Haziran 9, 2020

Mistis’ Adventures Part 58

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 58
The women had formed their own group in the Dining Room, sitting at the table drinking coffee, ice tea, or Kool-Ade, and discussing what each of them thought should be the next thing they should give their attention to. The men were in the Living Room, talking, mostly, about the farm, and the pending land deal. William had stated, flatly, that he would provide the capitol needed for the sale, and they could pay him back when they sold their land. They, if they bought it, would first look the herd over, and sort the older stock from the young a****ls. Everything over 2 years old would be taken to sale. They would do the same with the herd at home. They would keep the 12 or so best bulls, to do the breeding. They would, when they inspected the property, look at all the equipment, and see what was in better condition than what they had, and keep the best stuff here, and move the rest back down to the old place. Dad Campbell had already put his foot down on the horses, mules, and donkeys. THEY were more like family to him. ALL of them were coming here. He, Betty, and Carol would look at them and decide what to do with them. They would send an equal amount of the horses to fill out for the ones he was taking. Billy and Ricky were both looking askew at Dad. “Why are you going to give that job to Carol?” Rick asked. Dad looked over at him with a smile. Because.” he answered, “She is the best judge of horseflesh you’ll find in a long while. Believe it, or not, she’s even better than Betty. Betty will tell you faster than anybody. That girl’s a wonder. If there’s somethin’ not right about an a****l, she’ll find it before anybody else.

He leaned out to where he could see the women. “BETTY! Come here, Baby, and, if she’s not busy, bring Carol with you.” The two girls came to the door. “Yes, Daddy? Betty answered. They walked over and sank to their knees in front of the older man. “Do you need us, Daddy” Carol asked him, her eyes full of love. Betty, tell Richard who is the best at lookinng at horses.” Betty blinked her eyes, puzzled at the question. “Why, YOU, of course, Daddy. You taught ALL of us, and did a DAMN good job of it , too.” Thank You, Sweetheart, but besides me, who is the best” Carol, aware of what her answer would be, started blushing. Betty looked to her side, smiling at the younger girl. “Daddy. That’s a silly question to ask me. Carol is almost as good as you are. I wish I was as good as she is.” She’s not only the best at looking at horses, but the best shot with a gun, and the best with machinery. There’s even some that say she’s the best in bed, too.” They all broke out into wild laughter. Carol blushed even redder.

Rick sat there, an amazed look on his face. “I would never have believed…” he said. ” My beautiful, big sister has made a reputation for herself. “I’ll save judgement on the shooting till we can go out shooting or hunting together. I’ll find out some of the other stuff when the time comes. Till then, Sis, Congrats!!!” Carol raised up on her knees to kiss her brother on the lips. “Thank You, Ricky. Now I can say what I should have said a while ago. Welcome home, Baby Bro. I love you.” She gave him another, longer this time, kiss. Trying to joke with her a little, he reached out and hefted one bare breast in his hand. “Having Sarah made your knockers even prettier than than they were before. Are they still juicy?” Dave and William answered in unison. “YEP!!!” They all laughed, again. Betty stood, taking Carol by the arm. “Come on, Sis. We better git outta here. We’re gonna be on the butt end of all the jokes and online bahis snide remarks if we stay any longer. You guys better behave yourselves.” she threatened. “You’ll all be goin’ to see Ma Thumb and her four daughters, tonight, if you’re not careful.” They walked back into the Dining Room, their butts wagging like women who know what they have, and are proud of it.

Finally the time came that they needed to go to bed, and rest for tomorrow. Betty, Tod, and Cathy’s parents were staying her, to night, and the rest were going either home, or to Dave and Carols house. They would be back in the morning to do what they had to do.

Everybody made their Farewells, kissed and hugged the ones staying, popping off last minute jokes, and the house was quiet once more. Everybody went upstairs to get ready for bed. Even though all of them had taken showers when they finished work for the evening, they all wanted to take another to relax them, so they could sleep better. Unknown to the men, Cathy and her Mom had given each other sly, furtive winks. Both nodded. Betty and Tod had been given the room next to Billy and Cathy;s, and her Mom and Dad were given the one across the hall from them. Billy and Dad Hollis had stripped down quickly, and went into the bathrooms to turn on the showers for them and their wives. It was a habit for both. Cathy and her Mom covered their mouths to suppress their giggles. They went into their own bedrooms just long enough to strip off their clothes, and exchanged places. Mom Hollis took a towel from the linen closet in the hall, and handed one more to Cathy. They hugged and kissed and went into the bedroom each of them would be in for the night.

