Mart 22, 2021

Mister Jack Miller Ch. 07

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By way of introduction, let me say that if you haven’t read the first chapters of this story, then much of the next few pages will mean very little to you. So I suggest you go back and read “Mister Jack Miller: Chapters 1 thru 6” to get the background on this tale. That having been said, please…read on…


I gathered the girls around me and looked at my watch. “It’s 10:30 now. I’ll see all of you upstairs in about fifteen minutes? When you get up there, just press the bell and I’ll ring you in. It’s exclusive, you know…” they all looked like they were VERY impressed, and followed me out. when I reached the elevator I would have thought they would all be right behind me, but I looked back and saw them coming out of the curtained-off area, Debbie fanning my mother with her hand as they walked. I held the doors and waited for them. Mom got off at seven, Shari at eight, and Debbie, Alex and myself at ten. Debbie went off to her room, and Alex and I walked to ours. As soon as we were inside, Alex turned to me and said, “that was really great what you said about Nana made my cry…,” and it looked like she was going to start again, when I stopped her with a kiss on the lips and said, “I’m actually a little worried about her. She looked really weak tonight. I hope she’s okay.”

“Well, it’s been a pretty busy week for her, bro,” she said as she backed away and started to take off her clothes, “She probably just needs to catch her breath. She’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, I know,” I replied as I got down to my underwear, and, sliding it off, continued, “but I’m still a little worried.”

“That, Jackie-boy,” she said as she came up to me and squeezed my cock, “is because you are such a good grandson. I mean, a good GREAT grandson…or is it great good grandson….?” she giggled and went into the bathroom to retrieve her blue bikini. I pulled my black and white swim trunks up over my stiffening cock and tied the string as Alex bent over to pull her bottoms up over her ass. She came over to me and turned around so that I could tie her bikini top, then whirled around and said, “Ready?”

“Sure am, Sis. Thanks.” And I pulled her to me, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, deep and sweet, warm and full of tongue, gripping her butt and pulling her against my bulge as we kissed.

She broke the kiss and looked at me and said, “Save it for Shari, cowboy. I know you wanna spend the night with her tonight. Deb and I talked about it, and decided we’re gonna back off a little tonight and let you two be together.”

This, of course, probably meant that Alex and Debbie had talked to one another about what had happened with each of them over the last couple of days. but it made me feel a little less nervous about being with all three of them at once, so, grabbing three keys (my room, Shari’s room, and the Rooftop key) and squeezing Alex’s ass one last time, we made our way to the elevator. Of course, we met Debbie there. She was wearing a yellow bikini in the exact same style as Alex’s. I looked from one to the other and then back again, and they giggled. “Just wait till you see what Shari’s got on!” they chimed, and I knew it was going to be an interesting night…

On the way up to the rooftop Alex told Deb that she had told me about their plan regarding Shari, and Deb breathed a sigh and said, “Good. We want our Jackie to be nice and relaxed tonight, don’t we, Al?” With that, Debbie turned me toward her and looked me straight in the eye and said, “We sure do,” then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard and deep. I responded as I had done with Alex by sliding my hands down her back and gripping her asscheeks firmly and pulling her against my bulge as we kissed.

“Wow,” Alex said as she observed this scene, “that’s almost as fun to watch as it is to do.”

“Trust me, Al,” Debbie winked, “Doing it is WAY better.” she bounced on her toes like an excited teenager, then squeezed my dick through my shorts and talked to it. “Better get ready, little guy, ’cause I think you are in for some fun tonight.” Despite the fact that it still was a little sore, it jumped at the contact, and when the doors opened, I WAS ready for anything. there was only one door outside the elevator on the roof level, and that was the door to the Hot Tub area. I carded us in, and we walked into our little slice of paradise for the evening. It was just like in the picture, with a huge heated hot tub, and, embedded into the wooden deck right next to the tub was a long ice chest that was stocked with beers, bottled Cokes and a couple of bottles of white wine. Nearby was a low cart with Bailey’s, Jack Daniels and a few other liqueurs and spirits. On the cart was also a remote control which worked the hot tub controls, the stereo and the door. I set the room keys on the cart and pushed the button on the remote control that said “LIGHT 1” and the lights inside the hot tub came on. I pressed “LIGHT 2” and all the other lights on the roof outside of the hot tub went off, and suddenly the only light in the whole place was the light coming from inside the tub.

