Mart 22, 2021

Melanie Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: May Meeting — Second Day — Adding Ken and Jerry

This story portrays sometimes surprising sexual relations between consenting adults, with no sluts, no degradation, no domination and no abuse.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

“Hi, Arnold, how are you doing?” I asked when Arnold answered my call. “You said you wanted me to call after the meetings and before the party.” I tried to keep my voice neutral even though I was excited, looking forward to the evening and what he might ask me to do.

“I’m doing fine,” he said. I could hear the eagerness in his voice as he continued, “Did you enjoy the fantasy last night?”

“I really did,” I admitted. “I can’t argue about making your fantasies more real. In fact, I had the real Todd here with me last night and we had a wonderful time. Last night was real.” I was still conflicted about telling Arnold the truth and making him believe it. In my fear about Arnold’s possible jealousy, I made the first part of our call the previous night sound like a fantasy. Now it would be difficult to get him to believe that I was telling the truth. My continued conflict still came from my fear. As enthusiastic as Arnold appeared, I was still afraid that he might get jealous when he figured it out. And, as conflicted as I was, I was also eager for more action.

“Did you get yourself off after I hung up last night?” he asked.

“Kind of,” I said. “Actually, Todd got me off several more times.” My pussy tingled with the thought. I couldn’t help thinking that, if I started tingling like this so early, the rest of the evening would be totally amazing.

“That’s the spirit,” he said enthusiastically. “Can you tell me about it?”

“Of course I can,” I agreed. “And you want me to convince you that it’s real, right?” Inwardly, I swore at myself. I had just reminded him that he thought this was all a fantasy. I really wanted to tell him the truth. But I had just made it more difficult for him to believe me when I did tell him. I knew I would have to find some special way to tell him when the time came, some way that would be absolutely convincing.

“I want it to be real,” he responded. “Tell me everything.”

“Well, I took my blouse off and turned around so Todd could see me,” I said. “When I faced him again, his eyes glazed over. He liked what he saw and told me so. He wondered if I liked being touched on the rest of my body like I like being touched on my butt. I encouraged him to try it and find out. We cuddled and necked for a little while. He rubbed and caressed me all over. He had such a nice touch that I came just from him rubbing on me. You know how sensitive my skin is.” I couldn’t help rubbing my body while I spoke. My caresses on my breasts, my butt, my torso and my pussy felt almost as good as Todd’s had the night before. “Well, Todd had such a nice touch that I felt like he was an organist playing beautiful music of pleasure all over me. And I knew that he liked it, too, because he got hard again with very little delay.” Even with this little bit of description, plus my own touching, of course, I felt more tingling and moisture in my pussy. “Arnold, I’m getting wet just from telling you about it.”

“What about your butt?” Arnold asked. His voice caught as he spoke so I guessed he was probably stroking himself as I talked.

“He knew that you wanted me to appreciate my butt, so he fucked me from behind again,” I said. “He caressed my butt so nicely while he fucked me that I came again twice before he came his second time.” I reached between my legs, pushing my dress up so I could reach my target. I caressed my pussy through my thong panties and felt the moisture that was already there.

“What do you mean he knew what I wanted you to do with your butt?” Arnold challenged. “How would he know that?”

“Don’t be silly, Arnold,” I said. “He was following your directions while you and I talked on the phone. He couldn’t help but know what you wanted. After he fucked me that time, he massaged and caressed me some more. His touch felt really nice on my breasts and he noticed how much I enjoyed that. So he kissed my nipples and flicked them with his tongue. He’s really good with his tongue.” I dropped my skirt so I could pinch my nipples through the thin fabric of the gray dress. That felt so good that I couldn’t hold back a slight moan. “Mmmm. Then he wanted to eat my pussy.” I pushed a hand under my skirt again to rub my pussy within my thong. “I was so turned on I couldn’t say no, Arnold. So he crawled between my legs and started to eat me. I think he was really experienced, Arnold.” I stroked my pussy more firmly as I spoke and slipped a finger under my thong to caress myself more intimately. My pussy and clit responded instantly, flooding me with pleasure that I hoped would soon be eclipsed by more time with Todd. I was surprised and delighted at how turned on I got from my touch, my memory of Todd’s touch and his wonderful penis and telling Arnold about my activities with Todd.

