Mart 24, 2021


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Water. I loved the water so much, I always did.

When I was a little girl, my parents took me to the beach during our summer vacation. It was very special because we didn’t live anywhere near one, so I was very excited to go there. The weather was perfect, and the overall experience was outstanding. For the first time in my life, I got to swim in the salty ocean.

For seven days straight, this vacation solidified my passion for swimming. At the time, I thought that there were villages and castles inhabited by water creatures at the bottom of the ocean, and that I would have been able to visit them one day. That was just my silly kid imagination, of course.

But on the last day of this trip, something happened. My parents had allowed me to go swimming one last time before leaving, so I didn’t waste any time putting on my swimsuit and rush to the water.

Carelessly, after jumping over the first few waves unsuccessfully, I dove not so graciously in what I thought was a deeper part, but instead of sinking, I hit a lady that I had not noticed.


“… I’m sorry! I’m sorry, lady! I didn’t see you! Are… are you okay?”

“Haha… Yes. I didn’t see you either, little one.”


She was so pretty. Her long blonde hair and big blue eyes were incredible, and her smile was radiant. Her bikini top was all colorful and frilly. Since I was a creative kid, the only thing I could think of was that she was a…

“… Are you… a mermaid?”

“A mermaid? Hahaha. What makes you think I am a mermaid?”

“You are super pretty.”

“Awww… Thanks! Then, yes. I guess I’m a mermaid. I swam to the beach from my underwater castle because I was curious about humans and wanted to meet people like you. What is your name?”

“Noemi… You?”

“Mmmm… I’m Aurora! Alright, Noemi. I can’t stick around too long, or else people are going to see me. Here, take this seashell. It’s magical. Make a necklace out of it. It will bring you happiness. See you, Noemi.”

“Thanks! Byyye, Auroraaa!”

After the mermaid swam away, I immediately ran back home to tell my parents, who happily played along with that children’s story. My mother helped me make a necklace with the seashell, which concluded our fantastic vacation at the beach.

Of course, now that I was in my twenties, I knew that the woman was not a real mermaid, and probably her name wasn’t Aurora either, but I had believed it for so long, and in some way, this encounter had shaped a good chunk of my childhood.

Unfortunately, today, I still didn’t live near a beach, but I got a nice house a bit out of the city and had a pool installed last year. It was a huge one, the biggest I could afford and could fit in my backyard. It was very deep, large, and long, and the way it was positioned, no neighbors could see in it.

Pretty much every single day, when I came back from work, I dove in it and let myself sink all the way to the bottom, using a small weight belt. Because I was doing it so often, I could stay down there for minutes before needing to go back to the surface.

It was my favorite way to relax and enjoy life.

As an adult, my creativity had not vanished, though; if one thing, it had soared. I knew what I liked and wasn’t shy to try what I knew would make me happy. And since I was no longer a kid, sexuality was definitely included in this lifestyle.

I had a plan for this upcoming weekend. It was something I had done several times before but never got tired of.

For the next couple of days, I would be a real mermaid!

Immediately after work on Friday, I rushed back home and started prepping my little adventure. Since this was my countless run at doing this there was nothing special to prepare, which allowed me to jump into the fun right away instead of testing and adjusting my ideas.

The first thing I did was to strip naked. Mermaids didn’t need clothes after all. Unfortunately, it included the beloved shell necklace that the real mermaid had given me back when I was a kid. I carefully placed it on the dresser; if I were to lose it, I would be forever sad.

Because of all that time I spent swimming, my body became very athletic, too much. I had those visible abs that I didn’t like, but no matter how much I ate, they would just not go away. Contrary to all my friends, I would have wanted to have a bit more fat on me. Ah well, not much I could do about it since I would never abandon swimming.

I took off all my jewelry and ruffled my short brown hair, another thing I wasn’t entirely satisfied with. It had crossed my mind more than once to dye it a different color, but it was not an easy decision because of my job at the lawyer firm. I was not a lawyer myself, but I knew my company cared about its image. They would allow me to wear whatever color I wanted, but I preferred not to.

