Mart 25, 2021

Midnight Snack

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Chris Smyth is an eighteen-year-old boy living with his twin sister, Caryn and their thirty-four year old divorcee mother Louise. Money is tight. They live in a small two-bed room apartment. Chris has one bedroom. Louise and Caryn sleep in the other.

One night Chris got up to get a snack. He was heading toward the kitchen when suddenly the unsuspecting teen noticed there was a little light in the corridor. He came closer noticing it was emitting from the women’s bedroom.

The teenager was curious so he tiptoed to the half adjacent door. Chris peered in to see his mother and sister lying naked on Louise’s bed. The surprised son stood there in bewilderment looking at the scene. Caryn had her hand on their mother’s pussy rubbing it.

He should be offended. Instead the boy was fascinated. A teenage dick hardens as the excitement grows with the forbidden vision.

Mmmmhhh,” he hears his mother moans.

Caryn’s fingers slip between the folds of their mother’s pussy. Louise watch as her daughter rubs the engorged clit. The sexy girl pushes two fingers into a wet cunt.

“Would’ya like me to do that to you?” Louise asks.

“Oh yes, mother,” Caryn answers softly, removing the fingers from the taboo pussy, “I would.”

Chris could see his sister trembling with anticipation. Young, curvy legs open waiting for the parent’s fingers. Louise places a gentle hand over the brown haired muff.

“Ohh. Ahhhhhh!” Caryn moans as Louise gently works her way between the young moist labia. “Oh Mom, that feels so good,” the hot daughter gasps opening willing legs wider.

Chris’s cock stiffens even more while staring at the forbidden acts of his mother and sister. He could see Caryn’s clit throb as their mother softly teases it between the pleasure making digits. Louise rubs her daughter’s clit tenderly. Occasionally a long finger dips into the warm cunt.

The turned on mother then picks up Caryn’s hand. It is guided towards her own smooth pussy. His sister immediately rubs the wet cunt.

“Oh Baby!” Louise sighs feeling her daughter’s fingers explore, “Oh Baby! Oh, that’s nice.”

Louise turns to Caryn. She leans over into a kiss. Their fingers work in unison on each other’s clits.

The kiss becomes a deep French one as passions mount quickly. The pleasuring making digits speeds up the probing. The two forbidden tongues dance a tango.

Caryn’s body begins to tremble. A set of firm hips gyrates to the mother’s fingers. The daughter speeds up her own massaging.

“Oooooooooooh!” Louise moans softly into her daughter’s mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Caryn groans feeling a strong climax rising.

The women’s fingers drive relentlessly onwards. The two lovers are working to make the other cum first. It was a game of sexual domination.

Chris finds a steel hard rod ready to be jacked off. The lusting teen watches his female relatives make love. He was amazed how beautiful a vision it was.

“Oooooooh Mother,” Caryn moans louder breaking the kiss, “I’m gonna cum.”

The young girl’s body begins to tremble. The mother’s fingers work faster. Caryn starts shaking violently. A trim back arches into the pleasure making digits.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” the hot daughter does a suppressed scream of pleasure.

Louise’s body now trembles. Her head lashes from side to side. A rotating pelvis swivels to the daughter’s active fingertips. She taunts and flexes rapidly.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!” A squeal of pleasure emits.

“Omigod, Mom!” Caryn announces in a pant, “I’m cummmmmin’! I’m really cummin’!”

“Yes, Baby, yes!” Louise responds, falling back onto the bed, “I’m also cummin’! You’re makin’ you mother’s leak lik’a an old faucet!”

Then both women, on backs, is humping and contorting to the other’s fingers. They twist and vibrate as a joint climax rises. Then both freeze as the final waves of thrills capture the sexy bodies.

Sounds of heavy breathing fills the room as wave after wave of orgasmic sensation crashes over them. Their fingers still teasing dedicatedly each other’s clits. Finally both women go flaccid.

