Mart 26, 2021

MEG-a-doses of Mom Pt. 03

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We’d been at it for a long time. Finally, the sensations eddied into a silent satisfaction. We crawled deeper into the sheets, the heat still radiating from our bodies. I put my hand on her hip and nestled into a comfortable position next to her. I could feel my Mom’s juices drying on my cock. Mom slumped back against me. She took another drink and got more comfortable.

Continuing, she told me, “When you were in high school I did date some. It had been a few years since your father died and I finally felt ready to get involved again. I loved your father but we didn’t have much time together it seemed. You and I have been together almost as long as we were married. I went to bars now and again with friends and even ended up in bed with a man once or twice.”

“As you know now, after a few drinks I can get a little wild. There was this one time when I’d had a few drinks and this man asked me to dance. I could feel how big he was as he pressed up against me. I had never really fooled around a lot before I met you father and I was lonely then so I just let things happen. He did have a big cock, he told me it was eight and a half inches…”

She paused making my already awkward feelings about her confession linger. She added. “I think you’re bigger though. Paul have you ever measured your cock?” She didn’t wait for a response and got out of bed.

Mom returned with a ruler and continued her story. “It was fun but it was short-lived. He had a big ego and I wouldn’t let him into our life.” She took the ruler and held it against my flaccid cock. “With you at home and work, I didn’t really crave male attention and it was never really anything more than a little sex… Oh my Honey, you’re over seven inches and you’re not even hard.”

I stroked Mom’s thigh as she sat there talking while staring at my cock and the ruler. “I kept it all from you because I was insecure about being able to take care of you by myself.”

“Mom, you did a great job and it’s even better now.” I said as I squeezed her thigh. She laid down with her back against me.

“Paul, you have the biggest cock I’ve ever had…” She whispered. Lost in her own thoughts for a moment—I can’t believe what the years have done for me. I love this man more than anyone, even his father. He’s loved me and now he’s taking care of me. I can’t believe the way he makes me feel, what he can get me to do…and his cock is so good, so fucking hot and big…

“I taksim escort bayan love you Mom. I don’t ever think I can say that enough.” I whispered kissing her back.

“Paul, I want you to know that I have never felt this way with anyone. I know we have sex a lot but it’s more than that. We wouldn’t have lasted unless it was more. The strength of our relationship is only magnified by this…” She reached back and squeezed my cockhead with her fingers. “What I love most about you is how you pay attention to me, the special things you do and the openness we’ve been able to share over the years. When we’re together, everything seems to just flow in this comforting pattern.”

“Mom, I feel it too. Like everything just falls into place and there aren’t any barriers.”

“Yes baby, like that… And when we make love, it’s the embodiment of it all. Whether it’s intense and wild like tonight or tender and gentle, I feel like I am learning more about love and like we are growing into each other…” She giggled and leaned back. “I just love you Paul… And I don’t ever want to lose your monster cock…”

I cuddled her into my arms, “You won’t Sweet Love. You won’t.”


“I promise dear Meg. Besides, if we get our tattoos, what would people think if they saw us naked.”


“OK, when…”

“When we get our tattoos dear boy, we’ll be marked in love. And when we’re old and gray, we’l have some interesting memories…” Her voice trailed off. “Will you still love me Paul? Sometimes I worry about the future…”

“Well, there’s always ‘viagra’ Mom…”

“No, I’m serious.” She rolled over to face me. “What will it be like?”

“Mom, you just said that our love is more than sex and I know that. We’ll live on a golf course and sit on the porch and do what people do. Enjoy each day, hold hands, talk about our lives, travel, and make love in new ways. This is ’til death do us part’ my dear wife. I will always take care of you and our life together can only get better.”

“Oh Paul.” A tear fell from Mom’s eyes. “I love you. Hold me baby.”

She rolled back to her side and I held her for the rest of the night.

********** Epilogue of Eternity

A few weeks later, we did get tattooed for each other. Mom was a little embarrassed to have to expose part of her ass to get hers but she did it. Just above the center ümraniye escort bayan of her ass, she was marked with “PAUL’S” in a stylish calligraphy. All capital letters in brilliant red ink.

