Haziran 8, 2020

Mistis’ Adventures Part 62

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 62
Tod went down the stairs to see if there was something to eat. He was hungry after his bout with Gail. He always enjoyed the older woman. She was ALWAYS so enthusiastic.

The now cold biscuits were sitting on top of the stove, and the rest of the family had arrived while he was upstairs. The two moms had gone into the pharmacy and picked up the medicine for Betty, and had given it to her. The Doctor had told Cathy to let her rest, as that was one of the best things she could do. He had told Cathy, and later, Mom Campbell, that it was to be expected. After all the things she had been doing, and at her stage of pregnancy, her body had decided that it had had enough. She would recover in a couple of days, provided she didn’t push herself. Mom had assured him that SHE would make sure that Betty took it easy. Mother Breen went ahead and cooked a pan full of bacon and another pan full of sausage. This would make a good breakfast that they could eat on the go.

They had decided that, after going out and looking everything over, it was quite ready for the big day. All that was needed to do, now, was to make sure the clothes fit as they should, and pick up the flower arrangements for the decorations. Mom Breen had told the florist what she wanted, and how many. They would deliver them in the morning. Abe had finally managed to go upstairs and get dressed. It took a bit of effort, but, he had managed. While he was dressing, the two Fathers had come up to give him some empathy, and some (im)moral support. Both had described what it had been like to meet the demands of THEIR daughters Dad Breen had describe what he had gone through with Carol on 2 occasions. Dad Campbell had waved him away with his hand. “Try it with THREE daughters. Betty would have been a handful all by herself, and Sharon seemed insatiable, but Robbi… THAT girl was a nympho glutton. It took 6 times to make her quiet down. I had had to get Dave to help me out. She wore both of us out.” They had staggered around for a week afterward. She had been as fresh as a daisy after she was done. That was a week before Ricky had left for the Navy. He had rescued them, and HE was walking funny when he got on the plane. She was trying to talk him into “just one more” on the way to the airport. Mama had had to call her down. She had jilled herself several times on the way home.

Abe had shook his head at their stories. ” My girls had both had sex long before they asked me, but, I still have had a workout. Cathy was more demanding than Barb was. By the way.” He looked over to Pop Breen. “Do you think you can stand another sex maniac in the family? Rick and her are having thoughts about gettin’ hitched, or, at least SHE has. She has been mooning over him ever since he left. She has just about gone without dating, and talks about him every time she calls.”

Pop Breen smiled back at him. “She’s not the only one, then. He don’t want to talk about online bahis much else when he calls, and his letters are non-stop questions about Barb. She’s under his skin all the way. He already said he’s gonna go see her as soon as he gets home. He’s probably over there now.” They heard a door slam shut downstairs.

They got up and went down the stairs. Sure enough Rick and Barb were standing in the kitchen. The pair of them turned to face their Fathers. They were holding each other so tight, it was a miracle either of them could breathe. Barbara looked at her Father, and the two other Fathers. “Daddy. Rick asked me to marry him…AND I SAID YES!!! We’re gonna get married as soon as they let him out of the hospital. I’m SO happy!!!”

Nobody could understand a word after that, as, everybody was trying to talk at once. Finally everyone ran out of steam, and it got silent. Everybody was kissing and hugging everybody else.

The door opened again. Billy had finished his call. The mare had delivered twins, and one of them had been a breach. Both were mares, and almost identical. One had a star on its forehead that was pointed up, the other had a star that was pointed down. Both were in perfect shape and on their feet. Barb and Rick both rushed over to him, and hugged and kissed him, telling him their news. Billy smirked at them. “I suppose that was supposed to be a secret. We guessed it was gonna happen, already.” Barb ducked her head. “Were we THAT obvious?” The rest chorused “YES!!!”

Cathy came over and wrapped her arm around her almost husband. “Did Mr. Kelly say anything about this morning?” Billy smiled down at her. “That’s ALL he talked about. How nice you and Betty looked. He was imagining what Betty would look like with her hair grown out. He liked her shaved, but, said he liked to feel hair in his hand when he felt a girl up. He also said that he would enjoy trying you both on for size. I met his wife for the first time, today. She and Mom would make a good pair. She likes to run around in just HER panties, too. Their daughter was home, too. SHE likes to run around naked! She’s cute as a bug. Not quite as tall as you, and she told me her friends all call her bubbles. At a quick glance, she looks fat, but she’s just a little on the thick side. Long brown hair, a nice tan, and soft as a bunny’s ear. She gave me a little, cause her mom’s on her period, and couldn’t do anything. She gave me a rain check for a piece of her. They are anxious to meet Tod and Betty. You and me are invited, too.”

They told him about Betty being sick, and what the doctor had said. He asked about her, and was told she was upstairs, sleeping. As was Gail. They explained about Gail, and how Tod had rescued Abe. Everyone laughed about that.

