into a gorgeous young woman. Thick thighs and large breasts, whereas Cassie remained a slight girl.

Colin wanted to keep playing the role of the cool parent. “No I won’t tell them. Cassie’s upstairs.” He watched her as kaçak iddaa she mounted the stairway, her grey pleated skirt swishing with her hips. When she reached the top he caught the slightest hint of white panties. “Jesus if I was twenty years younger.” He whispered and then quickly added, “And not married!”

* * * * *

The splashing and voices of the girls in the pool could be heard inside the study and it was quite a soothing tone. Better they’re here skipping school Colin thought, than galavanting on the streets. After his second coffee of the day Colin felt the need to relieve his bladder and after finishing another paragraph left the office and walked to the downstairs bathroom. As he reached the door the pain returned to his thigh and he immediately dropped his hand to the area. Opening the door he unexpectedly walked in on Jade sitting on the toilet, her yellow bathers pulled aside at her crotch. She looked up immediately, first seeing Colin and then noticing his hand near his groin. “What the fuck, Mr. Avery?!”

“Oh shit Jade, sorry!” Colin pulled the door closed behind him as he stepped back from the room. He made it to the kitchen when he heard the toilet flush and Jade come out. She entered the kitchen and sheepishly walked past him. “Hey I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in there.” He apologized.

“Yeah that’s O.k,” She offered, her face red, quickly exiting to the back yard.

“Fuck!” She’s going to tell Cassie, I’ll look like a pervert, he thought. She did look hot though. Stop it Colin, he told himself. I nearly saw her pussy! He thought of her walking past him, the yellow swimsuit, wet and almost transparent at her breasts. Her wet hair, her ass in the tight costume. It was then he noticed his cock was swelling.

The girls came in for lunch and afterwards went back to the pool. Colin continued working in the study. Sitting behind the desk the pain suddenly returned with a fury and he closed his eyes and winced as he rubbed the area furiously. When he opened his eyes they went to the window and focused upon Jade as she was about to sit down on a lounge chair. She looked in at the exact same time and dropped her jaw. To her eyes, Colin was seated behind his desk staring at her as he rapidly moved his arm at his groin. Colin immediately realized how it must have looked and stood as Jade gestured to Cassie to bear witness.

“Fuck Cassie, your dad’s jacking off!” Jade exclaimed.

They both heard Colin shout “No!” from inside the study and granted they did notice he still had his pants on when he stood up but even so it didn’t look good. When Colin finally made his way outside he was quick to apologize to Jade again.

“It’s a misunderstanding,” he offered.

“Ah I know what I saw Mr. Avery!” Jade fired back.

“God Dad, really? My friend?” Cassie chimed in.

“No I wasn’t, well, doing what you think! I’ve got this pain in my leg here you see. I was just rubbing it. Oh shit, you have to believe me.”

The girls looked at each other, both with doubt in their eyes.

“Cassie, you can ask your mother. She knows about it.” Colin added.

“Well what about walking in on Jade in the bathroom? She said it looked like you were holding your…thing! Dad it looks a bit suspicious.”

“I know how it looks but it’s not what you think. Jade, you’ve known me for years. I’m not like that, am I?” Colin pleaded and it seemed to do the trick.

“No you’re actually pretty cool Mr. Avery, I guess it was a misunderstanding. We can just forget it I suppose.”

“Thank you Jade.” Relieved, Colin thought he’d try and lighten the mood with a joke. “I think after this you can probably call me Colin.”

Cassie shook her head. “God Dad, you’re so embarrassing.”

Colin shut down his laptop and fixed himself some lunch. The afternoon wore on and he decided to open a beer and do some housework. He looked in the laundry and noticed the full clothing basket. Putting on a load he made his way upstairs and collected some dirty clothing from his and Belinda’s en-suite. Leaving the items on the bed he thought of Cassie’s laundry hamper in her bathroom and went to her room. Opening her door he entered the smokey smelling room and walked into his daughter’s en-suite, bypassing Jade’s school uniform crumpled on the bed.

Before he could empty the hamper he noticed a pair of white panties laying on the floor beside the bath. Assuming they were Cassie’s he scooped them up without another thought. Just as he was about to open the clothes hamper a voice from behind stopped him in his tracks.

“Oh my God, Dad!”

Colin jumped at the sound and turned to see his daughter and Jade standing in the bathroom doorway.

“What the fuck Mr. Avery! My panties now?”

Colin realized how this must have looked, possibly more incriminating than the events downstairs. He looked down at the underwear in his hand. “No Jade, you have the wrong idea. I thought they were Cassie’s!”

To this Cassie looked even more shocked. “What? You’re kaçak bahis sniffing my panties?”