Now that I was naked as a worm with abs, I reached the first drawer of my dresser and pulled out one of my favorite toys; it was a little butterfly kağıthane escort waterproof vibrator, the best I had ever found. I even bought two spares in case this one would break. Spending the rest of my life without this specific sex toy would be so sad. It was clinging so perfectly to my pussy, and the straps didn’t feel awkward at all. Yes, I had convinced myself that this little toy had been created specifically for me. The way it was stimulating my G spot and grabbing my clit always sent me to paradise and beyond. There was no wire either since it was remotely controlled by wifi.

I quickly put it on, inserting the short phallus inside me and adjusting the straps to my liking. Following that, a pair of latex panties secured it in place, guaranteeing that it wouldn’t move even when I go swimming later.

Latex was something I had learned to like quite a bit over the years, and I was not referring to the swim caps. It was undoubtedly unoriginal, but black was the color I preferred for my kinky garments. It was quite strange because, in general, I was a pretty colorful person, so perhaps choosing this classic deviant color was born from a desire to escape my usual self.

Now that my glossy panties were on, the next thing I needed was in my closet. When I slid the door open, a nice latex whiff reached my nose. The outfit I pulled out was going to transform me into something sensual and delicious. It was a black latex leotard with long sleeves and an attached hood; there were no legs or hands.

I unzipped the back and stepped in it. With this extra layer of latex between my legs, that butterfly vibrator was not going anywhere anytime soon. Once my arms were in the long sleeves, I flipped the hood over my face and aligned the eyes and mouth before zipping everything back up.

Happy with what I was becoming, I returned to my drawer to grab a small padlock. Without overthinking and not even knowing where the key was, I locked my rear zipper, turning myself into a latex prisoner. A quick look at the mirror made my lower belly feel quite good. I was one sexy rubber chick, and as a bonus, I couldn’t see my stupid abs anymore; this was the best of ways to hide them.

I retrieved the remaining two items I needed from the closet and placed them on the bed. That was usually when I took a moment to do some introspection. Some days I thought I was cool, and others, I thought I was weird, but in the end, I always choose pleasure over worries. My latex adventures were something I loved to do, and I would do it for as long as I could.

The first item was a big mermaid tail made of robust black rubber. It was custom made, so it fitted like a glove; I would put it on a bit later. There was no doubt that my encounter with a real mermaid when I was a kid had shaped this fantasy. I never managed to walk away from my desire to become one and visit the underwater world. This thought always made me feel happy and alive, so it was not something I could just repress; it was an important part of my life.

The second item was somewhat newer, but I had already fallen in love with it, and that was a good thing considering guilt ravaged my guts due to the price I had paid for it. In a few minutes, though, this wouldn’t be a thought anymore. The pleasure would quickly overtake any negative feelings I could have had about it.

I called it the mermaid hood. The easiest way to describe it would be to say it was a full latex hood mixed with a snorkeling mask. The face was all black except for a visor at the eye level. The front part would be sealed around my face so no water could go in and drown me, and it would allow me to breathe normally for a short period while underwater. The rubber would cover the rest of my head and would zip securely at the back.

Now, for the funny part, there was a short snorkel tube at the top for when I need fresh air, and the sides of the mask were decorated with mermaid rubber fins that served no purpose. It would make me look like one strange fish, but I loved the idea.

Without waiting any longer, I put the hood on and zipped it. It was always tighter than I remembered, but I knew that it wouldn’t bug me anymore in a few minutes. I could wear that thing for days in a row without being annoyed.

I grabbed another small padlock from my kink drawer and locked the hood in place.


Once again, I had no idea where the key was, and I didn’t care one bit about that. I had no way of removing the hood, and it felt so good. The temptation to lie down on the bed and play with myself was great, but I resisted. Those sexual waves assaulting me were just a good sign that I was doing good things to myself.

I tossed my mermaid tail onto my shoulder and left my room.

My pool was so big and awesome. I had no backyard because of it, but swimming was definitely more fun than cutting grass or talking to flowers. There were a few chairs on the concrete patio, so I picked one to drop kartal escort my latex butt onto it. I needed to sit down to complete my costume.