Mom Campbell looked up at the clock. It was 10:45. They would need to be at the clothing store in about an hour. “You k**s better get upstairs and bathe and put on some clean clothes. We’ll just have bedava bonus veren siteler time to make it.” They both went up the stairs, Billy telling Cathy a bit more about his visit, this morning. Cathy was still naked, so when Billy took his clothes off, she got on her knees on the bed and insisted he give her a quickie. Doggy-style. The sight of her bare ass,with her pussy winking at him was enough to convince him of the merit of her idea. She was already wet, so after a quick lick of her twat, he rammed it into her. Less than 5 minutes later, they both came, went in and took a shower, and dressed. The mothers were waiting on them. Gail was still sleeping, so THEY decided to take the couple in to get their clothes.

They arrived a bit early, but the store owner assured them their clothes were ready. She sent Billy outside until she called him back. “It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress, before the wedding, after all.”

Billy had just stepped to the side of the door, when, he felt a touch on his arm. He turned. It was Sue. The Kelly’s daughter. “I just wanted to tell you Thank You for taking care of my horse, this morning. Daddy wouldn’t let me come out to be with her when she had her babies. I was crying, I was so worried. I would have just died if she hadn’t been okay. I watched her being born. She’s been my best friend all her life. I told Mama that, I guess I’m a Grandma, now that SHE”S got babies. Mama thought that was funny. She told me I had a lot of years before I would be Grandma to ANYBODY, and would laugh, AND cry many times before that happened. Any way.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. “Thank You, Doctor. For EVERYTHING!” She walked away from him, going on about her business. Her kiss was still felt on his lips. It almost burned.

He stood for a few minutes more before the lady came out and called to him. He went in. They had already boxed Cathy’s dress. His clothes were on a hangar, waiting for him in the dressing room. He went in and took his jacket and pants off, after his boots. Luckily he was wearing slide ons, and not lace ups. He pulled his pants on, and tucked the tail of his shirt in, pulled his boots back on, and donning his jacket. He would need to get a nice tie, too. He stepped out and stood for the others to inspect him. Mom took his jacket, and hung it in a chair, so it wouldn’t wrinkle. All three of the women walked around him pulling on his waistband, pulling at his cuff, and crotch, and discussing what they were seeing. They had a short conference, nodding and pulling at various things. The lady held his jacket, so he could put it on, again, and here they went, again. Round and round. Pulling, poking, and straightening. FINALLY! They pronounced he was ready. THEY were surprised when he asked to see some appropriate ties to match the suit. THEY HAD NOT THOUGHT ABOUT THAT, they had been so concerned yatırımsız deneme bonusu about the fit of the suit. They ALL kissed him. The lady came back about 5 minutes later, with a dozen ties. 6 bow ties, and 6 long ties. He looked at them all, holding them up for the 3 ladies to look at. They decided on a black, and a grey long tie, and the same in bow ties. He admitted that he didn’t know how to tie a bow tie, and the lady went and got his choices in clip on ties They both had bands to go around his neck, so they would appear to be tied on. She also told him that, if ever he needed it, she had a selection of WHITE ties. He assure HER that he would NEVER need such a rig up. He got out his checkbook and paid for everything. Mom Breen, just to make sure, had them stop at the florist to check on the flowers. The florist took them back to look at them. 16 of the 32 arrangements were finished, and in a cooler. The others would be finished in a few hours. All the women swooned at how beautiful they were, congratulating the florist for his taste and imagination. He was beside himself with joy. Everything would be there by 8:00 in the morning. He would deliver them personally, to help set them in place. He had 2 people to help him, and it would take about an hour to finish. He already knew where they were. He had known the Morris’s, and visited at their home. In fact he had provided the flowers for all the girl’s weddings.

They went back to the farm. Dave had purchased two dump trucks of gravel to cover the mud outside, and it had been delivered, and Tod was running a box blade tp spread it out. They were almost done. The mothers went inside, and found that Gail was up and around, slightly draggy, but okay. She was drinking her third cup of coffee. Barb had teased her a bit, and told her the news. Gail had stood and kissed her new son-in-law to be. She congratulated both of them on their choices. She was still naked. The other two mothers decided that that was another good idea, and stripped off THEIR clothes. Cathy had followed the two mothers,but went straight up to check on Betty.

She was awake, and when Cathy asked, said she felt a little dizzy, but there was no pain. Cathy retrieved her bag and checked her, again. Her temperature was normal, her pulse was a little bit fast, but, okay, and her blood pressure was normal. She asked if Betty would like to come downstairs. Betty said she would, so Cathy got her slippers, and a robe, and helped her down. They sat her at the table and started to get her another glass of orange juice, but she asked for coffee instead. They gave it, along with her next dose of medicine, to her. Betty asked if she might be allowed to take her robe off, but, the others told her “No.” They didn’t want her to get another chill. Tod had spilled the beans on her to her Mom. Mom had scolded her for being such a dimwit. Betty simply answered “Yes. Mother.” She knew better than to contradict her Mom.

Dave and Tod came in, closely followed by the other men. The gravel was spread, and had been edged, and was looking nice. Everything was ready. The mothers told them about the flowers, and how nice they were. Now, they could relax. Tomorrow would be the Grand Finale!

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