Mom Hollis walked silently into the bathroom. Billy was already in the shower. She admired his physique from the outside. He was EXTREMELY handsome and VERY well-built. She hung her towel on the rod outside the door, opened it, and stepped in behind him. He felt the cool air touch him. and then felt a pair of soft arms go around his waist, and a pair of hard nipples scratch his back. He turned, expecting to see Cathy. Instead he had barely time to see his Mother-in-Laws face. She put her arm around his shoulders, and put the other up to cup the back of his head for a long, sweet, drawn-out kiss. Her lips parted his, and her tongue was in his mouth, swirling and dancing. She held the kiss for the longest, grinding her breasts and her pubic mound into him. His hand dropped to her abdomen. Mom looked at him, smiling at him. “Cathy told me you like ’em bald or nearly bald, so I shaved mine. Daddy shaved what I couldn’t see so you won’t have to worry about gettin’ hair in your teeth. Now you can lick and eat me all you want.” She hunched her shoulders from a giggle. “Or, should I say, all I want.”

Billy didn’t bother to answer. He was too busy looking at her. What he had thought at their house the other day, was re-enforced by what he was looking at, now. Before, he had thought her very pretty, but now, he thought, she was not only BEAUTIFUL, but EXTREMELY SEXY!!! Her mons was even larger, and SOFTER than Cathy’s. The dividing slit in the middle was extremely nice. and her pussy lips stuck out just enough to look like a naughty c***d sticking its tongue out at him. He looked at her breasts. They were still as firm as his own Mother’s and Mom’s They both had tits like teenagers. Her tummy was showing just enough of a pot to be really pretty, and her ass was as soft and round as Cathy’s, too. He was admiring her, and getting stiffer by the second. She sank down on her knees and took him in her mouth. He bedava bonus veren siteler reached back and turned off the water so it wouldn’t hit her in the face, or wet her hair. She looked up at him with what he took as a look of thanks. She had nearly all of his dick in her mouth. She bobbed her head forward and her tongue slid along the underside of it. When she pulled back, she took it out long enough for a quick kiss on the head of it. His knees were getting shaky from her ministrations. He, and she, better look out, or he would be giving her a mouthful. “Please, Mom. Take it easy. I’m about to cum.” Instead of stopping she quickened her strokes, and sucked even harder. It was now more than he could stand. He raised up on tiptoes, shoved forward, and began filling her mouth with his sperm. If possible, she sucked harder still. Her head bobbed back and forth, as she softly kneaded his balls, pulling out every last drop. She held her hand under her chin, and looked up at him, opening her mouth to display her prize. Her mouth was full of his cum. She swallowed two or three times, wiped her chin with her still wet hand, and smiled, opening her mouth once again to show him that it was now empty.

She opened the door and retrieved their towels, handing one to him. She began wiping him down, smiled, and said, “I think two Moms are enough for anybody. Under the circumstances, why don’t you just call me Gail. And Dad is Abe. His Father, God rest his soul, was a minister, and named all his k**s from the Bible. Abe had 4 brothers, and 5 sisters. Abe and 2 of his sisters are all that is left of them, now. One sister lives in Florida, and the other one is in Alaska. They write sometimes, and call a couple of times a year, but haven’t seen each other in 14 or 15 years. I was an only c***d, and my parents are gone, too. Abe was the baby of his family. I came late in my parents life. Mom was nearly 45 when I was born, and Dad was over 50. He used to tease Mom that he was making fun, and she took him serious. They both thought it was funny. Mom used to tease that she was easy, and they had lots of friendly neighbors. She finally, just before she died, told me that Dad had been hurt when he was young, and couldn’t make a baby. When he was at work, friends would come by, and some of them would try to help out. She told me that the day the Doctor told her she was pregnant, she told my Dad, and he was so happy he cried like a baby. He had wanted a c***d so bad. He was the happiest man in the world, she said, the day I was born. He named me Gail, because he said a fair breeze brought me to them. Mom said she wanted to name me Stormy. Like the song.

