Mart 26, 2021

Meeting the Brothers Ch. 03

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Ava Addams


This chapter has lots of sex, so if this isn’t your thing…

I awoke with a smile on my face, languidly stretching out like a cat, at least until the achiness permeating every muscle in my body had me wincing.

No wonder I was sore and achy in all the right places. Wow. What a crazy couple of days I’d enjoyed with my new in-laws — basically a non-stop sex-a-thon. Of course I’d agreed to it, even welcomed it. But in my wildest dreams, I’d never imagined I’d get to experience half of what they’d done to me, all in just two days. It felt like one big hard cock after another was pushing into my body, deep into my deliciously stinging pussy, past my eager lips or into my tender ass, making me come and cry out from morning till night as each one of them nearly fucked me raw.

But now that I knew how good they could make me feel, there was no way I’d ever turn them down, no matter how insane it got, or how many of them wanted to get with me.

I smiled looking over at my gorgeous sandy-haired husband Trevor, fast asleep after waking me up with a bang this morning, and pumping me full of yet another load of his potent seed.

Too edgy and a little too aroused to sleep anymore, with so many naughty thoughts running around my head, I decided I’d go and put on a pot of coffee and maybe go out for a swim after, to try and ease my aching muscles.

After I’d rolled out of bed, I looked down at myself as naked as the day I was born, and shook my head, quietly laughing. It really did feel so freeing to go without clothes, especially since everyone else would be naked too, all seven of them. And this way, it would so easy for them to slide into me whenever they were in the mood, seeing as all I’d be wearing was a smile.

I was at the kitchen counter, checking the cupboards looking for a coffee mug, and I let out a gasp when I felt two big hands cupping my breasts from behind along with a very substantial erection sliding up and down my ass.

Turning my head, I smiled into my father-in-law’s lusty blue gaze. “Don’t you look beautiful this morning, fresh as a daisy, my sexy daughter,” he murmured as he slipped a hand between my legs, and slid a finger into my pussy. “Hmm, so nice and juicy, too,” he breathed against my ear, making my nipples pebble from the heat of his breath, and the way he was teasing my pussy. “Not too sore, after the work out you had with all of us yesterday?”

Shaking my head, I smiled and brushed my lips to his. “No, not too sore anymore.” I smirked. “But I’m still a little tingly down there, after coming almost non-stop since I first got here.”

He smiled back, looking pleases. “So, tell me, how many fuckings have you had since you arrived here yesterday?”

I rolled my eyes, hardly able to believe we were having this conversation, never mind that the number was huge, with how much action my pussy had seen. I had to think for a moment. “Seven, I think, because Trevor had me three times, counting early this morning.”

He pretended to pout. “Aw, and your poor father-in-law only had the pleasure of enjoying you once.” With his thick finger still sliding in and out of my juicy little hole, making my nipples ache and my pussy really start to tingle, he said, “But I can feel that I’ve got you nice and wet now, so maybe I should push inside you, before anyone else gets up and decides they want a little more of you, too.”

I just bit into my lip and gave him an encouraging smile. He already had me shivering and feeling so needy I could hardly see straight. With his warm lips tracing a path across my bare shoulder, he lifted me around the waist and set me on the counter. Then taking hold of my thighs, spreading my legs, he shook his head as his lusty gaze settled on my sex. “Such a beautiful tight little pussy, and still leaking some cum too, I see. I’d better have a taste of you then, before I get inside you, and fill you up some more.”

Just the sight of him dropping to his knees, burying his head between my legs and starting to lap at my pussy, was almost enough to send me right over the edge. Transfixed at the sight of him, hungrily sliding his tongue along my slit, my breathing already shaky, I dug my fingers into his hair and started mewling like a cat in heat. Fuck, I loved this. The feel of his mouth on me, how eagerly he lapped and suckled at me. What he was doing just felt so amazing. The man really knew his way around a pussy. First prodding into me with his talented tongue, noisily lapping and adding two thick fingers, pushing inside me deep, and opening me up almost to the point of pain, I knew he was getting me nice and juicy preparing me to take his cock. And just the thought of my father-in-law eating me out, getting me ready for a good hard pounding, felt almost too erotic to be real.

I felt so lucky to have such a sexually adventurous man as Jacob for my father-in-law, as I felt my pussy starting to clench while I began to shudder, ready to come all over his tongue, he was getting me maltepe escort so wet. I could actually hear the sound of my pussy, squelching as he fucked in and out of me hard and deep with his probing fingers.