“He started slowly and lifted me up just a little at a time. I almost told him to get serious a couple of times antalya escort but he lifted me a little more and I felt so good that I forgot to object.” I gently rubbed my clit with the memory of Todd’s talented tongue. “It felt so good that my clit is all tingly just thinking about it. And he figured out a neat way to rub my butt while he ate my pussy. I really liked what he did.”

“He rubbed your butt while he ate your pussy?” Arnold asked. His voice caught even more as he spoke, so I knew he was touching himself and enjoying it.

“Oh, yes, Arnold,” I affirmed. “I don’t know how he did it but it felt so good that I didn’t really care how. While he ate me, he rubbed my butt. He changed his touch every once in a while, reaching up to touch my breasts and around to caress my stomach. He also stuck a finger or two in my pussy while he tongued my clit. It was marvelous.” By now I was actively rubbing my clit and feeling my excitement grow. I wondered if Arnold could hear the excitement I felt.

“And you came?” he asked, his voice quavering.

“I definitely came, more than once,” I enthused. “He eased his touch each time and then stimulated me more. I don’t remember how many times I came but I’d sure like to experience his tongue some more. I’m getting hot just thinking about it and stroking my clit in his honor. Uhhhhh.” I know my voice showed my excitement. I experienced a small orgasm just as I finished telling Arnold about Todd’s tongue. We were both quiet for a few seconds.

“Was that all you did with him?” Arnold prompted. I thought his voice sounded a little more firm and I wondered if he liked hearing that part or if it bothered him to hear the signs of my orgasm. I wondered if he got off at the same time I did but I didn’t think so. I continued my story.

“No, that’s not all, Arnold,” I said as happily as I could. I didn’t have to work to sound happy, I really had enjoyed my time with Todd. “After he finished feasting on my pussy, I decided to return the favor. He was still soft from our fucking so I sucked his penis all the way into my mouth.” I heard Arnold catch his breath and I knew I was on the right track. “He still tasted so good because of his cum and my juices on his lollipop. I sucked and savored his tasty tool and it wasn’t long before he was hard again. I thought it was fun to make his prick jerk by licking just under and across the tip.” My description was true. It was also true that Arnold really liked that touch when I sucked his cock.

“And he really liked that?” Arnold prompted. His voice was really shaky again.

“Yeah, he really liked that,” I affirmed with as thoughtful a tone as I could muster. “He also liked it when I sucked him into my mouth and swirled his penis around with my tongue.” That was another touch Arnold really liked.

Arnold moaned and could barely speak. “Uh, what else did you do?”

“Oh, not much,” I prepared to deliver the ultimate news. “I just cradled his balls in one hand and pressed up behind his balls, you know, just like you like. I even slid my fingers toward his asshole to tease him a little. But before I even got close, he came again. He pumped quite a load into my mouth. I swallowed all I could, then sucked even more to see how much I could get out of him. He gave me several more spurts before he was done for the night.”

Arnold moaned even more as I told about sucking Todd off. I heard a clunk as though he dropped the phone. After a few moments, I heard some rustling and Arnold spoke again.

“Babe, you’re so hot that you constantly amaze me,” he said. I smiled as he spoke. In our married life, there were just two phrases he used that I didn’t like. One was when he talked about my big beautiful butt. He and I were working so that I would love my butt as much as he did, so I didn’t object to that any more. The other was him calling me Babe just after he had an outstanding orgasm. I stopped objecting when I realized the association. He didn’t know how much he told me when he called me Babe, but I knew. He had just cum powerfully. He liked my story. “Babe, are you there?”

“I’m here, Arnold,” I responded. “It sounded like you dropped the phone.”

“I did,” he confirmed. “Do you know how amazing you are?”

“I’m really glad that you think so,” I said.

“Babe, you have no idea,” he said sincerely. I was surprised. A three-Babe orgasm was unusual.

“We didn’t do much after I sucked him off,” I said. “But it was a long, sexy night. We cleaned up the mess a little and he went to his room for the night.”

“Were you wet all the time?” Arnold asked.

“I was wet from the time I rubbed my butt on him at the party,” I confirmed. “You know how I get wet when I’m horny. I was soaking all night.”

“That’s what I thought,” he said. “Do you know what I’d like you to do tonight?”

“I really don’t know,” I responded. “Does it have something to do with making it real and with my butt?”

“You’re very perceptive,” he said. “Yes, I want you to make it as real as you can. And I want you to prove again to yourself just how wonderful your butt lara escort really is. I want you to wear the gray dress to the party tonight, with no underwear.”

