Mart 25, 2021

Milky Maids All In A Row Ch. 03

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“I’ve a confession to make,” Nimmi told them.

Dev and Riya looked at his aunt from across the room. They were getting ready to join the rest of the family for breakfast, having just had their shower together. Of course, they had more than just a shower. He had gotten into the groove that his uncle had confessed into being trapped in: milky tits. And with the shower running at full blast, he had just about almost emptied the milk from his wife’s gorgeous tits.

“You mean after all that happened yesterday?” he asked her, laughing so hard, his body shook.

Nimmi had to smile at the way he said it. Riya too began to laugh.

“Yes, Dev, after all that happened.”

“What’s that?” Riya asked, buttoning up her blouse.

“Yes. Do tell us what that confession is about,” Dev added, looking into the full-length mirror, satisfied that his t-shirt and shorts were fitting him right.

“Your dad and mom are arriving tonight, right?”

Dev looked glum as he nodded. “Yes, I know. With the baby.”

“I wonder how we possibly could get together like we did yesterday with them around,” Riya said, aware that she was blushing.

“You liked it, didn’t you?” Nimmi was still smiling.

“You bet she did!” Dev exclaimed. “You folks gave us an entirely new dimension to fucking. I never had thought that milky tits, oh hell, all kinds of tits would be so wonderfully erotic.”

“Like father, like son,” Nimmi murmured in a low voice.

“Wh-what??” Dev was stunned when he heard his aunt talking about his father.

“That’s a part of the confession, I guess,” Nimmi looked anxiously at him. She could see that Riya was equally shocked.

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about!” Dev said unsteadily.

“Look, Dev. And you too, Riya, listen to me. Let’s cut the bullshit, okay. I’m going to keep this short and to the point. Vivek was only slightly younger than you when I had Hari. Three years on, Sheena happened. And you came to Shreya two years before I had Hari. That meant that for over five years, your mom and me had our tits filled up with milk.”

She paused and looked at them hesitantly.

“And?” Dev prompted.

“Ajit caught the milky tits disease from your dad,” she ended up lamely.

Dev had a look of bewilderment on his face. Riya gasped.

“Dad?” Dev’s voice was choked.

“Yes. Let me make myself clear. Your dad is Ajit’s cousin…”

“We all know that, but dad…?”

“Let me finish. Vivek was dating Shreya for almost a year before I met Ajit. And I was the proverbial younger sister who always looked up to Shreya, god, I worshipped her. Secretly, I used to fantasize about your Dad. And when I met Ajit, he seemed to be so much like Vivek. Maybe not in his looks, but everything that they did was so damned alike. By the time your dad married my sister I had begun dating Ajit. We were married the next year.

“You know that initially, we lived in the same city for over an year before moving down south. That was enough time for us to get into the swapping game.”

“What the hell?!” Dev was astounded. It seemed incredible to him (and also to Riya) that these two couples could do that.

“That was the reason that we never came down to your place. We wanted to keep it to ourselves. By the time you were about five years old, we stopped coming to your place. Instead, Vivek and sis did all the traveling.”

“How did it happen?” Riya asked in a small voice.

“This is unbelievable!” Dev’s voice was husky. “I just can’t believe it!”

“I thought it would be better that you guys know about it before they arrive tonight,” Nimmi told them. “As to your question, Riya, it isn’t a very long story, I guess. Those were the seventies and the flower children had already happened; the expression for peace and love was nothing more than sex and those were the years when accessibility to porno was easier than getting a bottle of Scotch.”

“Ok, ok,” Dev interrupted. “Tell us how it happened though I can draw the picture fairly well.”

In his mind, he could see his parents, naked, cavorting with his uncle and aunt. He remembered what he had always told Riya. “Honey, if mom was an inch shorter, she would be a splitting replica of aunt.”

Riya had studied her mother-in-law and Nimmi closely and had drawn out the few points that distinguished the two sisters.

“Mom’s taller, I agree, Dev. But overall, she is more, uh, petite. Maybe it’s the way she carries herself and dresses. She wears conservative dresses. And waist down, Mom’s much slimmer; in case you haven’t noticed it. Her shoulders aren’t so wide as your aunt’s and her body tone is much firmer. As to the similarity of their faces, I have to agree that they both look identical; well, almost. Mom’s got slightly thinner lips and her eyebrows are much more pronounced.”

