Nisan 8, 2021

Meeting Jessie Ch. 05

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Sharon and Jessie played the rest of Thursday evening with Sarah. They used the camera for one session and all decided it would be fun to keep things private for at least one session. They used costumes they made up and role played some interesting and fun roles between each other. Sarah pretended to be a man and used the strap on cock. Sharon was a damsel in distress and agreed to be tied up. Jessie played the villain and everyone was at her mercy until they turned the tables on her.

It was great fun but as all good things it had to end when Sarah went home. They all exchanged numbers and email addresses and spoke of plans to gather again sometime. After Sarah left Sharon and Jessie had their surprise session with Sly. They remained naked and talked and toyed and got to know each other much better. They slept in Jessie’s bed that night and woke late on Friday morning. They made soft tender love to each other for an hour and a half before they took a bath together and dressed to go shopping.

Jessie took Sharon around the mall showing her all the places that she had been with Sharon’s husband Sly. The tour included the men’s store where they had fucked. Sharon was very interested in what they had done and made lots of mental notes on what she wanted to do on Saturday when she met her husband in the mall back home.

He was to play the part of a stranger and they were to meet in the men’s store she had selected. He was supposed to fuck her and she hoped they would get caught and fucked by a stranger. At least that was the plan that she told her husband to expect.

Jessie and Sharon enjoyed the rest of the day and shopped until they dropped. They returned to Jessie’s house and bathed and slept and made love until Saturday morning. Sharon dressed and got on her way home with all the best wishes from her cyberlover and her husband’s whore Jessie.

Sharon arrived at the mall in time for lunch and ate then went into the restroom to freshen up. She checked out the clocks to be sure of the time and arrived in the men’s store promptly at one o’clock. Sly was already there and was wandering around appearing to look at clothes. Sharon slipped into the dressing room area hoping not to be seen when she thought the clerk was busy.

Her husband Sly followed her into the dressing area and entered the stall she was in. He took her into his arms and gave her a very passionate kiss. Sharon returned the kiss somewhat because she was turned on from anticipating the events of the day and some because she wanted to act like a slut in character according to plan.

Sly pulled her clothing off of her body and actually broke two buttons of her blouse in his excitement. Sharon let him strip her blouse and bra. She helped him remove her skirt and panties but they left her black stockings and garter belt on. Of course her high heels had to remain on her feet as well. It wouldn’t be much of a fantasy without that special touch.

Sly turned her around and pulled his cock out of his pants. He unbuttoned the pants and let them fall to the floor of the dressing room. He left his shirt and tie on and stabbed his wife’s pussy with his cock which had been hard and ready for this moment for at least eighteen hours.

Sharon moaned and tried to keep her voice down as Sly fucked her. She took his cock as deeply as she could and pushed back with her hips against him to make the thrusts against her naked ass feel as naughty as they were acting. She loved it when he fucked her. This time was one of the best. She liked the idea that anyone could catch them fucking in a public place and had no idea that her fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

“Fuck me.” She said softly almost whispering to Sly.

They didn’t hear Tom walk down the hallway of the dressing area and look under the stalls to see which one was unoccupied. To his surprise he saw a pair of men’s pants puddle at the feet of a man wearing wing tips and in front of the brown shoes he saw the high heels of a woman apparently taking his cock from behind.

Tom decided to step into the dressing room next to them and waited silently. He listened closely. The voice of the woman in the stall was soft and yet she moaned and spoke like a slut. He was ready to jump in as soon as the other guy finished. Toms slipped his cock out of his pants and stroked it as he patiently waited.

Sly continued to fuck Sharon until she moaned and shook with her orgasm he let his cock release his sperm into her and she moaned when she felt his hot seed fill her. Sharon stood up and turned to him. She threw her arms around her husband and they kissed again.

“I’ll see you again.” Sharon said softly in his ear. “You leave first.”

Sharon wiped his cock with her blouse and nodded her head that he was ready to go. Sly kissed her again and pulled up his pants. Sly left quietly. His cum ran down the leg of his wife and started to soak into her stockings. Sharon picked up her bra and wrapped it around her torso. She clasped it in front of her and spun it around. She etimesgut escort slipped her arms into the straps and pulled the bra over her ample breasts. While she was adjusting the flesh inside the material for comfort the door to the stall she was in opened and Tom stepped in. He closed the door behind him and said nothing but unclasped her bra.