“Hmm, you taste so good, baby girl, like a sweet juicy peach. And now I have to push inside you, so I can feel you squeezing around me, when you reach that lovely peak when you climax.” Wrapping an anchoring arm around my waist, capturing my lips with his, still sliding his two thick fingers in and out of me, the heady scent of my arousal filling the air, I loved the erotic sounds coming out of my pussy as it clacked, sucking in his finger. Every inch of me shuddering, I could feel the gush of my release as he nursed me through the most jaw-dropping orgasm I think I’d ever experienced, while he explored my mouth with his tongue, nearly kissing me silly. His relentless thumb circling my clit, didn’t let up, keeping up the onslaught on my tender pussy, till he had me throwing back my head and desperately crying out. “Oh yes, right there. Oh, god that feels so good. Oh, please never stop. Please.”

Chuckling, he murmured, “That’s it, my beautiful daughter, come for Papa, come all over my hand. Then you can come again all over my cock, when I push inside you and give you a good hard fucking to start your day off right.”

I managed a shaky smile, I was just still so overwhelmed, after coming so many times over the last day that I wasn’t sure how much more my poor pussy could take. “All of you are just so insatiable. I can hardly believe this is really happening,” I told him, as he kept finger-fucking my sodden snatch, his fingers flying in and out of me now, making my sex feel like it was electrified, he had me coming so fucking hard.

Wearing a satisfied smile, he finally pulled his fingers out of me, smiling into my eyes as he slowly licked them clean, obviously enjoying the taste of me. And when he was done, just as I was starting to remember how to breathe, he began to run his cock up and down along my quivering slit, teasing me with just his big, fat purple mushroom tip. I had barely come down from the high of my orgasm, when he let out a groan, fisted his thick, heavy cock in his hand and started pushing his way inside me.

As he started thrusting into me deep and hard, he whispered against my lips, “You like this? The feel of your father fucking your tight little pussy, stretching your inner walls to the edge of pain to fit me, so I can go balls deep into your beautiful little cunt and spread my seed into your fertile womb?”

Even his words were making me tremble, as I felt his mighty weapon stretching me inside, the stinging pain so delicious, I just couldn’t stop moaning as he pounded me harder with every thrust, holding me roughly around the waist to keep me anchored to the counter. Probably so I wouldn’t slide right off, he had me so insanely aroused.

Just the thought of crawling out of bed after making love with my husband, and now being fucked right on the kitchen counter by his father, where anyone could walk in and see me with my legs spread, being impaled on his big hard cock, was almost too erotic to wrap my head around.

And yet I couldn’t lie to herself, I loved every last thing they were doing to me, all of them, no matter how dirty and raw.

Bouncing my ass on the counter, tunnelling in and out of me like a man possessed, he had both of us gasping for air. My pussy clenching hard, my nipples beginning to throb into tight achy points as my husband’s father whispered the most erotic things I’d ever imagined into my ear. “Tell me how it feels, baby girl. Do you enjoy the relentless sting of my heavy cock stretching you inside, nearly tearing you open wide, as I fuck into you, making you desperate to cry out with the need to come? While you have me nearly out of my mind from the incredible feel of plundering into the depths of your warm, young fertile body, till that perfect moment when I begin to crest and find my release, emptying my balls into your womb to breed you with my seed.”

Already shivering hard, I was so fucking turned on, digging my nails into his back, I told him the truth. “Yes, I love it! Even the pain, and with who you are, and what you’re doing to me, and though I know this should be wrong, it just feels too good to be denied.”

His eyes flared and went almost black with lust as he smiled, grasped my ass hard and started to use my body to fuck his cock, sliding my ass across the counter, slamming my pussy ruthlessly hard against him, over and over again, pounding his dick hard into my aching little hole. The way I gasped in shock, and yet still hungrily licked my lips, silently begging him for more, had him growling and growing even thicker inside me. “You love to be fucked like this nice and hard don’t you, my beautiful girl? And you also love the feel and even the idea of knowing that it’s your father-in-law’s cock fucking deep into your body, ravaging you. You can never get mecidiyeköy escort enough of this, can you? A hundred times a day all of us could fill this pussy and cum inside you over and over again, until your beautiful insatiable fuck hole is literally awash in a river of our seed, and still you would beg us for more. You were made for this Candace, made for sex, made to be bred, made to ache for the feel of a man inside you, and to enjoy the feel of all of us claiming you, making you ours, ours to enjoy and share.”

