Mart 12, 2021

Meeting the Boss’s Daughter Ch. 13

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*An early warning for those who don’t like the long read, this is a fairly long chapter with a lot of dialogue. I apologize in advance but it is a story. I can’t leap from one erotic scene to another. Also, this is written in Katie’s dialogue.


Helena didn’t have the energy to speak. I think that Adam had finally let go of his emotions and took her the way she wanted him to. The man with me had already gone on to dressing himself up, although he hadn’t actually stripped everything off. I turned to look back at Adam, he was exhausted but he looked alright. I was still dressed, a mess perhaps, leaking cum down my leg. I took a few pulls of tissue and tried to wipe it off, hoping I could make it out before anymore gobs of it dripped down, enough for people outside to see. As I looked up, I saw the man in front of me look up just as well. He was about to say something but I didn’t wait, I couldn’t. I ran out of the office as fast as I could, minimizing my steps to a quick walk as I was outside, hoping nobody would notice.

Amy did, of course, she always seemed to notice.

“Are you alright, Katie,” she asked, a worried expression on her face.

I ignored her and ran for the elevators as they dinged open. I repeatedly pressed the “close” button just praying the doors would close already. Not fast enough though, as soon as they were about a quarter of an inch apart, a hand came in between and reopened them. I could only exhale in exasperation as I saw who it was.

“Hey there,” he said innocuously, as he entered, pressing a button and the doors closed with only the two of us inside.

I froze where I was and didn’t say anything.

“Are you alright,” he asked, in a gentler tone but without turning back at me.

“What do you care?” I answered back, feeling the anger building up now.

He pulled out a card from his pocket and swiped it against the elevator control sensor. He pressed a button and the digital numbers disappeared, the elevator stopped.

I swallowed hard, I should’ve just waited for the exit and left.

He turned around and pulled off his shades. It was the first time I actually got a better look at him. He was very handsome, had an arrogance about him that, given his stature and looks, he had the right to own. He had dark hair, waxed with the front part standing up like rough waves hitting rocks, deep set green eyes that seemed to look further beyond me, a bit of stubble growing around his face and chin. I couldn’t tell from the suit what his body was like but from what had happened earlier, he was definitely very strong and agile.

“As a matter of fact, I do care. I always care,” he replied as he took a step towards me.

I backed up as he moved towards me, afraid…was I afraid? I couldn’t be certain and I wasn’t sure why. “Then you must have a ridiculous definition of care after what you did.”

He stopped only inches away from me and lowering his chin so that his eyes were levelled with mine, making his stare seem even more deeper.

“What did I do to you that you didn’t like, Katie” he asked.

I looked up at him in question, unsure if I had heard him right. “W-What?” I mumbled, like an idiot.

“Tell me what you didn’t like earlier.”

I swallowed hard, again backing up, feeling for the wall behind me. His eyes were like fire that heated my body up, I should be afraid but I wasn’t really. He kept moving towards me until he was only a few inches away. “What didn’t you like, Katie? Because, from where I was and what I heard, I could tell your body loved every second of it.” He smiled, cocky and arrogant. I closed my eyes as I felt a trickle of earlier events dripping down my thigh, “god..” I whispered.

I looked down, my face burning with embarrassment. I just wanted to leave and never come back.

“Have dinner with me,” he continued on.

I looked up, surprised. “what?”

He smiled, a gentler smile again, “Dinner? Forks? knives? plates? steak? wine?” He started eyeing me all the way down my body.

“What makes escort kartal you think I would even say yes after what you just did to me?”

“You should know by now that I take what I want.” I felt his hand moving between my legs.

“please don’t,” I begged, a bead of sweat forming on the side of my face as the drip on my thigh trickled down some more.

He smiled and I felt his hand scoop it off with his finger, wiping it off a handkerchief on his other hand, which he placed in my trembling hands after.

He stepped back and turned around, “do you need a moment before you leave?”

I shook my head, together with a “no”.

“Alright.” He put his shades back on and swiped the card again, powering the lift back on.

“Is that supposed to make you, what, Clark Kent?” I spoke out, carelessly and definitely without thought, just to get back. My mistake.

He grinned and turned around, “I’m glad you think I was Superman earlier then.”

My head was burning with frustration at his mind games but before I could say anything, the doors opened and I stood there facing the man who had raped the intern. I couldn’t breathe all of a sudden. I stood there, eyes wide, frozen. Fear took over, with thoughts that the entire incident was actually intended for me.

I could hear voices, nothing I could comprehend. A hand closed around my wrist and pulled me out and off the elevator, away from the horror that stood there.