Sharon clutched her breasts through the material of her bra when she felt it release behind her back. She turned her head but Tom held her shoulders so she could not turn around. He moved her shoulders forward with one hand and pulled on her hip with the other. Sharon bent as she thought he wanted her to and when he released her she stayed half bent over as he wished.

Tom used the tip of his cock against her soggy pussy even before he dropped his pants. It slipped into place as if it hadn’t ever left. Sharon gasped and closed her eyes when the cock filled her pussy again. This new cock was nearly the same size as Sly but this one bent in a new direction and felt different to her. Sharon was aroused at being taken by a total stranger and was thankful that her fantasy was being realized.

Tom was taller than Sly and a much larger man in the shoulders and hips. He didn’t move the same way and Sharon had to keep her hands against the wall too keep from being pushed through the wall in front of her when Tom thrust his cock into her womb.

Tom moved the way he wanted to and softly whispered each time he drove his cock deep inside.

“Slut.” He said as he fucked Sharon.

She kept her eyes closed and imagined a line of men outside the dressing room extending all the way through the mall. Each man in line was waiting to fuck her exactly this way and she was going to take all of them the way a good slut would. The truth was that nobody was waiting in line but the idea seemed hot to her so she amused herself with the image.

Tom and Sharon fucked like this until she could stand no more. Her legs began to buckle after her third orgasm and Tom needed to change positions if he was going to get any relief. He helped Sharon down to the floor. Tom grabbed the dangling bra from her and threw it aside. He knelt on the floor between Sharon’s legs and stuck his cock back into her body.

“Slut.” He said as he thrust into her.

“Fuck me.” She whispered in reply.

Sharon kept her eyes closed for a few moments but as she continued to be aroused by the cock she held her hands above her head and gave herself to the stranger completely. Tom finished inside her and filled her already lubricated womb with more sperm than she had had inside her in over a year. It had been that long since she had been fucked by two men on the same day. Sharon didn’t feel him leave her womb when he got soft. She was lost in her imagination.

Tom stood and zipped up and left without even thanking her for the opportunity. He bumped into Larry on the way out.

“Excuse me.” Tom said and went on his way.

“No problem.” Larry said and anxiously looked into the stalls for Sharon. He was late for their meeting and was afraid he had missed it entirely until he saw under one of the stalls the naked form of his cyberlover.

“Sharon?” Larry asked softly.

“Yes.” Sharon said without knowing who was asking. She was tired and already well fucked.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” Larry said as he stepped into the stall with her.

“fuck me.” Sharon said weakly and opened her eyes to see Larry for the first time in real life. They had been sharing an online sexual experience for months but this was the first time they had met.

Larry got his pants down around his ankles quickly and knelt in front of Sharon’s wide open knees and pussy. He needed to stroke his cock for a few moments to get ready to penetrate her. She grew impatient and reached up to him.

“Fuck me.!” She whispered.

Larry leaned over her and put his cock into her sloppy pussy even before he was really ready to do it. He thrust several times and his cock grew harder. It wasn’t very big or impressive and Sharon felt little emotion from him but it was enough to put her back on the path to orgasm where she wanted to stay. She was happy enough.

Larry worked hard fucking her and she moaned lightly remembering all the while where she was. The images in her mind were indelible. She was living her fantasy and determined to fuck anyone who wanted her. She gave herself to Larry completely and he appreciated it. The images in his mind about fucking her were almost as good as the real thing. He had paid for the privilege over several months. He logged onto Sharon’s site four or five times a week and paid for the privilege of watching her masturbate with her hands or toys. It was very exciting to him to fuck her for the first time for real.

Larry had longed to touch her breasts and as he fucked her he used his hands at first then his mouth on her breasts and nipples. He suckled her and she moaned placing her hands on the back of his head as he fucked etimesgut escort bayan her and made her feel good. They stayed together and Sharon approached her orgasm after several minutes. Larry was close to his own orgasm when a change of position was imposed upon them.