I used the remote to turn on the stereo to some mellow jazz music, then pressed another to turn on the jets on the tub. The bubbles rose and the steam rose off the water like the antalya escort spray that rises off a mug of freshly-poured root-beer. I asked the girls what they wanted to drink, and they both chose white wine, so I uncorked the Chardonnay and poured them each a glass. As I was preparing myself a Jack on the rocks, I heard the door buzzer. I looked over and Mom was standing there in a brown one-piece swimsuit that she I knew had been her favorite for some time because, as she put it, “It hides everything I want to hide, and shows off everything I want to show off,” which, to the latter, meant mainly her breasts, which were about the biggest set of all-natural tits I have ever seen on a woman. I clicked the remote and the door buzzed again and she walked in, giggling like a schoolgirl when she saw the luxurious surroundings I had invited her to, and, as if wanting to have her body exposed to the rest of us for as little a time as possible, she slipped right into the water and asked me to pour her a glass of white wine. I did, and followed her into the hot tub, offering a toast to a lovely evening. We clinked glasses, and I was about to take a big swig of whiskey when I looked over at the door and saw Shari standing there. As had been hinted by Alex a few minutes earlier, she was wearing a red bikini of the same exact style as Debbie’s and Alex’s. Before she had a chance to ring, I waved to her and got out of the hot tub to walk over and open the door for her. As I moved, Debbie and Alex laughed together in that “Jackie’s got a girlfriend, Jackie’s got a girlfriend,” kind of way…

She smiled and took my hand as I walked her over to the tub. As I guided her in and she settled into the tub, I asked her, “Jack and Coke?”

She smiled in such a way that said to me, “Maybe later, when we’re alone,” and asked instead for white wine like the other three girls had asked for. I happily poured the drink for her, and settled into the tub with Mom on my left side, Shari on my right, and Alex and Debbie sitting side by side directly in front of me. “I was just proposing a toast to a lovely night,” I told Shari, and added, “which just got a little lovelier, if I do say so myself,” looking into her eyes and clinking my glass against hers.

She caught me comparing the three swimsuits and said, “we were gonna surprise you at the pool party tomorrow, but changed our plans when you invited us up here tonight.” I laughed. They really were the exact same style.

Then, not wanting to be rude or anything, I turned to Mom and said, “You’ve met Shari, haven’t you?”

“Well, of course I have, silly. Just because you missed Darren’s wedding doesn’t mean the whole family did. Good to see you again, Shari. So how did you and my son, er…’hook up’, as they say…?”

“MOM!” I said, as all the girls laughed at me. “Shari and I have become very good friends.”

“I know, Son. Can’t a mother have a little fun with her son once in a while?,” she winked as Shari began to tell all about our plane flight, leaving out some of the more intense details. As she talked, I watched as Alex whispered into Debbie’s ear, obviously filling in some of the racier details that I had told Alex the previous evening. Debbie let out a little gasp and gave me that “you naughty boy” look as Shari finished her version of the plane encounter.

“And you didn’t even know each other. What a small world this is,” Mom said, with a look on her face that indicated that she had filled in just enough details to satisfy herself that her son was not brooding over that slut Debbie, but was already starting to live his life again. “More wine, Son.” she said, holding up her glass. I stood up to reach over Shari’s shoulder for the wine bottle, practically sticking my hard-on in Shari’s face as I did so. When I had got the bottle in hand, Shari helped me to sit down by grabbing the waistband of my trunks and holding onto it as I leaned back into the water. I sat back down next to Mom (who hadn’t seen Shari’s actions, being screened by my body from doing so) and poured the last of the first bottle of wine into her glass. Debbie and Alex had, of course, seen everything, and drained their glasses quickly, and said in tandem, “Oh, Jackie, darling…?”

So I stood up again, and reached over Shari’s head for another bottle and the corkscrew. Deb & Al looked at her and grinned, so she took the opportunity presented to her and, making sure that my mother couldn’t see, she reached up as I was uncorking the bottle and started to squeeze and stroke the bulge in my trunks. I did my best to hurry the process along, but Shari had plenty of time to make sure I was nice and hard before I got the cork out and waddled over to where Al & Deb were, and with my hard-on obscured from mother’s sight by the bubbling waters, I poured another glass for them, then turned back just in time to fill Shari’s glass, as she had managed to empty hers too, despite her persistent giggling. It was clearly obvious to me that the combination of a couple of bottles of wine shared at dinner plus the glass up here now was enough to turn these four girls into gossiping teenagers. And as if to prove out that theory, my mom then started to tell Shari about some of the more embarrassing moments of my childhood, like when I was lara escort sent home by the principal in fourth grade for making out with Tracy Hammond on the school field at lunchtime…or the first time I went on a “real date” and stalled the car at the local “makeout spot” and Dad (god rest his soul) had to rescue me and take my date home…she seemed to want to focus on my sexual history more than anything else, so I finally said, “MOM! Come on, she doesn’t want to hear any of that.”