“W-why is he here?” I asked, still watching him as he entered the lift, my voice trembling with both anger and fear and almost in tears.

“My sister must’ve called him.”

“What would she be calling him in for? Where is my dad? Why is he being punished for what that man did?” I could feel my eyes burning.

He pulled me to a corner and held my face still, focusing my sight to only him. “Calm down. You need to go home now.”

I didn’t answer, I didn’t know what to answer, save for, “who is your sister?” I looked up at him, confused.


I finally got home, exhausted. It felt like so many years had passed me by today. I threw my bag on the couch and slumped down next to it.

I felt so violated and yet… he made me feel so… I closed my eyes and drifted away in my thoughts. What did he mean Helena was his sister? How could someone as horrible as she was have a sibling at all? How could they have survived her… Oh, I could still smell him on me, hear his slow moans in my ear, feel the strength of his arm around me, forcing my legs open, grabbing hard on my ass, could still feel his hard, thick…


My eyes swung open in surprise, I sat up and turned to the voice. “Dad!” I ran to him and hugged him, finally glad to have someone who cared with me.

“Are you alright?”

“I should be asking you that. What happened? This woman was in your office, she was…, god, she…” I stopped midway, realizing I couldn’t possibly tell him what had happened. It would destroy him.

“Katie, it’s only a temporary setback. Things will be back to normal soon but I need you to do whatever Helena says.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I stepped backwards, confused. “Dad, why would you tell me that?”

“She knows what she’s doing and she’s very good at what she does. You have to trust her just as you trust me.”

I closed my eyes as tears started to fall.

He reached into his pocket and took out a keycard. “Katie, I need you to stay at the condo for a while.”

“Why?” But I had no energy for questions, especially since he had none about me. Everything was happening so quickly, I couldn’t keep up anymore.

“Because people will be coming and going frequently here while this is happening and I don’t want you to be in the middle of it.”

If you only knew dad, I thought to myself. I took the keycard and headed for my room to pack but stopped midway, “Dad? Is Helena…married?”

He shook his head, “she has a brother though, Hunter, similarly as brilliant as she is. They both take after their maltepe escort bayan father. Just do what they ask, if they should ask you for anything, and everything will be fine.”

I ignored him as I headed to my room, showered and packed. I didn’t look for him when I left, to say bye or anything.

As I stepped out, a man in a chauffeur uniform approached, asking if I needed a ride. I shook my head, “Who are you?”

“Mr. Hunter sent me, Ma’am.”

I turned away from him, “Please tell him I don’t need anything from him.” My phone rang and before I could even say hello…

“Is it your desire to lug your things all the way to wherever it is you are going?”

I stopped in my tracks and turned to look around for him. “It’s not your business,” I replied on the phone.

A black Audi sports car stopped beside me and the window opened, his handsome face peered out, “Everything is my business. Now, get in!”

The man from earlier loaded my stuff into the car before I could protest and opened the door for me. I got in, a bit reluctant but remembered what my dad instructed, “What about…” I motioned for the man who assisted.

“Oh he’ll find his way home. Don’t trouble yourself with it.” Hunter put the car into gear and we sped off.

We rode in silence for a moment until…

“So, your name is Hunter?

“Oh, did I not tell you?” He answered, smiling at the windshield, “how rude of me or perhaps it was because you left in such a hurry earlier. But yes, I am. It’s nice to meet you, Katie.”

“and Helena is your sister?” I asked, looking out the window, ignoring his attempt at humor.

“Yes,” he replied, simply.

“She’s… horrible,” I answered back, without any thoughts of repercussion to the statement.

“Oh, she takes a bit of getting used to.”

I didn’t answer, just stared out the window.

“We’re not all angels, you know.”

“You should know,” I snapped back.

“And you don’t?” he said, facing me. “Are you proclaiming yourself to be a perfectly good, little girl, obeying your father’s wishes at all times?”

“I do what I can,” I shot back, defensively.

“Except where getting fucked silly by a man twice your age is concerned then?”

“That’s none of your business, as if you’re so youthful. Stop the car!”

“I am, a lot more than he is, I believe. And why should I?”

“It disgusts me to be around you.”

“That’s not what it felt like earlier.”

I didn’t realize my voice had become a scream until it came out, “Just let me out!” We were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and it was almost dark, but I couldn’t bear another second with him. The car slowed down on the side of the road and I got out and began to walk away.

I heard his door open and I sped up my pace, just hoping he would go away. A few steps and I felt his hand tight on my wrist, pulling me against him.

