Nisan 7, 2021

Meeting My Soul Mate

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From the moment I had hormones I’ve been on a mission to get my next fix of lust and desire.

Imagine my delight when I finally met my match!

I had recently split up with the father of my child. It was fairly amicable; we loved each other enough to know we couldn’t make each other happy. I wanted more sex than he gave me basically. He used to tell me off when I snogged girls and flashed my tits. It was never going to work! I was so starved of it I had started to attract attentions from elsewhere and I’m not the cheating kind at all so it was done. Over.

A few months on from this, I was back in the saddle, having great steamy sex with anyone I chose. It felt great. I needed lots of sex to make up for lost time and was never satisfied. There are many dirty stories from this period of my life that I may write about at a later date. Whilst worthy of a later mention, no one to date had ever given me an orgasm. The only person that could was me, or it could be managed during play with someone, but only if I helped. Anyways, I digress.

All was calm, and I was now free one night a week (child went to his Dads). I’d found myself a fairly regular fuck-buddy, but he was starting to wimp out on me, this time I was just too horny not to get any, so I phoned this guy who I’d met previously.

He wasn’t my usual type. he wore a suit to work. He was definitely a man and not a boy. He’d invited himself round my house the week before during the day for a cup of tea. I’d only met him once before that on a night out with some mutual friends. We’d exchanged numbers on the night out; out of necessity really as mine was the only one with signal. I had now met him twice, I called him up as, I knew he was recently separated and likely to be free on a Monday night. There was something about him. I explained to him I was at a loose end and wondered if he fancied hooking up. He came and collected me in his car and took me back to his house. We discovered quickly we both loved JD and settled down to watch a movie with a drink.

We talked more than expected, very openly about all sort of things, you know, life, death, the universe, relationships, sex, how he didn’t get enough in his previous relationship either, he told me he’d been attending strip clubs, used paid for services and even gave etimesgut escort one lucky lady of the night an orgasm! Much to her surprise I’m told.

This guy was sexy, honest and non-judgmental, excited by his new freedom and love of life. It turned me on that we could talk so freely. We told each other stories of our horny encounters and before long, we were upstairs fucking each others brains out.

I took charge, which was usual for me, it was the only way I got what I needed. I made him lay there while I bounced up and down ferociously on his fantastic big cock (another nice surprise) contorting myself on top of him, my legs over his head, riding and grinding on his cock that just kept going. I straddled him with my back to him as he slapped my arse; the bed was wobbling on the floorboards and walking across the room. At one point, I was doing the splits on him whilst pounding myself on his cock. I wanted to show him what I could do. After a great sweaty steamy fucking he came, in one big joyous thrust. I thought I could feel it in my throat, it made my eyes water. It was lush. He looked completely in awe at me, and reported that he had never been fucked like that before. Yes, I was pleased too. His cock was thick, hard and 8 1/2″ long, he’d lasted longer than anyone I’d fucked before, and I was so going to have another go at this one!

It was arranged. A date this time, with dinner in an intimate bistro pub in a nearby village. When we walked in the pub, everyone turned round and looked at us, it was a small pub, we weren’t local and were both very dressed up for a Monday night. I was wearing a very tight black top with a deep cleavage visible and exposed back from just above the hips to the bra strap, a little black skirt, not too short, not too long and some killer heels. He was wearing a suit and tie.

Our table was in the middle of the pub, next to the fire. We drank red wine and ate steak, talked as freely as before, about sex and debauchery and how we enjoyed it so much. We were aware that most people in the pub were listening and watching us play footsie under the table. We got off on it and it just seemed to encourage us further. After our meal, the hunger for each other grew too strong so we left and made our way back to his house. Whilst etimesgut escort bayan driving he pushed his left hand up my skirt, and tucked it into my knickers and started to deliciously rub my swollen wet clitty. He was gentle, but firm with his touch, it made me tingle so exquisitely.

We arrived at his house and went straight upstairs. He removed my clothes in such a sexy way, almost ritualistically and beautifully timed with the sexy house music he was playing. We kissed passionately as he lifted me up and laid me on the bed. With more sexy kissing, he held himself over me, as if midway through a push up, he was strong too. I could feel his erection pushing against my flesh; he kissed my neck, biting me softly in-between as he worked his way down my body. I was so wet and ready for him, but unlike all my men in the past, he didn’t ram his cock in me straight away, which I would have been pleased with of course! No, he started eating me out like I had never before experienced, his face buried in me, his tongue rimming the inside of my cunt like I didn’t know could be done. His nose seemed to have its own muscles and the experience was quite un-nerving at first.

I wasn’t in control. I wasn’t doing anything! I tried several times to regain my power and get him off so I could suck him, or to get that massive cock inside me, but he was having none of it! I had of course told him that it was very hard for me to orgasm. He said he was going to make me cum and insisted that I lay back and try and let go. I can honestly say, the loss of control sent me into a complete panic, I had no coping strategy for this, I resisted for some time. I felt vulnerable like never before. He seemed to have gills, how was he breathing? I wondered, as his face pleasured my pussy so well. He drew the attention of his tongue to my clit, and slipped one of his long fingers into me, reaching right inside me, he found my g-spot immediately and my muscles clamped onto his finger as he slowly but firmly pulled it out and pushed it back in again, each time pushing divinely on my g-spot. Whilst doing this his tongue had found the perfect rhythm on my ever-swelling clitoris, my body was starting to shake; I was sweating and delirious in my head, writhing in delight as he soon pushed a second escort etimesgut finger into me.

I was so wet. I felt feverish and felt like I had left my body… I couldn’t believe how good it felt. He kept on, never losing patience; never tiring, and I started to believe an orgasm was possible… I was so immersed in the moment and had become so comfortable that I could feel the walls of my cunt start to contract as he stroked the length of his fingers in and out of me, not letting up with his tongue ever, he felt every bit of what I was going through, we were totally entwined, he responded and intuited perfectly every move, every lick, every wiggle, every moan I gave was followed by more pleasure in my hot now soaking cunt. My contracting muscles started to pulsate faster, my body had lost control and was twisting and spasm-ing, my back was arched and somehow I was able to ram myself further onto his face while his fingers fought through my tight muscles to pound my g-spot.

My face was tight too, but I couldn’t worry about what I looked like while it felt this good, I grabbed a pillow and stuffed it over my face, I had to bite on to it and scream through my clenched teeth into the pillow as my muscles tightened his fingers to a stand still. His tongue still deliciously lapping on my clit, my whole body tightened and rose up around his face, my toes twisting, my back arched with my torso stretched up, my head was wrenched back away from my body with the pillow still in my teeth. I must have looked like I was having a demon exorcised from me! I started to squeal and groan involuntarily as my cunt muscles suddenly relaxed. This fire inside me whooshed through my entire being up and out, in and through, in and out, up and over,, oh my fucking god! Can this be? Did I just orgasm or what?

My body was trembling, like never before, my legs were shaking, no, vibrating like I was in shock, which I was! I’d just had the orgasm of my life! This man is god!!

Hang on, he’s still at it, he’s pounding me again with his fingers, his tongue was now coming at my clit from a different angle, oh my, this is unreal, my body started to tighten again, the heat and quivers I was experiencing were far more than I imagined possible, my back arched again, my muscles started to contract again, with more intensity than before, my heart was racing, all I could hear was my own heart-beat going faster and faster as he took me to climax again, and again, and again, and again.

He gave me 22 orgasms that night. No-one had ever given me 1 before!

Yes, I had met my match. My perfect match. My soul mate.

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