Shari interrupted, “How do you know what I want to hear and don’t want to hear? go on, Mrs. Miller.”

And it went on like that. Of course, Al & Deb had to chime in with their own stories about my various romantic foibles, and I started to sink deeper and deeper into the water, my only consolation being the glass of watered-down whisky in my hand. I sunk down below the waterline, holding the glass above my head. I was facing toward Al & Deb at that point, and as I looked over toward them, I watched as they spread their legs and reached down to slip their hands into each others’ bikini bottoms, all, I presumed, for my benefit. I couldn’t believe what I’d seen, so I raised myself up out of the water. Mom and Shari were looking up at the stars, so I figured the girls had timed their little show so only I could see, and was confirmed in that thought when I looked at them and they gave me a conspiratorial wink before Alex finally said, “Okay, you guys, I think we’ve tortured Jackie enough for one night.”

“Not quite,” said Mom, turning back to face toward the center of the tub. “I still haven’t heard the whole Wendy story yet. Time to face the music, son.”

Well, I had told Alex and Shari the whole thing, and I’m sure Alex had filled Debbie in somewhat, so I started telling Mom the whole thing leaving out a few crucial details (like Donna, for one), and ending up with the phone call I’d gotten from the lawyer this evening.

“So, Nana was right, then? And we were all wrong,” Mom said.

“As usual, Mom. As usual…”

“Well, then, I’m satisfied.” That sounded pretty final to me, and she punctuated it by raising herself up out of the water and reaching for a towel. “Well, I’m a little beat, and unlike the rest of you, I need my beauty sleep, so…”

“Aw, Mom,” I said, “Don’t go. I still got this place for another two hours. Stay a while.”

But she was already towelling off and draining the last of her second glass of wine. “No, no, you kids have fun. Anyway, I promised Nana I would help her with her breakfast presentation in the morning,” and then we all shouted out simultaneously, “AND YOU KNOW HOW SHE ALWAYS INSISTS ON PUNCTUALITY!!!”

“All right, Mom, if you insist,” I said as I got up out of the pool and walked her to the door. I hugged her and kissed her on the lips and said, “‘Night, Mom.”

The girls all spoke at once: “Good night Mom/Good night Aunt Doris/Good night Mrs. Miller.”

“Good night kids. Be good.” I wondered if she thought we were going to take her last comment seriously. I walked back toward the Jacuzzi and stopped by the cart to refill my whiskey glass. The girls were all finishing their wine at the same time and all of them, in turn, asked me to pour them some whiskey too, so I gave them each a healthy portion, wondering how shit-faced we were all going to be when this night was over.

Of course, as the night continued, the theme of sexual histories came back into play, and as the whiskey and wine continued to work their way into our bloodstreams. I still had enough of my wits about me to worry whether Alex or Deb was going to let something slip about what we had done, when, to my surprise, it was Shari that was the first to let slip details of recent events.

“Let me tell you girls something. I can trust you, can’t I?” the other two looked like they were about to drink the nectar of the gods as they waited with baited breath for Shari to spill her guts. “This man,” she said, leaning her head tipsily on my shoulder and squeezing my thigh, “has the most incredible hands I have ever felt in my life. Remember that day on the plane I was telling you about…?” And it came out into the open. Now, of course, the other two already knew all about it, but coming from the perspective of the one on the receiving end of things, they drank it all in, and I could tell they were enjoying it because their nipples were hard as rocks behind their bikini tops. Come to think of it, so were Shari’s.

“And I tell you what, even my fucking vibrator could never make me come as hard as Jack did that day. And he wasn’t even done with me…” I sensed she was going to start to give details about yesterday afternoon’s romp in her room, so I whispered quickly into her ear, “Shari, sweetheart, I don’t think they really need to hear about that,” then turned her face toward mine and kissed her square on the lips. That distracted her enough to stop the story for the moment, but it also served to remind her that I was there, and still capable of doing the same things to her I’d already done, so, in addition to kissing me back just as hard, she maneuvered herself so that she could wrap her legs around me and sit in my lap, grinding against my bulge as she drove her tongue deeper into my mouth. side escort I heard the other two giggling at what I assumed were Shari’s drunken antics, so, without breaking the kiss, I opened my eyes and glanced over towards them and saw that they were actually giggling at each other, because they were kissing each other and Debbie had moved onto Alex’s lap just like Shari had moved onto mine. I couldn’t believe it, but then I remembered how Alex had confessed that she had “experimented” with a lesbian affair while she was trying to adjust to Brian’s homosexuality, and how Debbie had shamelessly flirted with Leilani in the elevator just that afternoon, it didn’t really seem that much of a surprise, but it was still a real turn-on to watch as their tongues danced in the open air and they moaned as they ground their crotches together.

