Mart 22, 2021

Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 08

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A couple of days later Josh invited me to a party he was having for his friend Nick, who apparently had a crush on me. It was Nick’s birthday and he wanted give him a little surprise. I asked what the surprise was, and he replied “You.” He though it was a great idea if I showed up at the party, stripped to a bikini and did a lap dance for Nick. After all he said I did such a good job for Opie a few days ago. Josh said it would only be several of his friends and Nick, maybe five guys. I told him I wasn’t too sure about this, but it kind of turned me on. On the one hand it would be cool to be dancing it front of these guys with hardly anything on, turning them on, but on the other I didn’t know these guys, I had no idea what they really wanted from me. I barely knew Josh, I’ve seen him here and there, we said hi to each other, I was at his one party but other than that never really hung out. And Nick I didn’t know at all. We passed each other on the way to classes and such, but we’ve probably haven’t spoken 5 words to each other. Then Josh said he could probably get everyone to chip in 20 bucks, there would be $100 in it for me. I jumped at that, 100 bucks easy cash. But then he said the cash came with one requirement, that I couldn’t wear a bikini, I had to wear some sexy lingerie. Something that showed off more skin than a bikini. I thought about that for a second, then accepted the deal.

The day of the party I woke up excited and nervous. I couldn’t concentrate in my classes. At lunch I decided to skip my afternoon classes to go into town to find something special for tonight. I bought a pair of hot pink lace panties. These were tiny, just covering a few inches of my private area. And the lace was more see though than anything else. I bought the matching bra. Hot lace pink. When I tried it on my nipples were clearly visible through the lace.

After dinner I returned to my room to get ready. I showered and shaved. I applied lotion all over my body so everything would be smooth. I paid extra special attention to my pubic area, not knowing what was in store for me. I put on my bath towel then did my finger and toe nails. Hot pink to match. I dried my hair and put on some makeup. It was getting pretty close to the party and I beginning to get a bit nervous. My roommate Amy came in, saw that I was getting dolled up. She asked what was going on, I told her I was going to a party.

“Looking all pretty like that you must be going to meet a guy?” she asked.

“Well kind of.” I replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I’m going to be the entertainment for a birthday party. I just have to dance around a little in my underwear.”

“Really? What are you gonna wear?”

“Hold on a sec.” I said, grabbing my bra and panties I headed into the bathroom. I put on my bra and panties, then covered up with the bathrobe. Re-entering the bedroom, I opened the bathrobe. Amy’s eyes went wide, her jaw dropped. Letting the robe fall to the floor I slowly turned around.

“What do ya think?” I asked.

“You’re actually wearing that?”


“You might as well be naked. Everything is showing.”

“Well I want this to be a birthday he’ll never forget.”

“I don’t think he’ll forget it. Wow. You look hot.”

I put on some tight jeans and a white blouse that buttoned up the front. The party was already going when I arrived at Josh’s suite. Josh introduced me to the guys. There were 5 guys total and I only knew Josh and Nick. When we got to Nick I kissed him on the cheek and wished him a happy birthday. Someone handed me a beer and we hung out for a bit. Josh pulled me into his bedroom and gave me $100 as agreed too.

“You are wearing lingerie right? I mean the guys want their money’s worth.”

“Oh yes I am. And I’m sure they’ll get more than $100 worth from me!”

We returned to the party. Even with just 6 people the suite was crowed. Not everyone could sit, so most of us were standing. A bottle was being passed around, I took a couple of swallows off of it. After a little bit Josh quieted everyone down.

“Nick we’ve got a birthday surprise for you. Just sit right here and relax.” Josh sat Nick down in antalya escort the middle of the couch. The other guys moved back to clear the center of the room, so I could do my thing. The music started and I moved to the center of the room. I had butterflies in my stomach, but at the same time I was slightly aroused. I started a slow sensual dance, rubbing my hands up and down my body. The guys started cheering me on. I undid the top three buttons of my blouse leaving just the two lower ones. The blouse opened giving everyone a peak at my bra. I moved around the room, dancing in front of each guy for a couple of seconds, giving them a good view down my shirt. When I got to Josh he started dancing with me. I moved in real close, I got my leg between his, then I rubbed my crotch on his thigh. The guys really hollered for that and I was getting turned on. Moving over to where Nick was sitting I danced in front of him. I had my hands over my head and wiggled my body. Turning around I wiggled my ass for him. Then I sat in his lap, and ground my ass into his groin. He put his hands on my waist as I continued to rock back and forth. Standing up I turned around to face Nick again. I undid my jeans, and open the flaps. My panties were so low the top was barely visible. I then undid the final 2 buttons of my blouse. I turned around so all could see me. The blouse fell off my shoulders and I let it drop to the floor. My nipples were erect, and that was clearly evident to everyone in the room, as they poked through the lace material. All five guys were staring at my chest. Yes I think they were getting their money’s worth. I moved around the room, giving every guy a close up look at my bra and tits. One guy tried to grab me but I slapped his hand away.

