Mart 23, 2021

Missy – Day 05: Evening

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Day Five : Evening

I looked back at the mirror in the bathroom. My face, flushed from the hot shower, stared back at me. My eyes traveled down my back to my small waist and finally to my bottom. It was still rosy from Mommy’s palm. I lifted my hand and ran it over the fleshy curve of my ass cheek. It was warm to the touch. Shrugging off the discomfort I finished drying off and walked into my bedroom.

Mommy had laid out one of my comfortable night gowns to wear on the bed. It was a light heathered grey color with spaghetti straps, had a stretched out v neck line and reached the middle of my thighs. It was soft from years of washing and was thin enough you could see the outline of my puffy nipples through it. There were no panties with it so I slipped it on over my head and then went downstairs to find Mommy.

I found her in the living room, watching a movie where a couple was having sex in what appeared to be a doctor’s office.

“Hi Mommy!” I said cheerfully, wanting to put my earlier punishment behind us.

She smiled softly in greeting and patted the space next to her on our big cozy grey sectional couch. I plopped down beside her.

“How was your shower Missy-girl?” she asked, her hands reaching up to unbutton and then remove her blouse.

“It was good Mommy! I’m squeaky clean,” I smiled.

“Good good, how’s your little bottom? Sore?” she said, unhooking her blue lace bra.

I shook my head no, “Only a little Mommy, it’s not too bad. My cunny is still hot though,” I explained.

“I know honey, you’ll have to be patient,” she explained as she lifted one of her breasts in her hand, kneading it slightly. “Put your head on my lap baby, I want you to nurse for a little while.”

I did as she asked and laid down on the couch with my head in her lap. My mouth automatically finding the end of her teat and latching on. Warmth burst into my tongue as her milk fell. She moaned in relief at the feeling and I suckled gently as my eyes strayed to the movie on the television.

It didn’t seem to be one of Daddy’s professionally made porn films. It looked like it was hand made or a documentary of sort. A naked man was fucking a young woman in a light blue hospital gown. She was laying back on a gynecological table, her feet in stirrups holding her legs apart. This provided the thin tall man with easy access to her pussy, sawing his average sized cock into her. She was moaning but there didn’t seem to be any passion behind their coupling. I let Mommy’s nipple pop out of my mouth.

“Mommy, why are they having sex at the doctor’s office?” I asked curious.

She guided my head back to her nipple to continue nursing.

“There you go baby, keep suckling. Sometimes ladies want to have a baby so their doctor arranges to have them bred with a live breeding. Some women need some help getting pregnant and traditional fucking just won’t do it,” she explained, running her hand over my hair, down the side of my face. “One day your Daddy is going to want to breed you himself. If you don’t take the first couple of months we’ll talk with Dr. Danielle to help you along. bahis firmaları Would you like that honey? For Daddy to give you a baby?”

I nodded my head and sucked harder, the idea of Daddy knocking me up making me get even more turned on. I squeezed my thighs together.

Mommy chuckled, “Daddy will take care of that hot little cunny soon enough, now try to relax and watch the movie.”

My eyes went back to the screen. He was still fucking her deeply and the doctor had just walked back into the room. There was some dialogue around how many orgasms the girl had achieved and how soon the man would cum. It was hard for me to focus though with Mommy’s tit in my mouth and my pussy on fire. My clit was throbbing with every heart beat. I needed to be fucked.

“Look at how lovely my ladies are!” I heard from the doorway.

Daddy was home! Mommy held my head against her breast and smiled at him.

“Did you have a good day at work Jack?” she asked.

He walked towards us, removing his tie along the way.

“I sure did, but I was impatient to get home,” he said with a wink in our direction.

He draped his tie neatly over one of the chairs in the room and his suit jacket shortly followed.

“How was our little girl today? Did she follow the rules?” he asked.

“She tried to cum on the car ride home so I had to spank her,” Mommy explained, reaching down under my nightgown to pinch and pull my little titties.

I moaned and watched Daddy remove his shirt and then unbuckle his belt. Unconsciously my knees drew up to my chest and my legs fell apart, exposing my needy center to Mommy and Daddy. The universal sign of a woman ready to be mounted. He toed off his shoes and socks and removed his pants, kneeling onto the couch next to me. I was bookended in between Mommy and Daddy now.

“Oh what a good girl we have Brenda, already open and wet for me,” he said approvingly, running his hands up and down my spread thighs.

From my position nursing on Mommy I couldn’t see what Daddy was doing, I could only feel him. I felt the heat from his body and then his cock head rubbing all over my cunt.

“Oooh Daddy please!” I begged, milk dripping down the side of my chin.

In my heat I had forgotten to swallow before opening my mouth to speak.

“Tsk tsk,” Mommy said, using her thumb to catch the drop.

She popped her thumb into my mouth and I sucked it clean automatically. Daddy was slapping my clit with his dick, making obscene wet smacking noises. I lifted my hips for more. Just then I felt Daddy’s cock push into my pussy hole, splitting me open. He didn’t give me any time to adjust to his size, just started pumping his hips back and forth into my body.

“Oooh fuck Daaaaady!” I yelled, my body bursting from pleasure.

Mommy guided my mouth to her other breast, still full of milk.

“Doesn’t your little cunny feel good baby with Daddy’s cock in it? I told you to be patient baby girl,” Mommy said meeting my eyes.

“Did you prep her ass for me?” Daddy asked, thrusting into my cunt hole.

“Oh yes, the little slut took two kaçak iddaa whole quarts on the first try. She’s got two greedy little holes,” Mommy said wickedly.