Sharon raised her arms over her head as her orgasm began in her tummy and ran up her chest and down her legs at the same time. She didn’t notice when a pair of hands grabbed her wrists. She felt it though when she was pulled along the carpet of the changing room from the stall she was in with Larry over to the stall next to them.

Larry looked shocked when Sharon’s warm pussy was jerked away from his cock. He tried to pull her back grabbing her by the black stocking covered ankles and pulled. One of her high heels came off in his hand but she disappeared under the partition away from him. He stood to go into the other stall and complain or save her or do something. When he opened the stall door he faced the shiny tip of a long thin knife and stopped in his tracks.

“Zip up old man and get the fuck out of here.” The voice behind the knife said.

Larry didn’t argue with the blade and dropped Sharon’s shoe from his hand to the floor. He zipped up his pants around his hard cock without the relief he sought and gathered himself. He left at the point of the knife without looking back.

The knife folded and found a pocket for concealment again. The knife wielded opened the door to the stall which held the slut and his friend. Sharon tried to look around but the only thing she could see was the hard cock above her face. She opened her mouth and took it in. The young man who’s cock she took leaned over her face and let her take the length of it as he moved his hips fucking her mouth and throat.

The pants with the knife in the pocket fell to the floor along with the white briefs of their owner. A cock slipped inside Sharon’s sloppy pussy and she moaned into the cock in her mouth as she was fucked from two ends by a couple of young troublemakers.

Sharon used her hands on her tits to caress and pull her flesh as she got fucked by the two men. She tried to keep her eyes closed but occasionally opened them to see that these two who were taking her flesh as they wanted were not very attractive people. She looked a few times while they abused her as they wanted and gradually decided they were both ugly young men.

Sharon was very aroused and when the young cock in her mouth shot sperm down her throat there was no question in her heart or mind that swallowing was the best course of action. She took the sperm tasting some of it into her tummy by way of her fucked throat. She held the cock in one hand and licked it after it finished spurting. He welcomed her attention but stood soon after and zipped up then left her with his friend.

The young man in her pussy took his time and used one hand on her tit to bruise it while he slammed his average sized cock into her well used tunnel. She tried to help make it hot for him by wrapping her legs around him but had too little energy to follow through with what she was thinking.

It didn’t matter much to him and not long after his friend had filled Sharon’s mouth with cum he shot into her body all his seed. He leaned forward and licked her face as he let the sperm find a home. She felt him stand or at least felt the lack of pressure in her pussy and on her body when he did. She didn’t notice when he left. Sharon was finished and simply wanted sleep. She kept her eyes closed and knees open. Her body was not responding to her mental commands for the moment. She just wanted to rest.

Kevin the clerk finished his day at the men’s store and one of the last things he always did was check the dressing rooms to be sure no packages were left behind. He quickly moved down the row of stalls and when he opened one stall he saw women’s clothing including a shoe and bra along with a blouse and skirt laying as though someone had tossed them aside. He was surprised and went into the stall to pick up the clothes.

Kevin picked up the skirt, blouse, bra and when he went to pick up the shoe he noticed from under the partition a foot which belonged to the shoe in the next stall. Kevin dropped everything and moved out of the one stall to stand with the door of the next stall open. He looked for signs of violence and saw no blood or bruises on the woman’s body.

It was obvious that she had been fucked. There was sperm all over her groin and nylons. He knelt beside her and put his hand close to her mouth and nose to see if she was still breathing.

“She’s alive.” Kevin said in an ordinary tone of voice which woke Sharon.

“Fuck me.” She said as she opened her eyes and turned her head to look into his face.

Sharon moved one hand over her breast and dug her fingers into her flesh then pinched her nipple in her fingers and pulled on her tit.

“Come on.” Sharon said and looked at his name tag. “Kevin. Are you man enough to fuck escort etimesgut me?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea lady.” Kevin said.

“Fucking me is a great idea.” Sharon said.

She had regained enough strength to get up on her elbows. This put her face closer to Kevin and she tried to kiss him. Kevin resisted her kiss and stood up. He offered his hands down to her to help her to her feet.

