Mart 22, 2021

Mistress Melissa Is Broken

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QUICK NOTE: This is a fairly full on, extreme, kinky story about domination and humiliation. Really it could have been a few genres but I submitted it under fetish. It also has a watersports scene so be aware of that if that’s something you don’t like. Please take the time to vote and comment on the story when you have read it. Thanks.

For some years Mistress Melissa and Master Anton were noted as the prime proponents of domination and humiliation videos. They would film them dominating porn actresses, degrading them, fucking them and doing all sorts of perversions with them. They were the strongest films legally available and they quickly established a loyal and expanding fan base. Their business grew exponentially and soon the money was rolling in and there was always a willing slut with the amounts they paid to film their debasement.

But not everyone was aware that Melissa and Anton were partners, both in business and in love. Their shared love of sadism and domination drew them together and they immediately were attracted to the others power and kinkiness. And Mistress Melissa was definitely sadistic and kinky. It was no act for the camera. Originally from France and still retaining a definite trace of her European accent despite her years in the American porn industry, Melissa was a fetishists dream. She was statuesque at 5’9″ and had a slim, almost angular body, with long, silky, dark hair that cascaded down her back and cruel, mocking, dark eyes. She loved what she did, how could she not love torturing and tormenting dumb American sluts on camera? And making big money from it. She especially relished that perfect moment when the dumb bitch realised that for all her claims that she could handle Mistress or Master’s punishment, that they couldn’t and their eyes appealed for mercy. That was Melissa’s perfect moment and her next spank, or lash or whatever would be the hardest. She lived for reducing wannabes to floods of tears.

Master Anton was as cruel but was perhaps more business like in his ministrations. Knowing that he had to do what would draw the punters to buy the tape, whereas his partner seemed to settle for pleasuring herself first and hoping the viewers would like what she did. And they generally did. He was a big man, 6’2″ and a muscular, tanned, hairy 250lbs and at 42 was a whole 13 years older than his partner.

But like most good things in the industry it did not last. Anton decided that Melissa was getting a little too over the top and some of the stuff she was doing was getting beyond what he could film and sell. She didn’t take his thoughts well, no one told her what to do and it led to a huge blow up argument that finished their personal relationship for ever. It was nasty, real nasty, she was violent to him and he just took it, holding her off and trying to ignore her furious tirade of insults, some of which were too personal. Their business partnership did not last much longer, they tried as it was a good thing and each brought good things too it but within three months they split their business in two and set up their own separate companies and almost immediately were in direct competition in the same market place.

Melissa really should have cleaned up but despite her undoubted talent for dishing out the most imaginatively cruel punishment she had no head for business and was not the type to listen to anyone. Whereas before Master Anton had handled all the business and financial aspects of their business now she let them slide and despite impressive sales for the first year her company was making a total mess of her taxes and payments. Then she overstepped the mark while making a BDSM movie with a model, going too far and a lawsuit resulted due to Melissa breaking what she had agreed to do in the contract. After wasting a lot of money on lawyers bills she settled out of court, days later she was hit by a huge tax bill that she had no way of meeting and was faced with the very real prospect of going to jail due to her non-payment. Certainly the establishment would not be sorry, with the ultra conservative government in place, examples in the porn industry were being hounded and they didn’t care how they nailed them just that they nailed them.

Put in clear, simple terms if she did not pay $50,000 back to the Inland Revenue Service within 30 days she was headed to the slammer and she knew once she was unable to work because she was in prison there would be no way for her to be able to make the money she needed to even consider paying them back.

Master Anton heard of his once partner, now fierce rivals plight and had no sympathy for her. He only felt contempt and hatred for the woman now. Still, the whole situation set his inventive mind turning and a mere three days before Mistress Melissa would have to pay the cash, and with only $20,000 cash to her name to offer, Master Anton made a visit to her, increasingly despondent and deserted (she had sold everything she could to attempt to raise cash) premises.

Seeing him standing in her foyer she was overcome with rage and confronted him immediately.

“What antalya escort do you want you bastard? Come here to fucking gloat have you? Well you can fuck off! Go on fucking get out you cunt! Go back to that skank you’ve taken up with (Anton had soon teamed up with a new Mistress, Kelly who Melissa quickly came to hate with a deep passion).”