“What? No! I’m not sniffing anyone’s panties!” Saying the words caused Colin to turn a bright red, further projecting guilt. “I was doing the laundry, I thought they were yours Cassie.”

Jade had seen enough. “Cassie your dad’s a pervert, you have to do something.”

Cassie stayed silent and looked to be studying the situation. Colin still held what he now knew were Jade’s panties and he didn’t know what to do with them. Holding them out to Jade he offered them back to her.

“Ah you can keep those, who knows what you’ve been doing with them.” Jade looked at Cassie. “You should call your mom, she should probably know who she’s married to!”

“No please don’t Cass, it’s just another misunderstanding.”

Cassie remained quiet. She was studying the situation and seeing the potential gains she could extract. “Maybe I should call Mom.”

“Cassie, don’t.”

“What do you imagine she’d think Dad? You’ve always liked Jade. Maybe while she’s away you thought you’d give it a go, huh?”

“Cassie,” Colin again pleaded.

“Spying on her in the toilet, jacking off when you thought she wasn’t looking. And now! Oh my God, I can’t even believe it, sniffing her panties or whatever you were doing with them!”

“Cassie please don’t.”

“Or maybe you really thought they were mine!” In her heart she believed her father but the manipulation was too hard to resist. “Is that it Daddy? Did you want to sniff my panties? What will Mom say?”

Colin felt defeated, he imagined what Belinda would think when she heard the evidence against him. He was totally innocent of all the charges of course but would she have doubts? He would if he’d heard it about another father. “Please don’t call her Cassie, how can I fix this?” He asked, throwing the panties on the bed.

A wry smile came across Cassie’s face. “That’s better Dad. You see, now you’re starting to get it!” She looked at Jade who also seemed to be realizing the potential of the situation. “First I need more cigarettes and we want some booze.”

“Cassie you’re not 21, I can’t buy you alcohol.”

“Ah you can and you will Dad. Unless of course you want me to call Mom.” She walked to her desk and picked up her phone. “I can call her now if you want.”

Colin quickly moved to stop her. “No! It’s O.k. I’ll do it, whatever you want.”

“You’ll do whatever I say?” Cassie added.

“I’ll do whatever you say.”

* * * * *

Colin looked down at the case of beer and the carton of cigarettes on the passenger seat. “If this is all it’ll cost me to get out of this situation, then it’s a small price to pay.” For a moment he thought about calling Belinda himself, explaining all that had happened. He thought about Jade. How would her parents react to the story. He wouldn’t believe it if it had happened to Cassie at a friends house, why would they? A car beeped him from behind and he jumped. The lights had turned green, he drove through the intersection. And what about Cassie? Accusing him of smelling her panties for god’s sake. He would never. But would Belinda believe him? No, she can never know. Whatever it took, she can never find out.

* * * * *

When Colin arrived home the house was again quiet. He placed the beer and smokes on the kitchen bench and called out to his daughter.

“We’re in here dad.” Cassie called from his study. Oh shit, Colin thought. What are they doing in there?

The girls had at least put on more clothing. Cassie was in her denim shorts and was seated at his desk. Jade, still wearing her swimsuit was wearing an aqua ruffled mini skirt he recognized as Cassie’s. Leaning on the desk, her ass was pointed towards him and he couldn’t help looking at her bottom, visible beneath it’s length. His eyes quickly diverted to Cassie who had his laptop open and was on the internet.

“Jade thought we should check your search history Dad. See if you are really a pervert!” Cassie stated coolly. “Looks like the evidence is just piling up now.”

“You can’t do that, it’s an invasion of my privacy Cassie. Come on, enough of this.” Colin went to grab the computer but Jade stood in the way. He stopped as he was about to bump against her.

“Ah, careful Mr. Avery. You don’t want to add assault to your list of charges!”

“This is ridiculous,” Colin complained, looking at Cassie over Jades shoulder. “I haven’t done anything wrong and both of you know it.”

“Oh really Dad. Then what’s this?”

Jade turned to look at the computer along with Colin.

“Just looking at your search terms in the last week Dad. ‘Shaved milf. Face-sitting. Anal.’ I’m sure Mom knows all about this though right?”

Colin’s heart sank and his stomach turned. He had used those search terms. It was late, a few nights earlier. He cursed himself for not deleting them.

Jade began laughing and it made Colin feel even worse. “Well, at least we know what your Dad’s into Cass.” She turned to look at Colin. “What the fuck’s face-sitting anyway?”

Cassie was the one to answer, saving Colin the indignation. “Just what it sounds like stupid!”

Jade cocked her head, “Oh yeah, of course.”

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