Mart 12, 2021

Miss Jameson Ch. 03

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For the first time since I began writing these rambling tales I have had an accomplice.

So, for her keen editorial eye and assistance, insight and all-round general support and encouragement, I dedicate this story to my new friend T., in Kentucky, USA.


This story is copyright Rem Innes ©MMVI, and may not be reproduced without explicit written permission. —–

(Although this story stands alone it does briefly refer to the first two instalments of Miss Jameson)


My name’s Jim; I’m 34, 6 foot, average build and looks, single, footloose and fancy-free. I’m a doctor – specialising in orthopaedics in a private clinic in London. I drive a black Mercedes SL55 AMG sports car, and own my own flat in a block in an upmarket area of South West London.

After the revelation of Miss Jameson’s latent sexuality on Friday evening, and the interlude with her friend Betty Williams, I was eager to continue this voyage of discovery with older women in general, and Miss Jameson in particular.

Having a really hectic working week and late nights at the clinic, I neither saw nor heard from any of my neighbours until the following Thursday.

Arriving home late again, I opened my flat door and was confronted by the usual pile of correspondence. Standing out in this pile of (largely) junk mail was a light blue, delicately scented envelope. Intrigued, I rapidly tore it open, and was pleasantly surprised to find it contained an invitation to dinner at Hermione Jameson’s the following evening.

As it was after 11pm I decided against calling her; instead I quickly penned an acceptance, which I placed in an envelope and quietly slid it under her flat door.

The following evening, showered, shaved and shining I knocked on her flat door at the appointed time, armed with a decent bottle of champagne and a bouquet of mixed summer flowers, the centrepiece being one long-stemmed red rose.

As she opened the door, my jaw dropped in astonishment:


There she stood in a semi-formal mid-length, “classic” black dress with an exquisite diamond encrusted broach pinned on her left upper chest, black stockings and gleaming patent leather shoes.

Her face positively glowed, and her eyes radiated happiness, albeit with perhaps a touch of hesitation.

Her hair, usually tightly bound and pinned, flowed freely down to her shoulders – the mixed silver and black perfectly matching her attire.

As she ushered me in to her flat I caught the subtle aroma of what could only be some form of Chanel scent.

The whole effect was intoxicating. This surely was not the Ice Spinster?

Struggling for the right words (which never seem to come at the right time do they?) I muttered a very lame, “You look absolutely beautiful!”

Lame it may have been, but it seemed to have the right effect, as her face broke into a huge smile.

When I handed her the bouquet she murmured, “They’re lovely, but you shouldn’t have..”

“Nonsense,” I replied. “They are a poor substitute to your beauty, but I hope you like them.”

Smiling, she ushered me into her dining area, bade me to sit down at a table already set for two, then went off into her kitchen, murmuring something about putting the flowers in water.

The next hour or so passed in what seemed to be a continuous blurry moment, as we ate an exquisite meal of who knows what, drank our way through the bottle of champagne by toasting everything and anything; then also put away the best part of a bottle of Australian shiraz.

Eventually, and feeling no pain whatsoever, we moved into her living area for coffee and a liqueur.

“Thank you for a wonderful meal and evening”, I said as I took her in my arms. Bending down slightly I gently kissed her on her lips, which remained stubbornly closed.

Sensing her fear and general level of discomfort, I sat down next to her on her comfortable settee, and said, “That kiss was a simple thank you for a lovely meal in delightful company. You do realise that I am NOT going to force myself upon you, don’t you? If you have had second thoughts about following on from last Friday night, then so be it.”

“I will, of course, be extremely disappointed, but I can live with it.” I continued.

“I’m sorry,” she cried. “I have loved every minute of our meal tonight. Yet, at the same time I have dreaded this moment. I absolutely loved your attention last Friday, but it seems I cannot get Ronald and his self-seeking abusive attitude out of my mind – even after all these years.”

“Then there’s the difference in our ages”, she continued.

“What relevance does that have”, I quickly replied.

“Well…. I am at least 20 years older than you,” she replied.

“So what? I could have sworn that I was the teacher and you the pupil last Friday. Age had nothing to do with what happened then, did it?”

“No-oo I suppose not,” she reluctantly conceded.