Anton smiled his infuriatingly patient smile at her and spoke evenly to her.

“I’ve come here to offer you the money you need to save your ass.”

Whatever she had expected it had not been that and with the wind temporarily taken from her sails he pressed on.

“That’s right Melissa, I know you’re in a mess and I’ve come here to offer you a way of keeping yourself out of jail.”

She eyed him suspiciously and spoke guardedly back.

“What do you mean? Why would you help me? Old times sake? I don’t think so!”

“No, I want something from you all right. I want you to sign this contract. Here take it, read it. Basically, it’s a contract that says you agree to make one hardcore BDSM movie for my company. No limits, as extreme as I want, what I say goes, I’m the director, you are nothing more than the submissive star to be broken. For that you get the sum of $30,000 immediately to pay your outstanding debt and save yourself from jail. The offer closes when I close the door on my way out of this office so what do you say?”

She looked at him incredulously. He couldn’t be serious. But in her heart she knew that he undoubtedly was. She was such a proud dominant woman herself. No man had ever come close to dominating or bossing her, she was superior and let all men know it. The prospect of allowing her former partner, who she shared such a mutual hatred for, to dominate her willingly was totally unacceptable to her. No, she could not do this. But she could hardly afford to go to prison either. She watched unspeaking as Anton opened the silver briefcase he had brought with him to actually show her the cash in thick, crisp bundles. She picked up the contract and tried to concentrate on reading it but she couldn’t and was hardly able to read the first few sentences before her eyes went back to the briefcase.

“But, I’m not a…”

“No buts Melissa. This is not negotiable. You sign up and become a submissive girly just like all those ones you have destroyed over all these years and let me do whatever I want with you.”

She bit her lip and tried to think clearly, knowing that which ever option she chose she would regret for the rest of her life. She was out of ways to raise the cash she needed herself and knew this offer would be her only way to pay the bill. Prison scared her more than she would admit. She was so used to being strong and in control and didn’t know how she would cope when that control was taken away from her. In the end it was that fear that made her sign the contract under Anton’s mocking gaze. He gave her one copy then locked the case and took it with him.

“You’ll get this at the end of tomorrow, we’ll shoot the film then, be at my studio at 8am and you’d better be ready for the worst day in your miserable life bitch!”

For the first time in her life Mistress Melissa was genuinely worried about a man…


Melissa arrived at the studio at the prescribed time the next morning to be left waiting for ten minutes in the reception. She hated being kept waiting and normally would never stand for it but Anton was obviously doing it just to wind her up, another small example of her collapse of status. She had never been a patient woman and after the ten minutes she was standing in the foyer just about ready to explode, she was unconsciously tapping both her fingers and toes and was ready to snap at the first person she saw but she also knew that she couldn’t. God it was so fucking frustrating!

Anton came sauntering down the hallway to greet her, his face a mask of joy and victory, especially when he saw the hard look of vicious anger that was painted across Melissa’s face.

“You can take that look off your face bitch., if I want to make you wait then I will. I’m in charge today and we both know it so deal with it. Besides which if the worst that happens to you today is being made to wait a while then you’ll be bloody lucky. Now follow me.”

Damn, she hated to do what the smug bastard told her, she wished that there was some other way out of the mess she was in. She trailed him reluctantly into the bowels of the building and felt her stomach leap and turn at the thought of what she had signed up to. This was it, this would change her and they both knew it, it was bad enough but the fact it was him that would do it ate her up. She scowled at his back and right then if she had a knife she would have plunged it between his shoulder blades. They stopped outside a room and he showed her in, it was a tiny, cramped dressing room and as he turned on the overhead bulb he spoke dismissively to her.

“Get dressed in here Melissa, there’s an outfit in the wardrobe we want you to wear, as soon as you’re in it get across kemer escort the corridor and we can start work. And don’t stall I’ve got a tonne of stuff lined up, right!”