She could have gone on, but Dev had laughingly put up his hands in mock surrender. He had also felt embarrassed when his wife had spoken about mom’s ‘waist-down’ and had changed the subject.

Now, in his mind he pictured his izmir escort bayan mom naked and lying on the bed with his father on her top. Nimmi had mentioned his fetish about milky tits and he could almost see his Dad suckling from Shreya’s ample bosom. He felt a tightening between his legs and had to flop down on the bed, bending forward so that his wife and aunt wouldn’t notice the bulge.

Nimmi let out a deep sigh and walked slowly over to the bed, sitting beside her nephew. She patted the other side of the bed and motioned for Riya to sit down as well. Riya, quite dumbly, obeyed.

Sitting between the couple, Nimmi leaned back, putting her hands behind her, resting her palms on the mattress. She was dressed in a short housedress and when she leaned back, they could see her tits thrusting against the flimsy garment. She closed her eyes and began:

“Well, we used to go the Garden Top restaurant every weekend. Just the four of us; and we would sit there around our favorite table set in the back of the woods. It was almost a year after my marriage that we decided to have a small party there. It was your dad’s birthday and believe me, hardly an hour after we settled down around the table and we had already started on the third bottle of wine.

“We sisters were seated opposite to each other and between our husbands around the circular table and the wine had pretty much loosened us up. There was a lot of general talk and sure as hell, it got down to sex. It was hilarious, I can tell you, when Vivek demonstrated how to put a condom around the shaft. He used a real condom and slipped it down his middle finger. He pulled out a couple more and asked Ajit to try out. My husband could never get the hang of it; he kept tearing the rubber off. We were all laughing and giggling.

“That was when, obviously feeling high and light, I blurted out how Vivek used to turn me on when he was dating Shreya. Vivek thanked me for the compliment, saying he was flattered and added that he wished he had noticed earlier. Whereupon, he got your mom’s elbow in his ribs.

“ ‘If you had laid your paws on her, Vivek, I would have dragged Ajit out from nowhere and let him do the same to me!’” she had giggled. And that set the tone for the rest of the evening. God, it was so hot…”


The wine tasted so damned good and I was on a real high. So too, I guess was Shreya, because when I let my toes rub against Vivek’s legs, she definitely saw it, but didn’t say anything.

After Vivek settled the bill, we got in the car and during the drive back home, the guys regaled us with dirty jokes.

“Guess what the egg said to the boiling water?” Vivek was saying. He was driving and we sisters shared the back seat.

“How the hell do you expect me to get so hard? I got laid just a minute ago!” Ajit roared back.

Obviously these were their common jokes and we were giggling. The barrier had been broken a long time ago and we were using the four letter words pretty freely and without inhibitions.

“About the condom,” Ajit interjected. “What would you do if you fucked once a day with three hundred and sixty five used rubbers?”

“Melt ‘em down, make a tire and call it Goodyear!” Vivek laughed.

“Ok, ok, here’s a new one, pal,” Ajit said. “What are the three words that a nubile and pretty little wife dreads the most when she is fucking?”

That stumped Vivek. He thought about it for some time and then said, “Okay, okay. I give up.”

“ ‘Honey, I am home!’” Ajit yelled.

By the time we reached home we were all in a highly aroused state. Vivek told us that when you cross an owl and a rooster, you get a cock that stays up all night. To which, Ajit asked us why are electric trains like a woman’s tits. Vivek had the reply all right. Glancing at us, he grinned and said, “It’s because they are designed for the kids, but it’s the fathers who are always playing with them!”

I felt a twitch running up my crotch and leaned forward to rub Ajit’s shoulders. Vivek was driving at a leisurely pace.

“Oh yeah?” Shreya’s voice was slurred and she too leaned forward to put her arms around Vivek’s shoulders, caressing his cheeks.

Ajit reached behind to play with my long tresses, which I had pulled over my ears and let fall over his face. He always loved my long brown hair.

Vivek chuckled, holding Shreya’s wrist and brushing his lips over her fingers.

The jokes began to focus more on tits, particularly from Vivek. Apparently, he had a thing about them, because ever so often, Shreya would lean forward and press her tits against his shoulders and he would press right back.

When we finally arrived at their place, it was well past midnight. Even so, we thought that it wasn’t too late for another bottle of wine.

By the time the guys fetched the bottle and the glasses, we sisters slipped off to their bedroom and changed into something more comfortable. We were almost of the same sizes except that her bra was a couple of sizes larger for me. Anyway, who wanted to wear them?