“But that will show everything I have,” I objected, “and if I get wet thinking about making love with you, my juices will make a spot on the dress that everyone will be able to see.”

“That’s a good point,” he admitted. “OK, you can wear underwear, but it can only be thong panties. Don’t wear a bra.”

I tingled because that’s what I was hoping he would say. “Are you sure, Arnold? I’ll be in a crowd of people you don’t know and some of them will be in my own company. If I put on too good a show, I could get fired.”

“I’ve thought about that,” he said. “I want you and Todd to carefully select a few friends you can trust. When you’re with them, I want them to surround you and caress your butt. I want you to find a corner of the room that’s away from the main action. I want them to form a circle so nobody else can really see what’s going on. Then I want you to dance for them, just as sensually as you possibly can. Rub your butt across the fronts of their trousers until you feel all of their hard pricks. When you’ve had enough of that at the party, bring them all to your room and call me.”

“You know I could never do that at a party,” I chided.

“Melanie, was Todd real for you last night?” Arnold asked.

“Todd was very real,” I answered.

“I want you to do the same tonight,” Arnold said. “I want tonight to be at least as real for you as last night was.”

“Arnold, would you want this if it were really real, not just a fantasy?” I challenged. Even if I couldn’t get him to believe the truth yet, I wanted his clear approval for what he asked.

“Absolutely,” he answered. “If I knew how to set up this kind of situation and prove to you that your butt is the most beautiful thing in the world, I’d do it. I’d hold the clothes of all the men fucking you and help them to get reenergized when they wore out, just so you could appreciate yourself. I would do all of this, just for you, Baby.” I smiled at the variant of Babe. He really wanted this.

“So if I set this up with the real Todd and some of his friends, you would want me to go through with it?” I asked.

“That’s the spirit, Melanie,” he said enthusiastically. “Yes. I give you my permission to find a real Todd and to have wild sex with him and a roomful of his friends. All I ask is that you use your butt to attract them so that you know you have a wonderful butt.”

“If you think so, I guess I can work with Todd and see what we can do,” I said hesitantly, barely able to keep my broad smile from affecting my voice.

“That’s what I think and that’s what I want,” Arnold said firmly. “Now get dressed like I said, go down to that party and have fun.”

“Thanks, Sweetheart, I’ll try,” I said and hung up. I stood, already wearing the gray dress and thong underwear and no bra and looked at myself in the mirror. I really could see practically everything about my body.

I called Todd’s room. When he answered, I explained what Arnold had asked me to do. I asked if he had any friends who could be trusted to keep quiet while we acted the fantasy and keep their silence afterwards. He said he only knew two for sure but they fit all the qualifications. I told him to gather his friends, fill them in on the situation, and meet me at the party. I picked up my room key and some cash, leaving my purse behind, and left my room to head downstairs.

Todd was waiting for me outside the party room with two other men. He introduced me. Both were younger than Todd, Jerry being shorter and Ken taller. As we walked inside, Todd was directly in front of me and the other two followed so close that they kicked my feet a couple of times. I tapped Todd on the shoulder then stopped. Jerry bumped into me.

“Look, I want you close to me,” I said, “but please be careful not to kick me or step on me. We can have a little space when we walk and get closer together when we stop, OK?”

All three nodded and we turned to look around the room. Ken tapped Todd on the shoulder and pointed to a corner. Todd nodded and we started walking that direction. When we arrived, we found that the crowd was less dense and the corner was a little darker than the rest of the room. The reason for the vacant corner was quickly apparent. Buster, the funniest customer at our meetings, was entertaining a group of customers and my peers with his comic delivery. Everyone in his “audience” strained to hear his latest quips. As a result, our corner was surrounded by the backs of the people Buster was entertaining. I relaxed a little. I had been concerned that just the three guys wouldn’t be able to hide our activities very well. With Buster’s unwitting help, we had a much better chance of not getting caught as we acted out Arnold’s fantasy.

“What would you like to drink?” Todd asked.

“I’d like a glass of water and a margarita,” I said. “Here, I’d like you to hold my room key and my money.” He accepted the room key manavgat escort and tried to give the money back. “I don’t have any place to carry either,” I said. “Whether I pay for my drinks or not, please hold the key and money.”

Todd got drink orders from Jerry and Ken, then went to the bar to get our drinks.