He left her alone in the room and, with her arms defensively crossed over her chest, she surveyed her surroundings. It was pretty bleak – a cold, empty room with just a wooden bench and a couple of clothes hooks, from one hung a large clothing hanger. She took off her raincoat and picked up the bundle to examine what he wanted her to wear for this. At first she was surprised when she saw it was a black PVC cat suit almost identical to the ones she wore in her own Dominatrix videos. Briefly, hope flickered in her hard heart, maybe, just maybe, he was going to let her talents loose in what she was good at -namely breaking young, dumb sluts on camera! She hurried out of her own clothes and dressed her stunning, slim figure in the tight cat suit and high heels provided for her and walked over to Anton’s with a swagger that she barely felt.

That confidence disappeared almost as soon as she entered his set. There were only him (now changed into his trademark leather mask and chain vest) and his new love, the hated Mistress Kelly. Kelly was everything that Melissa despised, she was short, blonde, had massive breasts and was squeezed into an almost identical outfit to that which adorned Melissa. She also was staring at Melissa like a predator and meaningfully stroking her hand with a cruel looking riding crop.

As Melissa stepped into the room Anton approached and made sure once again she knew what was expected of her for her fee.

“Remember Melissa, you do everything I say, everything! To the absolute letter, whatever I instruct. That contract is watertight and if you fail to obey me even once then I will take great pleasure in ripping it up and not paying you a dime. Understand?”

Melissa nodded curtly and still glared daggers at the man.

“Good. Kelly? Get the cameramen in here and lets get started we got a whole lot of fun to have.”

Two men appeared and began to film the scene as it unfolded before them. Both Anton and Kelly stood in front of Melissa and a stare down seemed to be in place. Anton broke it to turn to the camera nearest him.

“Good day ladies and gentlemen viewing this, wherever you may be. Today is indeed a very special day because the dumb fucking slut that we are going to dominate and degrade for your viewing pleasure should be very well known to you.”

He stood back as the camera focussed on the entire length of Melissa’s cat suit clad body.

“She needs no introduction as I’m sure you will all recognise her as the Queen of Cruel, Mistress Melissa! But tonight she is going to be taught a valuable lesson. Tonight you are not a Domme are you Mel? Tonight you are my bitch, tell the viewers, tell them what you are.”

It took quite the effort for the proud, arrogant Dominatrix to face up to the camera, her two tormentors just in front of her and admit.

“I am Master Anton’s bitch.”

He smiled cruelly at her and took a firm grip of her raven hair, snarling at her.

“Yeah, you fucking are bitch! But you’re also Mistress Kelly’s bitch as well, right! Her word carries as much weight as mine now and you’d better obey her as well. Understand?”

God, it stuck in Melissa’s throat to agree to this development, she knew she was twice the dominant that that stupid, fat, blonde bimbo was. She wanted to spit in their faces and tell them to go fuck themselves but staring into Anton’s eyes she knew he would derive as much pleasure from ditching the contract and sending her on her path to jail. Stifling her anger she nodded curtly that she agreed. She wasn’t expecting Kelly to slap her hard across her cheek and push her back.

“Well then slut, tell me you are my bitch as well. Come on tell me!”

Melissa held her cheek and stared daggers at the blonde but managed to say the words.

“Yes Mistress Kelly, I’m your bitch too.”

“Damn right you are bitch. But I want to know why you are wearing a Mistresses outfit. A dumb slut like you doesn’t get to wear anything far less something like that! So get it off, get naked for us.”

To the watching viewer Kelly’s voice would hold ill disguised danger and anger but Melissa was not unduly worried, Master Anton may be a different matter, she had seen him at work before but she held no concern for this stupid little novice. Still as she peeled off her shiny, tight cat suit she realised why they had made her wear it, so that symbolically she was submitting to them from her previous role as Dominatrix on all her previous films. It was a grim realisation for her. She finally stood before them naked and showing as much defiance as she could manage. Anton placed his powerful hands on her bare shoulders and pushed her to her knees before them.

“Pay proper homage to your new Mistress! Get on your knees and kiss her feet! Now!”

His voice was every bit as harsh and demanding as she had ever heard it and with one final, defiant konyaaltı escort glance at him she unwillingly lowered herself down and puckered up to kiss the tip of Kelly’s pointed black, thigh high boots. She burned with shame at having done it and actually felt an ache go through her like she was losing something of herself by doing this. But she was committed now and she was realising there was no way back.