“You’re blaming me for something else that you’re feeling right now.”

“Oh really? If you’re so brilliant, what am I feeling then?” I answered back, trying to free my wrist from his grasp.

“I think you want me,” he answered, his hand firmly clasped onto my wrist.

“You’re delusional,” I shot back, trying to free my wrist.

He gave a hard tug, pulling me against him, his hand at my back, his mouth to my ear, in a husky whisper “I think, Katie, that you want me to take everything I want from you.”

My other hand however, found its way to slap him across the face. He was surprised by it, but only for a second. He grew silent, stared his eyes into mine, the stare that somewhat seemed to light a fire inside me. I stopped struggling to free my wrist, wondered if he was going to hit me back.

Instead, he dove at me, backing me against a tree, his lips planted onto mine. I thought to resist but a part of me didn’t want to. The kiss had turned hungry and desperate, my breath had turned to gasps, my hand that slapped him, now on his face, to the back of his head, running through his hair. His pendik escort bayan hands undoing the buttons of my blouse, my now free wrist trying to undo his too.

He held me against him, leading us deeper into the trees, away from the road. He laid me on the ground, pulled my blouse open, undid the front clasp of my bra, freeing my breasts, exposing my hard, sensitive nipples to the cool air. He kissed and sucked my breast with his mouth, his hand cupping and kneading on the other. My leg had found its way around his waist, grinding my hips against his.

He took my nipple into his mouth and sucked and bit on them, sending jolts of electricity down my body, dampening my panties. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders, revealing his hard body. He reached down between my legs, pulling my panties aside, feeling me, how wet I had become.

My breath was coming in short gasps. He undid his pants and freed his hard, thick shaft. He pulled my panties off, kept my legs apart with his, rubbing his fingers against my clit, feeling how slick and wet I was, for him. He leaned down and took my breast in his mouth again, flicking my nipple with his tongue, giving it a long, tight suck. As I cried out loudly and exhaled as he shoved his entire length inside me, filling me tight, stretching me wide. I hadn’t realized my nails had dug into his shoulder, that I had been holding my breath in as he held still inside me on that initial thrust.

He looked up at me, I blinked at him, as if to let him know I was alright. He pulled out, gentler this time and fully back in, a few thrusts more and my hips were meeting his, my moans filling the air. His pace grew faster, his breath heavier. He sat up and held my legs wide, and powered into me faster and deeper.

“Oh god,” I could only gasp, countless times, my breath heavy, the pleasure building intensely.

Our bodies were moving fast against each other, like two animals hungry with lust. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, my juices slick and overflowing, I could hear his cock sloshing in and out of me. I could feel it hard and big inside me.

“Oh, you feel so good, Katie.”

He pulled me up and turned me over on my hands and knees. He rubbed his fingers on my hard clit again before repositioning his cock at my entrance. His hands tight on my ass as he entered my pussy, grinding his hips into me, getting his cock deeper inside than before, stretching me open some more. His drove in and out of me, the strength of his thrusts building up every second until he was pounding my pussy, hard and deep, again and again. I couldn’t count how many times I had cum that time, not only because of how good he felt but also I think of the dangers of where we were, so publicly exposed, so open, vulnerable, easily caught or seen, and there I was getting fucked like a bitch in heat and going crazy out of my mind.

I closed my eyes, the pleasure he drove into was getting too intense, I couldn’t anymore…I felt my body shaking, his hand smacking my ass.

“That’s it Katie, release yourself to me”

I could feel my body moving on its own, slamming back at his cock, losing all control. My body tensed up, head tilting back as a scream leaves my lips, my muscles clenching and pulsating around him so tightly, that even he must not have been expecting. I felt his hands tight on my ass, it almost hurt as he screamed out a “Fuck!” and I felt streaks of warm spurts fill me.

We both fell back on the ground after, our breaths heavy and erratic. His cum was leaking out of me. I closed my eyes for a moment, exhausted.

I felt his strong arms on me, all of a sudden, lifting me up. His shirt still open but clinging to his shoulders. He carried me back to the car. As he opened the door, I could only muster a weak, “wait”

He stopped, midway, “are you still planning on walking… home?”

I could feel my cheeks burning in embarrassment, “No, I umm…” I wasn’t sure what or how to say, Oh! your cum inside me might leak out onto the seat of your beautiful car!

He grinned, as if reading my mind, pulling a towel from a bag he had inside and laying it on the seat. “Just rest and let me worry about things.” He put me down and strapped me in, closing the door after. I watched him walk around to his side before my eyes could no longer stay awake.

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