They had finished drying each other off and Billy scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. He deposited her lightly on the bed. It had already been turned down. It hadn’t been when she went into the bathroom. He went over to turn out the lights. She shook her head, and told him, “No. I want to see what I’m getting. And I don’t work well in the dark.” He came back to the bed and climbed in beside her. He reached out ant took her in his arms and began kissing her. she moved slightly away, and moved down in the bed. “I gotta fix it, now. I broke it, now it’s mine to fix.” He reached out and took hold of her ankle. “I need to fix MINE, too.”

Billy pulled on her ankle until she was stretched out beside him. He grasped her hips, pulling her to him, and she raised her leg to allow him access to what he was seeking. He kissed her stomach making the muscles flutter, and massaged her butt-cheeks. yatırımsız deneme bonusu It was nearly unbelievable, how soft they were . He squeezed them both over and over, slowly kissing downward on her body. Her leg moved higher. He found her gate to Heaven. He gave it three or four kisses, and traced the crease in it with his tongue. Even though her mouth was full, once again, she gave a low moan. He felt her increase the pace and her suction. He parted the crease with his tongue, and licked her labia, parting them and pushing his tongue inside of her body. Her hips started pushing into his face in response. He licked her thoroughly, making her gasp several times, and push into him even harder, Me moved slightly and, with one hand used his fingers to hold her open, and suck out her surprisingly red clitoris. It was a bright, rosy red, and he could feel her pulse coursing through it with his tongue. He rubbed it with the very tip of his tongue, making her cry out. “OH, GOD!!!” Satisfied with her reaction, he repeated himself, licking and sucking on it. She cried out each time he stimulated it. “OH GOD!!! OH, GOD!!! OH GOD!!!” She had sucked him so deep he felt the vibrations in her throat when she made any noise. He buried his face and licked and kissed her over and over, enjoying the sounds of her cries

Suddenly, and without any warning, she switched ends, pushed him over on his back, and, with a leap that would make Roy Rogers green with envy, jumped on top of him, landing in just exactly the right place. His dick was slammed all the way inside of her, and she was giving a good imitation of a wild bull rider on a mean one. He heard a voice from the door. Tod and Betty were there, nearly laughing. “Ask her if she needs a belly band.”Tod shouted. She was deep in her own world, and was unaware of anything outside of it. She had her feet planted on either side of Billy, flat on the mattress, raised very slightly, and moving back and forth, and up and down with a fury seldom seen Her head bobbed back and forth like an old rag doll. She was hissing and blowing unrealistically. Tod wasn’t able to do anything except lay there and occasionally lift his hips, only to be slammed down, again. Betty and Tod were both staring in disbelief at the way she was moving. Betty looked at her husband. “I NEVER saw her move like THAT, before. Not with ANY of US! I saw YOU, I saw DAD, I saw POP, and Mom, Mama, nor Me ever did her like that.” Betty looked at Billy, wanting to know what he had done, but saw that he wouldn’t be able to answer. Abe and Cathy stepped from their door, Abe holding Cathy around the waist. It was obvious that SHE was having trouble standing on her own. Thin streams of sperm were running down the insides of her legs, and she was dripping more from her pussy. Billy DID see her smile and wink, while nodding her head. Both her nipples and the flesh around them were bright red from being sucked. She pointed down at her tummy. It, too, was red from friction burns. She flashed the OK sign at him.

Just then Gail made a noise half way between a screech and a scream. Tod felt her pussy grip him like a vise, and he was shooting stream after gushing stream of his cum inside of her. Suddenly it was as if all the bones had disappeared from her body. She totally collapsed on top of him. Tod and Betty stepped to the end of the bed and, taking her arms, lifted her from on top of him and laying her right beside him. Betty went in the bathroom and retrieved a wet rag and washed her and him. Then she took a dry towel and, while Tod lifted her backside, Betty slid it under her. It was easier to wash a towel than it was to clean a mattress.

Betty turned to Abe and Cathy. “You two need to go to bed. You’re out on your feet. I’ll see to them. Good Night. Love Ya both.” Her and Tod went back to their room, smiling. It had been another great day.

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