So I borrowed escort izmir a flimsy nightgown from her; a see-through affair that reached mid-thigh and was strapped to the back by a pair of tiny laces. She too wore a similar dress. No underwear for us, of course.

Habit it was that made us kiss each other after we changed. Ever since we had gotten to learn about sex, we thought nothing about pleasuring each other. In fact, we almost never had slept in separate beds.

“Whoa hoof…” she hissed after I had pulled my mouth away from hers. We giggled like teenagers, standing there in the middle of the bedroom, embracing and casually fondling each other’s boobs.

“The guys will be waiting for us,” I said.

“You bet. They really are hot today, hah?”

I laughed. “Yeah, that they are.”

“Did you really mean that thing about Vivek?”

“Are you upset?”

“Hell no. I feel great that my hubby could make you horny. But why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I guess I was scared?”

“Big deal,” she replied and we walked together down the staircase to the living room.

The guys hadn’t been idle either. The glasses were filled, the lights dimmed and soft music was playing in the background. What was more important was that they both were in shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.

“Hey, hi sexy!” Vivek spotted us first. “That includes you too, Nimmi.”

“You two are looking great!” Ajit added.

There were two couches placed at right angles in one corner and we chose them. I sat beside my husband and she beside hers.

“Here’s to us,” Ajit toasted and we began to swallow the wine. No more delicate and tiny little sips. It was as if all of us wanted to get higher than we now were.

Our vocabulary began to get looser and looser till each sentence we spoke was hardly ever without at least one four letter word. The topic was of course just sex and at one point we got real wild when they began to talk about big tits and deep pussies.

“Man,” Vivek was telling Ajit. “We were watching this movie the other day where Bindu was doing a cabaret. Those tits of hers! Shit, I don’t think I could hold one of them with both my fucking hands!”

“Moushumi has a great pair too, you know. We saw that film where she dances in the rain, and the way her fucking tits jiggled, god, that was a treat to watch!”

I suppose we should have realized that they were just egging us on by describing those big-tit actresses. Inside, we were smoldering. That’s what jealousy and possessiveness does to us women, I guess.

“What about Neetu Singh and Neelam? They pack great tits too! I wonder whether their bras are made to order,” Vivek laughed.

Shreya twisted around to face her husband. Quickly she reached behind her and pulled out the straps that were tied in a knot behind her. Her tits tumbled out.

Now, we sisters don’t exactly have pimples on our chests. She has a good thirty-six and mine were thirty-four. We also had this trick of pulling our shoulders together so that our tits would swell out more; sort of push out in front of us. But the sudden brazen manner in which she had pulled down her nightie had the two guys gaping. And, when I too followed suit, they were speechless.

“What about these, you bastards?” Shreya asked, her voice slurred, but determined nevertheless.

“Yeah,” I echoed. “These tits are for real; not the ones you see on celluloid.”

Vivek immediately shifted gears. He set his glass on the table and turned to Shreya. “Hey, baby, no offence meant. Your tits are the greatest.”

He reached out and grabbed her tits in his hands, as if he was weighing them. Then, he looked at me and said, “Yours too, Nimmi,” he grinned.

Ajit took the cue. He grasped my tits in his hands and began to knead them. Involuntarily, I moaned, putting my hands over his, afraid that he might just back out and let go of them.

“Oh yeah,” Vivek murmured leaning forward and burying his head between her tits. “These are for real and I can actually kiss and suck on them.” He drew back, and then his tongue snaked out of his mouth. She shivered uncontrollably when he licked her right nipple.

When Ajit followed suit by licking my stiff nipple, all hell broke loose.

As usual, it was Shreya who led me on.

“You guys have been talking about big tits all the time. What about letting us talk about big cocks?” she moaned.

I saw her bend down, mashing her tit right in Vivek’s face and push her hand inside his shorts. She just lifted one side of the shorts and fished out his very large cock. He groaned around her tits when she grasped it with both her hands.

“Why talk, baby?” Vivek’s voice was muffled. “Just pull back my shorts and you could hold it in your hands.”

I wanted to do the same to my husband but he had different ideas. He slid down to the floor, kneeling between my legs and pushed up my nightie over my thighs, exposing my cunt. Without pausing, he buried his face in my pussy and I almost screamed when I felt his tongue lashing up and down my wet izmir escort slit.