It was over. Chris was enthralled at the sight of his mother and sister’s gorgeous sweat covered bodies laying there basking in the afterglow of the taboo love making session. He strokes slowly as their hands falls away from each other’s pussies.

He tries to get a better look. Moving forward Chris accidentally touches the door that gives a squeak. Both mother and sister hear it and look up.

He sees on his mother’s face embarrassment. Chris feels kind of stupid. Caryn wasn’t shamefaced at all.

“Hi Chris,” She smiles inviting, “Come on an’ join us.”

The peeping Tom brother didn’t say anything at first. He stares at the sexy, sweaty, naked bodies of this mother and sister. They are so beautiful.

Caryn sits up hunching a well-rounded rack proudly. Brown nipples stood erect and ready. The brazen sibling was being an obvious vixen.

“Doncha want Chris to join us, Mommy?” She coos to Louise.

The still izmir escort bayan uncomfortable mother didn’t respond. Yet the surprised parent wasn’t all that shamed. There hadn’t been an attempt to cover up. A sense of excitement was moving through her body.

“Well,” she coyly responds, “if he wants to.”

“Come on, Chris,” the hot Caryn purrs, “Come on over here.”

Caryn and Louise were identical in physique. Both were 5’4, athletic built, with dark eyes and long brown hair. Both had 36C breasts. Chris was hotter than he had ever been.

Moving closer, the brother had his first chance to see the pair of forbidden pussies. His sister’s was shaved. His mother’s was a pretty brown covered muff. The teenager’s first desire to eat the pair arose.

Both women now notice the cockhead peeking from the top of the jockey briefs. He hadn’t really replaced the rod from masturbating. A coating of pre-semen was over the helmet.

“Oh mommy,” the sexy sister coos hotly, “Look what a big cock Chris got!”

Caryn suddenly pulls Chris’s pants down. The harden dick bounces with the freedom. It points directly at the two women.

Louise looks at the youthful cock. Her son’s member was at least eight inches. It was pulsating wonderfully. The initial embarrassment seemed to be passing away. Her nipples harden.

Caryn was excited at the sight. Her brother was a handsome lad. She had admitted to herself years ago the desire for this hot, muscular body. Only being Chris being her sibling had stopped anything from happening. Now it seems that wasn’t going to be barrier anymore.

She stands up and moves in front of him. With a tracing finger across a washboard abdomen, the sexy sibling steps closer. The lusting sister places a set of ruby lips on his.

A quick tongue enters his mouth as a set of rounded breasts presses against his chest. The warmth of the taboo body was something Chris could not ignore.

They lock deeply into a French kiss. The two teenager’s hands roam the other’s body. The brother’s hard, large cock presses against the sister’s firm stomach.

Louise becomes wet between the legs. The sight of her naked twin children engaged in a lustful, hot kiss was beautiful. It is so erotica extreme.

Caryn starts moving downward. A trail of kisses continues onto the flat abdomen. To a very erect dick.

Chris feels the soft warmness of her mouth surrounded his hard cock. Caryn sucks in the taboo shaft to the hilt. A hungry mouth seals around the pulsating tool.

“Omigod!” Chris moans at the fantastic feeling, “You’re mouth is wonderful, sis!”

“That’s it, Baby,” Louise cheers hotly, “Take all of your brother’s cock! Make love to that magnificent tool!”

The sibling’s knees give out. Chris cave onto the bed. The hot teenager falls backwards onto the sheets.

Chris looks over at his mother. Louise smiles and moves towards him. The sexy mother places curvy legs on both sides of a fit torso. A rounded ass Rest on the six-pack abdomen.

Chris wraps hands around a trim lower back. With a grin, Louise leans over him. The son’s face buries into the forbidden breasts.

Chris kisses each nipple softly. Each erect nub is sucked on. The lusting son slowly pulls his mother up. A trail of kisses starts down her belly. The hot teenager kept shifting down until damp pussy hair is touching his chin.