“What the fuck do you call that, bitch?” screeched Kelly in a voice that sounded dangerously out of control.

Melissa then felt Anton’s powerful hands in her long, dark hair, pushing her head down into the boot again and him snarling at her.

“You should fucking know better Melissa, you’ve had it done to you enough times! Get fucking down there and kiss the whole fucking boot!”

He roughly shoved her head down into the foot and reluctantly she did as ordered, but that wasn’t going to be enough for them, not by a long chalk.

“Yeah Anton, ” barked Kelly, “But she’s going to have to clean the whole thing, I want to see the dumb slut lick every inch, every fucking inch. Tell her to start on the soles, I was sure to wear them when I walked over this morning, you know when I came across the park next to my house, the one all the dog owners take their animals to first thing in the morning. God it’s like a minefield crossing that!”

Kelly angled her boot up to give Melissa a perfect close up view of her sole and she was horrified to see that the blonde was not joking, it was a mess. As Melissa contemplated this degradation she was swiftly pulled from it.

“Not yet Mel, got something else for your dumb mouth to do before it gets messed up!” said Master Anton as he again gripped her long hair and jerked her head up to his crotch level. There she was greeted by his stiff, erect cock.

Melissa hated oral sex, it was an act that men did not deserve she felt and she was about to find out exactly how much she hated it! She could not prevent her mouth pursing open as he hauled her up and with little warning he jammed his cock into her surprised mouth. Kelly was not without something to do though as she came around behind the kneeling former Mistress and placed her hands on the back of her head and roughly rocked her head back and forward on Anton’s cock.

Initially Melissa thought she would be able to handle it, she had seen and forced countless brainless American bimbos to do it in the past, and much harder than this. But the fact that Melissa had no experience taking cock in her mouth counted badly against her. She couldn’t get her breathing right, she was gagging almost immediately and didn’t know how to cope with Kelly’s efforts behind on her head. Within a few more seconds she was retching and gagging and she felt her breakfast swiftly make it’s way to the surface and she puked it up along the length of his cock and it dripped humiliatingly from her chin to the floor.

Anton and Kelly stood back and allowed Melissa to flop to her hands and knees and drool bile and spit as she desperately tried to catch her breath. Oh how they laughed as the toughest, nastiest bitch in video domination coughed and spluttered pathetically at their feet like a pathetic baby. Melissa could feel her eyes water and was determine not to cry on camera, not this soon into the shoot. But she couldn’t help herself and when Kelly pulled her head back up and squeezed Melissa’s mouth open for another face fucking, her involuntary tears mixed with her mascara to leave her face smeared and a mess as Anton again began to pump his dick ruthlessly into her gullet. Oh was he getting off with doing this to her, the perfect revenge, he couldn’t wait to release this tape on the internet and sell it on his website.

He had initially intended to spray her face with his seed, enjoying it drip from her usually hard, emotionless features but he was too late and quickly found himself pumping his load of hot cum into Melissa’s gasping, desperate mouth. He pulled out and dismissively slapped his softening, messy cock on her face and turned to Mistress Kelly and smiled.

“Make her lick your shoes now Kelly! Let’s show this cunt where her rightful place is!”

The short blonde hooted and rolled the gagging, distracted Melissa onto her back and took great pleasure placing the soles of her shoes over Melissa’s face.

“Lick it you dumb slut, you ain’t no Dominatrix, your just another wannabe! Lick your Mistresses feet!”

There would be so many money shots on this day, so many moments that both Anton and Melissa’s regular customers would remember and masturbate over for years to come but this will surely stand out as one of the best. As Kelly held her boot just centimetres from Melissa’s face the brunette Mistress reacted from instinct and stretched out her tongue and began to lick the sole of her shoe and lick unenthusiastically at her high heel. Master Anton took a few moments to relish the sight then busied himself with his next task, that of retrieving assorted floggers and whips from a trunk to his left. Melissa lay there, her brain frazzled, doing what she was told and wondering just how in the hell she had been broken to this state quite so easily and just as she completed the unpalatable task she pulled her mind together enough to resolve to fight back harder against Anton and Kelly’s tactics.

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