“Good, good,” Daddy grunted.

“She was also dripping wet when I spanked her. Turns out our little girl likes some pain Jack,” she said proudly.

Daddy grinned, “Well we’ll be sure to give her some then, won’t we darling?”

Daddy kept fucking my hole for a little while longer and then abruptly pulled his cock out. I groaned in protest, I was so close to cumming.

“Daddy please! I need to cum so bad!” I whined.

“I know baby girl but if you’re going to cum tonight you’ll cum with cock in your ass,” he said calmly. “Brenda hold her legs back,” he directed.

Mommy shifted so that she was now facing Daddy in the couch, my head still cradled in her lap. She leaned over to grab my ankles and sat back comfortably, stretching my legs back and lifting my bottom off the couch slightly. The position exposed my asshole and I felt the cool air blow over it. I clenched it in response.

“Daddy’s going to pop your anal cherry now baby. You know he’s got a big fat cock so it’s not going to be very comfortable but since you’re a little pain slut you should be cumming in no time,” Mommy said calmly.

I felt the cushions move underneath me as Daddy shifted his body and then felt the wet slap of his cockhead on my pucker. He was lubed with my pussy juices I realized. He slapped it one more time and I felt him center himself onto my back hole.

“Take a deep breath baby,” Mommy said urgently.

I did as she asked and Daddy lowered his body into mine, his cock pressing hard against my ass. It didn’t budge and the pressure was more than I could handle.

“Daddy!” I yelled, scared.

Mommy gripped my ankles harder and pulled them back further. My ass cheeks widened and my hole gave way to the force of Daddy’s cock. I felt the head start to press inside.

“Oh God!” I cried.

“That’s it, let me in baby,” Daddy coaxed gently.

The thick head finally popped in, the ring of my ass stretched tightly around it. The burn brought tears to my eyes and they streamed down my face. I looked up, desperately to Mommy’s face.

“Mommy!” I pleaded.

“I know baby, but you’re going to love it! Be a good little slut and let Daddy fuck your ass,” she said dismissively, her eyes going back to where his cock felt like it was destroying me.

Daddy popped the head in and out of me a few times, trying to loosen up my sphincter for the rest of his meaty cock. He popped it in again and without warning continued to force his cock into my body.

“Uuuuuugghhhhhhh!” I cried, feeling the thick tube of him sliding into my ass.

The pain was overwhelming. Stinging, burning and a deep painful throb kept my brain fuzzy and incoherent. I knew I was making sounds and words, but I had no idea what they were. My whole body was focused on the invasion.

“Good girl! He’s almost all the way in! You’re such a good little slut baby!” Mommy cried excitedly, her tits bouncing over my face with her enthusiasm. kaçak bahis

The pressure continued and it felt like I couldn’t take another inch I was so full. Finally I felt Daddy’s abdomen pressed up against my ass cheeks.

“Fuck that’s a tight asshole baby!” Daddy cried triumphantly.

He pulled his cock all the way out and started the process all over again, pushing himself all the way in until my body let go and let him in. My tears continued, my mouth open in shock at how full and painful the penetration was. Mommy held my legs firmly the whole time, occasionally using one hand to hold them so she could stroke my face and wipe the tears away.

“Like that cock in your ass baby?” she asked.

My mouth open, I didn’t answer, my head swaying with Daddy’s thrusts in her lap.

“Here honey, suck on Mommy while Daddy breaks in your asshole,” she said, moving her leaking tit over my mouth so I could latch on.

I closed my eyes and suckled, letting the milk flood my mouth, trying to distract me from the pain my ass was taking. I don’t know how long he fucked me for, I was in a daze from the overwhelming sensations. At one point though his cock started to feel rough and dry and he pulled it out of me. Without warning he thrust it into my cunt hole a few times and then back into my ass, re-lubricated from my pussy. The shock of having some attention on my pussy made me groan, loving the small bit of pleasure.

Daddy reached down and roughly grabbed my clit with his fingers. I gasped at the new pleasurable sensation as he tugged and pinched it.

“Ohhhh fuck!” I exclaimed, warmth flooding my pussy and ass from the pleasure.

“Fuck yea, squeeze that dick with your ass baby,” he said, grunting with effort to pump his cock into my now super tight asshole.

He continued to pinch and twist my little clit. Making me clench my asshole down on him and my clit throb in pleasure. I could feel a pressure building inside of me every time Daddy’s cock hit a certain part deep in my ass. The attention on my clit was sliding the painful burn over the line into potential pleasure.

“Daddy I might cum!” I said, shocked.

He grunted and fucked me harder, slapping my pussy now with his open hand, hitting my clit with every strike. My breath caught in the back of my throat my body went rigid as my cunt and ass began to spasm as one. I felt pressure from inside my pussy as my clit throbbed and I finally went over the peak. I felt a hot liquid wash out of my pussy hole and over my ass as I came from deep inside. My whole body shook as I came, my Daddy furiously pumping into me. My legs bouncing as Mommy struggled to hold them apart for him.

“She’s squirting Jack! Look at her little twat gush! Our Missy-girl loves taking cock in the ass!” Mommy yelled.

Daddy grunted in acknowledgment and I felt his cock push deep inside me one more time. He held it there and I felt the pulses of his warm cum coating the walls of my chute. He held his thick dick in my ass until it started to go soft and then pulled out.

My lower half was soaked from whatever liquid shot out of me, my cunt juices and Daddy’s cum. We were messy and exhausted and as the pleasure fog lifted I started to feel the burning soreness again in my ass.

I smiled, I wouldn’t spend my Friday night any other way.

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