Nisan 10, 2021

Mindy’s Massage Ch. 11: Another Kind of Love

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Mindy was with Frank again. Another quiet, sensual afternoon in an out of the way room in a nice local hotel, just the two of them, naked together, feeling all the feelings and experiencing all the passions that two people could find. After two passionate rounds of lovemaking, each including oral sex for both, and several positions, each more fulfilling than the last, they were resting together, Mindy’s head on his shoulder and her gorgeous sleek thigh over his lower body, the smooth soft skin of her inner thigh lying gently against his crotch, covering his drained balls and flaccid and tired penis. Mindy was totally into the moment, all the sensations she had just felt, and all the emotions running through her head now. She smiled up at him, and he looked at her and sighed. He began to speak, and she listened as she always did, completely attentive and focused on his words. He told her how beautiful she was, inside and out, and asked her how she was enjoying the escort business.

She replied by telling him that she liked it. The hours were easy, the money was unbelievable and the sex was always good for her. No matter who the man was, or how old or what race, she liked having their attentions and admiration and loved having them touch her and fuck her. Frank listened as she did, attentive and taking in every word. Mindy smiled and kissed his lips, reaching up to put her face near his. She nuzzled his neck and lay against him feeling his body against hers and his cock hardening against her tender thighs. She slid over on top of him and opened her thighs just a little to allow his cock to rise up and push its length against the sweetening lips of her snug little cunny. She twitched a little against him, causing his hardness to rub against her softness. Her soft smooth skinned thighs were lying along the outsides of his, her pussy was pushing gently on his cock, as it arched up trying to find the warmth inside her. They finally moved until they aligned and Mindy felt the hardness of the head of his manhood slip just inside her then slowly as she wiggled and he thrust up from the bed, he slid into the depths of her hot pussy, filling her with his hard shaft and the full throbbing head. He was buried in her as they began to move gently and slowly together. His hardness was sliding in and out of her, rubbing against the soft wet hot insides of her sex.

It was a long, slow leisurely fuck. Neither rushed or sped up until the final seconds when both their breathing got faster and stronger and small groans began to escape from both as their passions rose and finally both convulsed and strained together as his hot hard penis emptied his balls into her hot wet cavern, in the exact age old ritual of mating that was nature itself. Then they lay together, in the after effects of passion, feeling each other’s bodies relax, their sensuality satisfied. The ease and comfort they felt together was stronger for each than any other they had ever known and it made for a gentle closeness that Mindy felt every time and she knew that he did too. It always amazed her that she could feel so close and loving with a man that she knew had a life that she had no part in. He only spent time with her he could steal from his regular life, and he obviously secretly enjoyed her sexual rendezvous with other men, and loved to hear about them.

Frank looked at her in joy and amazement, her beauty, her youth, her femininity and pure burning sexuality, naked with him on the bed, and he thought about all the other men who shared that same intense sensation of emptying themselves inside her. He reveled in the knowledge that they knew every inch of her young, exciting body and her emotions, movements and reactions as she fucked them and came with them. It was exciting to think of her that way but he also knew that he loved her deeply and completely as a companion, lover and friend as well. He also believed that she was a willing and eager partner and was his to be used as he wanted and needed for his own desires. He knew that she would always say yes, especially if it was a sexual thrill or new excitement that he suggested. It made him feel and enjoy his strength as a man to use her body for his pleasure and to give her to others for their pleasures. She lay snuggled beside him, lost in the afterglow of very satisfying lovemaking with the man who meant the most in the world to her. She couldn’t help but wonder about what the life she could never have would be like, to be his wife or at least live in companion and to have him with her all the time. She knew that could and would never happen but she couldn’t help but wonder. She didn’t bring the subject up though as she felt it was taboo. They had an incredible afternoon together, bostancı escort bayan as always.

Three days later, Mindy had gotten up that morning, taken a nice hot bath, gotten prepared for a rendezvous later that evening and then, after slipping into a tiny tank top and low cut, short soffe shorts, she sat down in front of her almost new, very expensive laptop computer and turned it on. She watched in horror as it flashed brightly, then gave her a blank blue screen, She couldn’t imagine what could have happened and after trying to restart it with the same results three times, she was mad and confused at the problem. Frustrated for several minutes, it finally occurred to her to call a computer repair company. Mindy had been around computers and worked as a computer analyst before but had no idea how to deal with this. The company was one of those mobile companies and they told her that they could have someone there to check it out in about an hour. She agreed and then waited by doing some light work in her kitchen before finally hearing a knock at her door.

She opened the door to a young man standing there wearing a computer repair tee shirt and jeans and carrying a small bag with some tools. He was tall and slender and a good looking guy maybe around 25 and he was very appreciatively taking in Mindy’s hot body in her skimpy outfit. He introduced himself as Josh. He followed her inside walking behind her and she knew he was looking, and at first she thought about going and changing into something a little less revealing. Then she got the urge to tease and decided to just let him enjoy himself. He sat down at the table and began working on the computer, while also trying to take in all of her beauty he could absorb. She sat down across from him and watched as he started the process of bringing her computer back to life.