Moving back to Nick I shook my hips back and forth, started to push my jeans down. When they were down onto my thighs I did a little dance around the room, shaking my butt. All the guys were now staring at my mini pink panties. They could clearly see I was shaven, as the lace panties didn’t cover up much, and this was turning me on. I leaned over and pushed my jeans all the way down. Someone smacked me on my ass. Stepping out of my jeans I was now wearing only my lace bra and panties, practically naked. I danced over to Nick, pulled him up, wrapped one leg around him and pulled him tight. Pushing my pussy onto him I could feel his hard cock. With one hand behind his head I pulled him in for a kiss. With my free hand I took his hand and place it on my breast. The guys cheered loudly. I rubbed his hand on my tit, then pushed him back down on the couch.

I danced around the room, giving each guy his own private show. I rubbed my pussy on their legs, pushed my tits into their chests. One guy I turned around and pushed my ass into his groin, rubbing my ass up and down on him. He reached around and cupped my tits. Since I didn’t protest he gently rubbed my nipples. I pushed back harder on his groin. I was really getting turned on now. I broke away from this guy, moved to the next. Immediately his hands were on my hips. As we danced his hands made their way up to my tits, and he massaged them for a few seconds before I backed away.

Going over to Nick, I sat on him, knees to either side straddling him. I grind my ass into his legs, pushed my tits into his chest. Pulling his head towards me I kissed him again. I shifted forward so my pussy was now grinding on his cock. His hands found my ass, massaging it. Shaking my shoulders back and forth I pushed my tits into his face. I stood up, pulling Nick up. I pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it. He had a nice build. I undid his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. His cock trying to poke through his boxers. I pushed him back down on the couch. I got back on him and really started to grind on his cock, now with only his boxers and my lace panties separating us.

I continued to grind Nick’s cock, his hands roaming all over me. I was so hot, I was really beginning to get wet. I jumped off Nick. I leaned over and grabbed Nick’s cock through the opening of his boxers. He tried to cover it up but I started to stroke him and he quickly let me go. As I was stroking serik escort him someone came up behind me, they pulled my panties aside and fingered me. The finger slid right into me and he started to finger fuck me. Then another finger slid in. Another finger found my clit. Someone stepped up next to me and undid my bra. It fell to the floor and hands were on both my tits. The hands left my pussy and clit as someone pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them and the fingers returned. I kept stroking Nick’s cock while several hands pleasure me. The fingers pulled out of me and I felt a cock press up against my pussy. I stood up.

“Hey this is Nick’s birthday, I think he should get first dibs.” I said as I pushed the cock behind me away. The guys were all around me, most of them with their cocks out. I turned back to Nick, straddled him, lined up his cock with my pussy and sunk down onto it. His eyes lit up. I started riding his cock, someone reached around from behind me and played with my tits. Nick had his hands on my waist as I bounced on him, guiding me up and down. From this position I was able to grind my clit into Nick every time I came down. Nick thrust up every time I came down. I was in heaven. My orgasm hit, my body tense, my pussy squeezed Nick’s cock. I guess that was enough for him cause he exploded too, filling me with his cum. We continued to pound each other for another minute or two before we stopped.

Before I had a chance to rest I was pulled off Nick. They led me to the side of the couch, then pushed me over the arm. It was a pretty high couch, just right for leaning a girl over to fuck her. And that’s what they intended to do. Someone was behind me spreading my legs wide, and then a cock was in me. I didn’t even know who. He started to pound into me, I pushed back with every thrust. There was a cock in my face, so I took it in my hand, started to stroke it. But this cock wasn’t satisfied with that, it pushed closer to my face. My mouth opened and I sucked it in. My tongue ran over the cock as it started to fuck my face. A hand grabbed my hair, moving my head up and down the cock. I kept my hand on it to keep it from choking me as I sucked on it. The cock in my pussy kept pounding into me. Someone grunted and the cock in my pussy exploded. He thrust in several more times before pulling out. The cock in my mouth started to swell. I sucked even harder, stroked it faster with my hand. Suddenly it pulled out, I kept stroking it and it shot its load in my face.3 or 4 squirts of hot cum on my face. I couldn’t see as I had my eyes closed. Then there was a cock entering my pussy again. He started pounding me hard. I did a mental count, there were five guys. Three had already cum so this had to be the fourth, one more after this and I was done. I pushed back to meet his every thrust. His hands were on my hips pulling me back onto him. I moaned “Yes baby fuck me.” And he fucked me hard. I squeezed my pussy, I moved my hips, anything to get him to cum. His paced picked up, he was getting deeper. He moaned and I felt him unload in me. After another couple of thrusts his was done. He pulled out.