“You look really nice,” Jerry ventured.

“Thanks, Jerry, I try,” I responded.

“I think he means you look really nice,” Ken said, emphasizing the word really. “Is it true that your husband told you what to wear tonight?”

“Yes, it’s true,” I confirmed. I turned around so they could see the entire picture, or as much as they could see in the dark corner. When I faced them again, their smiles and happy eyes told me that they approved. “He really wanted this dress to be in a really bright color but I insisted on toning it down.”

“Why did you tone it down?” Ken asked.

“I want to keep my job,” I said. “If it were really bright, as form fitting as this dress is, everyone would notice immediately. And that simply wouldn’t be in keeping with the image my company wants to project.”

“In a way, that’s a shame,” Ken said, “because from here, that dress shows that you have a wonderful form. Do you realize how tempting it is to put my hands all over your form?”

“Hold that thought,” I said, avoiding an answer for the moment but thinking how nice his hands would feel roaming all over my form.

“Why did your husband want you to wear that dress with several men escorting you?” Jerry asked. He smiled nervously.

“I think I have a big butt,” I said. “My husband thinks I have a wonderful butt. He has a fantasy that I’ll learn to love my butt just like it is if I only realize that guys are really attracted to my butt.”

“I’m really attracted to your butt,” Jerry said hurriedly. His hands twitched and I knew that he would like to get a grip on my butt. I smiled my encouragement.

Todd showed up with a tray and our drinks. I drank half of my water then started to sip my real drink. “Have you explained everything to Ken and Jerry?” he asked.

“Not everything,” I said. “I told them that Arnold likes my butt and wants me to like it too. What did you tell them?”

“I only told them that your husband wanted you to wear a very sensual dress and wanted you to have a close escort of more than one man,” he said.

“Let’s pull up some chairs for a minute and talk,” I said. When we were seated, I continued. “My husband wants me to love my butt. He has a fantasy that I’ll love my butt if I realize that my butt turns men on. In his fantasy, men see and caress my butt. They get turned on. OK?”

“That’s OK so far,” Ken responded. “Somehow I think there might be more to this.”

“You’re right, there is more,” I said. “Can I trust all three of you to keep this entire evening strictly between the three of us? And can I trust you to keep totally quiet when it’s time to be quiet?”

“Of course,” Todd answered. Ken and Jerry looked confused but quickly agreed.

“OK, here’s the complete story,” I said. “My husband wants me to be at this party and knock several guys’ eyes out. He knows that I’m a little conservative in public so he wants the guys, you guys, to make sure nobody else sees when I’m showing off. So I’m going to dance for you three. I won’t strip but this dress reveals a lot about my body. I’ll probably rub against you as I dance. When I’m not dancing, and maybe sometimes when I am, we’re going to stand really close together. When we do, you can touch me, especially my butt, and we can rub on each other. After we’ve done that for a little while, I’m supposed to go up to my room and call my husband for some fantasy phone sex. I want you to come to my room with me but I don’t want my husband to hear that you’re there. So you have to be completely quiet. I want you to act out his fantasy. I don’t know what he’ll say to do but we’ll just have to find that out as we go. Does that make sense?”

“I’m not sure whether it makes sense or not,” Ken said, “but it sounds like such a kinky bit of fun that I’d like to be in on it.” Jerry just nodded vigorously. “How do we get started?” Ken finished.

“We just follow directions,” I said. “Move these chairs out of the way and stand so nobody else can see what I’m doing.” They three men followed instructions and I started to sway with the music. The gray dress wasn’t quite as sensual for me as the navy skirt but it still felt good. And I knew from Arnold’s excitement that it looked even better. I loosened my movements and started to step around, turning so the men could see me. I almost laughed when I noticed how much they tried to keep eye contact and not look at my body as I moved as sensually as I could. I danced so I could brush past each of them in turn. Ken and Jerry stood stiffly, as though afraid of making wrong moves. My mood darkened. I needed their help to make Arnold’s fantasy work. I danced past them again, this time deliberately rubbing my butt against the fronts of their trousers before moving to the next one. I wanted to feel their pricks get hard but Jerry and Ken didn’t seem to get that yet. If they didn’t get with the program soon, this could turn out to be a dud of an evening. I wished I had agreed more obviously when Ken first hinted about getting his hands on me. Todd, at least, was getting noticeably firm.

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