He asked her, “What do you do for a living?”

Mindy answered her stock answer, her old job, “I’m an analyst for an auditing company. I use computers every day but I don’t know anything about how to do what you’re doing.”

He laughed pleasantly, “Yeah, it’s a different world, for sure.”

She smiled her perfect smile and he looked up just in time to take it all in. They started a nice conversation and he took every chance to admire her beauty and gave him every chance to check her out. She teased him by leaning forward to watch, letting him have a look between her gorgeous breasts down into her tank, and then got up to get him something to drink, being sure to swing her hips and walk sexily to and from her kitchen to the table. In less than an hour, he had the computer up and running and she was smiling at it as it sat perking on her table. Mindy was very happy about her computer and also very attracted to the young man in her apartment. There was something vaguely familiar about him to her, and she wanted to feel him inside her.

She was being very touchy feely with him, patting his shoulder and touching his arm and hand at every opportunity. She finally got up and went around to stand beside him, pushing her hip against his shoulder and arm as he sat at the table. She was stroking his shoulders and thanking him for his work, finally leaning over to kiss him on the forehead. He looked up at her, smiling and obviously very turned on by her attention. Almost instinctively their lips met, and his tongue found its way into Mindy’s accepting mouth. Her tongue tangled with his as they both began to heat up.

She took him by the hand and led him into her bedroom, still kissing and embracing as they walked down the hall. Once in her room, they shed clothes until they were naked, her totally tan and firm and hot and him tall, slender and with a large, rock hard erection sticking straight out from his crotch in excitement. They fell together on the bed, and without foreplay, he was between her open thighs and his penis was finding the entrance to her hot, wet and soft pussy, pushing into her until he was buried inside, feeling all the sensations of wetness, heat and the incredible softness that was her. He began to stroke into her and back out, as they passionately made love, fucking until they both felt the sensations of orgasm sweep over them. Mindy first, shuddering and trembling as her whole body was swept by very strong sensations of pleasure. Then Josh, feeling his penis swell and throb inside her, the head pulsing and spurting his hot seed into the depths of her pussy, filling her as he shuddered and tensed all over as he felt the orgasm sweep through him.

Two hours later Josh finally had to leave, after a couple more, slower rounds of intense sex, him eating Mindy’s sweet pussy and her sucking his hard penis, ümraniye escort once to get him ready and once to allow him to spew his cum into her open and waiting throat. When he left they were both satiated and happily smiling and looking at each other in bliss. Mindy still had the feeling he was vaguely familiar to her but she had no idea where she might know him from. As he stepped off her front porch, he handed her a card and told her that the cell phone number on it was his personal number. He walked out of sight and Mindy turned to go back into her apartment. She looked down at the card and it gave her a serious start. Josh’s last name was the same as Frank’s. That was why he looked familiar. Josh was Frank’s son. Her heart sank. She plopped onto her sofa.

She had to consider the ramifications of what had just happened. She had no idea whether she could or should tell Frank about Josh, or whether she could see Josh again. He was fun to talk to and was really hot in bed. In fact, Mindy realized that he reminded her of his father in bed, too. Her head was spinning and her heart pounding. Just at that moment her phone rang. She looked at the screen and almost panicked again. It was Frank. She gulped and answered, “Hello.”

The familiar voice on the other end said, “Hey gorgeous girl. How are you, today?”

Mindy felt her face turn red. “I’m good, how are you?” She knew what was coming.

He spoke again, “I’m lonely. How about us getting together this afternoon?” Is that possible?”

Mindy was so torn. She always wanted to see Frank and never wanted to say no but she wasn’t sure she could do it today. She shook her head to gather her thoughts. Then she answered the only way her heart would let her. “Sure, I can this afternoon.” I’d love to see you. But I do have an appointment at 8 tonight.”

Frank said, “I have a favor to ask you.”

Mindy said, “Sure.”

“Well, I’ve never got to do this but I’ve always wanted to. Could I come to your place? I’ve always wanted to see where you live and be with you in your own bed. I would love that.”

Mindy’s heart was racing. She panicked again. To have Frank in her bed only a couple hours after having fucked his son there was very perplexing to her. Again she couldn’t say no to him. “OK, sure. Give me an hour to get ready. Do you still have my address?”

Frank said, “Sure do, baby. You know I would always have that.”

She said, “OK, I’ll see you in an hour?”

Frank responded, “I’ll be on my way quick. See you in an hour.”

Mindy got off the phone in a blind panic. First she quickly changed her sheets and put the dirty ones in her washer and started washing them. Then quickly jumped into the tub and took another bath and cleaned herself up, being careful that she was fresh and there would be no traces of her earlier indiscretion with Josh. She was still having strange emotions run through her mind of disgust with herself and embarrassment and shame as well as a perverse thrill for doing something so totally taboo in normal society.