My mermaid tail didn’t have a zipper, and the entry hole seemed way too small for me to squeeze my legs in. There was no secret to it; I had to work hard every time I wanted to put it on. The latex was thick and didn’t stretch easily.

A little bit of lubricant helped, though. I didn’t want to abuse that resource not to turn my pool into a small scale Deepwater Horizon, but I would get too frustrated without it. I just wanted to be in the water sooner rather than later; it was too warm outside.

Slowly but surely, the tail went up, nicely keeping my legs together. Nobody could tell, but inside the tail were two sleeves for my feet and legs with some padding between the two to prevent bone on bone discomfort. This tail was by far the most comfortable fetish gear I owned, and once it was on, it felt real.

The hips were always problematic, but I had a pretty good technique due to my regular practice. As soon as I passed that womanly obstacle, the tail’s waistband wrapped snugly around my waist.

“Aaaah! About time. My hands are on fire, and I’m melting in that suit.”

Hearing my own muffled voice reminded me that my snorkeling latex hood was way too comfortable, and I had already forgotten I was wearing it. It was always the same… I enjoyed this set up a bit too much.

At last, it was time to do what I loved the most… Swimming!

I carefully lowered myself on the patio and butt-walked toward the pool in a way not to damage my beautiful black mermaid tail, and as soon as I reached the edge of the pool, I let myself tumble in it.



FINALLY! The water immediately cooled my suit down after having been overheated by the afternoon sun. With a good tail whip, I propelled myself toward the depth.

There was nothing like it. Since I had learned to swim with a tail, I could fly around the pool like a torpedo; at least, that was how it felt like. Because of the mask, I would be able to stay underwater for a bit longer before having to resurface to get fresh air.

Once more, I had become one of those underwater creatures I had dreamt of when I was a kid. Feeling that freedom of being able to twist and turn in every way possible was such a joyful moment. Water gave me this agility that I loved so much; there was nothing like it short of spacewalking, not that I had ever tried that.

After a few minutes of this, I knew I had to complete my little plan. I dove deeper in the blue pool to reach a very special place… my little castle.

In the farthest and deepest corner of my giant pool, I had built a small cabin that was about six feet by four feet. It took me a long time to develop a design that worked, but this one had proved to be reliable.

It was standing on four legs that were held at the bottom by heavyweights, creating a space under the house, just big enough for me to swim under and reach a small floor trap that I pushed open with my hand.

When I poked my head through it, there was no water; the whole room was filled with breathable air. This idea came to me when I pushed a glass upside down in the kitchen sink while doing the dishes. The air pressure inside the glass prevented the water from going in.

I pulled myself inside the underwater room and sat on the inflatable rubber mattress. This place was my favorite place in the entire world. I had decorated it using an underwater theme. I had pictures of fish, lobsters, starfish, seashells, etc. I reached the ceiling with my hand and turned on the battery-powered blacklight that turned everything purple and blue. I had even added a small window that allowed me to keep an eye on potential sharks or to guess what time of the day it was.

As small as it was, this was the underwater castle that I loved so very much. It was my childhood dream that I had turned into reality. Nobody could see me right now, but I was smiling like a mad girl. There were no words to describe what I felt when I was here, in my perfect quiet world.

But, as usual, I had something else to do that I didn’t want to delay. From a corner, I picked up a small weight belt and wrapped it snugly around my waist before locking it with a small padlock to which I didn’t have the key; this belt wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It would help me feel gravityless when swimming around; the downside of rubber was that it tended to float.

The final touch was a long thin chain piled up in a corner. One end was solidly bolted to the wall, and a small metal collar was attached to the other. Not second-guessing myself, I closed the collar around my neck.


“Mmmm! Done!”

I had completed my setup. The chain was long enough to allow me to swim around the pool, reach the surface if I wanted to, and even sit on the edge to get a sunbath, but it would certainly not be long enough kozyatağı escort for me to go back into the house.

Since I didn’t have the key for any of my now locked gears, there was absolutely nothing I could do to get out of this self-made predicament. I was a rubber mermaid living in the ocean with no ability to live on the surface anymore. It was grandiose.