The softness of the taboo cunt was stimulating. His mother’s most secret aroma fills the son’s nostrils. A slow tongue licks an engorged clit.

The sensation of his sister’s mouth increases Chris’s passion. A hot tongue starts licking at the cunt. He sucks hungrily on the glistening pink lips.

Caryn sucks faster on her brother’s stiff cock. She licks and laps from the tip to the ball sac. His manly smell was intoxicating to the sibling lover.

Louise’s legs and pussy are wet from her son’s loving. Firm hips gyrate in rhythm to the pleasure making tongue. Chris is an expert cunt eater.

The son’s hands moves down his mother’s back caressing the rounded ass cheeks. Young fingers find the puckering asshole. A long middle digit shoves into it.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Louise wails at the sensation.

The head bobbing Caryn’s long brown mane wave madly. A talented mouth seals around the forbidden cock. She feels her brother’s shaft vibrate with a rising climax.

Louise shakes frantically to the combination of he son’s tongue and finger. He prods and sucks with uncontrolled abandoned lust. The mother’s body begins to shiver to her son’s lovemaking.

Suddenly Chris feels the first wave of sperm race up the harden shaft. The ball sac tightens. A blast of cum shot into his sister’s mouth.

“I’m cummin’!” He wails as hips involuntarily lift off the sheets, “I’m cumming in my sister’s mouth!”

Caryn feels her sibling’s forbidden juices splash into a greedy mouth. She inhales deeply to capture all of the taboo cum. The hot sister lustfully continues to drink the warm love fluid.

The boy immediately locks onto his mother’s escort izmir pussy. He sucks insanely on the quavering cunt. She pushes back into his face.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!” Louise screams as her juices wet her son’s face, “Oooooooooohhhhh!”

After one last tonic response to a ripple of pleasure, Louise falls onto the bed. Chris goes flaccid. Mother and son lay for a moment panting to regain breath.

The huffing sibling looks down at Caryn. Her beautiful face shines with sweat and his juices. A satisfied smile is returned.

After a little pause Caryn moves over to him. The hot sister kisses and licks her way up his abdomen to his chest. The sexy siblings lock into a deep French kiss.

“Damn!” she groans, “You’re so fuckin’ manly.”

Caryn lays a loving head on her brother’s chest. He pets the long brown mane. Chris gives an involuntarily yawn.

“If ya tired,” She impishly giggles saying, “I could give you a chance to take a break.”

No, bitch,” Chris says suddenly flipping them over, “We’re just beginnin’,”

Caryn allows the powerful brother to take control. As soon as the sex driven sister was on the bottom, a set of athletic legs opened wide and high. The lusting teen sees the taboo, erect prick standing out. The throbbing rod is quickly captured. It is anxiously jerk by the small hand. “Stick it in me!” Caryn orders in a voice hoarse with excitement. “Shove it up your sister’s cunt an’ fuck her brains out!”

“Oh god yes!” Louise hotly agrees, “Fuck your whore sister raw!” With a finger in a wet cunt, she groans, “Please, my children, show your momma how you love each other!”

His mother’s words send the lusting teenager over the edge. Chris’s hard cock plunges into his sister’s wet cunt. Slender legs immediately wrap around a trim back. “It’s time for the fuck,” Caryn pants, “It’s time for you to give ya sister a good lovin’ fuck!” Louise watches in a sexual haze. The taboo sight is erotic beyond belief. The two people she created by fucking were fucking each other. God! She loved her kids!

“Jesus, Sis,” Chris amazes while his hard cock slide into the receptive love tunnel, “you’re cunt’s a perfect fit! You’re so warm an’ tight.”

Chris pumps with deep and easy strokes. The sister’s pussy muscles are a snug fit around the brother’s shaft. With each thrust the cunt holds tightly. Chris wasn’t too sure if he could hold out much longer without cumming.

“Of course she’s a perfect fit,” his mother explained kissing and nibbling at his neck, “You both came from the same womb.”

