Mart 22, 2021

Midnight Showers

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The wind whistled through the windows as Trevor got ready for bed. To ward off the cold he made himself a cup of tea as he dug through his drawers for his warmest pajamas. Eventually he found what he was looking for, his plaid flannel pajamas. They were a little snug but they would keep him cozy, plus he liked the bulge these bottoms made. The storm kept raging outside as Trevor sipped on his tea. Luckily his wife Rachel had gone to bed long before him so the blankets would be warm.

Once he was done with his tea Trevor climbed into bed, eager to get under the warm covers. He snuggled up behind Rachel, partly for warmth and partly because he liked the way her firm ass felt against his dick. Soon he began to doze off, enjoying the heat his wife’s body gave off.

As he slept Trevor dreamt of his beautiful wife. He imagined running his hands over her curves, feeling her soft skin beneath his hands. He leaned in to kiss her neck, her long brown hair tickling his face. He pulled her towards him and leaned his full body against her so she could feel his tight muscles and growing hard-on. Then, just as dream Rachel was reaching into his pants, Trevor began to wake up.

He groaned, he had been enjoying the dream and did not appreciate the interruption. He was determined to roll over and fall back asleep so he could continue his dream. Upon moving he realised what had woken him up. He had forgotten to go to the washroom after finishing his tea.

Now Trevor had a dilemma to face. Not only did he not want to leave the warmth of his bedroom, his dream had left him quite aroused and he didn’t like the thought of trying to piss with antalya escort a boner. His hand absentmindedly wandered south and played with him self. He wasn’t at full mast yet but he could tell it wouldn’t take long. That when he had a thought.

Without lifting the blankets to much Trevor carefully removed his pyjamas, with his increasing erection they were becoming too tight anyways, and snuggled back up against his wife. Instead of falling back asleep though he slowly began caressing her. Much like in his dream he ran his hands over her curves and kissed her neck. He then slowly began working his hand forward and gently fondled her breasts. He didn’t want to startle Rachel awake but he was hoping to slowly arouse her while gently waking her.

While it wasn’t often Trevor and Rachel did occasionally wake each other for some middle of the night fun Trevor had something special planned this time. He had decided he wanted to put his ever filling bladder to good use by showering his wife with it. While he had been trying to slowly wake Rachel he was running out of time.

During the time Trevor had been stroking and caressing Rachel in an attempt to wake her softly the pressure in his bladder continued to grow. He had begun to squirm and clench his thighs not wanting to ruin the moment. Eventually he found himself slowly grinding against Rachel’s ass to make himself harder just so he wouldn’t spurt. Thankfully this extra movement finally worked and Rachel slowly rolled onto her back and looked at him.

Trevor leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips. “How would you feel about having a little fun?” he asked while kemer escort guiding Rachel’s hand towards his cock. Smiling she firmly grabbed his 8″ member and began stroking. Trevor groaned at her touch and relaxed a little now that he was properly distracted.

As Rachel kissed him and worked his dick Trevor got lost in the moment. Enjoying himself he positioned himself on top of Rachel and slowly slipped his cock into her tight pussy. Rachel moaned and began thrusting in time with Trevor. As Rachel began to cum she squeezed Trevor firmly between her thighs, which promptly reminded him of how full his bladder had become.

Once Rachel’s orgasm had subsided Trevor pulled out and aimed his dick at her chest. “I really have to piss and don’t think I can hold it any longer.”

“I have an idea,” Rachel replied. She quickly got up and through a spare blanket on the floor before kneeling beside the bed and looking up expectantly.

“Are you sure?” Trevor asked. This is what he had hoped for hand he felt like he was bursting at the seams but really didn’t want to end up sleeping on the couch later.

Rachel just nodded and closed her eyes. Trevor knelt on the bed facing Rachel and tried to relax. He’d thought about this moment a lot but had never actually tried to piss on someone before. It was harder than he had expected.

At first he just let out a dribble that didn’t even make it all the way off the bed. Then he began to piss in spurts, still not able to relax enough to let go completely.

Sensing his struggle Rachel looked at him and moaned rubbing the piss that had hit konyaaltı escort her all over her breasts and began playing with her nipples. That was enough and Trevor let loose, groaning with relief and soaked Rachel.

He pissed for what seemed like hours. His jet was so strong that it hit Rachel in the chest and sprayed in all directions. As he kept peeing Trevor aimed all over Rachel, soon she was dripping from her long brown hair, all the way down to her neatly trimmed pubes.

Rachel loved the warm feeling of her husbands piss and began playing with herself. Before he was done she was already having her second orgasm which was quickly followed by a third as Trevor finished and shock out the last few drops of pee.

A wave of relief passed through Trevor as his bladder finally emptied. His fun wasn’t over yet though. He gripped his dick firmly with both hands and began thrusting quickly. He had planned on taking his timing finishing but the site of Rachel climaxing over and over again had gotten him more worked up than expected.

Watching her husband nearing orgasm Rachel reached up and put her hand on his thigh to stop his thrusting. She then expertly began licking and sucking his cock while fondling his balls. She loved the way his cock tasted, pre-cum mixed with piss, and couldn’t wait to finish him off for her final reward.

Trevor tried to hang on but with a deft flick of her tongue and a well timed moan Rachel sent him over the edge as he shot load after load of hot cum down the back of her throat. She swallowed it all and licked him clean as his dick began to soften.

Trevor flopped back onto the bed and Rachel climbed up beside him to get cozy under the blankets again. “Thanks, love. I guess I’ve got quite the mess to cleaning up in the morning” Trevor mumbled as he fell asleep. Rachel just chuckled and she rubbed her clit to cum just one more time before falling back asleep.

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