“Then there was the chemistry between us”, I continued. “You seemed to become overwhelmed with the pendik escort emotional reactions my ministrations caused.”

“The feelings you evoked in me were wonderful,” she admitted.

“And, of course, you always have the magic “STOP” button, if you feel you are entering territory you are not comfortable in or with.”

“So you say” she replied.

“Believe me, you do,” I reiterated. “The last thing any man should do is force himself on a lady purely for sex.”

“An old female family friend of my parents said something to me when I was in my teens which has always lurked in the back of my mind,” I continued. ” And that is: ‘sex for its own sake with someone you don’t really care for is simply masturbation in the womb.’ In other words if all you want is physical release then go and do it yourself – don’t demean a woman purely for your own release.”

“Really! She said that? She must have been some woman,” replied Hermione.

“She still is.” I replied. “She’s well into her eighties now, and still tells it like it should be. She also said to me ‘If you ever sleep with a woman just because she’s there’ come and tell me what your reactions were.

About a year after that conversation I slept with a beautiful Australian redhead whom I chatted up in the West End. One thing led to another and we ended up back at my flat. After we had finished I just wanted to get up and run away – it was just emotionless, and not very good sex. The problem was we were in my flat, so I had to endure it until the morning, when I couldn’t get rid of her fast enough”.

“That sounds like Ronald – running away afterwards,” said Hermione. “So, did you tell your ageing friend?”

“Oh yes,” I replied. “And that’s when she reiterated the comment about masturbation in the womb.”

“So, what would it be with you and me?” she hesitantly asked.

“I don’t know exactly, but I do know that it wouldn’t purely be sex for its own sake.” I replied honestly. “However, I do know that we both thoroughly enjoyed what happened last Friday night, didn’t we?”

“How can you enjoy it, when you achieved no release?” she replied.

Taking her by the hand, I smiled reassuringly, and said, “As I said at the time, in the right circumstances, and with the right person, you can achieve a great deal of pleasure from your partner. I’m no saint.” I continued, with a wry chuckle, “I went home with the most awful need for release, but at the same time I felt really good because what happened gave you a great deal of pleasure. It was also heightened by the fact that it was the first time you had experienced such pleasure.”

After a moment of reflection she nodded to herself and said, “I’m sorry, but these negative feelings have been ingrained into me for much too long.”

“That’s perfectly alright,” I replied. “We’ll just have to put last Friday down to a moment’s aberration in the right circumstances. I really wouldn’t want you to put yourself in a position you may regret later.”

“I’m not sure what I feel at the moment,” she cried. “The only thing I can say with any certainty is that I am still amazed at the feelings you evoked in me last Friday. In some ways I wish it hadn’t; in others, it was the most wonderful time of my life.”

“Oh! I am confused,” she lamented.

“Well, I think I had better not prolong your anguish,” I replied. “Thank you for a wonderful evening. The company and the meal were wonderful.”

“Before I go,” I continued, taking her hand in mine, “I can’t for one minute understand the depths of despair and degradation you were subjected to by your erstwhile lover Ronald, although I can see the effect it still has on you after all these years. All I can do is offer you an insight into another kind of male. Whilst I would dearly love our relationship to move onto another plane, the last thing I want to do is cause you further pain and anguish.

He may have been a real cad… I am not. So I’ll leave you now. Do rest assured in the knowledge that whatever does or doesn’t happen between us physically, you have become a friend in the short space of time we have known each other. So I hope to see you socially whatever the outcome.”

Bending down and softly, but chastely kissing her on the cheek I bade my farewell, and went home.

As it was still only 10-ish I debated going out to a club, but decided I’d had enough of socialising for the night. So I poured myself a stiff Scotch, kicked off my shoes and slumped on the settee flicking channels with the TV remote, in the forlorn hope I would find something to take my mind off the mature beauty next door.

Without really watching what was on the screen my mind cycled through so many conflicting emotions:

– She was right to call a halt to the physical aspects of a relationship because of our age disparity.

– What had age got to do with it?

– My god she was beautiful!

– Was this just my need for a mature fuck?

– Was it pure egotism because I had played her like a Stradivarius violin the week before?

maltepe escort Was it just unfinished business?

– … after all I wasn’t falling in love with her, was I?