“Yes!” the sex driven sister agrees, “We’ve got the same blood coursing thorough our veins!” Caryn humps back on the rock hard cock as it withdrawals each time, “We’ve got the same passions!” Her voice raises with the sensation of being fucked, “The Same lust!” His sister tightens the tanned legs around his back beseeching, “Fuck me as long as you wish, dear brother! Fuck me raw, please!” Caryn shouts hotly, “I’m the hottest lil’ bitch you’ll ever fuck!”

“Move your knees so he can suck your tits,” the masturbating Louise orders. “Let ‘im at those big tits!”

“Yes, oh, yes!” Caryn moans moving her knees to his sides. “Suck the damn things off!” Now ranting in a sexual bliss, she screams, “I don’t care if this is incest! I’m fuckin’ hot! A hot fuckin’ bitch who loves her brother’s dick!”

“Yes!” the sex hazed Louise shouts, “You’re a great bitch! Be your brother’s bitch!”

The words bring down the societal walls. The tabooed lust comes flooding out. Their bodies shake with ecstasy. Their souls burn with sexual fervor.

He leans forward and captures a beautiful dark nipple in a hot mouth. Chris licks one erect nub and then the other. Caryn’s tits were the softest ones ever to be in his mouth.

“Ohhhh, sweet lord!” the passion crazed sister profess, “That’s the best tongue in the world!”

Chris shoves his hips forward. A steel hard cock is pushes deeper into the forbidden expanded sheath. He pounds the titillating twat to the bottom. “Ohhhhh, Gawd!” Caryn hisses, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

“You’re a great fuck, Sis,” Chris states hoarsely, “A fabulous pussy!”

“She’s all pussy, son!” The climaxing mother screams, “Iiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!”

“Fuck your sister hard! I love your cock! I love the idea my brother is fuckin’ me!” Her legs again wrap high behind his back. “Make me cum ’til I’m dry!!”

“I’m gonna make you cum ’til ya bleed!” Chris growls.

“Yes fuck me raw!” She was craze with passions. “I’m only a whore for your use!”

Chris was too close to hold back. Caryn was ready to cum as well. The taboo lovers pick up the pace. The sister’s legs open again allowing the brother to drive deeper.

“Yes! Now!” Caryn yells aimlessly, “I’m ready to cum! Fuck me! Fuck your little sister!” She screams into the room.

“Yes I am ready too, Sis!” Chris quickens the strokes. “I’m ready to cum!”

“Do it!” Caryn commands.

Louise watches through sex-hazed eyes as her son plunged a hard, big cock deep into her daughter’s izmir escort cunt. She was filled with pride watching the lusting Caryn ride the hard shaft so expertly. The mother sighs watching her twins climax.

“Yessssssssss!” I’m cummmmmmmin’!” Chris shouts.

“Yesssss! I’m cummin’ tooo!” Caryn shouts back.

They both twist and hump as he explodes into the quavering cunt. Her juices come flooding back. They climax together. Brother and sister commit the ultimate act of taboo.

They collapse. They kiss and peck. They smile at the other. Both of them were in love. “You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted that feeling.” She hugs him passionately. “I’m so happy I could give up a piece of ass to you.” Caryn kissing his neck states, “I’m a good whore but with you I’m a special whore.” They then kiss deeply. On breaking she announces, “I’m my brother’s whore for now an’ forever!” Louise moves over and hugs her children. She kisses Caryn and then Chris. The two siblings then kiss. “Come on, Caryn,” The turned on mother suggests, “I’m needin’ my little girl’s cunt again.” Chris rolls off his sister. She quickly moves into Louise’s arms. The mother/daughter lovers kiss deeply.

“Do’ya wanna fuck mommy?” Louise says breaking the kiss. “When don’t I wanna fuck you, mom?” Caryn hotly responds. “Then what are’ya waitin’ for?” the lusting mother hotly challenges. “Who says I’m waitin’?” the sexy daughter quips.