“Let’s get you dressed and home.” Kevin said.

Sharon took his hands and he helped her up. She stood but wobbled.

“Your clothes are in the next stall.” He said.

Sharon moved out of the one stall back to dress in her clothes. She slipped on her shoe first then handed Kevin her bra. He helped her put it on and she handed him the skirt and blouse. Kevin held the skirt in his mouth as he slipped her blouse over her arms and around her shoulder. She turned around to face him and he buttoned her up. She tried to kiss him again and he let her this time. He returned her kiss and when they broke from it he put her hand on his shoulders and dropped down holding her skirt open for her to step into it.

Sharon obliged and he soon had her skirt up around her hips and fastened with her blouse tucked in. Sharon retrieved her purse and looked around the dressing stall then smiled at Kevin.

“Take me home.” Sharon said.

“Where do you live?” Kevin asked.

“Not my home silly, your home.” Sharon said.

“Where is your car?” Kevin asked.

“I walked.” Sharon said lying.

“Let’s get out of the mall. They are about to close.” Kevin said and took her arm.

Sharon walked with him and at first needed him to help steady her. After they locked the store and were walking down the mall corridor Sharon regained her balance and composure. She had woken from her episode and was starting to feel the little abuses she had endured at the hands of her fantasy strangers.

When they got outside there were still quite a few cars in the parking lot. Kevin took her purse from her and she watched him find her car keys. The tell tale logo on the key gave away the make of the car he was looking for. He opened her wallet and found her name and address.

“Sharon, your car is here and I think it’s that one.” Kevin said.

They walked together over to Sharon’s car and he opened the driver side door with the key. He handed the key to Sharon.

“Aren’t you going to take me home and fuck me?” Sharon asked.

“Lady… Sharon, I have dreamed of situations like this. I don’t think it would be a good idea right now.” Kevin said.

“Why not?” Sharon said and pressed her body against him.

“I’ll tell you what.” Kevin said as he placed his arms around her. “I would be happy to meet you for a drink and maybe dinner and then if we hit it off I will give you my big long cock.”

“Oh is it really?” Sharon asked teasing him and placed her hand over his cock. It was half hard in his pants and she knew he was telling the truth. Half hard it felt larger than the ones she had taken already that day. “Oh it is really!”

“Like I said Sharon, I have dreamed of situations like this but I won’t take advantage of you.” Kevin said.

“Oh come on. You just don’t like me.” Sharon said and pushed his arms from around her. She moved to sit in the driver’s seat of her car and he held the door open so she couldn’t close it. She put the key in the ignition and started the engine.

“That’s not it.” Kevin said. “You are beautiful and I would love to be with you but not after you have been with others. I want you fresh. I want you to be all mine.”

“How about tomorrow?” Sharon offered.

“Too soon.” Kevin said. “How can I get in touch with you?”

Sharon wrote on a piece of paper her phone number and email address and handed it to him.

“I’ll call you.” Kevin said and closed the car door. He walked away and Sharon shook her head as he left. She felt she really missed out on a very good chance but her mind quickly turned to her revenge on her husband.

Sharon drove home and went inside. Sly had already prepared dinner and left hers on the table for her. She sat and ate in silence thinking about her plan. Sly heard her car when she parked it out front and waited for her. When she didn’t come into their bedroom he assumed she stopped to eat. Sly wandered out to the kitchen to talk with her.

“It took you a while. How was your fantasy?” Sly asked.

Sharon just held up her hand with all of her fingers spread wide. At first he thought she meant for him to wait and she would tell him when she finished chewing. He waited patiently but it gradually dawned on him that she was telling him how many men she fucked.

“You fucked five guys?” Sly asked.

“Including you.” Sharon said and nodded her head. She was exaggerating for one guy but was comfortable that he would never know the truth.

“I can’t believe it.” Sly said.

“You will. Wait until I finish eating.” Sharon said.

Sly sat in a chair and just looked at her. Sharon ate and had a very satisfied look on her face. She smiled back at him and took great pleasure in the revenge she was dishing out. She finished eating and left the plate and utensils lay where she dropped them. She stood and took hold of his hand. She guided him into their bedroom and turned to face him.

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