As Ajit began to go to town with my pussy, I grabbed my tits and squeezed them. I had been on the trigger for quite a while and just didn’t want to hold back. My hips rose off the couch and I screwed my eyes shut as I had my first orgasm. Wow! Just the touch of his tongue, and I had come! I never really had come so fast before.

Ajit realized I had come and now I felt two of his fingers thrusting into my cunt. He kept nibbling on my clit. I opened my eyes.

To my astonishment, Vivek was kneeling on the sofa, hovering above Shreya, feeding his big cock in her mouth. He was kneading her tits and when he saw me watching my sister’s oral demonstration, he winked at me. Leaning sideways and continuing to fuck her mouth, he bent down and kissed me flush on my mouth.

This was a first for me. One guy kissing my mouth while another sucked on my wet pussy! I was transported to heaven. At last, I was shoving my tongue into Vivek’s mouth, just as I had fantasized all those days before I got to know Ajit.

Vivek slid one hand off his wife’s tit and grasped one of mine. I felt his tongue lashing away at mine and I glanced up to watch Shreya looking at us, even as she continued to move her head to and fro to suck his cock. Amazingly, with all that meat in her mouth, she managed to grin at me and lazily carried one of her hands to capture my other tit.

I heard her moan and saw her hips rising off the couch. I managed to look down and saw that Ajit was rubbing her cunt as he continued sucking on mine. Like me, she too was coming.

Hurriedly, Ajit pulled his mouth away from my cunt and put it over hers. She pulled his head deeper, her legs spreading wide apart. With her husband’s cock drilling her mouth, there was no way she could scream. But when she opened her mouth, Vivek suddenly pulled out his cock and turning to his left, bent sideways and brushed the tip over my lips. I wasn’t going to let this chance go.

So, I opened my mouth wide and fitted the length and width of his shaft inside me. I felt the hot and throbbing flesh expand in my mouth and I let my tongue wash it up before pushing my head forward and letting more of it slip inside.

Months of practice with Ajit’s cock had managed to make me an expert cocksucker; Vivek groaned when he realized that I had taken at least half an inch of his meat inside my throat.

I fondled his balls as I bobbed my head to and fro, sucking on his cock like it was a lollypop. He shifted his body so that he was now standing on the couch on which I was seated. Holding the back of my head, he began to spear my mouth with his cock. I met him; thrust to thrust.

“Oh please, Ajit, let me suck on you too,” I heard Shreya wail. I saw my husband slide across to the other couch and sit beside her.

“I like getting sucked when I am sitting down,” he announced.

Shreya slipped off the couch and knelt between his out stretched thighs. She bent down, her mouth opening. He pulled back her hair so he could watch her lips glide down over the length of his cock.

“Aahhhh, baby, that is so good,” he sighed.

It kind of sent a signal to Vivek and me because he began to thrust in and out of my mouth rapidly. I would pull back my head when his hips went back; and then would push myself forward when he slammed forward. That meant I was taking his cock in my mouth right down to the hilt till I could feel his pubic hair tickling my nose.

“Oh god, honey,” Vivek gasped, “your sis is taking me inside her completely!”

Shreya pulled back, Ajit’s cock slipping out of her mouth and looked up at us. “Where did you learn that? You never told me you could do that!” she said before getting back to taking my husband’s cock back in her mouth.

“Hmmm,” was all I could say.

When I contrived to study the two guys, I suddenly realized that it wasn’t really just the fact that we were sucking their cocks that was turning them on; what was getting them heated up was the fact that it was their wives who were sucking their best buddies off.

“Oh shit, baby,” Vivek croaked, speeding up his thrusts. “I am going to come. Where do you want it?”

I did not want to stop sucking him, so I just indicated to him my face and my throat.

“Your face and throat?” he asked.

I managed to nod.

“Okay, baby, you asked for it,” he replied, squeezing my tits as he rammed on. My entire body was rocking to and fro with the impact of his thrusts, but I held on, giving it back to him just as good.

I noticed that Ajit was now raising and lowering his ass off the couch. “And what about you, honey?” he asked Shreya. “Where do you want my spunk?”

She pulled his cock out of her mouth though she kept jerking on the shaft to and fro with her fist. She looked up at him, a wicked smile on her lips.

“Come on my big tits, baby, come on my big tits,” she told him.

And that was how it changed Ajit’s life.


Though his aunt was relating to them what had transpired more than a couple of decades ago, Dev could actually visualize the events. He was also past bothering about the hard on he had, and one glance at Riya was enough for him to understand that she too was just as turned on as he was.

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