For the next hour or so, I returned to the pool to swim and have fun. The chain was light enough not to impact my swimming, but it occasionally got tangled around my tail; nothing a good leg kick couldn’t fix. I could surface as much as I wanted to get more air or simply go back to my underwater castle for a break. This was so enjoyable.


And this was even more enjoyable since I had totally forgotten that between my legs was a nasty little butterfly vibrator, and it turned on without warning before turning off a few seconds later; I knew what it meant.

I quickly swam back to my underwater castle and entered it. After pulling the chain all the way inside my room, I closed the trap. And then I pressed my nose on the small window.

Something pierced the surface of the water, causing it to foam up. It was a beautiful naked girl who had just dove into the pool. She gracefully swam toward my small home and disappeared under it. I heard a little noise, and then she swam away just to pull herself out of the pool and disappear as quickly as she had appeared.

I smiled again. It was always the same on Friday evenings. I would turn into a mermaid and end up being a prisoner of my castle.

It was useless to try, but I attempted to open the trap anyway. As expected, it had been locked from the outside, and there was nothing I could do to open it.

I laid down comfortably on the inflatable rubber mattress and rested my head on the small pillow, happy to be a mermaid in need of a rescue.

“Aaaaanh! Aaaaanh! Mmm!”

And it started. My vibrator turned back on and attacked my clit and G spot with full power, and there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

“Hmmm… Aaanh! She… she is in a good mood today… aAAAah!”


A few orgasms later, my little robotic friend had finally ceased its carnage on my brain and pussy, and I managed to fall asleep for a well-deserved nap.

When I was a mermaid stuck in my mini-castle, my dreams were always interesting; it might have had something to do with the quietness of my environment. There was no traffic noise, no smartphone notifications, no nothing.

This time around, I dreamt about this blonde mermaid I had met at the beach when I was a kid. After meeting with her, we swam together in the vast ocean, playing with fish and turtles, and visiting all kinds of fantastic places like reefs and sunken pirate boats. It was a dream, so it didn’t make much sense, but still, it made me happy.

My encounter with that pretty blonde girl probably had more impact on my life than I had suspected. Not only it had turned me into a mermaid lover, but I also suspected that she had been the reason why I was into women now.

Talking about women… The rattle of the trap being unlocked pulled me out of my half-sleeping state. As I slowly opened my eyes, the trap flipped open, and a pretty blonde girl with blue eyes popped her head through the hole.

No, it wasn’t the mermaid I had seen when I was a kid, but close. This one was my beloved girlfriend, who had entirely accepted my irrational love for mermaid play.

“Hi, Noemi!”


“Did I wake up my little mermaid? It’s dinner time. Here, I brought the food.”

She tossed a plastic bag sealed shut with a rubber band in the corner and pushed herself up inside my home before closing the floor trap behind her.

Her amazing smile always comforted me in my choice of kinks. Instead of saying I was sick in the head or weird, she genuinely displayed how much she loved what I was doing and how much she wanted to play along with me.

My girlfriend loved swimming too, which had been a huge plus. It allowed us to do those amusing scenarios underwater in a very natural way.

“So, you forgot to turn on the air pump again. I had to do it for you. Now you get some fresh air in your little castle. Don’t forget, next time, okay? Here, turn around. I’m going to take off your hood so we can eat. I’m starving.”

“Sorry… okay.”

It was not the first time I had forgotten to do that. There was a little electric pump near the patio that, once turned on, would gently push fresh air to my underwater house. Maybe I always forgot about it because I knew my girlfriend would do it for me as soon as she got back home from work.

She reached behind my head with a little key and unlocked my hood. After she unzipped it, she pulled the mask off my face, and before I could say a single word, she leaned forward to kiss me.

“Mmm… I missed you so much.”

“Hehe, you came here yesterday, remember?”

“I know. I was referring to my little mermaid.”

“Oh… Right.”

She laid down on top of me, and we made out tenderly without counting the time; underwater, the time was irrelevant. I ran my hands on her naked body and dug my nails in her lower back.

“Aaah! My mermaid is a bit aggressive today. Wait, I brought something else for you.”

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