My tattoo was in the middle of my back. I was simply marked with a big “M” which we knew represented ‘Meg’ and ‘Mom’ for our special union. Mom chose a distinct font for the single letter. She often touched that spot on my back just I did hers. It was a hidden sign of our love as we walked through crowds and stood together at parties.

On the vacation we took for our 10th anniversary a few years later, we went to Mexico. Mom’s skin took on a rich deep tone through the lazy days we spent on the beach and I never tired of seeing the responses from people who noticed her tattoo.

The days and nights were held in a constant state eroticism. Her wardrobe for the vacation was new and chosen with detail and care. Mom knows how to dress to complement her assets and she dresses to please me. Two new bikinis, a few wrap around skirts, some very sexy silk lingerie that she wouldn’t show me, some tight blouses, and a few pairs of pointed-toe high heels as well as more practical sandals.

Mom wore my favorite outfit on our first night in Mexico. It consisted of a short sexy wrap-around red skirt that certainly drew attention to her and showed off her legs, especially with the matching high heels keeping her calves tight. She also wore a sleeveless white blouse that she kept unbuttoned deep into her cleavage. We danced the night away in the humid heat and walked on the beach before a slow session of loving making primed us for sleep.

We woke up late the next morning and had a leisurely breakfast before heading to the beach which was just outside our backdoor. I couldn’t see what Mom was wearing as she had put on shorts and a t-shirt over her bikini.

When she stripped down on the beach, she took my breath away. Her bikini was an electric blue color made of textured fabric. The top was basically two triangles of material that stretched tightly across her nipples leaving her beautiful tit-flesh bulging from all sides. The bottom of the suit only covered half of her succulent ass cheeks, exposing their curves nicely.

It was a pleasure to rub tanning lotion all over Mom. Mesmerized as I again studied her delicious body. I almost lost my breath as I stared at the sight üsküdar escort bayan before me. Mom was on her stomach, the tie on her top undone, and I had straddled her to spread lotion on her back and ass. Mom’s nearly naked ass with my name tattooed on it was unbelievable. Something about this part of her body in particular never ceased to amaze and delight me. I was tempted to slip my growing erection into her then, imagining my cock penetrating her as we clutched together doggie-style. That would happen later that afternoon before our nap but for now I just enjoyed the feeling of her silky skin.

We lounged there for a few hours in the ocean air, sipping drinks, reading, dozing, and playing in the surf. It was so sexy to see Mom’s body shimmy as we walked down to the water. I felt proud to have her with me as others stared in awe. Later, when we returned to our suite, I asked her not to put her shorts back on and I purposely walked behind her to watch her ass. By the time we got there, I couldn’t help myself and bent her over and took her doggie-style until we collapsed.

After a short nap, we got cleaned up and dressed for dinner. Mom’s body was already showing tan lines and her outfit that evening accented the added color. I wanted to make dinner as romantic and possible for Mom, so I had made reservations at a nice little restaurant and requested a table in a private corner. We had a leisurely candlelit dinner with some champagne and went to the hotel club to dance for a while.

Mom was shaking her body sensually as we moved around the dance floor. Several men couldn’t resist and asked her to dance but she declined each of them. As it grew late, we headed back to our room and got ready for bed. We laid there naked for many minutes and kissed. I moved on top of Mom and held her, gazing into her beautiful face.

We held that position with our eyes connected as my hard cock penetrated her. Holding my cock deep inside of her, we kissed, eyes still locked together, never flinching as our hips began to work. Ever so sensually, we made love, pumping in a steady motion, letting the pleasure surge. After what seemed like an eternity, the tension within us mounted, the undulations of our bodies constant, and we experienced the flooding sensations of orgasm together. Our moaning was subdued but it felt like the most emotional pleasure we’d ever shared. It wasn’t until the moment of climax that we closed our eyes and then in the silence, there was only our breathing.

The next few days were loving and intense. As always we included variety in our sexual activities and all that we did brought us closer together. It was a beautiful and relaxing anniversary. We have celebrated many more anniversaries since then, each having special memories, and all of them enriching our life together…

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