Caryn slides a finger up and down the taboo slit. Louise’s body lightly spasms to the quick pleasure ripples. The daughter gazes lovingly at the wet opening.

“Honey,” Louise huskily whispers, “Finger fuck me. Rotate your fingers inside me.”

Caryn dives in. The probing fingers cross as a nervous tongue licks and laps the quavering cunt. She pulls the hood back and sucks and kisses the engorged clit. The hot tongue flickers in and out and around the taboo hole. The daughter tongue fucks her mother’s pussy passionately. She kisses all over the glistening cunt.

“Oh god, Caryn!” Louise moans, “You’re a born cunt eater!”

The hungry daughter buries her head deeper. A set of curvy, mature legs caresses lovingly. Caryn’s hands hold the rounded ass tightly. Louise’s heels dig into Caryn’s back. The mother’s hips lifts off the sheets. The lusting daughter had full access to the taboo cunt.

The older, slender legs cross around the back teenager’s neck. Two young hands reaches up to pinch Louise’s nipples. She haunch the fleshy orbs into the probing hands.

“Ohhhhhhh! God!” she moans. “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh!” Louise squeals, “Oh Gawd! You are fantastic!” the mother screams out of joy.

Chris can’t believe how expert of a cunt eater his twin is. Their mother was putty in girl’s hands. He was rock hard watching his sister in action.

Caryn sucks harder. An anxious tongue licks more. Fingers thrust in deeper.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Louise screams out lust, “I’m cummmmmin! Oh god! I’m cummmmmin’!”

The mother’s body goes taunt and flaccid with the ripples of climaxes. She contorts as the finally wave apex. Finally, Louise collapses into the bed.

“You—, are—, such—, a slut!” she pants at her daughter.

“If you weren’t such’a easy piece o’ ass,” Caryn remarks with a smile, “I wouldn’t be such a slut!”

“I think I’m damn lucky I have such’a pair of cunts for a mother an’ sister,” Chris injects.

“An’ you’ll fuck an’ eat us every opportunity you get,” his sister states.

The twins kiss deeply. Then Chris and Louise kiss deeply. Caryn and her mother kiss deeply.

Louise runs her hands along Caryn’s breasts and abdomen. She pinches a set of erect nipples. The brown nubs stand erect.

“Go for it, Mom,” the lusting Chris urges, “You now fuck Caryn.”

“Yes, mommy,” the hot teenager groans, “Suck my nipples.”

She begins to feast on the rounded tits. She licks and kisses the nipples. A warm mouth inhales a breast as deep as possible.

“Oooooooooo,” she moans, humping against her mother’s body.

The pretty brunette’s hands pull Louise’s head close. Chris is slowly masturbating an extremely hard cock. He is totality turned on by the lesbian acts of his mother and sister.

“I want your head between my legs, Mother,” the lusting daughter groans, “I wanna fuck your face.”

All the wicked talk was exciting to Chris. A stiff cock is stroked faster. He wants to fuck both these women all night long. His young brain was overwhelmed with sexual heat. The more he thinks about how he and his sister being lovers; the hotter he gets. The teenager’s body shudders with ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Caryn wails feeling her mother’s tongue on a quavering pussy, ” Oh Mommy!” Louise licks and washes the pussy. Her daughter’s cunt was so fresh, so young and so wonderful. The hot mother then nibbles and sucks on an engorged clit.

Caryn looks at her brother. Chris was about to cum. His hand was jacking with rapid speed. The boy’s face contorted with a rising climax.

“Ah! Ahhh!,” Caryn wails, “Oh fuck! Fuck me mommy!” she twists and bucks to the pleasure making tongue. “Ahhhhhhhhhh! I’m cummin’!” She pants hard, “I’m gonna cum all over your face, Mom!” “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Chris yells as strings of sperm shoots over his sister’s convulsing body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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