– But.. she cooked wonderfully!

– She has class and sophistication written all over her!

– The conversation is very stimulating – not once did we struggle for things to say. The silences were comfortable, not awkward.

– Perhaps it is best to just regard her as a friend, and I should try and gloss over the events of last Friday.

– But.. she felt good in my arms

– Her smile is very enchanting….

– Her eyes are bewitching..

– But she is 20 odd years older than me…

– Still.. she has an amazing figure for her age..

And so on, these random thoughts and others kept scrolling through my consciousness.

Having been lost in these thoughts it took a while to register that the door bell was ringing insistently….

Glancing at the clock I was shocked to note that an hour had gone by….. ah! The doorbell.

Climbing to my feet, I went and opened the door..

…. and there she was, clutching a half full bottle of red wine we had started in her flat.

“Well, don’t just stand there. May I come in?” she said, sliding past me into my hallway.

“Of..Of course,” I stammered. “This is such a lovely surprise.”

“Well,” she said. “Where are the glasses; we’ve still got some booze to finish off”

Armed with a drink each we sat down in my living room. Surprisingly she sat by my side, and turned to look at me.

“I owe you a great apology,” she began.

Before I could reply she held her hand up and said, “Please! Let me say what I have to, then we can discuss whatever you want afterwards.”

“After you left my flat I was in turmoil. You know, why did I act like I did…? Why didn’t I do this or that?…. and so on. So, after I’d mulled over events in my mind I felt I had to discuss this with someone much more experienced in than me. So I called up my friend Betty.”

“Aaah…” I said, somewhat surprised by this.

“And, before you become too embarrassed or uncomfortable she was very quick to tell me what went on between you two last weekend while I was away”.

“Well…..” I started to say, only to be stopped cold when she carried on…

“Surprisingly, I wasn’t angry, only upset that it had been her and not me.”

Continuing, she said, “When I told her what had happened on the two occasions we had met she called me a ‘silly cow’, and immediately asked me if I had fallen in love with you or wanted to marry you. When I replied ‘neither’ she simply told me to make up for lost time and enjoy you as much as I can; and if it stopped between us, go and find someone else to take care of my needs.”

Reassured by her tone of voice more than anything else I began to relax.

“She also went on to tell me how she had used a variation of my problem on Friday night as a means of getting you into her flat. And how she had lured you into give her ‘the mother and father of all ‘arse-fuckings’, as she indelicately put it. She also gave me a lurid, abbreviated account of the rest of your stay, and how she said she couldn’t walk or sit down properly for days – but it was worth it…. So much that she can’t wait to have you again.”

“A bit graphic,” I finally managed to say. I think I was actually blushing!

“Yes,” she replied. “But Betty says you are a wonderful lover, and that I would be a fool to suppress these feelings and sensations which have finally emerged.”

“That’s very kind of her,” I said, rather lamely.

“…. And finally, she said that if I didn’t let myself go, at least once, I would regret it for the rest of my days. So…”


“Will you please be gentle with me?”

“Of course.”

“Kiss me please.”

So I did…

After what seemed hours but was probably only a minute or so, she pulled back, looked me squarely in the eyes, sighed and said, “Again!”

This time, sensing that she had finally resolved her inner turmoil, I began stroking her hair, ears and neck as we kissed.

This elicited a much deeper response, as she began squirming in my arms. Becoming bolder I gently ran my hand down over her right breast, the nipple of which was already standing proudly to attention.

Moving down further, I slowly ran my hand up and down the outside of her dress where it moulded itself to her thigh.

Gently nudging the inside of her thigh, her legs parted slightly, seemingly involuntarily. I stroked up and down, each time her inching her dress slightly higher towards her stocking tops.

Her moans by now were becoming louder and more frequent. So, feeling the almost liquid heat emanating from her core, I softly cupped the outside of her silk knickers.

She was soaking wet!

Her mind may have been in great turmoil but her body knew what it wanted.

Peeling her gusset to one side I slowly ran my finger down her outer lips. As soon kartal escort as my finger was coated in her juices I reversed the motion and slid it gently upward. The moment it touched her very prominent and super-sensitive clit, she shuddered into a quivering orgasm, and seemed to faint right away.