“Yes,” I confessed, as he ravaged me, pounding my pussy harder and harder with every thrust of hips. I couldn’t lie. Sex was my drug, and I knew I was right where I was meant to be; the plaything of a family with absolutely no boundaries, desperate to fuck me almost non-stop, till I could hardly see straight, or even think anymore. And the fact that it was all with my husband’s blessing, I had no guilt, only the sensation of pure unadulterated pleasure washed through me as the wicked sinfulness of what we were doing filled me with a sense of euphoria like I never knew existed until I’d married into this pack of wonderful, insatiable wolves.

“Oh, please, Jacob, take me harder,” I shamelessly begged him. I was so close, I could almost taste it. “Make me come all over your cock, fill me up till I ache. You’re right, I do need this. I need this from all of you.”

Wearing a dark satisfied smile, Jacob dug his hands into my hips and really began to pummel me, slamming into me deep, fast and ruthlessly hard, till both of us were shaking, with my dark hair flying everywhere, completely lost in the wickedness of my savage paternal lover. “Like this? You like the pain of me nearly splitting you in two, as I fill you up with even more of our potent seed? Is this what you want, to feel my cock punishing your pussy, till I have you screaming out my name and still begging for more?”

I gasped. “Yes. All of it. I want it all. The pain, the pleasure, the delicious release when you come and fill me up to overflowing. I want to be floating in all that you can give me, and I want it so much I’m not ashamed to beg.”

That outburst was enough to tip him over the edge. He groaned, and clutched her me even harder, enough to leave his mark on my skin where he was digging in his fingers. “Oh, fuck, you’re making me come so hard now, my beautiful lustful baby girl,” he warned as he dug his hands deep into my ass and roughly dragged my body against his, over and over, punishing my pussy, fucking into me just as deep as he could possibly go. Finally, with a deep savage growl, his legs shaking beneath him, barely able to stand on his feet, he slammed my cunt just as hard as he could, shuddering, as his cock spewed, firing off deep, shooting right into my womb, his hot seed splashing inside me like a volcanic eruption. Gasping for air, his chest heaving hard, he rested his forehead against mine as we both struggled to catch our breath, trembling in the aftermath.

Smiling, his voice ragged, he whispered against my lips, “Thank you, lovely angel for coming into our lives and gifting us with your beautiful willing body. All of us are so happy to have you to share, and we will try and give you everything you need, just as often as you need it. If your pussy is hungry and you have to come see me even in the middle of the night, you just wake me up and I’ll be happy to take care of you, any time, and any way you want. We’re all alike, the eight of us, and our need is so great. Sex, is the one true passion that rules us all. And now that we have you in our lives, sharing the same desires, I’m sure we can all make each other feel good, as you see to all of our needs so that no one ever has to go without as we all enjoy the bliss of joining our bodies with yours.”

Still slightly shivering, I managed a smile, relieved to discover that he understood me as well as he did, like no one had before. Seems I had married well, finding a family with the same unquenchable desires as mine. And I knew I was fortunate to be the woman they’d chosen to enjoy and to try and slake their insatiable lust.

With a tender kiss, he lifted me off the counter and his face lit up when he looked down and saw a trail of cum sliding down between my legs and pooling into a milky-white puddle on the floor. “Look at you, dripping with your father’s cum — such a beautiful sight, to see your pussy overflowing with the proof of what we’ve just shared. Now that I’ve had you, and know how good you can make me feel, you should know I will want inside you every chance I get.”

Smiling at his honesty, knowing how much I’d enjoy getting with him again, after I’d dropped a kiss on his lips, I grabbed some paper towel, wiped away the cum dripping between my legs, then cleaned up the puddle on the floor.

I had just finished mopping up the mess from my first amazing coupling of the day, when handsome blond haired, blue-eyed Eli, the only brother I hadn’t been with yet, walked pendik escort into the kitchen wandered over and pressed a sweet little kiss to my lips. “Morning, gorgeous,” he said, smiling into my eyes as he slid his thumbs up and down over her nipples, and began toying with my breasts. Then his smile widened as he sniffed the air, ripe with the unmistakeable scent of sex. Eli raised an eyebrow, smiling knowingly at both of us. “I wonder what you two have been up to this morning.”