I lay there for a second, waiting for the last guy. I noticed the guys were talking. I looked around. One guy still had his clothes on. The other guys were trying to get him naked so he could fuck me. I moved over to him.

“Whats the matter, don’t you want to fuck a pretty girl like me?” I asked. He didn’t answer, but looked at the ground. I dropped to my knee and reached for his belt. He tried to backup but the other guys held him there. Quickly I undid his belt, then jeans. I pulled his jeans and underwear down, his hard cock popped out. Immediately I grabbed it, started to stroke it. I ran my tongue around it a couple of times before sucking it into my mouth. He was rock hard. I bobbed on it several times then released it.

“Yup I think he’s ready to fuck me now.” Standing up I leaned over the end of the couch again. Looking back I could see he was still hesitating, but then the other guys pushed him to me. His cock, standing straight up, landed in the crack of my ass.

“Come fuck her.” Some side escort one said. He wasn’t making any effort to get his cock in me. He just stared at my naked ass, with his hard dick between my cheeks. The other guys were yelling at him to fuck me, but he didn’t move. Standing up I pulled him to the middle of the couch by his dick. I pushed him down, then straddle him. Grabbing his cock I rubbed it on my well lubricated pussy. Lifting myself slightly I aimed his cock at my pussy and sunk down on it. The rest of the guys cheered. I started to ride him. He finally showed some signs of life when he put his hands on my thighs. Leaning forward I rubbed my tits in his face. I kept rubbing my nipples across his mouth, when finally his lips parted and sucked one in. This combined with me rubbing my clit on him pushed me over the edge. I came again, not as hard as the first time. As my body shuddered he came also, shooting a giant load deep into me. I collapsed onto him, just resting there.

“Get her up.” Some one said. Several hands picked me up, I though they were going to help me to the bathroom, but to my surprise they led me to the end of the couch, then pushed me over the arm again. I was dead tired at this point so I didn’t put up a fight. I stayed where I was trying to catch my breath. The cum mixture was running down my legs. I thought I heard the door open so I looked. Sure enough it was open, and Josh was halfway out.

“Come here you’ve got to see this.” He said. I tried to get up but now someone was holding me down.

“Holy shit!” It was a new voice, someone else had entered the room.

“This whore cost me one hundred bucks. I want to get my moneys worth, so go ahead and fuck her.” Josh said. Two seconds later there was another cock entering my pussy. I couldn’t fight back so this guy fucked me. I didn’t push back this time, I just lay there, letting him do all the work. Another hard cock was suddenly in my face. It poked me a couple of times before I grabbed it, then sucked it into my mouth. I bobbed on this cock, trying to get it to cum before it fucked me. My pussy was beginning to get sore, and the cock pounding it showed no signs of slowing. He kept pounding into me, I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth. The cock in my pussy pulled out, there was a moan, then hot cum was sprayed on my ass, in my crack. I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth as the last couple of squirts of cum landed on my ass. The cock in my mouth pulled away and immediately went behind me. In a second it was in my sore pussy, and he was driving hard. My pussy was burning now. “Please.” I begged him. “Please stop.” A couple more thrusts and he did stop. I couldn’t believe it as he pulled out. I was beginning to feel relieved when I felt pressure on my asshole. Hands on my ass spread it wider. The cock pushed trying to get in. He pushed again and he popped in. It hurt. I whimpered. Very slowly he continued to push in. He pulled out slowly, then slowly pushed in again. This time he went deeper, it kept hurting. He repeated this several more times until he was all the way in. He slowly started to fuck me, going deep every time. The pain was subsiding as I got used to it. Slowly he picked up speed till he was fucking me at a good pace. His paced really quickened and he shot his load into my ass. After a couple more squirts he pulled out with a pop.

I looked around, there were no more hard cocks in the room. I stood up and slowly made my way to the bathroom, cum leaking out both holes. I cleaned up as best I could, then returned to the living area, still totally naked. The guys cheered. Picking up my bra and panties I went to put them on. Josh stopped me.

“No these are for us to keep, as a souvenir of Nick’s birthday bash.” Josh took them from me. I pulled on my jeans, blouse and left. Two minutes later I was back in my room, my jeans now getting wet as cum continued to leak from me. The phone rang as I was headed to the bathroom. On the phone was Billy, my boyfriend from back home.

“Hi Melissa, I was thinking about you. I miss you.”

“I miss you too honey.” I replied making my way back to the bathroom. I put the lid down on the toilet and sat down. Billy talked to me for 10 or 15 minutes before I was able to convince him I was tired and needed to go to bed. When we hung up I noticed my jeans were soaked all the way through at my crotch. I undressed and took a bath. Finally I crawled into bed. I slept good that night.

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