Picking her limp form up, I carried her into my bedroom and laid her softly on her bed.

As she revived she lifted her arms and pulled me down to her for another sizzling kiss. By the time we broke away from each other my cock was seemingly drilling itself into her side.

After a couple of minutes she broke away and, pushing me off, stood up quickly, seemed to do something with the back of her dress – which promptly fell in a heap to the floor – and left her standing there in her all black underwear – knickers, camisole, lacy soft bra with matching suspenders holding up her black stockings.

In short she looked like a mature, sensual goddess.

“Your turn,” she cooed.

As quick as a flash my shirt, trousers and socks were all in a heap on the floor. As I went to lower my knickers she said, “No, leave that bit to me!”

Moving forward, she sank to her knees, then hooked her fingers into the waistband of my briefs. Slowly lifting outwards and pulling down, my dick sprang into view, in all its throbbing glory. Now I am definitely not be in the porn star class – in fact I have no idea how big he is – but she gasped as it sprang into view, and cooed, “Is this the instrument which is going to make up for all the lost years after Ronald?”

“I don’t know. Is it?” I replied, gasping as she gently slid her hand up and down my throbbing dick.

“It’s so hard, yet so soft and velvety,” she murmured, leaning forward until her breath lightly wafted all around it.

As she moved further forward, as if to kiss it, I grasped her by the shoulders and, pulling her gently to her feet, edged her backwards until she was against her bed.

“Later, if you want to,” I said. “But first we have to give you a refresher course.”

Easing her back until she was prone, I moved forward and kissed her deeply on the lips. As she eased herself into a comfortable position I continued the kiss, my hands meanwhile roved all over her body – leaving her pudenda well alone.

After a couple of minutes, and with her well relaxed, I began kissing her neck and shoulders. Her scent was almost overpowering, and her hair smelt wonderfully. Soon, sensing the time was right, I began kissing the upper slopes of her breasts, but slowly moving lower.

I gently moved her bra and camisole straps off her shoulders so I could expose her breasts in all their glory.

She had remarkably good skin for a middle-aged woman, and her breasts were no exception – smooth hand–sized orbs topped with vermillion nipples which protruded stiffly.

After admiring them for a moment, I latched onto her right breast and began to give it a gentle, but firm, mauling with my teeth, tongue and hand.

Heaven, pure heaven!!!

It seemed to be having the right effect on her too, as she squirmed under this sensual onslaught, her breath becoming more ragged, and quiet mewling and purring sounds intermittently escaped from her open mouth.

Her fingers gently caressed my hair, her hands held me tightly to her breast, but then eventually they began unconsciously pushing me lower, towards her treasure.

Sensing that the moment was right I began my descent. Skirting her clothed navel I began kissing the inside of her pelvic crease. This resulted in her breath becoming even more ragged, as she muttered an insistent “..please..”

My senses were becoming overloaded with the musky feminine odour emanating from her oozing pussy so, ensuring her gusset was well out of the way, I dived in with my tongue and began lapping up her wonderful nectar.

Yet again, as soon as I touched her protruding clit she tensed up, cried out a loud “yesssssssss……!” and spasmed into what seemed to be a major orgasm.

Eventually she opened her eyes and, mewling huskily, she whispered, “Thank you. That was as unbelievably good as I remember from last week. But now, can I now have the main course, please?”

“Are you sure?” I responded inanely, almost drunk with the sensation of my oral ministrations.

“Oh yes,” she replied. “Just be gentle with me, please. After all these years I really am anxious to enjoy sex as it should be experienced.”

Was I ready? Was I! My dick was like a steel bar, glistening with lubrication in readiness.

Before I could move however, she swung her legs over the side of the bed, stood up and quickly removed all her lovely underwear.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said, as she quickly lay back on the bed. “I just want to feel you everywhere against my skin.”

“Not at all…..”

“Now.. I want you inside me… now…” she said, as she opened her arms and spread her legs, and I hastily climbed into the missionary position, and slowly started feeding it into her.

What a feeling! I savoured each exquisitely sublime sensation as my cock slowly inched its way into her hot, wet, and very tight cauldron.

Each slight additional penetration caused her mouth to open wider and a new feral growl forced its way out of her.

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