Jacob unabashedly smiled back. “I just fucked our beautiful Candace up on the counter. And her pussy is still nice and juicy if you want to bend her over a chair in the family room. I’m sure she’d like it if you got inside her, too. She’s got only eight loads in her right now, and I think she’d like it if you’d make it nine, eh, daughter?”

I rolled my eyes, it was all so crazy to be discussing how much cum I had inside me, and basically how many times I’d been fucked. But I still couldn’t stop myself from shivering when I looked down and saw how hard and incredibly tempting my new brother-in-law Eli’s cock looked. So, I shrugged and gave him a grin. “I’m game if you are.”

And that was all I had to say, and suddenly he was lifting me into his big, strong arms, scooping me off me feet, making me squeal and laugh as he licked at my nipples and carried me over to the open family room, where he set me down on my hands and knees, ready to get in behind me and push into me, too.

As Eli slid a finger into my pussy, he let out a groan. “Fuck, you really are soaked, aren’t you? And now I’ve got to get inside you.”

But first he dropped to his knees and began to lap at my pussy, making me nearly crawl out of my skin all over again. What he was doing with tongue, lapping and sucking the cum from my still sensitive, freshly fucked pussy just felt so good, and so naughty, that I wished he’d never stop.

Ooh, and the way he circled my clit with his talented tongue had me really starting to make some noise. My pussy was a little tender, after all the poundings it had taken lately, but it still felt so crazy good to have his mouth on me. And soon he had me tipping right over the edge all over again and sliding the abyss. Twisting his hair between my fingers, I cried out, “Oh, yessss, right there. Oooh, yeah, that feels so good. I’m gonna come so hard. Fuck me, yesss. O god Eli, I’m coming!”

He just smiled and began to stroke his cock as he kept lapping at my pussy.

As soon as I’d climaxed, flooding his mouth with my juices, shivering from head to toe, my nipples hard as diamonds, he clutched his cock in his fist and began to push inside me. “Oh, fuck you’re tight, and you feel so good squeezing around me. And I can feel you’re already trying to milk me dry, aren’t you?”

My eyes drifting shut, I smiled and nodded as he pushed in nice and deep. “Mmmm, and you feel amazing, and the slight sting is almost indescribable.”

Jacob chuckled, listening to us moan and gasp as he watched his son slide into his daughter-in-law while he got busy putting some bacon and sausages on two trays, ready to put in the oven. “Get prepared to suck some cock, daughter,” he warned me, “I hear someone else is up, that I’m sure will want some of you, too.”

Still yawning, looking a little bleary-eyed, my husband Trevor wandered into the kitchen and his father pointed over to us, smiling. “Look at your brother and your wife, isn’t that beautiful how she takes his cock, even slamming her pretty ass back for more. You should take her mouth, son, so she’s nice and full in both ends. That would be really nice to see, and then you can both come in her at once. And I bet she’ll come hard that way, too.”

Smiling, Trevor shook his head as he watched us. Fisting his cock in his hand, he started tugging on his meat, and began to grunt at the sight of his brother slamming his thighs against my ass as he filled me up tight.

Then his grin turned down right feral as he approached the arousing sight of his wife and brother fucking like rabbits on the chair, like a real life sex show, with Eli working his long hard shaft in and out of me, and me bent over with my ass in the air, both of us panting and gasping as he filled my pussy to the absolute max with his big, heavy cock, bringing me right to the edge of pain, that was quickly morphing into something almost too amazing to describe.

Trevor bent and kissed me. “How does that feel, baby, good?”

Smiling up at him, I was so glad we were open and I could be honest with him about how much I was enjoying sharing myself with his family. “Mmm, so good. Your dad already gave it to me hard on the counter this morning,” I told him, gasping brokenly between thrusts. “So this’ll be my ninth load since I got here yesterday, and my pussy’s in absolute heaven.”

Chuckling and shaking his head, he ran his slickened cockhead back and forth over my lips, slicking them up with his pre-cum. “And how many loads have you swallowed?” he asked smiling as he painted my lips with the tip of his dick.

Unable to resist with him right in my face, with a happy little moan I lapped my tongue over his cockhead, and all around it, grinning up at him. “I think I’ve lost count, I’ve just been so overwhelmed. But I’d sure love to have a taste of that big bad boy sliding over my tongue right now.”

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