Mindy decided she was a totally perverted and sick sex maniac. She knew she had done wild and crazy things, that were past the norm and that most people would think she was now a slut and very promiscuous but she really didn’t care she thought. She just wanted to live her life and have fun while she could and she would just have to find her own way. To hell with anyone who would look down on her, she thought. But deep inside, she wondered what Frank would think if he knew she had just fucked his son a couple hours before she fucked him. She was very nervous and shaken by the idea that she would soon have the penis inside her that had created the penis inside her before.

Her mind was racing as she got ready for Frank’s visit. She finished her preparations and tried to decide what to wear. She finally decided on a short sexy camisole, with tiny g-string panties. The camisole and panties were both her favorite shade of pink, and her full breasts pushed against the thin top, her nipples showing through, and her tiny pink g-string only barely covered her mound and nothing else. Just as she was ready and was walking back into her living room from her bedroom, she heard a knock at her door. She stepped over to the door, and opened it to find Frank standing there, roses in hand, smiling at her. She let him in, put the roses in water and opened a bottle of red wine as they began talking.

Forty five minutes later, Mindy was on her back on the bed, naked, while a naked Frank was down between her legs, licking and sucking her tiny clit and sliding his tongue through the wet slit of her pussy. She was tingling all over and moving her hips escort kartal against his face as he ate her. She was getting very close to cumming and felt the warm rushes of orgasm run all through her. She moaned softly and put her hands in his hair as he worked to get her off. Then the waves started sweeping over her, running all through her sexy body, washing her completely in ecstasy as Frank worked feverishly to complete his job. At last, she relaxed and settled back, feeling weak but wonderful all over as Frank slowly stopped kissing and touching her tender, sensitive pussy with his lips and tongue. He rose up on his knees and moved forward until his hard dick was between her thighs and the head was touching her wet lips.

She looked at him questioningly as she had assumed he would want her to suck him before they fucked, but she could tell by the look on his face that he was ready to be inside her. She looked down to watch his hardness slip into her and almost flinched as she realized just how much his penis and his son’s were identical in size and appearance. It gave her butterflies to think of what she had done, then he was sliding into her and she was lost in the passions that reignited inside her as he began stroking in and out. She responded by wrapping her smooth skinned tan legs around his butt, and pulling him to her with her arms as he fucked her. They stayed in this position for a while, then moved to her on top, and finally, him behind her, on his knees with her on all fours as he pounded into her. As it was happening, she thought about just how much it felt exactly the same as Josh had felt earlier when he did her from behind. She put the thoughts out of her head as they both neared orgasm and finished together, collapsing together in a heap on the bed after.

Later, they were cuddled up side by side, talking as they always did, but what kept going through Mindy’s mind was what would she, could she do about this. She knew that she felt strongly for Frank and was wild about being with him but she had really liked Josh and how he fucked her too. She felt very confused and knew she couldn’t decide with Frank there, and she would have to think about it a while to come to an answer. She also knew that even then, she would have a hard time making the right decision. They made love again, this time Frank being even more tender and passionate than he usually was, which was awesome for Mindy since she already was very enamored with his lovemaking. As he got dressed to leave, he told that he had again given her name and number to a couple business acquaintances that were coming into town and they would be calling. Mindy thanked him and saw him out the door, then sat on her couch in total confusion.

She realized more than ever how much she loved Frank and how much she depended on him to help her and support her. She didn’t want that to end. She also realized that Josh had been a very good lover for her, too and she was very intrigued by him and enjoyed his company a lot. She just didn’t know what to do, whether to see him again or not. She fully expected him to call her soon. She was very perplexed. When she was this confused she normally talked to Frank to help figure things out. Obviously, that couldn’t happen this time. She was stuck. Sitting there naked on her couch, she was completely baffled by what to do.

Just about that time, the phone rang and it was Brenda. Mindy was glad to hear from her and told her a little about her problem. She told Brenda she had an appointment at eight but would appreciate meeting her later to talk. They arranged to meet at a local bar, and there at a corner table, Mindy told Brenda the whole story. Brenda was as unsure as Mindy. The two beautiful girls sat there alone for over three hours talking and giggling about other things but no answer to the big question. Mindy knew how she felt about Frank, and was pretty sure that he loved her, too. But she also knew that he was twisted enough to take pleasure in not only sharing her with other men, but actually arranging her trysts with them and knowing that she fucked them.

There was the occasional time that she told him details and he loved hearing them. But the beautiful girl had no idea how he would feel about her having sex with his own son. And she really didn’t know if she would ever hear from Josh again, or if he would even want to try to have a relationship with her, or how he would react to her being an escort or if she should even tell him. She knew that she no longer was the naive and innocent acting girl she once was, and was now, by most standards, not only a whore but a very promiscuous girl who took some serious risks.

All that only made it all more exciting for her, and she didn’t want to change, so she thought that maybe she was just jumping the gun on the whole Josh thing. She finally decided to just wait and see what came next. In the meantime, she was having a great time, making great money and really didn’t have any cares.

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