I reached over to the remote control to turn out the light in the hot tub, then started to untie Shari’s bikini top when Shari looked over and saw the girls making out. “Wow, they really are kissin’ cousin’s aren’t they?”

Alex broke the kiss long enough to say, “Actually, I’m her aunt, but yeah, she IS a great kisser,” and within the space of the next minute and a half, all three bikini tops had been tossed onto the deck. Yellow, blue and red triangles piled atop one another. Kind of looked like a Piet Mondrian painting sitting there like that, but that moment of reflection only lasted as long as it took for Shari to take my hands and put them onto her bare breasts and say in that same drunken voice, “Come on, Jackie, squeeze my titties, my titties like you…my titties like you a lot…” And we were in a deep kiss again as I squeezed her titties, just like she had asked, and pinched and pulled at her nipples as she reached down into the water to untie the cord on my trunks and slip her hand down in to squeeze and stroke my stiff, aching cock. But this time the ache was not from overworking it. The vitamin E lotion and the Jacuzzi water had done their jobs, and my cock was feeling like it was back to normal again, ready for whatever Shari had planned.

Well, needless to say, her plans very quickly took shape as she slid off of my lap long enough to slide my trunks off and toss them onto the pile with the bikini tops. then, she kissed me hard while squeezing my dick, then whispered into my ear, “Stand up, baby, I wanna see your cock. I wanna suck it.”

Of course, if I stood up, not only would it give Shari the opportunity she was looking for, but it would result in my cock being exposed to all three of the girls at once, which, while it was definitely the subject of my fantasy life, I wasn’t sure was what Shari might have wanted were she a little more sober. I tried to get her to focus somewhere else by untying her bikini bottoms and tossing them on the pile, but before I could get her back onto my lap, she said again, in a more forceful tone, “Dammit, Jack, stand up already. I WANT to SUCK your COCK, baby.”

I whispered at her again, “Tell you what, baby. Why don’t we fuck now, nice and quiet here in the tub, and we can do that other stuff when we get back to your room, okay?” but my whisper just seemed to make her want to talk louder.

“What’s the matter, Jack Miller? You afraid your sister and your cousin are gonna see your dick or something? Heck, the way they were talkin’ about that statue by the ballroom, you’d’ve thought they’d all already seen it, and maybe even done more than that. Come on, baby. Just be my statue for a while and let me suck that beautiful cock of yours, okay? Then we can do whatever you wanna do, okay? I promise.” She gave me one of those mock pouts again, and as I looked over toward the other girls and watched as they stared at me, looking like they were hoping that they’d get a chance to see it again, I relented.

“Okay, baby. but remember your promise, okay?” She didn’t respond, because she was too busy getting up on her knees so that she could take my cock into her mouth. Al and Deb just stared for a few moments, watching with rapt attention as Shari’s head bobbed up and down over the head and the first few inches of my cock. Clearly she didn’t have the same kind of physiological bent for this as Debbie had, but what she lacked in throat capacity, she more than made up for in eagerness, because as she sucked and licked my head and upper shaft, one hand was stroking my lower shaft and the other was gently clutching my ball-sack. She wriggled the fingers that were clutching my balls, causing me to shiver with a fresh surge of pleasure, then pulled all but the head out of her mouth, and as she closed her lips around the crown and swirled her tongue around the head, she started to hum along with “Take the ‘A’ Train,” which was playing on the stereo. Of course, the vibrations made by her vocal chords as she hummed made their way straight into the core of my cock, and I had to hold the side of the hot tub in order to keep my balance. I looked over at Al & Deb, and they were walking towards us, untying their bikini bottoms and tossing them out of the tub onto the pile. When they reached the spot where Shari was working her magic on me, they moved around to either side of her with their faces close to hers and to my cock, and Debbie said, in a voice that was somewhat short of breath, “You are so right, Shari, he really does have a beautiful cock.” Then she looked straight up into my eyes with a look that brought back everything she had told me about her love life and her image of my cock that afternoon in the restaurant bathroom.

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